off your rocker

Don’t make up your mind.

Change it.

Change your mind about everything

All the time.

Live life loosey-goosey and fruity tutti!

Get down-wrong weird

Be odddd




Off the walls

And your meds

And the floor

And your rocker

Out of this world

And control

And the box

And your head

Lose your ego

And your boundaries

And your wallet

And your marbles

Lose it all

Let loose

Let go

Let’s go!

Scorpius chats with Ron
  • Rose invited Scorpius over for the afternoon one summer to have dinner with them, but Ron insisted on having a chat with him because he thought they were dating, even though Rose insisted that they were not. So, Scorpius sat down and talked to Ron and...
  • Ron: What’s your full name?
  • Scorpius: Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Some people call me Scorp.
  • Ron: I hear you tease Rose sometimes.
  • Scorpius: Um... *rubs the back of his neck* I used to in first to third year, but we're friends now. I promise I won't do it anymore. Posie- I mean, Rose- is so funny when she's angry, that's all.
  • Ron: So, Scorpius, you’re how old now? *looking gruff and like he’ll shoot Scorpius*
  • Scorpius: Fourteen, sir.
  • Ron: Fourth year, hm?
  • Scorpius: Yep. Same year as Rose. OWLs will be next year, so I’m pretty nervous. I know Posie will do well though, she’s brilliant.
  • Ron: Yes, well, she’s her mother’s daughter. *chuckles* What’s your favourite subject?
  • Scorpius: Potions, because Dad taught me. But Charms is fun when Posie helps me out.
  • Ron: What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Scorpius: Maybe a Professor. I love Hogwarts. I'm not as good at it, but I think that I’d like to teach Transfiguration though, it’s so cool. McGonagall’s my favourite teacher.
  • Ron: I see. And what about your father and mother, do you get along with them?
  • Scorpius: Well- this is rare, but it happens - Dad loses his temper. He’ll snap at me and Mum. Mum annoys me from time to time. She’s a stickler for dressing up and being clean and all that.
  • Ron: My mum was like that and now my wife is too. Terrible fate, I’ve got.
  • Hermione: I HEARD THAT!
  • Scorpius: *laughs*
  • Ron: You like Wizard chess?
  • Scorpius: Yes, Al and I play all the time in the Slytherin common room.
  • Ron: Really? *chuckles* Reminds me of me and Harry. And what about Quidditch? Do you play?
  • Scorpius: No, sir. I like to watch, though. James is really good and so is that Zabini bloke from my house. And I really love the Chud-
  • Ron: *screams at him and flails his arms* CHUDLEY CANONS?!
  • Scorpius: *looking scared* Uh... y-yeah... it’s my... um...favourite team. Why? Is... is that bad? I'm s-sorry.
  • Ron: *shakes his hand* Welcome to the family!
  • Scorpius: What? But I’m...
  • Ron: My son!
  • Hugo: DAD?!
  • Ron: You Puddlemore supporter!
  • Scorpius: Puddlemore? Hugo, are you off your rockers?
  • Ron: I love this one. I love him. *hugs Scorpius*
  • Scorpius: But sir, Rose and I aren’t even dating. She’s my friend.
  • Ron: What do you think of her?
  • Scorpius: Well... she’s respectable and funny and kind and brave and... *blushes just a bit* maybe a teensy bit pretty?
  • Ron: ROSE!
  • Rose: Yes, Dad? Is dinner ready? I was just working on my History of Magic assignment and I-
  • Ron: You marry this one, okay? *pats him on the back and squeals* He likes Chudley Canons!
  • Rose: What?!
  • Scorpius: What?!
  • Ron: I give up all the things I said about you never marrying a Malfoy. Just go ahead, fall in love! *pushes him towards her* So long as he keeps loving Chudleys. Say, what was your favourite game?
  • Scorpius: But sir...?
  • Ron: *grinning like a fool* Which one? Come on, then.
  • Scorpius: 1988 Winter Games. I saw it on tape with Dad.
  • Ron: I’m calling Draco on the pellyphone to arrange a marriage.
  • Hermione: What? Ron, you can’t! Rose needs to make her own choices. Plus, you hated the Malfoys, why do you change your mind over a Quidditch team?
  • Rose: Dad, I don't want to have an arranged marriage!
  • Ron: *ignoring them* Hello, Malfoy? I’d like to ask a favour...
  • Rose: Um... sorry, my family’s crazy. *blushing*
  • Scorpius: Yep, I can see that. I don’t mind. *smiles at her*
The French Mispeight

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Based on the request by: Angela_Quindo (wattpad)

Summary: After “dying” on Supernatural, Gabriel hops universes and ends up in our own.

