Off the wall was released in August 1979, the same month I turned twenty-one and took control of my own affairs, and it was definitely one of the major landmarks of my life. It meant a great deal to me, because its eventual success proved beyond shadow of a doubt that a former child star could mature into a recording artist with contemporary appeal. Off the Wall also went a step beyond the dance grooves we had cooked up. When we started the project, Quincy and I talked about how important it was to capture passion and strong feelings in a recorded performance.” -Michael Jackson


“And the idea of being separated from [your brothers], does that hurt?”

“No. It doesn’t because there’s other kinds of sounds of music that I’d love to do. It hurts when it’s inside of me and it can’t get out, and it’s hidden from the world. When I do those solo albums and I’m doing all kinds of different music…it’s wonderful. I feel like I’m accomplishing what I’m supposed to do.”  – Michael Jackson [x]