offensive gestures

Gilgard Newleaf (Drow): holds up a hand for everyone to wait.

Donovan(Half-Elf): Mimes at GiI “My kittens erupt with joy”

Gilgard Newleaf(Drow): signs back “Your moonspeak is a little off.”

Donovan(Half-Elf): “Pumpkin spice”

Gilgard Newleaf(Drow): gestures an offensive term for non-drow elven females.

Donovan(Half-Elf): stares at Gil’s hands in confusion

Gilgard Newleaf(Drow): signs at Donovan “Anything to make us quieter?”

Donovan(Half-Elf): signs back “No thanks, I already ate”

ACOMAF Part 1: The House of Beasts Chapters 1-13 (Rhys POV)

Chapters 1-4: Return from UtM to Feyre’s Wedding Panic Attack
Chapter 5: Feyre’s Wedding & Arrival in the Night Court
Chapter 6: Learning to Read
Chapter 7: Returning Feyre to the Spring Court
Chapters 8-10: The Next Three Weeks & Retrieving Feyre for Her Second Trip
Chapter 11: Feyre’s Second Night Court Visit
Chapters 12-13: Rescuing Feyre from the Spring Court

I did a thing. We’ll see if I can do more before ACOWAR comes out. Below is Chapters 1-4 of ACOMAF in Rhys’s POV and above are the links to those same chapters plus the rest on AO3. Hope ya like!

Summary: Roughly Chapters 1-4 of ACOMAF from Rhys’s POV. It’s mostly a focus on the last two weeks before Feyre gets married with summation thrown in on how his time has been since leaving UtM. Includes her nightmare that opens the book and some lovely chatting with Morrigan the day of Feyre’s wedding.

Hello Feyre Darling

The mountains of the Illyrian Steppes wrought a chill through my bones I hadn’t felt in years.

We flew for most of the day, listening to wherever the shadows at my brother’s back directed us, until at last the sun began to set and we landed in a small clearing between the trees.

They were close. Near enough to sent them on the tendrils of wind that carried their blood and sweat through the heavy pine of the woods. Since my return, I’d lost count of the number of rogue Illyrian war bands I’d had to hunt down and confront. And that wasn’t counting the number Cassian and Azriel had taken care of in my absence.

Today’s hunt felt restless. The outcome had been decided the moment we left the Steppes. These primal encounters never changed even if I spent the hours flying faster towards them hoping they would.

A confrontation. An offering of second chances. Bow down and obey - or pay the debt they owed for the blood they’d spilt, the debt for using fifty years of freedom to push the boundaries however they pleased.

The Night Court would need every drop in the coming weeks that it could spare. Petty disagreements over territory, among other things, wasn’t something I could deal with in the middle of a shift that sought to overthrow the entirety of Prythian.

And once Illyrian alliances shifted, they rarely shifted back.

So in blood, they usually ended.

We threaded through the trees, Cassian and Azriel silently stalking several paces out on either side of me until we hit the gap where the band made camp. It was a small legion, perhaps a dozen or so with their chosen lord in the center. An exquisite gash ran down the center of his cheek. No doubt he had been forced to earn his rank, had likely volunteered for the blood bath.

I wondered what they had done with the bodies, if they’d bothered to bury them properly in Illyrian fashion or had left them to rot in the snow.

Their heads turned in our direction as we neared close enough for them to catch our scent, but by then it was already too late. I held their minds steady from the grip of my power long before the three of us cleared the trees lining the perimeter of their camp.

My brothers strode quietly out from the trees, the swords they’d been gifted at the Blood Rite brandished in their hands in an offensive gesture, ready to strike at a moment’s signal from me.

Slowly, I narrowed my eyes on the newly elected lord and approached, tendrils of darkness trailing in my wake, my wings stretched out wide enough at my back to send a jolt of fear down even the toughest Illyrian’s back.

“Do I need to bother asking?”

My voice was flat, hardly even a question as the lord looked me over once and spat directly at my feet. “Whore,” he cursed and internally, I savored the feel of my mental claws dragging through his mind, undoing every last piece of who he was and would ever become before I let his body fall limp and ragged to the snow. I didn’t even wait. Little impulses of pain trembled along his skin and muscles in those last seconds before he gave up and was no more.

All round me, the forest rang silent save for the bitter, cold wind howling my sins in my ears.

Red splattered in harsh contrast against the snow at my feet, large sloppy drops dripping from Truth-Teller’s blade.

Azriel looked stoically at me as if he hadn’t just shed the blood of a half-dozen men he’d once shared camp with. I often wondered how he managed to lock that darkness away so well.

Slowly, he lifted a brow as snow crunched between Cassian’s heavy boots on my other side.

“Rhys?” Cassian said, dragging my attention down to my hands. They were shaking in a near violent manner.


“Let’s go.”


I grabbed both their hands and winnowed on the spot before they could say another word.

I did not join them at the House of Wind that night for dinner.

There was blood everywhere.

All over the three young fae hooded and kneeling on the unforgiving marble floor, the dagger I watched fall clattering to that same ground, and most especially all over her.