Pairing: Gabriel x reader

Words: 1200+

Warnings: Blood, death mention, tiny bit o’ archangel nudity

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It is precisely 1:52pm, and James Potter has switched his desk fan on.
Lily Evans resents this for a number of reasons, the first of which being that she’s always cold in the office. Always. She still insists on wearing tiny little business dresses every day, because she and Mary spent far too much time (and money) excitedly picking them out when she got this job, but that takes nothing away from the fact that she gets cold. He knows she gets cold. And does he care? No.
At the very bottom of the list of reasons why Lily Evans resents James’ desk fan (and really, it’s insignificant compared to her deep freeze), is that every time it blows her way, she gets two nostrils full of aftershave, and she doesn’t like that at all.
“Oi, Evans,” he says, as if on cue.
She closes her eyes, still facing her monitor, breathes in strength and patience and fucking aftershave.
When she looks around, he’s grinning his lazy grin at her, leaning haphazardly against the back of his office chair, gangly limbs everywhere. “Did you want to borrow my jacket?”

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RFA + V & Saeran reacts to MC having a dark sense of humour.

RFA +V & Saeran react to MC having a dark sense of humour.


• He was actually kinda worried
• “MC? What do you mean you want to fall out the window?!”
• “Nothing, it’s just a joke, don’t worry about it Yoosungie.”
• Your self deprecation only increased by the comparisons to Rika
• You start to joke about getting green contacts and dying your hair blonde
• It was actually really bad
• He didn’t even seem to get it which only made it worse
• Even the other members had caught on
• “Urm Yoosung, maybe you should stop calling MC Rika, I don’t think it’s healthy.” Zen was a concerned older bro
• He’s now super confused.
• “I thought they were jokes?”
• Just doesn’t get it.
• At all….
Also kinda sad.
• In his text messages he was bombarded by the entire RFA, telling him to get his act together
• And he did
• The day of the party came and you two met
• Blown away
• And then you pull this one liner.
• “Wow, I’m glad I stayed alive for this.”
• His jaw is on the damn floor and just stares
• “You can’t just say something like that MC! Of course you’re staying alive, I want to be with you and I can’t do that if you’re not here!”
• His words caught up with him and he’s **d.e.a.d**
• “Aww thank you.”
• Let’s just say you were very happy with the outcome of that evening.


• He’s instantly concerned
• Legit before you can even type he’s policing the words
• “Hey Jagi. How are you? I hope you ate already, can’t have my love starving to death.”
• Literally a model boyfriend and you’re shook.
• Although sometimes it slips in.
• “Yeah! Although being beside someone as pretty as you might just make me want to drown myself since I can’t compare.”
• Doesn’t know whether to call that a compliment or not.  
• “Uh thank you, but I don’t think you should do that.”
• You tell him that you just find those things funny
• And he’s just like …
• He soon finds out that the self deprecation comes from insecurity
• So as soon as you meet you’re hit with the highly promiscuous line
• “You’re MC right? You look absolutely beautiful, but you would look more stunning if you were beneath me.”
Que the winking and the blushing. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
• Obviously the humour never fully went away, but you did tone it down.
• But he never took you to rooftops every again after you did this
• “Hey wouldn’t it be fun if I just jumped off this rooftop? Adrenaline rush much?”


