offended ezra


kirk: i mean… i can usually just tell when a guy is into me, but i guess tonight i was wrong. very wrong. honestly, dude. i didn’t come up here to jump you or anything, i swear. just thought you were cute. sorry if i’ve offended you or anything—
ezra: you—you haven’t! it’s fine. i mean… it’s… i mean… i just…
kirk: ezra? you alright, bud?

'Spencer' says to Wren 'stop calm down' before she speaks to Ezra

If this is Spencer, Wren could have helped her get Rollins credit cards out of the country. It would make perfect sense for Spencer to meet up with Wren and talk about what she’s going to do so they both don’t get into bother.

If this is Spencer’s twin, which I feel could be possible because Spencer is acting very different in this scene with Wren and Ezra. Her facial expressions…. especially her eyes, are different she almost seems offended that Ezra didn’t want a drink with them and Wren was shocked that she’d asked him, the only reason Wren would be shocked is if Wren knows Ezra (which in certain he does) but also if it’s not Spencer. I also get the feeling that with how she’s talking, she’s trying to remember information. She also seems relieved when Ezra says he won’t tell anyone he saw her there with Wren…. Spencer would know that Ezra if asked wouldn’t tell a soul, this Spencer didn’t. She looked worried/panicked. Even though Ezra has already stated that he’s not flying anywhere she still wishes him a safe flight. To me, Spencer in this scene is very jumpy and nervy, she cuts Ezra off a lot and forgets stuff that he’s said, I think that it could possibly be because it isn’t Spencer and she’s worried he may tell aria or the real Spencer… it could easily come up in conversation. She also seems like she’s moving at a 1000mph, she’s very quick and jittery.

Ezra is also acting strange in this scene, he seems confused. Maybe because Spencer isn’t acting her usual self or because he knows Wren and what he’s capable of and he wants to know why him and Spencer are meeting up and arguing.