ATTN FRAGRANCE JUNKIES // we have something wonderful for you.. 

Finding a signature scent (though crucial) is not the easiest thing to do. It requires some thought, some consulting of others, and lots of testing. Scentbird is a new online fragrance world that helps you accomplish all three of these steps towards nailing down your signature scent. It’s extremely convenient and a little addicting.

The process goes as follows…

First click in and enter three fragrances that you love. From those three fragrances, Scentbird recommends additional perfumes based on your taste.Then you can select any bottle (or two, or three) and Scentbird will ship it to you for free with a sample to try.(!) After 5 days of testing and consulting of others, you can keep what you love and/or mail back what you don’t free of charge. 


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Use offer code “CULTPERFUME” for $15 off your signature scent from Scentbird and please - let us know what you choose! 

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