Feyre stood reaching with a trembling hand for the second dagger covered in blood. Her clothes were soaked from merely one kill that shouldn’t have garnered that much evidence of her deeds. It carried onto her hands - her poor, stuttering hands that plunged themselves upon the fae woman singing herself into death’s waiting arms.

Amarantha sat poised on the throne calling Feyre on with praise. It felt disgustingly wrong.

Feyre pulled the third dagger and I knew what to expect as the veil was to be lifted on the final victim. Tamlin would be waiting and then our fate would be in the hands of this small human girl none of us knew. I felt like I was going to be sick even as Feyre questioned whether or not she could go through with one more murder - just one more murder, and we would all be free. Such a steep price to pay for her.

The hood lifted. Silence fell.

The blood stood out in stark relief against the resounding quiet of the room.

Feyre knelt before the third victim - before herself, her ears turned up into two stiff points, her skin smooth and blended into a soft perfection only my own breed possessed. And her body, which had become so long and elegant with its new fae gifted powers, sat strongly before her, beseeching her move forward.

And that’s when I knew where I was.

I saw Amarantha up on her throne because I saw her from Feyre’s eyes and not my own place on the dias where I should have been. This was nothing new. We’d been inside this prison countless times before and always we failed to get out alive.


The words chanted inside Feyre’s mind as a flurry of self-loathing and hopelessness I only ever felt inside myself welled up beneath her skin.


She angled the dagger at herself and my lungs screamed inside of me to stop her as I felt her anticipate the relief that blade could give her. No, no, never -


A relief she welcomed, craved even. It was horrifying to watch, to feel.


And it killed me to think she could see herself that way, in any way other than the determined, resourceful woman I’d met Under the Mountain who had saved us all and lost herself in the process.

“Feyre!” I screamed inside her mind, as violently and brutally as I once had to stop Amarantha from attacking her.


But it was too late.

Feyre thrusted the knife into her own chest and I watched as my mate willingly committed suicide before my own eyes. Somehow, it was a thousand times worse than hearing her neck snap against her will.

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twin andrews part three | jughead x reader

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part one:

part two:

part four:

a/n: wowie part three!!! lemme know if you’d like a part four!! requests are open for all you lovely little nuggets! happy reading👱🏻‍♀️🌈🤴🏼

tonight was a totally flop, my feet kill from standing so long, the food was served cold and to top it off no one asked me to dance the entire night so i stood and watched an awkward Betty try and confess her feelings to my brother and so far it didn’t look like it was going to crash hot

just when i thought the night could get worse if it possibly tried i spot cheryl walking over to me and at this moment i just wanting the ground to swallow me whole.

“hello my fellow riven vixen” she smiles sweetly

“hey cheryl” i smile and muster up as much enthusiasm and fake smiling as i could manage “what’s up” i tilt my head blinking to let her know im not a robot.

“are you coming tonight to the after party? im in the mood for chaos” her smile turns sinister as she batts her eyelids. “not tonight im super tired but enjoy!”

i try and walk past her but she catches me arm and yanks me back “i beg your pardon?” i roll my eyes pulling my arm free “i said no cheryl i will not be in attendance tonight- now if you’ll excuse me-”

she begins her snappy come back when i see reggie mantle walking over to us “care to dance andrews?” i breathe a sigh of relief “why of course mantle- if you’ll excuse me” i tell cheryl before grabbing his hand and letting him guide me out into the middle of the dance floor

“i never thought I’d say this but ive never been so happy to see you ever in my life” i sling my arms around his neck as we begin to slow dance. he chuckles at my remark and places his arms loosely on my hips

“things looked a little intense so i thought I’d go help my damsel in distress, you are my river vixen after all” he teases pulling me closer to his body.

“woah steady eddie i think your getting a bit ahead of yourself there. i can handle myself but thank you” he smiles down at me “your welcome”

the song ends and we break apart i catch a glimpse of the others watching reggie and i closely as he snakes his hand around my waist and tugs me toward his side. my brother mutters something to Betty before walking over to me and breaking us apart.

“if it isn’t the inferior twin, hey bud how you doing. did i tell you that your sister got mega hot” he winks at me before smirking up at my brother “jesus reg” i roll my eyes at the hormonal teen before walking toward my brother “let’s go home”

“actually Betty, Ronnie and I are going to the Blossoms- you should come-” i shake my head “no thanks im just going to hit Pops and then head home for a well needed bath”. he nods before turning and disappearing in the crowd.

i start the walk over to Pop’s my clutch in one hand my shoes in the other the cool wind blowing through my hair. i quicken my pace when i see the shimmering neon signs of the diner “thank god” i mutter entering the only place open at 11pm

it was much warmer inside then out my whole body shivered as it adjust to the warmness, “hey pop” i greet “the usual?” he asks and i nod searching for a booth when I spot the brunette boy huddled over his laptop.

