God, if someone were to tell Mettaton “ew? what? you wear makeup?? boys don’t wear makeup that’s disgusting. unnatural. a crime against masculinity & human kind. what the fuck are you doing? my religion & human ignorance is offended by your very harmless existence & beauty. stop, it’s making me insecure.”

 Mettaton would proceed to reply with “you are absolutely right, honey. *pulls out his travel sized concealer/mirror thing ( don’t get logical with me )* boys can’t wear makeup. It’s obscene. how absurd. it’s just like that saying goes: *applies concealer, brings out eyeliner.* if girls are ugly they can just put on makeup & hide their blemishes etc etc whatever they’re unhappy with… *does those ‘funny makeup faces’ while putting on the lower part of his eyeliner* but if boys are ugly & have blemishes, whatever those problems are, HA. *applies his eye shadow.* 

darling, you’re kinda stuck like that. no hope for your ugly ass. *brings out the lipstick & applies that finally* it’s a crises, really. I totally agree with you. boys should 100% not be allowed to even touch makeup I mean, even I have no fucking idea how to apply this shit like damn. But you forget, sweetheart. *gestures he’s putting lipstick on with his middle finger.*

 I wear makeup because I want to & it isn’t to impress you. now run along with your ignorance.”

sometimes i forget how Gay i am and then something happens that slaps me in the face with it

this dude that has worked with my dad came into the store and was asking random questions about me, where i’m going to school, what i’m studying, etc etc and then he says “and that tall guy that works with your dad sometimes, that’s your boyfriend?”

and for a good few seconds i was just deer in the headlights because me?? boyfriend?? the thought was so horrific, and the idea that someone else assumed i had one was just the worst??

and then i realized he was talking about my sister and her husband, and had gotten us mixed up

so conclusion, you know you’re a certified Gay when the thought of having a boyfriend evokes nothing but Horror

lol I literally don’t understand ppl who feel the need to HAVE to complain about black history month or blackout days-
Like what the heckie let them have their month?????? Tf why r u so offended y is this bothering your existence how does this properly effect the way YOU live. Like REALLY? You don’t have to do anything if u don’t want to I mean it’s just a passage of time n we all know time is an illusion please shut the fuck up and leave black ppl alone oh my god y are u so needy when it is not about you

People of 2016 you need to fucking chill bruh. The recent research conducted by the IOEOC (Institute Of Easily Offended Cunts) shows that the solution for your salty asses does exist! And it’s very simple - delete your fucking Instagram account and let other people have fun! #aranjevi #memesdaily #memes #funny #banter #lol #hilarious #lmao #lmfao #nochill #relatable #thisisme #thisisus #savage #itslit