I think as ethical vegans who are so damn proud of being ethical vegans, we are the ones who actively need to fight diet culture. We need to be really, really fucking clear when we talk about veganism that it is NOT a diet, that we’re not doing it for our waistline, and that the diet industry has taken the movement, misrepresented it and marketed it as a weight-loss regime. We need to make it clear that we oppose this.

Why? Because diet culture is horrible, diet culture is strong, diet culture is offensive on every level. And when people try to loop us in with extreme dieters, we need to take that opportunity to talk about why diet culture can go fuck itself.

I really honestly cannot blame people when they think that because I’m a vegan I’m some sort of #rawtil4 teatoxing six-pack hippie permanently wearing a sports bra and capri pants. Because, repeat after me, DIET CULTURE IS THE FUCKING WORST.