David Tennant in Hamlet Act 1 Scene 4-I love this scene because there is so much going on it. I don’t just mean Hamlet’s display of lunacy, but the fact that Horatio and Marcellus have to just sit and listen to him going on about keeping secrets, and swearing oaths, and not even uttering a word about what went on during that night, and to make sure that they don’t think he is mad. And, I am pretty sure those two are like looking at Hamlet like,“You are completely off your rocker. If we didn’t see that ghost of the king earlier as well, we probably call the royal physician on you and have you bled or something.”  

 Also on an acting side note, David Tennant’s range of emotional temperament during this small monologue is just phenomenal because he has to showcase a man who isn’t quite sure if he is losing his mind or not. And all the while he has to make sure that the other two there aren’t going to think that he is crazy even though he frantically trying to get them to swear an oath to him and a ghost. Okay, I will shut up now, sorry, I just really love this Shakespearean play, and David Tennant is just one of the best Hamlets I have seen thus far. And this scene is just one of the many countless reasons why his version of Hamlet is my favorite. 

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Betty White does it again. This is going to be incredible.