• Obviously there’s the red flag when you entered the chatroom
• And then there’s your humour
• When the fucking bomb was introduced your first reaction was to say
• “Lmao I hope it blows up right now.”
• Bruh
• “MC are you ok?”
• “Just dandy, tell seven I’m leaving the apartment. This’ll be fun.”
• You then proceed to walk to the door, and as you’re about to touch it your phone blares with your ringtone
• “Jaehee, why’re you calling? Not that I mind of course.”
• “Don’t go near the door! You don’t know what could trigger the explosion!” The panic was a shock since she was always so composed.
• “Erm sure, any reason why?”
• “… You said you were going to walk out.”
• The awkwardness is mindboggling
• Once the bomb is diffused, the party came up incredibly quickly
• She looking fine
• “MC? You’re not hurt are you?”
• You’re obviously confused
• She then pulls out her phone and shows a message you’d written
• “Cool, I guess I’ll go and fuck myself with a knife.”
• Pffftttttt
• Legit, you can’t even talk without laughing
• “Why would I want to shove a knife there? I’m crazy but not that crazy.”


• The day he invited you over to his penthouse, you spent most of your time just sitting near the glass.
• “What causes you to favour that spot MC?”
• You just shrugged and looked out before grinning
• “Because I want to know if I would survive the fall.”
• His face didn’t show it but he was like…..
Why you so sad MC!? “ψ(`∇´)ψ
• “Are you ok?”
• “Yeah, I’m fine. How about you?”
• “Just fine.”
• Side eyes her for the rest of the day
• He’s actually very understanding
• -Even though he understands none of it-
• “That’s nice MC.”
• His response to 99% of all the jokes be like
• Does get a little bit like eh when the suicidal jokes up a bit
• “Come now. You’re a radiating beauty that will ascend from the earth with me. No need to belittle yourself with such crude hopes.”
• That was actually hella smooth
• You do start to tone down on the dark humour after he gave you a hard look after you said something about wanting one of the guards to taze you to death.
• Not that they would ever, they’re fucking sweethearts


• He was being a little dick wad
• A huge fucking bastard NGL
• “Stop bothering me damn it. Can’t you understand such simple commands?”
• Of course your defense mechanism is to just shrug it off and make quiet joking jabs at both him and yourself.
• “K then. Mr. IWon'tLetYouLeaveThisFuckingApartmentButIAlsoWon'tSpeakToYouBecauseI'mTrash.”
• The side eye was real.
• You returned the side eye hours later when he still refused to let you leave, but also wouldn’t comply with anything.
• “For fucks sake Seven you’re getting on my damn nerves. Eat something with me you damn imbecilic child.”
• He had the fucking audacity to knock the plate from your hands, sending everything to the floor
• Fucking shocked as shit.
• -Duh!-
• “Alright, I guess I’ll go and swallow some razor blades by myself then, seeing as though you couldn’t care less.”
• You walk to the bathroom and he panics
• “Fuck, I guess no one really does care. Maybe this’ll help me.” It was a whisper and he still heard it
• Legit tackles you to the floor and you’re like ’…’
• He was so shaken up from that that he took every joke seriously before loosening up


• The first time he witnessed your humour was in the infamous 3am chatroom.
• You were running on fumes and you thought you were texting someone else
• “Lmao bitch fuck that. Someone kill me I want to fall into hell already, I hate this life.”
• It was tamer than what you usually said to your friend but then again not to V
• “MC, are you OK?”
• You were instantly energized upon reading that and you actually want to ground to swallow you up
• “Uh, yeah I’m fine.”
• It turned kind of awkward but you turned it around with a Lil Flirt™
• “Hey V, how’s your photography going? I heard you’re quite the master with the lens. Although I doubt they could compare to the fine being that you are.”
• He high key went red AF
• “Oh, thank you MC.”
• But it didn’t take away from the tiny doubt in his mind about your joke
• A few days later you were at the party and you’d convinced V to go.
• You were at the food table when you hit the table corner.
• “Ah shit, if only that hit my heart instead.”
• “That wouldn’t be the best case scenario MC.”
• “Ah, looking as beautiful as ever V. I might go blind from your beauty.”
• You’re such a suave little fuck omg
• “It seems as though your beauty has already beat me to it.”
• …… This guy


