“What’s mansplaining?” senator Mitch Fifield calls out a feminist senator on her sexist remarks


“They’re celebrating stunning tribal beauties at the brink of extinction”  how ironic. Instead of showcasing these ethnic groups by using real women from each group…..she photoshops herself and uses black face…& literally erases these actual women and photoshops her face on top of theirs instead…to “raise awareness” I’m sick.

Impertinent! Offensive!

So I was reading lots of other Sherlock TAB meta and reviews, and several people have commented on these two exclamations from John and Sherlock when Moriarty whines that they should “just elope already.” 

The comments range from basically “I’m offended that they’re offended” to trying to explain what they’re really offended about (the idea that they should have to hide their relationship by eloping).

I think that both these interpretations are overlooking the sarcasm in how the lines are delivered. The tone tells us the lines aren’t meant to be taken literally. Furthermore, it’s pretty rare for a good, self-respecting screenwriter to write such “on the nose” dialogue. It’s considered very amateurish, and Moftiss are definitely not amateurs.

John says “Impertinent!” in the same general tone as someone might say “Oooh, snarky!” And Sherlock’s “Offensive” lacks the bite of one who is actually angry or offended. It almost sounds to me like Sherlock is one-upping John’s line–tag team reactions. They’re having fun.

They’re mocking Moriarty. They are calling HIM “impertinent” and “offensive.” And they should–he’s ruining their “moment” with his snark. But they don’t need to be actually angry about it–he’s at their mercy. They’ve won. 

Think back to earlier in the episode where John is upset with the maid for talking back to him. He calls it impertinence. It’s basically mouthing off to someone of higher rank or authority. It’s being overly familiar with someone you don’t have a right to be. It has nothing to do with the suggestion itself–it’s the snarky way it’s delivered and the context of who is saying it to whom. 

So if John is referring to Moriarty himself as being impertinent for horning in on the private conversation of his superiors, in context, it only stands to reason that Sherlock’s “offensive” is also referring to the same context–Moriarty himself. And doesn’t that make more sense–that Moriarty’s presence and very existence is offensive to Sherlock? 

That context is further supported when John asks “Do you mind” and comes over to shove Moriarty off the cliff. We know that he’s not sending Moriarty to his doom because he suggested the two elope. That doesn’t make sense. He’s sending Moriarty over the cliff because Moriarty himself is the problem that they want to be rid of. 

Subtextually, I think the case can be made that the two lines are also mocking the horrified reactions of people who really would be offended by the idea of the two of them being in a romantic relationship. There’s a lightness to the way the lines are delivered that wouldn’t be there if they truly were upset. 

Basically, they’re so totally over Moriarty’s shenanigans and since he’s powerless in the face of their togetherness, he’s not even scary to them anymore. He’s something to be mocked, rubbish to be dumped over the cliff. 

John and Sherlock–taking out the trash since 1895. 

TL;DR: John and Sherlock are not actually offended by Moriarty’s suggestion of eloping. They’re mocking him and mocking people who really would be offended.

This advertisement from IHOP’s certified Twitter account was taken down within hours of posting, and the company released an apology within two hours that read:

“Earlier today we tweeted something dumb and immature that does not reflect what IHOP stands for. We’re sorry.”

Referring to pancakes as flat is a perfectly normal claim. Applying personification to food is also commonplace in the social media marketing industry, as it lends a humorous personality to an otherwise boring corporate marketing campaign. The copywriter behind the post likely had innocent intentions and came up with this post using the same process he or she used for hundreds of other posts before it. However, this is a perfect example of a tasteless social media faux pas that created a severe backlash that did more harm than good to the brand’s public image.  

The post itself personifies tastelessness more than anything else. By pairing a highly suggestive image with incredibly offensive copy, IHOP effectively told the world that they find misogyny humourous. The brand received the negative backlash of the highly sensitive collective voice of the Internet within minutes and business likely suffered accordingly. As far as I’m concerned, they deserved every inch of animosity they had thrown at them because of this blatant display of idiocy. And as a social media marketer myself, I’m offended that someone allowed this to be posted on an account as large as IHOP’s.  

Ways to respond to homophobes
  • Homophobe:I'm okay with gays, as long as they don't flirt with me
  • Response:no one wants to flirt with you anyways
  • Homophobe:Please don't show affection in public it's gross.
  • Response:Then why are you showing your face in public it's as equally gross.
  • Homophobe:What a faggot...
  • Response:You called?
  • Homophobe:Sorry, supporting gays is against my religion
  • Response:That's totally fine, please don't force your religion on us.
  • Homophobe:Being gay is a choice
  • Response:So was your dad's choice about pulling out.
  • Homophobe:I want a gay friend
  • Response:And I want a friend who doesn't objectify me for my sexuality's stereotype.
  • Homophobe:Guys belong with girls and girls belong with guys.
  • Response:And you belong in a zoo.
  • Homophobe:Gay guys are a girl in a guy's body/Lesbians are a guy in a girl's body
  • Response:That's transgender, you uncultured swine
  • Homophobe:You're going to hell
  • Response:Aww thanks for the invitation!
  • Homophobe:You're an act against God
  • Response:You would know what that feels like.
  • Homophobe:Ew
  • Response:Please stop looking at me like that I'm not a mirror
  • Homophobe:It's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
  • Response:You're forgetting the talking serpent who's the real fake here?
  • Homophobe:I don't want it shoved in my face.
  • Response:What face? All I see is an ass with two eyes.
  • Homophobe:So which one of you is the guy and which one of you is the girl?
  • Response:Surprise! We're gay/lesbians!
  • Homophobe:I'll pray for you.
  • Response:Nah boo I'm cute as hell I'll find someone who'll love me. But I think I need to pray for you because you're gonna have trouble finding someone who will love you with that ugly ass personality.
  • woman:has period