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Favourite Criminal Minds scenes:
↳ 5x21 Exit Wounds

I’ve got four of the upstairs rooms available.



Over the past week there’s been a very charged discussion in fandom about the role of content creators and consumers. While there were many different opinions, one thing became very clear: people encouraged others, especially those with trauma, to curate their own fandom experiences.

The mods here at randldiscussions gave our opinion on how to do this - by blocking blogs, by downloading x-kit and using the blacklist feature, and lastly, by making sure to follow blogs who are on the same wavelength. In order to help with that last part, some people requested we create a list of blogs who might post triggering content in order to help ‘curate’ their own fandom experience. However, we decided this would be too difficult and would only create further enmity (no one wants to be in a list of blogs to avoid).

Instead, we thought we’d create a network of blogs who are looking for a safe space.

Here’s how we’ve decided to do it:

  1. Fill in this survey (also linked in the title). This survey will require you to give us either your blog URL or your e-mail, which we will keep confidential!
  2. We’ll then invite you to a blog. We’ll also give you a password as the blog will be password protected. This way, only people who are part of the network will know who is in the network. This is so that only other individuals in your situation or who understand how you feel will know you’re part of the network. 
  3. We’ll have a very small amount of info on the list - just to introduce everyone to each other. Then you can choose to follow and communicate with whoever you want!

If you have any questions, please feel free to message any of the mods (or send us an ask here), and we’ll get back to you quickly!

Hope this helps!

- E