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chrobin 3

3. A is popular and has bad grades, B is a nerd and has good grades. B hires A to date them, turns into something more


If anyone had told Robin that she would be propositioned by one of the most popular guys in their school, she would’ve thought they were absolutely off their rocker. As it stood, here she was staring up at the six foot tall pretty boy while he asked for her assistance on schoolwork of all things.

“You’re in all of my classes, and I know you’re the school’s biggest nerd in terms of every subject ever.”

“…How observant of you.”

The deadpan tone and frown on her face told Chrom that he might want to dial it back a little, and he cleared his throat with a sheepish scratch to his neck. “S-So, will you help me?”

“…I suppose I can… but why me of all people? I’m sure plenty of your other friends are just as smart as I am.” Robin wasn’t exactly saying no, but she wanted to make sure there was no ulterior motive to this.

“…Erm, well…” Chrom didn’t exactly have a real reason from the looks of it, and the shrug he gave said as much. “You’re the smartest person I know, and I have every class with you. My other friends are too busy with their own classes, and it would make more sense to ask someone I already share classes with.”

Okay, that did make sense. Robin drummed her fingertips along the thick spine of her book, her eyes locked on his while she thought about how to proceed with this. It was true – she had the highest GPA in the school and was set to be the school valedictorian by the time graduation arrived in the next four months. Perhaps if Chrom wasn’t so focused on helping other people with their issues, he could focus on his grades more… However, this was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

“Alright, I’ll help you out. But my knowledge comes with a price, and I’m not like the teachers here. I will push your intellectual endurance.” Robin warned him, a slick smile spreading across her glossed lips.

“Name your price. I can’t disappoint my father in June. He needs to watch me walk across that stage.” Chrom pleaded with her.

“Given how large of a workload we both have, the time I need to spend tutoring you, and my extracurricular activities…” Robin factored in all of these conditions in her head, and tacked on the fact that extra tutoring would need to be done over the weekend, she came up with a final price. “How about a flat rate for $200 a week.”


“I could always lower the—wait what?” Robin stared at him when he agreed to the price with no hesitation. Amber eyes blinked a few time as Chrom offered an explanation.

“I can’t exactly put a price on your knowledge, but if you feel $200 a week is sufficient enough, I can pay it.” He grinned at her, “All that matters is that I pass my classes and make my father proud. I’m not the smartest person in this school, but I feel like you can really help me boost my knowledge. What do you say?”

Robin couldn’t exactly argue with that… and this time, she found herself smiling in return. She offered her hand, and Chrom immediately shook on it. “$200 a week it is, then.”

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Is that true, what you said about us not having our guns? It is. These people aren’t ready. I think we should have them but we’re new, we’ll get there. Right now it’s their rules, not ours. 

Deleted scene from The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 ‘Forget’

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Betty White does it again. This is going to be incredible.