“ill be sitting with juggie” the old man nods turning and placing my order into the kitchen, my stomach growling at the mouth watering smell of burgers and fries.

i approach the table with caution my whole body shivering from the cold “jug?”

his eyes shoot up from his laptop annoyance across his face as he realises it’s me, my heart sinks as i wrap my arms around my body “can i sit?” he doesn’t say a word he just nods focusing his attention back to his work

i slip into the open seat opposite him placing my heels and purse next to me, we sit in silence and i tap my fingers against the table hoping that he’d break first.

“god dammit!” i bang my hands on the table causing jughead to look at me in an instant closing his laptop. “what?” he says panicked

“im sorry for bailing today okay! i got swept up with B & V and my brother forced me to this stupid dance and i don’t have your number so I couldn’t message you to say no and i just had a really crappy night and I had to walk all the way from school to here in these damn shoes- and it’s like minus 2 degrees out there and I’m cold and hungry and annoyed because i flaked on you and i never flake- so im sorry please don’t do this-” i blurt resting my head in my hands.

the diner falls quiet and i keep my eyes close not wanting to see a Jugheads expression “here” i hear him mumble

i lift my head and see jugheads outstretched hand with his jacket hanging from his grasp, i grab it softly slipping into it and instantly feelings it’s warmth “thank you” i mumble.

“it’s okay-” he pauses to clear his throat “i actually only got here about an hour ago-” he chuckles grabbing a few fries off my plate and popping them into his mouth.

i drop my face into my palms and turn red in embarrassment before making eye contact with him again a grin wide on his face. i narrow my eyes at him pulling my plate closer to me.

“i can’t believe you made me think you were mad at me you jerk” i complain somewhat relieved at the concept “i tried to stop you but once you start ranting it’s extremely hard to stop you”

i laugh at the brunette boy as i sip on my milkshake “you’re an idiot” i mutter “you’re a an idiot” he mimics my voice making extremely offensive hand gestures. i throw a napkin at him and roll my eyes at him before sticking my tongue out at him. mature i know

we talk for a little bit before the bell in the diner goes off my brother walking in looking rather guilty “s'cuse me” i mutter to jughead before slipping out of the booth and walk over to the service desk where archie stands

“sorry kid she hasn’t been in here tonight just these two-” “who” i ask catching the end of their conversation “uh betty” he confesses itching the back in his neck he walks past me and toward jughead

“archie what’s wrong with B?!” i ask annoyed but he ignores me asking jughead to sit before taking my place in the booth “earth to archie?!” i complain annoyed.

“what!” he snaps gazing at me

“Betty, where is she and what the hell happened at Cheryl’s”

“nothing!” he stammers looking to the both of us before looking back down at his hands “look ronnie and i- uh we kissed..” my jaw drops

“in front of here?!” i ask fuming “well not tech-”

“archie i swear to god-!” i yell anger pulsing through me

“yes!” he snaps yelling at me “i came here to apologise!” he tries to reason

i scoff “to who, to betty to me or to jug- because I’m pretty sure you owe us ALL an apology even damn ronnie needs one” i yell at my brother storming away from the booth before turning quickly on my heels and heading back to the boys.

archie flinches as i reach over the booth and give jughead a hug “night jug sorry again ill see you tomorrow- ive got to find Betty” he nods understandingly “to be continued?” i nod and turn around walking out of the diner and directly to the coopers residence

i sneak up into Bettys room and knock twice waiting patiently for her to open the window, within a minute the lights inside her room turn on and the click of her window unlocking as she pulls it up with ease “(y/n)?” she says surprised

“what the hell did that stupid ginger haired brother of mine do this time” she sniffles and i hold my arms outstretched and she rushes into them crying softly into my shoulder

“the kissed in the closet for seven minutes in heaven- she knew & so did he but they did it anyway” she wipes her eyes before siting on the edge of her bed “boys are stupid” i tell her placing my hand on her shoulder

“i don’t get why he doesn’t like me (y/n) what’s wrong with me i just-” she chokes on her words wiping her wet cheeks with her fingers.

“he loves you i know that just not in the way you want him to- but you know what sometimes they’re better of being friends then anything more” i try and comfort her letting her rest her head on me.

her phone vibrates and she sighs when she reads it “its arch-” she croaks “he’s outside” i give her shoulders a squeeze.

“you don’t have to see him if you don’t feel up to it, i can tell him you just want to be alone” she shakes her head “it’s okay” she gives me a weak smile before we both stand from her bed and walk downstairs

she pauses and turns around staring at me looking puzzled “what?” i ask “is that jughead as jacket?” i look down at the fabric and smile shyly “yeah i was at pops and it was cold so juggie leant it to me”

she raises her brows at me “jesus just open the door”!

she opens the front door to reveal my brother standing further down the drive way “ill be right here” i tell her giving her hand a reassuring squeeze before she walks down to meet him talking in hushed whispers before Betty turns around and rushes to me crying even more than before

i run my hands over her hair trying to soothe her as i catch my brothers guilty expression “call me if you need anything okay B?” she nods wiping her tears and mumbling a thank you before disappearing into her house

i walk past my brother and over to our house “i can’t believe you” i mutter slamming the front door in his face.

“c'mon (y/n) you can’t be mad at me okay” “watch me” i yell back stomping up the stairs

“why do you even care!” he retorts clearly annoyed “she’s my best friend arch what the hell is that supposed to mean!”

