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Negative Review of Sadie Hawkins

I don’t know what possessed me to watch that god-awful episode. I mean, I guess, my expectations aren’t low enough or something. Or maybe just Blaine being cute (and he was cute) can’t save the awful offensive storylines he appears in.

Anyway, here is what I thought about the episode:

1. Girl Empowerment Storyline: super offensive!

a. nothing about the storyline really works to make people feel empowered.

b. why do they feel so powerless in the first place? And why only girls RM and Co. would consider not particularly attractive? Also, why is Kurt a girl?! UGH!

2. Boys can’t resist a girl who is all over them, so cheating is always the pushy girl’s fault. Yeah, right! Go bury yourselves, glee writers!

3. Crushes: die fast please! That was idiotic, nonsensical and offensive. How about the “gay predator” line? How about no! Why are the crushes serious? Why are the characters so delusional? Why didn’t they go with slight-sexual-attraction crushes like Kurt’s crush on Cooper?

The whole episode just kept humiliating all the characters they were supposedly trying to empower.

Only thing I liked: Scrubs! All the Blartie duets! (Can you take Blake Jenner out of it, please!)

The thing I thought was acceptably ridiculous: the Warblers’s storyline, although I am not a fan of the way it’s used to let ND go to Regionals because that makes no sense.

This whole show is so incredibly shallow, stupid and inconsistent. I want those 45 minutes back, tbh. Also, the editing was so bad! Sound editing, too. What’s wrong with those guys?!