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I’m terrified of cops

When people always find out that me, a 31 year old white mother, is terrified of cops and the very sight of a police car while driving sens me into panic they wonder why. Well I’m going to tell you why.

Everyone knows that POC are brutally targeted and wrongly targeted by the cops often. POC have been murdered and injured by cops and it’s disgusting. But they aren’t the only ones. The disabled community (both mental and physical disabilities) has this problem too.

October 31, 2013 my friend J was leaving a community Halloween party. J is quadraplegic and has heart issues. J does not drink because it could be deadly with her meds.

It’s 10 pm and J is pulled over and the officer tells her her tail light is out. However, the story doesn’t end there. The officer then tells J to get out of the car as they’ve been preforming field sobriety tests. J tells the officer she can’t and he doesn’t even let her finish saying and telling him that she can’t walk he’s yelling in her face.

This entire situation ended with the police officer yanking J out of her car and shoving her face first in the dirt. Thankfully there were witnesses during this. However the officer and his back up tried 4 times to MAKE J stand even though she couldn’t before proceeding to drag her 15 feet to the officers cruiser.

The cop got off with paid leave during an investigation. He still has his job, I saw him at McDonald’s the other day.

Deaf people are arrested for refusing to cooperate with officers during traffic stops even though the officer refused to contact a translator. They’ve sat in jail cells for days without anyone offering translating services.

Last year in Indiana a police officer SHOVED a quadriplegic man so hard by his HEAD that the man and his power wheelchair fell off the sidewalk. The man was then left laying on the road unable to move. His sin? He had accidentally run over the officer’s foot. Some facts about power chairs for those not in the know? It’s VERY easy to run over your OWN foot in a power chair let alone someone else’s. I ran over my daughters leg a few weekends ago on accident. Also? Power chairs are VERY hard to tip they are MADE to not tip over. So the force he shoved this man with could have killed him!

Also in Indiana? Police TASERED a 9 year old boy with ADHD. They TASERED a child! A little boy. No officer ever lost his job.

These are just a few short stories of thousands upon thousands. The police in the USA have too much power.

I’m a 31 year old mother of 3. And I’m terrified of cops and police cruisers give me panic attacks. That’s even with knowing that not all cops are bad and my cousin being an officer.

If you are a POC or a disabled person I think having your cell phone running during any traffic stops is a good idea. Stay safe friends