“hey hey what’s going on here, arch (y/n/n)?” “nothing dad just the same ole jerk archie, night”

i shut my door with some extra force due to the anger coursing through my body “i can’t believe him” ♕

“are you still mad?”

i stay seated in the passenger seat of my brothers truck, ive been giving him the silent treatment all morning and we’ve finally arrived at school & i was certainly in no mood for bullshit today

“look arch- i am still mad okay your my brother and she’s my best friend i hate having to pick corners it’s not fair- what you and veronica did was wrong okay? but i stand by you because your my brother but that doesn’t mean that i ive forgiven you for what you did”

he nods staring blankly at me “i guess I’ll take it” I give him a single nod before getting out of the car and walking off to find betty i was definitely not in the mood to wait for my brother and face her with him.

i spot her leaning against her locker, “Betty!” i call out. She smiles when she see,s me she looks a lot better almost like last night never happened. i approach her giving her a small hug and a small squeeze on the shoulder

“your still wearing that?” she smirks at me. i glance down at juggies jacket “it’s warm, plus i can return it to him today” i finish closing my locker

“yeah okay whatever, oo i have something to pick up from the office wanna come with” i nod following the girl “how you feeling?” she shrugs “im over it” i nod >

we enter the office and i spot a huge vase of yellow flowers, “are they for betty?” i point and betty widens her eyes opening the car perched on top of the bouquet, my eyes widen even more “from v? as in-”

“veronica” the three of us say in unison, we turn to see Veronica standing in the door way holding a box “i also got you some cupcakes i flew them in from New York” i side eye Betty and furrow my brows giving her the ‘are you serious look’

i sit back and watch as veronica vows to never do anything like that again and beg for Betty’s forgiveness and as Betty is in fact Betty she stupidly forgives her and now they are back to best buds typical

“im actually surprised that you forgave her so easily, i would’ve made her grovel a bit” i tell her as i smell her flowers “yeah i know you would c'mon i have free period let’s go to the lounge”

“do you think if i act upset she’ll fly me in cupcakes too?” i joke earning a chuckle from Betty “atta girl” i wink at her as we exit the office. “you’re impossible” she jokes.

thats when we pass the familiar brunette standing a this locker his eyes already locked on me, we walk past him and i send him a shy smile “hey juggie” he’s cheeks tint and as he smiles stupidly at the ground “hey-” he mumbles a smile clear on his face

a/n: send me a request if you’d like a part 4!! i hope your enjoy this let me know commenting down below, sending me a message or by following my blog so you’ll never miss an upload!! lots of love nugs🌹🥂

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Accidents Will Happen (Part 1/?) (Stark/Avengers x reader)

“Since when do we go with full gear in practice?” Sam grumbled, giving Steve a sideways glare with the final snaps of his chest piece.  “Something tells me that this is gonna get bumpy.”

“I like that choice of words,” Steve concurred, “because that’s all we’ve been doing anymore since we brought everyone back together.  The last three missions have been nothing but fumbles and missed opportunities because we keep getting into each other’s way.  We need to sharpen up again and stop bumping into each other.”

“We don’t need the gear for that, Steve.”

“I figure if we practice with it on, we’ll be more realistic and hit our marks.  Now,” the Captain paused, lowering his tone as he read from his tablet, “let’s start with (Y/N), Sam, Clint, and Wanda on the first round.”

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Tone/Attitude Words

accusatory -charging of wrong doing apathetic-indifferent due to lack of energy or concern awe-solemn wonder bitter-exhibiting strong animosity as a result of pain or grief cynical-questions the basic sincerity and goodness of people condescension; condescending-a feeling of superiority callous-unfeeling, insensitive to feelings of others contemplative-studying, thinking, reflecting on an issue critical-finding fault choleric-hot-tempered, easily angered contemptuous-showing or feeling that something is worthless or lacks respect caustic-intense use of sarcasm; stinging, biting conventional-lacking spontaneity, originality, and individuality disdainful-scornful didactic-author attempts to educate or instruct the reader derisive-ridiculing, mocking earnest-intense, a sincere state of mind erudite-learned, polished, scholarly fanciful-using the imagination forthright -directly frank without hesitation gloomy-darkness, sadness, rejection haughty-proud and vain to the point of arrogance indignant-marked by anger aroused by injustice intimate-very familiar judgmental-authoritative and often having critical opinions jovial-happy lyrical-expressing a poet’s inner feelings; emotional; full of images; song-like matter-of-fact–accepting of conditions; not fanciful or emotional mocking-treating with contempt or ridicule morose-gloomy, sullen, surly, despondent malicious-purposely hurtful objective-an unbiased view-able to leave personal judgments aside optimistic-hopeful, cheerful obsequious-polite and obedient in order to gain something patronizing-air of condescension pessimistic-seeing the worst side of things; no hope quizzical-odd, eccentric, amusing ribald-offensive in speech or gesture reverent-treating a subject with honor and respect ridiculing-slightly contemptuous banter; making fun of reflective-illustrating innermost thoughts and emotions sarcastic-sneering, caustic sardonic-scornfully and bitterly sarcastic satiric-ridiculing to show weakness in order to make a point, teach sincere-without deceit or pretense; genuine solemn-deeply earnest, tending  sanguineous -optimistic, cheerful whimsical-odd, strange, fantastic; fun

rockabye (4) - jackson

Originally posted by justrightforjb

pairing: jackson x reader
rating: mature
genre: angst, romance, smut
warnings: nudity? no nsfw action in this chapter.
word count: 1952
summary: life isn’t easy being a single parent, especially such a young one. but you do your best to make him happy and make sure his life is better than yours was, even if that means ‘exotic dancing’. he’s your entire world; the only man you’ll ever need. until you meet a certain idol who changes things almost as much as your son did.

