We got our OFF photos back!

I LOVE how these came out <3 I really wanted to stay with the black and white game theme and I think we did a pretty good job, look how cute/creepy judge is <3

(Photos by Brandon Baionno Photography on Facebook)

(Also our Facebook cosplay page is Anyato Cosplay)

T-shirt tutorial

So….I did another T-Shirt!! And since some people asked me to, I decided it would be nice doing a sort of tutorial on how to do this stuff.

Let’s start saying none of this is professional, none of this requires particular expensive materials, it’s something I learnt mostly by myself and that I am still trying to improve.

Here I’ll show the two techniques I use for all the T-shirts I make.

First part: painting using a brush.

Those are the t-shirt and the design I wanted to put on. 

Put a styrofoam sheet inside the shirt (multiple folded newspapers works as well) so that the cloth is lightly stretched on the sides. Print or draw a design on a paper 

Put the drawing underneath the cloth and stop it from moving with A LOT of pins or needles.(seriously, use a shitton of those. Painting on cloth is tricky, especially thin cotton. It slips everywhere. Use a lot of pins.) 

-This can be done only with a white t-shirt. If you’re using black or coloured clothes, you can sketch the drawing with chalk, and wash it away afterwards -

Time to paint!!! 

The colours I use are Acrilic Paint, that is a bit more expensive than normal paint and a little cheaper than actual tissue paint. You can find it pretty much everywhere, from malls to stationery shops, or online. the price itself changes from brand to brand, but in the end every type is fine, as long as it is ACRILIC PAINT. DO NOT use normal paint, because it will literally melt away in hot temperatures and near water. The thing on the left is a sort of…feeding bottle(?) but with paint. I found it for 3 euros at a flea market, but using a normal thin brush is more than fine, and also a bit easier.

The process is simple. Just paint on the shapes of your design with as many colours you want. I used black, red and a bit of yellow (all acrilic paint of course) to match the shade of the print that was already on the shirt. Let everything dry, then remove the pins.

Second part! This is an easy way to paint simple shapes on pretty much everything, really easy and really fast.

Draw the shape on a paper and cut it away.

Pin the paper with the hole on the shirt and to the styrofoam sheet underneath, then use a sponge and acrilic paint to colour inside the shaped hole. Mind not to drag the sponge, but to tap it on the surface. 

Remove everything once dry.

I added some details with the brush and it’s done!!

Before putting it on, i suggest to iron the t-shirt inside out and/or with another cloth protecting the painted part from direct contact with the hot iron. The paint will stick to the shirt and it will last longer. You can wash everything in a washing machine, but the paint may melt a bit and peel off, so I personally suggest hand wash.

Final results!! I think it’s pretty good! 

I hope this was useful. All the t-shirts I make can be seen on my tumbrl or instagram (@ just.someone.weird), and this is how I make every single one. The whole thing isn’t that complicated, and I think everybody can do it. It’s sure useful for making cosplays and those t-shirts you’ve always wanted but Damn you internet stop making me pay 20 euros in shipping taxes!

- Sorry for any grammar error, I’m really trying -


(PS: I do not own the art printed on the centre, that is from some other artist. Don’t know who. Sorry. A friend gave me the shirt as it was)