Holiday misfortunes - part four

Pairing: Conor Maynard X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: (Y/N) and Conor don’t really get along but she decides to go on a lads holiday. 


Groaning you awoke to the sound of a picture being taken, along with a bright flash going off in your face. Opening your eyes slowly you looked up to see a laughing Joe and Caspar, as well as feeling someone pressed against you back.

“What the fuck?” You said, turning around to see Conor laying in your bed, his arm wrapped around your waist. 

What the fuck?!” You screamed, causing him to jump from his slumber. 

“What’s happening?” He asked, his voice croaky as his eyes adjusted to the light. 

“Why are you in my bed?” You asked him, sitting up quickly as Joe and Caspar laughed hysterically at the sight in front of them. 

“Good question.” Caspar laughed. 

“Dude, get out!” You said, pushing Conor away from you annoyed the guys had caught you like this. 

“Now now, let’s not fight guys, honestly there’s no need.” Joe smirked. 

“How did you two even get in our room?” You asked, your head pounding. 

“I left the door open the tiniest bit half expecting you to wonder into our room, but that’s not what we found this morning.” Joe said, giggling. 

“Put that picture anywhere and I’ll cut off your balls and feed them to Jack’s cat.” You warned Joe. 

“What about my cat?” Jack asked, wandering into your room with Mikey, Josh, and Oli. 

“Woah, why is Conor in (Y/N)’s bed?” Oli asked. 

Conor got up and walked over to his brother, exchanging a high five making you roll your eyes. 

“Isn’t that my shirt?” Conor asked you, causing an uproar of ohhh’s, high fives and pats on the back from the lads. 

“No, no it wasn’t like that. He just wouldn’t sleep and I couldn’t move him, so I let him stay there, we didn’t do..that.” You explained. 

“You remember?” Josh said, surprised. You slowly nodded your head. 

“Yes, honestly he just wanted to cuddle and I couldn’t get out of his grip to come get one of you to help me move him. Right, now that’s all sorted why are you all in our room? Don’t you have to go be hungover or something?” You groaned. rubbing your head. 

“We were going to find Joe and Caspar to get breakfast, but we heard them in here so we figured they’d came to wake you guys up.” Mikey said, throwing you a bottle of painkillers. 

“Thank you!” You said, tipping two onto your hand and swallowing them down with a bottle of water from the hotel room. 

“So..breakfast?” Conor asked, you rolled your eyes. 

“Come back when I text you Joseph, and bring everyone else.” You instructed, before jumping off your bed and escorting everyone out of your room. Quickly you shut the door and slid down it, resting your head in your hands. 

“I’m sorry.” Conor said after a long pause, you could hear his feet shuffling closer. 

“No, no don’t it’s fine just, I just, please don’t.” You said, taking your face out of your hands and walking towards the bathroom, Conor’s eyes followed you, filled with guilt.

 You shut the door and turned on the shower on, stripping off his shirt before balling it up in your fists, throwing it and knocking over the products that sat on the sink. Turning up your music to the highest volume you showered, washing your body before stepping out and wrapping yourself in a towel. 

Throwing your hair up, you pulled on some blue ripped jeans and a black halter neck top, applying your usual makeup. Opening the bathroom door you saw Conor sat on his bed in some black skinny jeans and black shirt, he gave you a small smile. 

“Ready?” You asked, texting Joe. He nodded, before there was a knock at the door. 

Slipping on your vans you opened the door, revealing the boys.

“There’s the happy couple!” Oli laughed, you rolled your eyes. 

“I’d stop if you wan’t to continue breathing, White.” You threatened, walking to the lift. 


The day had been spent lazing around on the beach, you lay in the hot sun before Caspar stood over you. 

“Can I help you?” You sighed, annoyed he had blocked your sun. The guys have been irritating you about you and Conor all day. 

“Nah, do you wan’t me to see if Conor needs your help tonight?” He winked, you threw your sunscreen bottle at him. 

“You’re very violent, (Y/N).” Mikey laughed. 

“I have to be when dealing with you guys.” You laughed. 

“Anyway, we figured we’d skip the club tonight and just all hang out?” Caspar suggested, you nodded at his suggestion. 

“Sure, yeah sounds good, do you guys just wanna hang out in my room? I could use the company?” You said to the guys, Conor’s face looked hurt and you brushed off the sting of guilt that you felt in your chest. 

“We may as well head up there now, it’s just gone 6?” Josh said, you all nodded packing up your stuff. 

“Okay, so me and Conor can run to the shops for some drink and snacks and stuff, you guys can just go back to the hotel?” Jack said, all agreeing you went your separate ways. 

“So now we’re alone?” Joe started. 

“Nothing happened!” You sighed, rolling your eyes. 

Arriving at the hotel you all crammed into the hotel room, shortly after Conor and Jack arrived with three bottles of vodka, two bottles of rose, some coke and a few bottles of cider and beer. 

“For fucks sake, I’m not putting anyone to bed tonight.” Joe laughed, grabbing a Bulmers from the bag. 

“Oh for fucks sake Joe, who will be our daddy now?” Conor laughed, the lads laughed but you rolled your eyes, pouring yourself a vodka and coke into some plastic cups they’d also bought. 

Somehow you all ended up on the balcony, you and Josh sat on the two deck chairs, the other boys sat on the floor and Conor leaning against the balcony stood up. Yes, you were all drunk, and yes you were all rambling. 

“Here, look, lads, right I think that if we’re being honest I’ve never been more proud of anyone in my life than you guys. Honestly, you guys are the fucking best!” Joe smiled, wrapping his arm around Caspar and Oli’s shoulders and he told all the guys how much he loved them.

“And you, (Y/N), you’re like another sister to me. You are bloody amazing and gorgeous and anyone who hurts you I will punch them in the dick.” He smiled up at you. 

“Aww, Joe!” You giggled, noticing Conor swaying a little as he took another swig of his vodka and coke. 

“You alright buddy?” Josh said, leaning forward on his chair slightly. 

“Josh, I could lean across this and not fall, look!” Conor said, beginning to lean forwards. 

You jumped up and grabbed him by the waist, your heart pounding as you used all your strength to pull him back, causing him to fall into your chair. 

“Conor you fucking idiot are you kidding me? Do you know how high up we are? You can’t fucking scare someone like that! Not someone who fucking loves you!” You screamed, the words leaving your mouth before you could stop them. 


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