Not all hair, but everyone asks to see the dress… so!

As always, hair color was done by me using Manic Panic colors Deep Purple Dream, Rockabilly Blue, Atomic Turquoise, Electric Lizard, Enchanted Forest, Electric Banana and Hot Hot Pink.
Hair styling + makeup thanks to Dollface Makeup and Hair by Barbara Saric in Canada.
The amazing dress was made by Tova Marc at
Photography credits to Sarah Place Photography, with editing done by myself.
The ceremony was at Niagara Falls, NY with reception at Rapids Theatre.

**If you repost on Instagram, please credit me: @llzzies!!**

Etain: the Shining One

This week I’ve got an offbeat one for you all. For your consideration I present Étaín, heroine of Irish mythology, who: spent her life being shunted around a ludicrous number of suitors; was transformed at various points into a worm, a butterfly, a swan, and a pool of water; and induced one of the strangest pregnancies since Jesus. Onward!

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PAKISTAN, Lahore : Pakistani workers arrange lights on a giant national flag ahead of forthcoming celebrations for the country’s Independence Day in Lahore on August 6, 2014. Pakistan will celebrate its Independence Day on August 14. AFP PHOTO/Arif ALI