Scheme visibility from GMC T70
When driving along country roads, dramatically increased the fuel consumption
When driving heavy off-road light SPG consume fuel as much as “ate” another heavy tank
Test gradients
Riding on the slopes
Self-propelled unit overcomes water obstacles

Meat eaters always deny a connection between the holocaust and modern-day animal agriculture, not knowing that holocaust survivors themselves have lent credence to this notion, affirming the grim parallel between the two atrocities. Knowing this, meat eaters then seek to invalidate the sentience of animals, not knowing that farm animals possess an astounding capacity for knowledge, complex emotions, and expressions. Meat eaters find it inherently unjust to compare a human’s life to an animal’s life, not admitting that any object of exploitation is something to be lamented. Meat eaters extend empathy only to those to which they bear resemblance, not knowing that this action is rooted in selfish motives.

Yes, I do understand models of altruism rooted in egotistical motivations. And yes, I do understand reciprocal altruism. Yes, I do also understand models of empathic altruism. And yes, I do believe that the possession of a prefrontal cortex permits a recognition that the former type of models offers sound biological explanations for behavior, but serves as a poor bases for moral arguments. Is egotistical altruism justification for (biased) positive prioritarianism? Is it permission to partake in hedonistic activities at the expense of others? Meat eaters certainly believe this, not knowing that the consequences of such beliefs are profoundly dangerous–in part, and ironically, to themselves.

In sum: ethics rooted in an agent’s self-prioritization (often not obvious, i.e., indirect) > failure to empathize with out-group (other species, re: justification using evolutionary psychology) > denial of rights to out-group. In conclusion: empathy is not quantifiable, and when a conflict arises between moral issues, prioritization is only acceptable in the event that it does not accompany the refusal to acknowledge the suffering of others.