I felt cute all day, with my cut off sweatshirt and baseball tee. And now it’s bedtime and the lights are off and my eyes are bloodshot and I need my glasses and I’m wearing one of dad’s shirts that is more accurately described on me as a dress. And I am exhausted from the wears of today and I wish for a deep restful sleep, one I am not too optimistic of, and I am glad to be who I am in this moment.



it has a flaming crown patch on one side of the hood, and a zacharie patch on the other side of the hood (because I accidentally ordered a patch and didnt know that the flaming crown patch was free….Will add more pics of the sweatshirt when I can!

edit: added the patches!!

my bed is a wreck i know i have this habit of tossing all the blankets around when i sleep ;o;

omg i was wearing my doxolove OFF hoodie today at a symphony and these two little kids ran up to touch it and started pulling on the sleeves and asking what the designs were and i told them ‘ghosts’ and that it was a ghost hoodie because i didn’t really feel like explaining OFF to them and they got really excited and the little boy said he liked ghosts and it was p much the cutest thing omg


Earl Sweatshirt - Off Top

“Imagine person A tossing popcorn to person B’s mouth but they miss every time. Bonus: Person C come in and yells at them for making a mess.”

“Aw, c’mon, Nat! Just lob it, don’t hurl it like a throwing knife,” Clint complained as yet another fluffy kernel missed his open mouth and bounced off his sweatshirt to land on the floor. 

“Well you’ve gotta at least try to catch it,” Natasha fumed before hurling another popcorn at her partner. Despite Clint’s best effort to position his mouth in its path, it ricocheted off his chin. “You could’ve gotten that one! You’re not trying!” 

“I am trying! You’re the one with the god-awful aim!” 

“These things are not… aerodynamic.” 

“What’s going on in here?” Tony demanded when he entered the room. His leather sofa and the floor around Clint were strewn with half a bag of popcorn. “Hey, clean up that mess before Cap gets here! You know he doesn’t like it dirty.” 

“Whatever you fucking say,” Clint responded, making a half-hearted attempt to gather up the popcorn on his chest. 

“Goddamn motherfucking right,” Natasha added with a straight face. 

“Language!” Tony said with mock severity just as Steve walked in. 

“Are we doing that again?” he sighed before sitting down on a relatively clean section of the sofa. 

Always,” Tony told him as he snuggled against him and patted his knee.

“Hey, hey! Keep it clean,” Clint warned, pointing a finger at the two. Natasha plopped herself down on his lap, leaning against the armrest, and proceeded to hit him on the nose with another popcorn. 

“What are we watching?” she asked. 

“Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s supposed to be a fun, family-oriented movie,” Tony answered. “I just hope it’s clean enough for Cap.” 

Steve released another long-suffering sigh, then helped himself to a fresh bag of popcorn and put one arm around Tony’s shoulders. “If it isn’t, Tony,” he said, looking directly into the smaller man’s eyes, “I’ll just have to spank you later.” 

“Ooo! Is that a promise?” Tony smirked. 

“I hope we get to watch,” Natasha said to Clint.