idk if any of u guys ever see them but I literally cannot STAND all those republican girl twitters. Like don’t get me wrong I realize there are so many things that are wrong about the Democratic Party in America but the twitters like “future First Lady” remind me WHY I will never consider myself conservative !!!

Why the HELL would anyone want to be “future First Lady” and NOT PRESIDENT??? if you’re that politically driven where you run a Twitter with a huge fan base and sell merch based off the Twitter, RUN FOR PRESIDENT URSELF DONT FRICKIN WAIT TO MARRY SOME WHITE REPUBLICAN BOY!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING!??

Also I just saw a tweet from RepubGirlLife on Twitter that is criticizing Beyoncé’s fashion choices at the MET gala… I’m sorry but what does a pop star’s outfit choice have to do with POLITICS? The worst part is she told Beyoncé to take notes on how Carrie underwood dresses. And then she’s mad BC feminists are responding to her all angry and I’m like NO DUH they’re mad!! You’re literally pitting two beautiful and strong women against each other!!! BYE

Also random ass side note but WHY do people feel like they have to like certain music genres or styles of clothes or stuff like that to be associated with a certain political party?? Like God forbid ur a liberal who thinks country music isn’t garbage and loves Vera Bradley floral shit or God forbid youre a republican who likes rappers and wearing black leather or leggings as pants.

Anyway, I think the WORST thing is that girls who run these Twitters are all “conservative Christian” but if you even read ONE gospel you’ll learn that Jesus wants us to take care of the poor and treat women as equals and remain peaceful even when people are violent against you!!! So idk why Jesus would support a party that is pro-gun and anti-women and anti-poor people ??? EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET NEEDS TO TAKE A RELIGIOUS STUDIES COURSE AND THEN GET BACK TO ME.


OFF Merchandise

I’ve gotten several asks regarding most of my OFF merchandise, so I decided to merge everything into one giant post!

Batter vs Spectres (Image 2)- krmayer
[tumblr] [deviantart]

Red, White, and Black Batter Print with Masks (Image 3)- thehauntedboy 

Black and White ‘PURIFY’ Print (Image 4)- theheadlessgirl [tumblr]
Zone 1 Dedan Print (Image 5)- theheadlessgirl [tumblr]

Batter Print with Spectres (Image 6)- watanukitomo [tumblr] [store]
OFF Keychains (Bottom of Image 7)- watanukitomo [store]

OFF Keychains (Top of Image 7)- Unknown

Ectoplasm Batter Print (Image 8)- zombiebass [tumblr] [store]
OFF Stickers (Image 8)- zombiebass [store]

Colorful OFF Print (Image 9)- krazehcakes [tumblr]

OFF Batter Purify Shirt (Image 9)- krazehcakes [store]

Set of 8 OFF Buttons (Image 10, Part 1)- krazehcakes [store]

Set of 4 OFF Buttons (Image 10, Part 2)- Unknown

Set of 2 OFF Buttons (Image 10, Part 3)- Unknown I believe they may have also been done by krmayer

Set of 6 OFF Buttons with Checkered Background- watanukitomo [store]

OFF Bleach Shirt (Image 11)- carsatan [tumblr] [store]
Spectre Shirt (Image 11)- carsatan [not for sale]

I hope you guys never see me as one of those douchebag youtubers who’s always plugging merch or comes across very business like. I always worry when I show off cool new merch items that people will think im only doing it for money.

Im just really proud of the new merch and designs that have beeade and I know how much people like to have items from their favourite youtubers, Im the exact same with my game grumps, markiplier and pewdiepie merch.

I never use money as a motivator for doing these things and I wanted to make it clear. In fact last month I donated $3,000 of merch money to Mark and Wade’s charity streams. I will never take you all for granted or see you as dollar signs


[[ SECOND BATCH OF BUTTONS IS COMPLETE ♥ I’M SO EXCITED THAT ALL MY TEST SETS PRESSED OKAY AND THAT I’LL HAVE TIME TO START GROUP SETS. Hopefully people would be interested in buying them ahaha! You’ll all have to show me the color of your credits!

Ignore the two Ballman ones and the two pokemon ones– those were to teach my friend how to use the press!


Omggg they’re here!!!!

My Zacharie shirts!!! Also excuse my hideous face. Some of the lines Came out a little thin but overall I’m so pleased of my first Tshirt run aghrhrhr!! <3 I’ll have them at ACEN and AnimeBoston!!

There’s only six spots left for Internet Orders which you can get here!

Hey folks! Didja happen to watch Markiplier play OFF? Was that how you got introduced to the game?

Weren’t the ghostie-goos just sooooo cute?

Well now you can have your own! I’ve renewed the listings for the fat spectres AND the blind spectres in my shop!


If you enter the coupon code MARKIPLRRRR (that’s four Rs) I’ll take $2 off the price, regardless of if you watched his videos or not! (how would I monitor that anyways?)