Jon dropped his bag by the door before tugging off his sweatshirt. He was wearing a pair of leggings and a tight tshirt, immediately beginning to stretch. Lifting his leg up onto the bar, he leaned forward, boys in the room staring openly at him. He had been cast as Prince Charming in Cinderella and was thrilled to finally have a lead to put on his resume. He didn’t notice the other boys, but did notice as Zach walked in - as he had the last several days.



it has a flaming crown patch on one side of the hood, and a zacharie patch on the other side of the hood (because I accidentally ordered a patch and didnt know that the flaming crown patch was free….Will add more pics of the sweatshirt when I can!

edit: added the patches!!

my bed is a wreck i know i have this habit of tossing all the blankets around when i sleep ;o;

omg i was wearing my doxolove OFF hoodie today at a symphony and these two little kids ran up to touch it and started pulling on the sleeves and asking what the designs were and i told them ‘ghosts’ and that it was a ghost hoodie because i didn’t really feel like explaining OFF to them and they got really excited and the little boy said he liked ghosts and it was p much the cutest thing omg

Agreeable punishment

Pairing : Newt/Reader

Warnings : SMUT, Spranking

Plot : You are in the Glade with Newt and he’s your boyfriend, but all the guys still flirt with you and Newt gets jealous, he decides it’s time for a little punishment.

 That day, you were working hard the whole day in the fields and the scorching sun had pushed you to take your sweatshirt off leaving you with a thin top which showed a fair bit of cleavage. It wouldn’t have been really important if you hadn’t been the only girl living in the Glade. Unfortunately, you were and most boys couldn’t stop staring at you,which you sensed, started to get on the nerves of your lovely boyfriend, Newt. He looked at you from the other end of the fields with his jaw set and you could see the muscles of his arms tensed.

You put a lot of efforts in ignoring the lustful looks you got from the gladers and eventually you managed to get away from them until dinner’s time. Then there you were sitting on a bench eating calmly your stew and relaxed that nothing bad had happened but the exact moment this thought passed through your mind, you saw Minho and Thomas approaching you.
Smiling, both of them sat next to you “ hey, how are you doing gorgeous ?” Minho greeted you.
“ Quite good, sexy.” you answered, you knew that it seemed like you were flirting but it wasn’t the case, it was more of a game between you and Minho, he was your best friend and you were sure that he would never try to get into your pants.
“Hi, shank ! How was your day ?” Thomas asked you at his turn. You looked up at him reluctantly because, to be totally honest, you knew he wasn’t insensible to your charm and it wouldn’t be the first time he tried something with you. “Fine, thanks and you ?” you responded anyway forcing a smile and he nodded with a smug grin on his face.
Minho, on the hand, gave you a reassuring look seeing that you seemed uncomfortable and nudged you with his elbow successfully lifting up the spirits. Then, you carried on eating, well more like devouring your food so you would finish rapidly and slip away from Thomas.
You just hoped that you could eat in peace, altough with your luck, Thomas didn’t have the same plan and he started rambling about his day. You were lost in your toughts when suddenly Thomas put his arm on your shoulder “ Hé ! You’re hot today, does a little walk around the Deadheads seem tempting to you ?” he said with darkened eyes full of arousal.

At that exact moment, you saw your boyfriend Newt walking in and noticing Thomas next to you with you doing nothing for keeping him away. Not surprisingly, he headed towards you angrily with his whole body tensed. Then, he took your arm firmly and with a swift motion raised you from your seat, glaring at Thomas furiously he said “ You ! Don’t ever try something with her again, she’s mine do you understand shuckface ? Mine and no one else !”.
With that, he walked out of the room and towards the Homestead and pushing you in your shared bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

He stared at you in silence for a time, obviously thinking. “ What’s up with you ?”he asked you,
his voice trembling with frustration. You gave him a confused look, not sure about what he meant by that “ What do you mean what’s up with me ? I didn’t do anything !” you answered.
“ Yeah I saw that. It’s the problem !  He was drooling all over you and you didn’t push him away !” he screamed “ But, Newt ! I hadn’t had the time you arrived just at that moment ! Beside, what could I have done ? Shoving him away in front of everyone ?” you rhetorically asked. “ Yes, why not ? Or maybe the truth is that you like flirting with him ? Does he excite you ? Go ahead, tell me” while saying this he walked closer to you pinning you effectively on the wall, your back pressed on it, his chest pushed againt yours.
You stared at him in the eyes, feeling weak on your knees. You could also feel his breath on your face, his hands had grasped your wrists and forced them beside each side of your head. “ Then ? Y/N, tell me now and I’ll be indulgent with your punishment.” He told you, his lips brushing against yours, his eyes black and deep travelled over your body, you could feel his growing budge pressing against your core which became wetter with each second passing. Gulping you finally find enough courage to respond “ No, Newt ! I….. I don’t want anybody but you ! I swear to you !”.
Smirking Newt said “ Really ? Mmmm….. I’m not totally certain about what to do….. You know what ? I’d say that for this time I’ll let it go.” Relived you exhaled slowly, giving him a small smile “BUT, you still need to be punish for your behaviour…..”.

