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Finding a signature scent (though crucial) is not the easiest thing to do. It requires some thought, some consulting of others, and lots of testing. Scentbird is a new online fragrance world that helps you accomplish all three of these steps towards nailing down your signature scent. It’s extremely convenient and a little addicting.

The process goes as follows…

First click in and enter three fragrances that you love. From those three fragrances, Scentbird recommends additional perfumes based on your taste.Then you can select any bottle (or two, or three) and Scentbird will ship it to you for free with a sample to try.(!) After 5 days of testing and consulting of others, you can keep what you love and/or mail back what you don’t free of charge. 


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Use offer code “CULTPERFUME” for $15 off your signature scent from Scentbird and please - let us know what you choose! 

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Offer for Balmung players

I was rooting for many people to get their chance for a house in this patch and was sure a huge push judging that some people still were in queue while all housing plots were bought up. 

Some people I was hoping were lucky, but some other were not. I would like to give my support to someone who were not but really -wanted- and not only the past months but almost about a year were trying to get a plot and saving up for it.

They couldn’t pass over the queue. 

So I have an offer to support their case. If someone would be interested giving up a medium plot any ward (preferably would be Lavender Beds if not then Goblet) I would be offering a full rendered commission artwork up to 2 characters with background. 

What I am offering by my prices is in value of 250+ $ not to mention how long I am closed for full illustration to accept. I personally was not much interested art for gil offers but this friend for me worth a lot. I would be happy if there would be an opportunity to make someone happy who to me is important. 

Examples below -

If anyone maybe would be interested in this kind of trade - can always email me on 

I leaving this up for some time - thanks for listening!