• “Maybe if I was dead this wouldn’t have happened.”
• You laughed straight afterwards and he’s baffled.
• Sure his humour is almost the same as yours
• But you crack jokes like that on the daily and he’s just kinda low key concerned.
• “What is wrong with you?”
• “Nothing, I just wish I got stabbed so I wouldn’t be here.”
• “Okay?”
• You were over at the bunker and you were watching a horror film together.
• The cliché began and blood was spraying like a water fountain and guess what you did
• Laugh like crazy
That’s a righta boi
• Saeran’s looking at you like you’re off your rocker
• “What the fuck? They literally just got burned with acid and you’re laughing?”
• It takes him a while to understand but sometimes he takes part
• Of course you tone it down by a lot while he’s in therapy
• He loves it when you make jokes about Saeyoung though
• -Oh look, there’s a Dr.Pepper stain. If only it was blood instead.-
• That earns a look from Saeyoung and stiffled giggles from Saeran
• Over all, he doesn’t mind but you don’t go too over board.


This is a thank you to my friends on Tumblr and at the same time a birthday drabble for @geekymoviemom  who is such a sweetheart and it’s so much fun speaking to & @alliswell21 whom I love so much & who has the cutest little one you’d ever seen.

RATED: G  - Unbeta’d all mistakes are mine.

Modern AU Everlark on Tumblr….hehehe for all of you readers and writers this is what would happen between Katniss and & Peeta if Peeta was a writer on Tumblr and Katnsiss was a reader…enjoy 

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The phone atop of her desktop buzzed. Katniss lifted her hand to touch the screen but was interrupted by Marvel, one of the sales guys. “Hey Everdeen, our tech guys say’s a whole bunch of those small little screens got damaged in transit.”

“You mean the CDU’s,” Katniss sighed. Sales guys were, all the same, all they cared about was the sale, after that they didn’t want to deal with anyone or anything. It was up to her to make nice with the customer or to generally make them complacent without being nasty.

“Yeah. Isn’t’ that what I said?”

Running the returns department was sort of like corralling a whole bunch of kindergartners hyped up on sugar. She gave him a stern look.

Marvel’s casual pose changed, he slipped his hands from his pocket and stood straighter. “So when you can, can you get together with Joanna from logistics and see if we can bring them back and send out a replacement…please.”

“I need a copy of the purchase order, invoice, and correct contact information.” Katniss gave him a slight nod and Marvel zoomed out of her office. Nobody liked to hear ‘no’ and no one wanted to hear the terms negative revenue but it went hand in hand with manufacturing.

The moment Marvel left Katniss turned her attention to her phone. She was waiting for two important messages, one from her sister letting her know she was arriving safely back at school the other was an update from her favorite FanFic writer Dentalion. He described himself as a super fan of her favorite book, The Restitution Games.

Those books touched a cord with her, the protagonist was a girl, the reluctant hero. A survivor was branded as unwanted by her own people. Katniss scraped by her whole life, making ends meet slowly making her way through a community college to be able to get this job. Growing up she had little time to focus in on herself, focusing in on her families needs, but the result was well worth the sacrifices.

Her sister was well adjusted, going to the school of her choice, and their mother was getting the treatment she deserved. In spite of having achieved all of her goals, life was lonely and there were times she wished for companionship. However, because of the upheaval, she experienced as a young girl she valued her quiet life.

She was by nature someone who didn’t like fuss, even with her passionate temperament. She’d dated but it always ended in disasters and even had sex once in her life. But it just wasn’t good and she figured it wasn’t for her. She’d settled into her convent style life.

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I don't know why I wrote this

(~This is during Phase 1, and set around the very early days when Noodle first arrived. I dunno.~)

Uncooked pasta was sprawled across the floor.
Noodle lay on her stomach, her legs swinging slightly in the air as she carefully glued bits of pasta to some paper, her tongue poking out in concentration. She squinted, focusing deeply on her work.

“Noodle,” A familiar voice suddenly exclaimed as they stepped into the kitchen, “What are you doing?!”

Murdoc looked down at her, hands on his hips. He glared at the ton of pasta all over the ground.

“Kon'nichiwa.” Noodle greeted him calmly, unfazed by his irritation. She barely glanced at him, continuing to stick the food onto the paper.

“Don’t give me that,” Murdoc snapped impatiently, “What the bloody hell do you think you’re up to, eh? Look at this mess! What’s gotten into you?!”

