My infestor in Carbots animations style. Flipping adorable. X3

In lue of the contest results, the contest was judged last night and everyone was given their keys if they won.

I didn’t get one, but that’s alright. ^^ good practice for the future. Anyways, I want to see the winners video and see who all won. It had to be pretty close; there were alot of good entries.

:) thanks for all of your likes and support!

hipturtlesart asked:

Thanks for the reblog bro! So, I want to ask a question. What games do you play? I'm going to assume Starcraft is one though. :p

League of Legends, Starcraft, Path of Exile, DayZ. Lots of others. I’m just an all around PC gamer. ^^ I loved the drawings. They were really good! The infestor was genius. :p 

*I’ma Derpalord*

Hey guys, only 1 more day left for the Starcrafts contest, hosted by Carbot Animations! This is the final day to like and share the submissions for the contest, so click the links below and be blown away by some of the awesome submissions! :) Thanks for all of the support from everyone! It means so much!

(Btw, YOU can win a Beta key if you like and comment enough… Just saying. ;) Why not add your name to the jar a few times while supporting the Art-Craftian community? ;p)

For my picture links:


Zerran Vs. Protoss:

If you don’t KNOW what Starcrafts by Carbot Animations IS by any chance (you poor, poor soul), go here: