it has a flaming crown patch on one side of the hood, and a zacharie patch on the other side of the hood (because I accidentally ordered a patch and didnt know that the flaming crown patch was free….Will add more pics of the sweatshirt when I can!

edit: added the patches!!

my bed is a wreck i know i have this habit of tossing all the blankets around when i sleep ;o;

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can we just please take a moment to appreciate Ally's wardrobe? I mean she dresses so well

That is such an understatement.

I mean, look at her. She can pull off just a black sweatshirt.

Don’t you DARE forget about how great she looks in hats.

Seriously, LOOK.

You know what else is great? Ripped jeans.

STUNNING. Here, have an Ally with a hat AND ripped jeans.

You better be eyeballing that jacket, ‘cause it’s ROCKIN’.

Let us feel blessed for flannels because she ALWAYS looks great in a flannel.

You know what lesbians love? Sunglasses. You know what Ally can wear and still look like such an angel? You guessed it, sunglasses.

I mean, look at those puppies (not those puppies, you perv).

They don’t have to be sunglasses, they could just be reading glasses.

Here’s a real kicker, this is Ally with a flannel, sunglasses AND a hat. 

She always looks great with cats, but look at how phenomenal she looks in that shirt right there.

Do I have to explain this one to you, though? Nope. Just look.

Did I get my point across?

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hey i'm looking for new clothing sites that are like f21/american apparel but are cheaper? if you dont know any thats ok but if you have suggestions im in desperate need! xx

you came to the right person :))

also you get 60% off your first order! youre welcome, enjoy x

Finally Reunited | f2f: Brittana

Santana was more than excited to see her favorite blonde ever. After receiving her text that morning, she couldn’t stop thinking about her. When she asked her to come over Santana was in no state to leave her apartment and had to be convinced to leave. Once finally getting her motivation, Santana got up and got dressed. Pulling off her UCLA sweatshirt she put a t-shirt on instead. She ran a hand through her brown locks and smiled into her mirror. She slipped on her Toms and made her way out the door.

She uncharacteristically skipped to the elevator and pressed the button for Brittany’s floor. The ride down seemed to take forever and Santana was getting very impatient. Once she really heard the ding, she stepped out and slowly made her way to the door. She raised her hand up and prepared to knock but ended up not knocking. What was wrong with her? It was just Brittany. Finally getting her courage up, she knocked on the door and then stepped back while exhaling loudly.

little foxes & odd men | aug 19


Ani stepped into the tent, which was honestly nothing like he had pictured when someone said tent. It was pretty nice. He kicked off his shoes, not wanting to track dirt around and then tugged off his sweatshirt. He checked the room but everything was as he left it, which was assuring. As no one else was around, he quickly changed into loose sweats and a plain white t-shirt before he brushed his teeth and washed up for bed. He stepped out of the facilities to see the petite woman arrive again. “Hello Ruby.” he greeted. He didn’t know her well but she had an energy that sparkled, which he had to admit that he found appealing. 

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I'm saving up money for an OFF hoodie, but I don't think I'll have any extra money until December, because I have to buy text books and stuff. Will they still be for sale by then? (also, I really love your art. keep up the good work!)

OFF sweatshirts will be discontinued after December, but if you order one during you’re fine!


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COUNTRIES I’VE LIVED IN  North America (-_-)

FAVOURITE FANDOM  The Skeleton Clique I-/

LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK → English (but i’m currently studying french)

FAVORITE FILM OF 2015 → Straight Outta Compton (I have a shirt that says Straight Outta ____. The blank represents my state but I’d rather not name it.)

LAST ARTICLE YOU READ → 4 ‘Reverse Racism’ Myths That Need To Stop by Zeba Blay

SHUFFLE YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY AND PUT YOUR FIRST THREE SONGS HERE → The Boy is Mine - Monica and Brandy, Gorgeous - DJ Rupp, The Sound - The 1975

LAST THING YOU BOUGHT ONLINE → I TRIED to buy a Starry Night sweatshirt off of Amazon but it never came. I can’t remember anything I’ve bought before that.

ANY PHOBIAS OR FEARS? → Clowns, spiders and the police

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU? → Socially awkward, probably the ugly one out of the group, but really funny.



IF YOU HAD MONEY TO SPARE WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FIRST? → I’d pay the rent for my mother to cover us for the next two years, I’d buy her a car and I’d buy myself a brand new wardrobe, as well as a bunch of art supplies. I don’t know what I’d do first, LOL.

I’m tagging: @annikki-studies, @rileystudying, @vestudies, @grantaeir, @zeestudies, @studypool and @eruditekid (if you don’t want to participate or have already been tagged, it’s fine! don’t respond)

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where i live it's usually too hot to wear a shirt AND a sweatshirt so usually i just pick one but whenever i wear a sweatshirt i'm like "gah its so hot" and someone's like "just take off your sweatshirt" like really. i never thought of that, thank you

!!!!!!me!!!!!!! ya gotta commit dude!!!!!!!!!!!