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Confession: I have been carefully planning a Bioshock cosplay involving myself as Dr. Tenenbaum, a college buddy of mine as Jack, and my 10-year-old niece as a Little Girl. She's too young to actually play, but I allowed her to watch the less... brutal parts of my own gameplays and shown her plenty of fanart. She loves it, but I may have sugarcoated the plot a bit when explaining it to her parents.

As far as she is concerned, Big Daddies never turn into brutal killing machines. 

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so are you ever going to bring back the idea of making a YT channel? i think it'd be pretty cool if you did

The idea never left, haha! I really love a lot of Youtube stuff and it’s always seemed like a a fun thing to try out– mostly it’d be a matter of what kind of content people would want?

I know speedpaints would likely be the main things if I did get round to making a channel, plus maybe stuff like my vlog-video-thing from the last time I went to London ComicCon ‘cause that was super fun to make!– but suggestions would be hella appreciated from anybody else who might be interested if I made a channel :D

Thanks for tagging me @the-whump-sidelines!

Ten songs I can’t stop listening to are:
Intro - Alt J
Nara - Alt J
I Love You - Woodkid
Conquest of Spaces - Woodkid
Agnes - Glass Animals
Castle of Glass - Linkin Park
Wretches and Kings - Linkin Park
Bullet - Franz Ferdinand
Can’t Stop Feeling - Franz Ferdinand (I love the whumpy album cover)
Sing - Travis

I put links in case anyone wants to check them out (bit presumptive of me but hey why not).
I’m tagging: you, reading this. You know, if you want to.