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star trek episode idea: kirk goes into the earth archives for fun and learns about dabbing. proceeds to dab at everything, to the entire crews dismay. turns out this is actually a very offensive gesture on the planet theyre currently on for a diplomatic mission. chaos ensues, spock carries jim out of the fray over his shoulder with jim firing his phaser at very angry aliens behind them. once they are safely out of orbit, the entire crew on the bridge looks to jim. “great job guys,” he says as he walks out. they think they are safe. right before the lift doors close, jim dabs. everyone starts yelling

Romantic tension: Jimin

woah, okay, this one got a little out of control! It borderlined smut… sorry?

Originally posted by louizlake

[Song they’re dancing to]

After all the recordings you had seen of Park Jimin on stage, you had expected him to carry the same confidence and charisma into the practice room. Perhaps he might have if the choreography hadn’t been so… sensual? You had danced in that way for so long, that been asked to grind up on someone in front of a 50,000+ audience was no big deal. For Jimin, however, it was not. In fact, just doing it in front of the mirror with no on but the choreographer, Manuel, seemed to make him quite flustered.

“No, no, no!” Manuel cried. He stopped the music and immediately Jimin threw himself away from you. Doing your best to suppress offense at the gesture, you wandered off to get your water bottle. “Jimin, you’re so stiff! What’s wrong with you today?” Manual continued to berate him for a solid two minutes. Jimin was turning red not out of exertion but from embarrassment. You did your best to spare him by stretching and pretending not to listen. “You have to want her, make love to her on the dance floor–What? Is (y/n) not good looking enough for you? Do you find her undesirable? Where’s your passion?!” That was a little too far. “Hey, Manuel,” you began, “it’s fine. This is all a little new–” “New? New!” He let out a shrill laugh, “we have two weeks before performance!” Throwing up your hands in exasperation, you looked at Jimin for help. “I’m sorry, I just think maybe I need to take a break.” “A break,” Manuel scoffed, “you’re barely sweating. Fine, if you want a break, take it. I’ll be back in two hours.” The mirrors shook as he slammed the door behind him.

It was quiet. Finally, Jimin spoke, apologising awkwardly, “I really don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m really, really sorry.” You offered a small smile with a slight shake of the head, “well, I can’t say that it’s fine. You’re being frustrating.” Jimin ducked his head. You continued, “but right now I think I’d prefer to hear why you’re having so much trouble. Be honest. We’re partners and I can’t help if you don’t tell me.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Jimin mumbled, “I’m worried you won’t like me being that close to you. I’m also afraid… uh, that it’ll get out of control?” “You mean pop a boner,” you said bluntly. Wordlessly he nodded. “Wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened to me,” you shrugged. “If you do, I won’t judge. It means you’re feeling the passion we’re supposed to be showing. It’s not just acting it. You’re supposed to feel it.” Then, you quickly added, “this dance isn’t about love, it’s lust. That’s easy enough, right?” Contrasting with your previous statements, you smiled shyly, “I’d like to think that we’re both pretty attractive people. Just go with it, alright?”

The beginning was fine, as usual. You both broke out in a sweat, muscles working hard in isolation. Then, as you turned to him, ready to continue, you caught sight of his body stuttering to a halt. Stopping, you walked over to the stereo to pause the music. “So, it’s the physical contact that makes you uncomfortable.”


“Okay, we’ll take it slow.” You hummed thoughtfully, “let’s start from the ‘keep it down, down baby can you keep it up all night’ part, yeah?” Exhaling shakily, Jimin shrugged, “sure.”

He got into position behind you, arm snaking around your waist. Heaving a sigh, you made eye contact with your partner in the mirror. “Jimin.” He was looking at his shoes, “hm?” 

“Is this how you would grind on someone in the club?”


 “Get closer.” When he didn’t move immediately, you reached around and physically pulled him to you. Then, an idea surfaced. Maybe if you made him want this, he would do a better job. Swallowing a wicked grin, you arched against him. To your satisfaction, you heard his breath catch in his throat. “Count,” you commanded. His voice came out low and hoarse, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight; one, two, three…” Jimin repeated it over and over. You’re hand moved from your side to the back of his head, fingers tangling in his hair to tug his face closer. He choked on his own words, eyes wide as you twisted your head around from the mirror to stare at Jimin from over your shoulder. His eyes flicked down to your lips, which were curved in a lascivious grin.

