off road trail


Green trails and fresh air - the weekend cure for the metro city dweller!

One of the best parts of my week is my Sunday runs with our running group. We’ve been lucky to have found great people to run with both in Nigeria and the Philippines which has made all the difference. Our group here represents 11 different countries and just as many different professions but we all bond over our weekend running adventures that start at the crack of dawn.

This morning we piled in the cars at 5:30am to head 45 minutes outside of Manila to an area known for great off road trails and miles of quiet, nicely paved roads for bikers and runners. It was truly a biking and running heaven…so much so that we clocked 18km/11mi - the longest group run for this crew yet! I think there will be a lot of us taking advantage of another benefit of living in the Philippines this afternoon…inexpensive massages! ;)

The Cabin & The Forresters.

They had to wait a couple days after the wedding to venture onto the Honeymoon, and they seemed to ride for eternity into nothingness. Lorelei began to wonder where on earth they were going as it was the majority of off road and tiny trails. If she were still frightened of him she’d think he intended to hunt her out here so far away, but that could not be the case, they were on their honeymoon.

They had a small wagon with their personal things in them too, Ramsay’s included…he’d never go this far for a ruse for HER anyway, perhaps someone he might like to torment but… not her. She was getting tired as it grew near dusk, they’d been riding all day, and she turned her head and pressed her cheek to his arm, looking up at him from the hood of her cloak. She saw how pink his cheeks were and wondered if he might be cold, so she drew off her fur scarf and lifted it, wrapping it around his neck before removing one of her gloves and pressing her warm hand to his cheek “You’re like ice, are we almost there?”

She leaned down a little to reach between their boots to draw up a skin of whiskey and hold the end to his mouth “Here, drink, this will warm you”


Jeep Hurricane Concept, 2005. A twin-engined prototype with 4-wheel steering and 37inch tyre for extreme off-road situations. One feature of the Hurricane’s engine system is the ability to use different sets of cylinders for different driving conditions. Each engine contains eight cylinders, but the multi-displacement system can use all, half, or none of the cylinders of each engine. For example, all sixteen cylinders can be utilized for rough terrain, twelve can be used for charging along off-road trails, eight can be used for city driving, and four can be used for highway conditions. This feature can be manipulated manually or done automatically 


/// Sometimes four wheels do move the soul - This past weekend we took a break from two wheels as we set out to traverse the entirety of the Rubicon Trail. After traveling 3000+ miles from the East Coast to the West, in a Cummins powered F-250 nonetheless, we met up with my brother @iamtaylorcorbett and headed down to the infamous Rubicon Trail in his far-from-stock Bronco II. Miles from modern amenities in some of the roughest terrain around, there are no safety nets, no cell-service, no mechanics or tow trucks, its up to you to make it through. This is no fire road trail, it’s unmaintained with 6-8 foot rock ledges, miles of rock gardens, acres of granite rock slab, and river-crossings. It is the most famous off-road trail in the world but don’t expect your mall crawler to make the trip, you’ll at least need lockers, 35″+ tires, and a winch. 


This is sort of a follow-up to my previous post— to give additional details about the off-road trails I explore in Colorado.

Almost all of the trails I traverse are located in southwest Colorado (a bit north of Durango, around the towns of Ouray, Telluride and Silverton).  These trails originated over 120 years ago as mining roads, traveled by pack mules and horse-drawn wagons.  Consequently, they’re quite narrow, a bit dangerous, and entirely exciting.

There’s many ghost towns, abandoned mines, and relics to explore, and the raw, rugged beauty of the San Juan Mountains (part of the Rocky Mountains) definitely makes this one of my absolute favorite places in the world.