pocket universes

for the lovely @wishuponabluebox who requested it “i’m coming, just sit tight!”. It’s not angsty at all. Well, a tiny bit, but mostly it’s just pure crack. Seriously, the crackiest thing I’ve ever written. I got inspired by the abundant and utterly wondrous social media AUs that are circulating around the Jily side of Tumblr and decided DW needs some as well. <3
Summary: Group chats and suspicions. Sort of high school, sort of social media AU. John and Rose and up to something and there’s no hiding that.
Pairing: Ten x Rose (a bit of side Mickey/Martha)
Rating: T


Jack Harkness to Defenders of the Earth: heyyyyy everyone

Mickey Smith: are you drunk

Rose Tyler: yeah mickey what else is new

Jack Harkness: is that Rose!

Martha Jones: What, capitalization of a name? Punctuation marks? Is that a Christmas miracle?

Martha Jones: … Although that exclamation mark does make me uneasy.

Jack Harkness: !!

Jack Harkness: Rose i’ve been thanking

Jack Harkness: thinking

Rose Tyler: that actually happens?? i’m impressed

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Superwholock AU Prompts

• “I think my house is possessed and I’m freaking the fuck out.”
• “There’s an old police box here and I want to investigate, care to join me? Oh you own it? Even better.”
• “Damn, YOU’RE Detective Holmes ((I’m using “detective” so you can decide if you want a female or non-binary Holmes))? If I knew how attractive you were I think I would’ve reported murders a lot more often.“
• "We were both called to the same case? Watch me perform this exorcism and almost possess you.”
• “I met you on a random planet outside this universe and accidentally offended your ancestors and entire existence.”
• “We’re both competing against Sherlock Holmes to solve a case so we’re now automatically arch enemies ((bonus: we have crushes on each other))

me: (says i havent seen a certain movie)

everyone around me: oh my god. are you even human? youre not even an american child. you offended my entire existence. how are you real. what the Fuck

Being offended is a natural part of existence; criticism of your art, age, race, gender, sexuality, or simply your favorite sports team can be a source of offense. It’s our ability to cope with these offenses that defines part of our identity. Do we scream and curse, do we silence and suppress, do we come to blows, or do we defend ourselves with reason and logic?

When we hear other opinions on subjects, as varied as music and human rights, that differ from our own, we are forced to assess our own views and defend them. Shouting down, silencing, or even intimidating or assaulting isn’t reasoned and mature. It certainly isn’t how societies are formed, especially ones that are pluralistic in race, beliefs, and values. What it really is about is the censoring and suppression of things that challenge certain ideologies and beliefs by hiding behind the often abused and misused rhetoric of offense, microaggressions, and trigger warnings. That whole issue is a debate unto itself but ultimately is part of the larger issue here of these self-imposed echo chambers that isolate, amplify, and eventually radicalize beliefs. This “PC culture” is inherently antithetical to the progressive concepts of being open to new ideas, respecting individual beliefs and values, valuing intellectual discourse and discussion as well as multicultural existence — it’s basically a social justice approach to solipsism.
—  Amanda Kerry


HE’S HER DAD’S AGE AT LEAST! And he’s evil and wants to kill her and he had her mom killed and is a reason her dad is dead as well. Plus he’s basically a Nazi who is okay with destroying entire planets.


People would actually ship the lead female with a disgusting white oppressor than a good man of color. 

You are all gross and I don’t care if I offend you. Your very existence offends me.


You think you better cause you straight

You think you better cause you a man

You think you better cause you white

You know what?!

You’re right!

You been privileged your whole life

Probably never had to fight

Probably had wealth your whole life

Probably never had to brush your teeth with no lights

As I climb up I see less nxggas in sight

They can’t even be in the same room as you cause you’re gay

Like homosexuality in their way

You think you better cause you straight?!

You know what it’s like to almost break?!

To almost quit?!

To no longer wanna exist?

They offended cause you said your life matters

Not better, just that it matters!

Is it wrong to not wanna die?

Is it wrong to not wanna live in fear?

Is it wrong to want a fair shot while I’m still here?

You think you better cause you straight??

You think you better cause you a man??

You think better cause you white??

You know what?! You’re right!………

I’m still thinking about the fact I heard that iron didn’t burn fairies in the original legends they just really hated it because iron is modern technology and fairies hate technology

and this just seems hilarious to me right now like fairies just glaring at a nail on the ground.  u piece of crap human technology.  i loathe your existence.  imagine fairies just so offended by even the most basic human technology.  a fairy who is just so pissed off about the industrial revolution and brings it up at every opportunity.  fairies hearing that humans put SHOES on horses and they’re - GASP - made of IRON, you ABOMINATIONS what have you DONE

pls imagine fairies who aren’t hurt by iron, just really pissed off