aesthetics for the signs

aries: staying up until 3am talking about life, driving through the city at night listening to music, watching your breath form clouds in the cold air, drawing with sharpies on your skin

taurus: the sound of a cat purring, having your hair played with, waiting for flowers to sprout in the spring as the snow melts, scratchy wool sweaters in warm neutral colors, reading about mythology

gemini: the smell of a used book shop, listening to the ocean, wandering through an art museum for hours, looking out your window at the stars before falling asleep

cancer: bruised knuckles, fireworks, taking deep breaths to remind yourself you’re alive, hugging a soft toy, making food and hot drinks for friends

leo: staying up late with your friends to watch movies or play games, piano music playing in the background of a crowded room, brightly patterned socks and sweatshirts, setting off sparklers and glow sticks on a humid summer night

virgo: the feeling of satin and velvet, a voice echoing in an empty church, running your hands through your hair, fingers tapping not impatiently but thoughtfully

libra: days circled on calendars, decorating for the holidays, warm socks with pom poms on them, potted plants sitting on windowsills in the afternoon sunlight

scorpio: holding hands with the people you care most about, getting nervous before a presentation, the flickering and humming of fluorescent lights, the feeling of dusty old pages

sagittarius: putting your head on someone’s lap, trying on new clothes and taking selfies in them, talking about the future, pictures taken from the hubble telescope

capricorn: going skating with friends during the holidays, taking long walks and taking photos of what you see along the way, brightly colored sneakers, neon signs in the windows of stores

aquarius: putting on warm clothes before going out on a chilly day, kicking crunchy leaves on the ground as you walk, dancing around the house when you are alone, candles that smell like food and make you hungry

pisces: reading old children’s books, accidentally spilling glitter everywhere, the smell of the air after it rains, petting a stranger’s dog in the park


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