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OFF Merchandise

I’ve gotten several asks regarding most of my OFF merchandise, so I decided to merge everything into one giant post!

Batter vs Spectres (Image 2)- krmayer
[tumblr] [deviantart]

Red, White, and Black Batter Print with Masks (Image 3)- thehauntedboy 

Black and White ‘PURIFY’ Print (Image 4)- theheadlessgirl [tumblr]
Zone 1 Dedan Print (Image 5)- theheadlessgirl [tumblr]

Batter Print with Spectres (Image 6)- watanukitomo [tumblr] [store]
OFF Keychains (Bottom of Image 7)- watanukitomo [store]

OFF Keychains (Top of Image 7)- Unknown

Ectoplasm Batter Print (Image 8)- zombiebass [tumblr] [store]
OFF Stickers (Image 8)- zombiebass [store]

Colorful OFF Print (Image 9)- krazehcakes [tumblr]

OFF Batter Purify Shirt (Image 9)- krazehcakes [store]

Set of 8 OFF Buttons (Image 10, Part 1)- krazehcakes [store]

Set of 4 OFF Buttons (Image 10, Part 2)- Unknown

Set of 2 OFF Buttons (Image 10, Part 3)- Unknown I believe they may have also been done by krmayer

Set of 6 OFF Buttons with Checkered Background- watanukitomo [store]

OFF Bleach Shirt (Image 11)- carsatan [tumblr] [store]
Spectre Shirt (Image 11)- carsatan [not for sale]


[[ SECOND BATCH OF BUTTONS IS COMPLETE ♥ I’M SO EXCITED THAT ALL MY TEST SETS PRESSED OKAY AND THAT I’LL HAVE TIME TO START GROUP SETS. Hopefully people would be interested in buying them ahaha! You’ll all have to show me the color of your credits!

Ignore the two Ballman ones and the two pokemon ones– those were to teach my friend how to use the press!


OFF Shirts ordered!

Oh my god guys, this is actually gonna be a THING. I’ve never been so stressed and excited in my life! These shirts should arrive before the 15th for ACEN! Remember guys you can Pre-order them here on my storenvy for the special price of 20$! (The shirts go for 25 after i receive  them) They’re available in SMALL, MED, LARGE, And XL, Unisex shirts double sided!

Here’s the original post!

Things You Don't Have to do to Call Yourself a Game Grumps Fan

-like ninja sex party
-like starbomb
-subscribe to “egoraptor” and/or watch all his Newgrounds work
-subscribe to KKG or Mortem3r
-subscribe to rubberninja and watch all his old works
-subscribe to Hot Pepper Gaming
-like the Jon era
-like the Dan era
-like Grumpcade
-like Steam Train
-like Tale Flip
-like every single grump
-watch every gg series/one off
-purchase merch
-write fic
-draw art
-make gifs/edits

What You Do Have to do to Call Yourself a Game Grumps Fan

-like Game Grumps
-enjoy the content
-not be a pretentious cockface to people who don’t know about/like every aspect of Game Grumps and all the affiliated
-you can only watch for Dan for Christ’s sake
-just dont be a dick.

sugarmagic  asked:

I really like your All Might pen. Do you like hero merch in general?

What All Might pen?


Truth be told, All Might merchandise is everywhere. I actually got mine for free as a giveaway from something, but I couldn’t remember what it was anymore.

I do like hero merch. Original ones tend to be very high quality because the manufacturers have to maintain a positive image for the Hero it represents. Bad quality automatically means bad rep for the Hero, so it’s rare to see cheap products unless they’re knock-offs.

So hero merch are high quality stuff. I only buy useful ones rather than decoratives like models or posters. I actually have an All Might comforter. That Endeavor “Burning Black Coffee” is okay too.