His hot breath skimmed over your ear, neck, and mouth. Your stomach did a little flip. Suddenly, the game wasn’t fun anymore. Clearing your throat, you released him, “you can let me go, now. We’ll do it with music this time.” As you fiddled with the ipod that was plugged into the speakers you called, “do you think you’ll be more comfortable this time?”  Jimin self consciously tugged his t-shirt lower, “I don’t know if comfortable is the word I’d use.” Chuckling, you selected the song and made your way back over to Jimin.

You all over my skin, I’m anxious. Paint my body, boy, I’ll be your canvas. You both robotically stopped and started, him guiding your limbs into their moves. This time, you could feel his fingers pressing into your hip, almost squeezing too hard. Dropping down in front of him, dragging fingers across his chest as you wriggled between his legs, only to have him pull you up and begin the individual moves.

“Yes! Yes!” Manuel was standing in the doorway, cheering with both fists in the air. “I hope you guys are using protection–oh, my gosh, even the mirrors are steaming up!” Both red and sweaty from physical exertion, you and Jimin exchanged looks. “I don’t think we’re going to have a problem with our performance,” Jimin stated steadily. Your water bottle suddenly became intensely interesting as his words sent shivers up your spine.

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Versions Jin, Taehyung

School’s Out

Pairing: Coach Negan x Original Female Character

Summary: Bianca is a new teacher at the local high school and Coach Negan seems to be the only person there willing to accept her as a friend.

Warnings: Get some condoms because your heart is gonna need protection. Mention of drunk driving. Mention of a car crash. Death.


Fic Masterlist

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Hidden in Shadow Part 4

General Armitage Hux x Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: I didn’t have like any of this part written and then like two anons mentioned it and somehow it came out of nowhere and this whole thing is just kinda Hux fluff cause I was feeling it.

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Exhausted and in overwhelming pain, you found yourself in front of a familiar door. It was General Hux’s office. You furrowed your brows, not quite sure why you unconsciously found your way to the General, but your hand was already gently rapping on the door before you regained plausible thought.

A rather tired, frustrated sigh replied from the other side, the door sliding open easily. You were met with the sight of bleary, blue eyes and disheveled, fiery hair. A frown, that seemed almost stagnant on Hux’s face, grew a little more grim.

“You don’t look well,” Hux sighed, looking you over once. It wasn’t an appreciative glance, though he had given you a fair share of those, but rather a concerned one.

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You can thank me later [Fili/reader] - Part 1

Writer: Zee
Fandom: The Hobbit
Type: Series
Pairing: Fili x Reader
Word Count: 1267
Warnings: future parts will include smut
AO3 link or read below on tumblr


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Out of Context - Memorable Lines From Drama Class

Here is a lovely collection of my favorite lines from my four years of Drama and Musical Theater classes in high school.

If you want the tale behind the line , send the line to my ask box and you’ll get the story behind it !

“ I have , by some grand miscalculation, managed to glue my hand to a chair and I’m supposed to be onstage in two minutes. ”

“ Do you think Brayden will be upset with me if I tell him that I’m really distracted by his forest green eyes when he’s wearing the mask ? Because I’m really distracted and I can’t do my lines when he’s looking at me with those eyes. ”

“ ….I have five copies of the same hat in case I lose one. And yet , with my scene in 90 seconds, I….. I have no hats . ”

-mildly concerned voice -“ Jaron why is your script on fire ?”

-completely calm disinterested tone -“ Oh. That would explain why my finger is hot. ”

“ Indi !”

“ Yes? ”
“ Why is my favorite hat taped to a rafter?”

“ Listen , I don’t care how it got in here , but get the live bat out of here now. ”

“ For the last time , we are not changing the ball scene dance to the Macarena. ”


“ Heath , I will take away your finger gun privileges right now. Don’t test me , young man.”

“ All right, who put ’ death match opera’ in the suggestion box ?”

“…. Oh no , I’ve developed an allergy to oxygen ! -lies down - ”

“ Look , man, I’ve had a bad day and I will kill you with this muffin. ”

“….. Tony yelled angrily , as I continue to narrate, amused by his fury. Aubrey subtly gives me a thumbs up , much to my liking . Scott glares at me , making very offensive hand gestures. ”

“-glides in on wheelies- Phantom is back , ladies. This time with wheels. ”

“ Chef , there’s an eye in my soup. I think it’s mine. ”

“ Oh no , he’s a service dog , sir. He fought Hitler. ”

“ I might be a rogue , but I have morals. For instance , I didn’t kill that mage back there because he had poor fashion sense. He deserves a chance to find himself. Sure , he killed half our group , but we don’t know his story. You do you, mage. ”

“ Of all the people I could have been stuck talking to as I bleed out , it had to be you. ”

“- loud screaming in background- Please tell me Stede is messing with us again. ”

“Please don’t play with the corpse. ”

“ Is there a reason you’ve perfected a Colonial American accent and decided to use it in Fiddler on The Roof?”