Noodle frowned when she realised Murdoc was still talking and was actually trying to have a conversation with her. She screwed her eyebrows together and looked slightly up at him.

“Hmm?” She muttered.

“Answer me, girlie,” Murdoc ordered, “You’ve got some explainin’ to do.”

“Nani o itte iru no ka wakarimasen.” She told him, giving a little shrug of her shoulders.

Murdoc sighed irritably and rolled his eyes.
“Ugh, you gotta learn to speak normally, Noodle. I mean, you know. Like me!” He said, before heading over to the fridge.

Noodle guessed the conversation was over, so she happily turned back to her work, humming a little tune to herself.

But Murdoc wasn’t finished yet.

He came back, with a beer bottle in his hand, and watched Noodle continue glueing.

“What are you even doing,” He asked, “It looks stupid, like sommin’ faceache would enjoy.”

Noodle, growing impatient and tired of Murdoc not letting her continue, sighed and stopped again. She then looked back up at him.

“What are you glaring for? You’re the one who made all this mess. Just look at it!” Murdoc said, gesturing to all the pasta.

“Murdoc..” Noodle mumbled, trying to stay calm, “Watashi wa isogashidesu.”

“What?” Murdoc demanded.

Noodle sighed once more, before taking a breath, forcing herself to relax.

“Watashi wa sakusei ato.” She said.

“Watashi this, watashi that,” Murdoc grumbled, waving his arms about and almost spilling the beer, “What the bloody hell does that even mean?!”

Noodle growled and was about to lose it, when Russel walked in.

“Hey, sister,” He greeted her with a tired smile, “Nice artwork.” He looked down at the pasta and paper and glue.

“Artwork?!” Murdoc exclaimed.

“Kon'nichiwa, Russel,” Noodle cheered, definitely happier and not as mad, “Watashi wa hotondo okonawa rete imasu.”

“How does that fuckin’ mess qualify as artwork?!” Murdoc demanded, glaring at Russel.

Russel glared right back at him, his smile gone.

“Don’t be disrespecting Noodle, or her ways of expression.” He told him, pointing angrily at him.

“What the hell are you talkin’ about,” Murdoc snapped, before glancing at the many pieces of pasta, “Look at this! She’s made a mess!”

“What you see as a mess, she may see as a way to working, and becoming one with the art.” Russel tried explaining.

Murdoc stared at him for a second, before muttering, “You’re off your rocker…” and walking off, gulping down some beer on his way.

Russel would’ve rolled his eyes if he had any pupils.
He shook his head and walked further into the kitchen, smiling gently at Noodle.

“Ignore him,” He said, “He wouldn’t know what true artwork was if it slapped him silly.”

Noodle smiled right back at him, despite not understanding him, and gestured to her work.
“Watashi wa ato ni, sore o kireideshou.” She said.

“It’s good,” Russel said, nodding, “Makes me think of the desert, for some reason.”

He then walked on over to the fridge as Noodle carried on with her art. He chuckled quietly when he heard her hum the chorus to Clint Eastwood.

Russel grabbed a muffin from the fridge and took a giant bite into it, almost eating the whole thing in one go.

Noodle continued humming, smiling slightly as she stuck one last piece of pasta onto her gluey paper.

“Russel!” She happily cried out when she was finished.

“Hnnmgh?” Russel mumbled with his mouth full, before quickly chewing and swallowing it, then looking at the grinning Noodle.

“Kanryo shita!” She spoke loud and proud, gesturing to her completed masterpiece.

“You done?” Russel asked, taking a good look at it.

Noodle just smiled eagerly at him.

“Wonderful,” Russel said, smiling at it, “We are definitely gonna hang that up somewhere. Once it’s dried.”

Noodle daintily picked up the paper and held it carefully.
“Watashi suki desu.” She said.

loreenya  asked:

Suppose the guys have been drinking with their crush. How would a drunken confession of their feelings look like? And how would they react the next day, when their crush confronts them with their confession? (Let's say, she was happy about it, but scared they didn't mean it)


Originally posted by likeag69

- He’d be a surprisingly upbeat drunk. After winning a game of shots with Mikey, he’ll spring haphazardly from the chair and pull her with him, requesting they go topside to find a dance club.

