Okay, time to (finally) get to these, because I am so bad at answering these things.  (I also never pass them on…sorry!) Thank you, @greenfooddog and @twofee for thinking I’m wonderful. I think both of you are wonderful!  

And it looks like I owe 15 things that make me happy (thanks @greenfooddog@aondaneedles , and @jaydesims ) so here we go!

  1. My cat
  2. Sims
  3. Having enough time to do things
  4. A room full of books
  5. Disney movies
  6. Being inspired to write something
  7. Breakfast with my sister
  8. Hugs
  9. Seeing a student finally get something I’ve been trying to teach
  10. Knitting
  11. Crochet
  12. Yarn
  13. Sleep
  14. Tea
  15. Replies and messages from amazing people like you!

Bam!  I’m off to work now, but when I get home this afternoon, I’m going to try to get to all those replies to my Bluewater posts.  Prepare yourselves - there will be a long post coming! 

Extreme Tourism

A continuation of the Swapped Luggage AU?

“And how is your current date going, Law?”

Swatting at the latest mosquito to try making a meal out of him, Trafalgar D. Water Law, stumbles through the rainforest, wondering why he’d even bothered booking a fortnight off work for this madness.

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The Dog Ate My Homework
  • It’s a warm night in Sixth year at Hogwarts and Remus Lupin is sitting, bent over a table in the empty Gryffindor common room trying to finish off some charms homework that is due in the next day.
  • Sirius, who finished the homework earlier in the week (or, more correctly, thought up his excuse for not doing the homework earlier in the week) is sitting next to his boyfriends, desperately attempting to gain his attention.
  • ‘Moooonnnyyyy’ He says, tapping him in the arm with his quill.
  • ‘Moons’ he whines, draping himself over Remus’ shoulders.
  • ‘Moonykins’ he cries, laying across the table on Remus homework.
  • And Remus looks up in frustration, shoving Sirius off the now smudged work.
  • ‘Geroff’ Pads! I promise I will give you attention later, right now I need to finish this so shut up or go away.’
  • And so Sirius slumps down onto his chair beside him and is quiet….for about three seconds.
  • Before he jumps up onto the table and transforms into his animagus, gently padding up and down the table as he whines and wags his tail.
  • Remus tries to hide his smile by biting his lip and staring more aggressively at his work.
  • Padfoot comes over and starts licking his ear slowly irritating Remus into submission as he nips away.
  • ‘Padfoot.. I’m serious.’
  • The dog barks loudly before jumping up and down happily on the sheets of parchment.
  • Remus rolls his eyes as he tries to gather the work from under the stupid dog.
  • ‘Sirius I swear on Merlin’s life…’
  • Padfoot takes the papers between his teeth and growls playfully as he tries to pull the blasted homework away.
  • So Remus pulls it away even harder.
  • Sirius yanks it in response.
  • Remus tugs with all his might.
  • But the big black dog is stronger, and with one sharp heave, he tears the parchment free.
  • But he is so caught up in the fight he doesn’t even realise hes won, so he opens his mouth to get better purchase, and all the homework Remus had worked so hard on is now inside and being chewed up by his boyfriend.
  • Remus mouth falls open as he stares at the salivary wreckage.
  • ‘Pads..’
  • Sirius transforms back to stare at the pile of slobbery mess.
  • ‘Shit Moons… I didn’t mean to..’
  • ‘reparo’ Remus glares over at Sirius as he tries and fails to mend the work.
  • Sirius now sitting cross-legged on the table, looking like a scolded puppy. ‘Rem I’m sorry..’
  • But Remus just sighs in response.
  • The following day and Remus is standing up at the front of the charms classroom.
  • ‘Professor, I’m sorry, I don’t have my homework.’
  • Professor Flitwick just looks up curiously at the usually well-behaved marauder.
  • ‘Excuse me Mr Lupin? No homework? Why?’
  • Remus just blushes.
  • ‘It ugh… well I did it you see.. but then it sort of…’
  • ‘Yes?’
  • ‘Well.. it got ruined.’
  • Flitwick’s eyebrows go up. ‘Ruined? What ruined it?’
  • Remus’ blushes deepens. ‘Um.. well.. it sounds unbelievable.. but..but..’
  • ‘Come on Mr Lupin I don’t have all day.’
  • Remus’ eyes dart nervously around the room. ‘A dog ate it..’ he mumbles.
  • ‘What?’
  • ‘A dog ate it. A dog ate my homework.’ he says, much louder as the whole class giggles.
  • Flitwick shakes his head. ‘Really Mr Lupin. i had at least expected a better excuse.. A dog.. really…’
  • ‘No! No! It’s true professor! It really happened!’
  • ‘Detention Mr Lupin. Maybe try to think of something better next time. You can stop now Mr Black, you’ll be joining him.’

Sirius hadn’t stopped laughing the whole time.

Art Student AU

What do you mean you two already know each other?

“Eh? Shanks is my god-dad, why wouldn’t I know Riskua?”

Ace stares at Luffy, feeling a mirage coming on. 

It’s either that or his desire to wrap his hands around Luffy’s neck and squeeze. Those urges from childhood (the ones to beat some sense into the little idiot) have never actually left; Ace’s just got that much better at not acting on the desire.

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Artistic Liberties

Summary: Stiles is struggling to carry his sculpture to class, but luckily Derek is there to help.

Notes: Based on a prompt from this post. I know nothing about being an art student, but the idea was just too good to pass up. (On AO3)

So, making a cardboard velociraptor was a cool idea—and, if anything, even cooler once actually created—but now that he’s trying to carry the unwieldy thing to his class, he’s beginning to regret his decision.

Every time he thinks he has a good grip, the tail or one of the legs will drag the ground, and Stiles did not spend hours working on it, just to have it get dirty or damaged before the professor even sees it. He lets out a groan of frustration when it slips again. He’s still pretty far from his class, and a glance at his watch tells him he’s probably not going to make it.

“Need some help?” somebody says then, and Stiles has to stop and awkwardly shuffle the velociraptor around to see who’s talking to him.

Then he almost drops his cardboard dinosaur in shock when he gets a good look.

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permission given by sai to post this

@midnightminuet commissioned sai for a video and I jumped in and topped up some extra to get more characters included it (might’ve gotten carried away lmao more sirens to cameo in the rest of the video))

@sovietsoldier1120 @ask-the-golden-eagle @resonantrequiem @scissored-lifecatcher @liyuanne

Eti tag your friend bc I don’t know their username

1+1 honeycolor colored lens!

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that’s all have a good day!

clark (M)

Summary: Sometimes, payback can be messy.

warning for smut


AN: :3 I hope all of you will enjoy this :)) I was a bit anxious on what would be a good first post. To more fics~ -Ivory

Originally posted by mvssmedia

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