After that, he let you go and walked towards the bed sitting on it “ Bent over” he ordered you pointing at his lap. You did as he said and bent over him your arse pushed up. Newt took your short down as well as your panties and slapped slightly your left cheek making you whined softly. “Mmmmmm, you need to be a good girl, sweetie…… You’re going to be punished. However, if you do as I say, you’ll be given a reward. Do you want that ?” Humming lightly you nodded “ I will, I promise. I’ll be a good girl for you Newt.” With these words, Newt started slapping your arse, raising his hand high in the air and lowered it in a firm movement, creating a red mark on your silky skin.

The feeling and the vibrations you felt from the spranking were making you so wet, you felt your juices starting to slide on your thigh. After a while of  his slapping and your moans, he stopped.
“ You’ve been a really good girl for me, I’m really pleased….. You’d like your reward now, sweetheart ?” he asked you huskily, whispering in your ear. Incapable of voicing your wish, you just nodded hurridly.
He kissed your arse gently, blowing on it trying to calm the burn he’d just made. Next, he ran his fingers up and down your dripping folds, stroking you before inserting one finger into you slowly pushing in and out. You couldn’t help but moaned loudly, feeling your blood rushing down between your legs. He then added a second digit and quickened his tempo making you moan louder. He started scissoring his fingers, stretching your insides.
Feeling your soaked pussy, Newt knew you were ready for him, he stopped and took his fingers out of you. A groan of disappointment passed your lips. “Get back on your feet, baby.” You obeyed and stood up waiting for him to touch you.
He let his eyes wander over your form and stood up at his turn, he then took your top off as well as your bra. You took the end of his shirt and lift it over his head. Letting your hands caress his chest down until you reached the lanes of his trousers and you untied them, sliding his trousers the long of his legs and letting them pool at his feet.
Smiling at you, he held your flush against him kissing you on the lips roughly you felt him licked your bottom asking for entrance which you gave. He slided his tongue in your mouth and circled your tongue with his sucking on it, you moaned and raised your hands to thread your fingers into his hair pulling on it hard, he let a groan slip from his lips.

His hands were on your hips and he turned you around only to push you down on the bed, he went down with you and hovered over you still kissing you. He eventually broke the kiss because of the lack of air and he let a trail of kisses from the corner of your lips to your neck where he started searching for your soft spot which he found relatively easily and sucked on it harshly marking you as his.
He went down to your breasts and took one of your nipples into his mouth licking it as the same time he pinched the other one between his fingers and tucked on it. You arched your back and pushed his head down closer to your flesh.
He stopped to continue his odyssey towards your core leaving open-mouthed kisses on your stomach when he reached your pelvis he paused and looked up at you waiting for your approval.
“ Newt…..” you whined.
He stood up straight to match your height looking into your eyes  “ Beg, Beg for me. Tell me what you want me to do !” he said to you you and you did “ Please, Newt !  Please, no more teasing, I need you in me now, I need to feel you ! Please, fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to walk tomorrow !” you cried.
He kissed you soflty and took his shaft in his hand pumping himself a couple of times before putting his cock at your entrance, sliding solwly inside you. Moaning you gripped your hands on his shoulders holding onto him.
When he was fully inside you he stayed still for a while letting you adapt to his size. After a minute or two, you bunked your hips up telling him you were ready.
Getting the hint, he pulled out letting the tip into you before pushing into you hard in one swift move. He kept going, pounding
into you faster and harder getting deeper every time. At that point, you couldn’t help screaming out lound his name “ NEWT NEWT NEWT NEWT NEWT” the pleasure bulding up in the pit of your stomach. Newt carried on his feverish rate, one of his hands was on your right hip whilst the other one was clunging onto the sheet next to your head, his head resting on the crook of your neck.
You were close but you could feel that Newt was too, he was a groaning mess and his stokes became sloppier.
With a long hard movement he buried his dick from hilt to tip inside you and you felt him twitched before leaking his hot seed deep into you.
The sensation was absolutely overwhelming and it made you come fast and hard leaving the both of you panting heavely. Newt stayed still for a while traying to catch his breath before pulling slowly out of you and laying down newt to you.
Feelling his eyes on you, you turned your head towards him. You found him smiling up at you which you reflected. “ I love you, Y/N.” he said to you while caressing your face. “I love you too, Newt” you responded and he kissed you on the nose gently.
He wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you in a warm hug and you drifted into dreamland together.

                                                                             The End.

Making a list of things to take with me to college (which is like 4 months away but why not spend precious finals time thinking about it ha) and it’s a weird feeling to realize that I can fit most of my life into a car. In two months I’ll be twenty. Two decades man. Wowza