“ New rule- mentioning Sharks or jets is banned. ”
- aggressive snapping -
-a ca pella singing -’ WHEN YOU’RE A JET-’

“ Can you dance , Byron? Wait , why are you in a baseball uniform- OH NO ”

“ -gets stabbed- I’ll have you know I’m allergic to blood loss , sir ”

“ Officer it seems this unfortunate idiot managed to strangle himself with his headphones . Cause of death - Jammed out too hard. ”

“ I’ve gone ten minutes without murdering someone,you should reward me. ”


“ The cake was not a lie but it WAS poisoned. ”

“ Stede stop telling audience members that ’ all deaths are actual deaths ’ and that ’ the funerals will be held after the performance’.”

“ How is a cheerleader supposed to fight a Dragon? Do I smack it with my pompom? ”

“ Yo , demon , I know you’re trying to be all terrifying and deadly but I’m watching the latest Sherlock can you chill for like an hour and THEN kill me? ”

“ I can’t be murdered today I have a test in bio. ”

“ If you insist on speaking Klingon you have to translate what you said so I know you’re not insulting me. ”

“ I have a complicated relationship with my father . See, he’s my brother and he’s also my mom’s uncle. And he’s cousin twice removed by death. It’s complicated. ”

“ VILLAIN I HAVE DONE YOUR MOTHER- a favor by fixing that pesky broken fence around her garden. We’re tight . ”

“ -gunfire- Would now be a bad time to sing "Shots”?“

” Yeah I’m a zombie but I’m still chill you know. I just want a bite of you and then we can play Mario. If you’re not dead , that is. “

” -Looking their killer dead in the eyes- I hope you can live with yourself knowing you just orphaned a puppy. -gasp-… A….really…..cute…..puppy…..“

” I didn’t set out to be a vigilante today but you just stole my autographed selfie with my favorite celebrity- IT’S ON NOW “

” If you try hard enough , kids , you can die doing just about anything. “

” Stop changing the name of the baby doll . His name is James. “

” I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY LOCKED US IN! - panicked shouting - “

” I know ! 😁"

“ I want you to put ” She was the bomb “ on my grave as a huge middle finger to my assassin ”

“ ….Aubrey , stop challenging people to poetry slams , we’re trying to get this murder right ”

“ Somewhere in this very auditorium , I have hidden your self confidence ”

“ I may or may not have hidden numerous small alarms throughout the auditorium set to go off whenever someone passes the motion sensor ….”

“ We now present : Jurassic Park Ten - Jurassic Lawsuit. Why anyone ever allowed this horror show of a family fun zone continue is beyond us. ”

“ Plot twist , Chewbacca is just a guy stuck in a fur suit and he’s got a speech impediment. ”

“ 911 , what is the nature of your emergency ? …. Ma'am. ..I’m sorry but ’ Micheal Bay is making a live action TMNT movie ’ is not an emergency. ”

“ Is the phantom actually a phantom ? How does he get food down in the sewers? And clean water? It’s full of rats and disease. Phantom is dead , yo.”

“ Can you quit singing ’ Don’t Cry For Me Argentina ’ every time someone dies?”



“ All arguments today must be settled in song form. It’s Musical Monday. ”

“ Whoever keeps adding ’ with great sarcasm ’ after the words ’ he dies’ in the script needs to stop. ”

“ I’m not gonna let you murder me today , I haven’t finished my Minecraft house. ”

“ If you can quote at least one historical figure who wasn’t white, I won’t shoot you. ”

“- in a slow motion voice - No don’t throw knives , you’ll get blood on my throw rugs ”

“ Well , I’m dying but at least I don’t have to go to work tomorrow ”

“ Never thought the way to avoid death was by complimenting my would-be killer”

“ You’re under arrest for being a smartmouth”
“ Oh, am I?”


“ Yo , Prince , don’t kiss her before you date her first . She’s a sleeping beauty not a paid escort. ”

“ I’m immortal , and I’m here to tell you your ancestors are disappointed. ”


“ I managed to walk off the roof by accident ”

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PLEASE WRITE THAT BLURB ABOUT THE GIRLFRIEND GOING APESHIT AND TAKING BITCHES TIRES OUT. That would be gold :-) and highly appropriate since this fandom has been completely out of line with the offensive signs and gestures this week. Ily

I did it omg I can’t believe I actually wrote this but I did!! this is meant to be mostly crackfic meaning it’s not really meant to be taken that seriously so please don’t fuck up anyone’s cars <3 although if you have a good reason I won’t judge you. okay I’ll shut up now hope you enjoy it!

oh also ily too!!

“What the fuck?” You slam your brakes on to avoid crashing as you find yourself cut off in traffic for the third time by the same car. Whoever is in the car is driving like a maniac and has been pissing you off almost since you and Harry left the gym in separate cars. It was an easy plan; follow him and his bodyguards in their black SUV back to the hotel from the gym they’d met you at, a fairly short drive, but almost immediately after leaving the parking lot this damn Honda Civic was veering all over the lanes, driving alongside Harry’s vehicle and then dropping back to cut you off and follow him from behind. In your experience being the girlfriend of a widely sought after popstar, you’ve seen your fair share of fans follow him in hopes of getting a picture, but few are as bold as these people.  

Cursing under your breath as you roll to a stop at a light, you watch helplessly and angrily as the unnamed stalkers take off after Harry’s car, barely missing the red light. You crane in your seat, trying to keep an eye on their tail lights, and you can see the SUV pull into the driveway that leads to the hotel’s back garage, and then the car behind them parks quickly and sideways in front of it. Girls scramble from the front and back seats like it’s a clown car, all rushing toward where you imagine the SUV is parked, and your intuition is telling you they’re not planning on politely asking for a second of his time nor are they going to be particularly sympathetic to the fact that Harry is basically dead on his feet and wants sleep more than anything else. You know your blood pressure must be in the stratosphere, you white knuckle the steering wheel, cursing at the street light to just turn green already, God damn it, and when it finally does your wheels squeal over the pavement.

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Milton Dammers, role reversal and gender defiance.

Oh my God. 

I know that The Frighteners is supposed to be a comedy, but jesus fucking christ Milton Dammers. There is so much about him that is played for laughs, and then when you get to his dramatic reveal, you feel horrible for ever having laughed at him in the first place.

Jesus Fucking Christ. I’m legitimately horrified by his back story. 

Just, a slow clap for Jeffrey Combs for again taking up a role that defies gender expectations, and then blows you away with the implications for his character. 

Also especially that his character treats and recognizes a strong female character with the imminent possibility that she is a threat. You get the sense throughout the movie that he’s seen shit, man, and that while everyone else may look at Lucy as being a helpless victim, Dammers will not make the mistake of misjudging someone like that.

And he won’t do her the disservice of playing down to her either. He treats her like a legitimate threat, because she is. When he pushes her back in the morgue, she picks up a fucking weapon to strike and possibly maim or kill him with. (Bless Dammers, he goes for the good old American fight motto of “win by attrition” and pulls out a SMG, where you present so much of a greater threat that the other either has to back down, or lose simply because there isn’t enough left of them to fight.)

The entire movie, he’s played with almost mincing walk, incredibly passive and defensive (rather than aggressive and offensive) gestures, he keeps his fisted hands in front of his stomach to unconsciously protect vital organs, and his elbows and arms close to his sides to minimize his body space and protect his sides and lungs, because he's used to physical attacks.

He has bizarre physical quirks that other characters call attention to, and you have to giggle at because gee, he’s just so bizarre! The not sitting, the not making eye contact, the keeping his back to a wall, the keeping himself angled toward an escape route, the minimizing his body space, the sweating, the terrified reflexive crying, he is telegraphing an abuse victim, and suddenly you realize it’s just not quite so funny anymore.

Even the fucking seat cushion that is played for cheap laughs is immediately turned against the audience with the definite implication of “is it funny now?”, once you realize he has been systematically sexually abused for over twenty fucking years as a part of his job.

And you know that by Sheriff Perry’s reaction in the beginning of the film that Dammers has not always been like this, because Dammers has to explain his reaction to Perry, and Perry asks if he can do anything to alleviate whatever is happening to Dammers. You know that by this exchange between the two that Dammers has been slowly eroded by his work, that he hasn’t always presented this way, and that by this time he is literally constantly on the knife’s edge of lapsing into a traumatic break. 

And he is pushed over a few times, specifically by Lucy and her screaming. She’s the only one who is presented as a threat to Dammers. She’s the only one in the movie that prompts him to throw up in nervous fear, the only one to drive him to a reflexive panic attack in a confined space. Not even the probable mass murderer frightens him as much as Lucy– in fact, the remnants of what is left of Special Agent Milton Dammers is brought out by Frank, because Frank reminds him of the job that he has to do, and that he’s the only one who’s stayed so long in the field, and he just will. Not. Stop. 

And it’s amazing that the movie allowed for these tropes to exist simultaneously in a male character. The traumatized abuse victim, with all of its physical trappings is almost invariably portrayed as female in movies, because that’s how it is in society. The strong, persistent FBI agent is almost unanimously male in these movies, because again it’s just a reflection of society.

But what the movie does is take a strangely realistic bent while playing both of these tropes straight. Where in such a cowboy culture as the mid-90s FBI, you know that there wasn’t a whole lot of recognition of the fact that Dammers has been consistently traumatized in his line of work, but it’s a fact of life anyway that he has been, and so his only recourse is to keep doing his job with no hope of addressing his issues, while simultaneously not breaking apart because of them. 

He tries to make little allowances in the small things– the creation of a “territorial bubble” in his real-persona life as an FBI agent because he can no longer stand being touched suddenly without his consent, the seat cushion in the car to ease the pain, the gloves to hide his tattoo. Things to cover up and pack away and soothe against the horrible shit that’s been done to him in the name of his country. 

(And the worst thing is, the really worst thing is, the whole concept is not so ridiculous at all. People who go into undercover fields make horrific fucking sacrifices, and the cults of the late 60s to early 90s were just terrifying.)

What the fuck, The Frighteners, I spent 86 minutes not taking your ass at all seriously, and then you spring Milton Dammers’ back story on me. 

What the christ.