- When she politely reclines, he argues, “But I feel like I could do anything! Be anything!”

- She simply smiles, happy to know that the heroic worry and despair had left him, at least for one night.

- He thinks for a moment, deciding the two of them will just dance there, in the living room

- At first she’s giggling with him, playing along with him… until he says, “yeah, I feel like I could do ANYTHING…”

- and plants a big kiss on her lips

- it’s not very pretty and not very graceful

- he’s holding onto her with an iron grip so all she can do is stand there and try to kiss him back

- the sloppiness doesn’t stop her feeling euphoria

- he finally pulls back with a dopey grin, murmuring “You’re the most beautifulest girl in the world… I love you.”

- and she stands in shock, simply watching while he sways back and forth and thuds to the floor, snoring

- the next morning, Leo wakes on the couch with an impressive headache and a bruised tailbone. He’s happy to see you watching over him… until he sees your sleepless eyes and worried face

- “Oh God, what happened last night?” he whimpered, sitting up and wincing when his muscles screamed in protest.

- “Nothing…bad. I think you said a bunch of things you didn’t believe.”

- Memories of the night before come rushing back, and maybe it’s the lingering alcohol in his system, but he finds the wherewithal to say, “Last night WAS crazy… and I WAS acting foolish, but… that last thing I said… I did mean…”

- She looks up at him with shocked happiness, laughing breathlessly when he adds, “And I’m hoping my memories are accurate, because, far as I remember, the last thing I said was I love you.”


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- Drinks enhance his soft side. He drinks to calm down, and gets drunk to forget about his ridiculous expectations of himself, let loose.

- that’s why he’ll only get roaring drunk in private.

- only other person that’s seen him THIS buzzed is her.

- “You’re the best,” he slurs, leaning against her while she nurses her own beer. “I love you.”

- “Yeah, yeah, Romeo, save it for the next chick flick. You’re drunk off your rocker,” she says without missing a beat.

- he’s done this before, confessing feelings she’s sure he could never have for her.

- “I’m serious (Y/ N), I do.” He sat up, peeved that she wasn’t understanding his point. “Y-you’re a banging’ girl, you know? Got everything. Nice eyes, perfect body…”

- She starts to blush profusely at the words he’d never say to her sober.

- “Kind, strong, angry.” He chuckles, his eyelids fluttering a little. “Got more of a temper than me! And ya don’t put up with my shit. And let’s be honest…” He took another long swig from the bottle. “I got a lot of shit going on up in here.”

- “I think it’s time you hit the slack, slugger.” She pushes him back onto his bed sheets, watching him curl into the blankets.

- “Pretty hair, perfect body…” he rambles, already beginning to doze, managing out, “Just wish you’d love me back in the morning.”

- The next day, Raph awakens groggily, trudging out of the room and freezing when he sees her.

- He remembers some of the night before, in his room. (hates drinking in his room, since his immense feelings might cause him to do things he’ll definitely regret in the morning)

- “So… what happened last night?” He asks, trying to play it cool.

- She’s drinking a mimosa, the smell of champagne and orange juice wafting into his nose (she’s trying to take the edge off her complicated feelings too)

- “Same thing as always. You tell me you’re bonkers for me, I take your drunk ass to bed.”

- He can hear the subtle heartbreak in her voice. All he can manage is a halfhearted chuckle.

- he’s watching her out of the corner of his eye, seeing the tears at his nonchalant chuckle.

- and all of a sudden, he’s leaning forward, turning her abruptly and knocking the mimosa aside to kiss her.

- he probably tastes of morning breath and beer cans to her, and he could most certainly use a shower.

- the kiss is short, just enough to reassure her that he meant it, that he did love her and that nothing he’d said last night had been a lie.

- and despite the briefness, she’s gasping for air by the time he pulls away from her.

- “So…” he started awkwardly, trying his hand at romance and stroking her cheek. “It’s morning. Do you love me back?”


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- this guy is an unlikely flirt. Turns into the ultimate ladies man. A practical Ryan Gosling from that one movie, Crazy, Stupid Love (go watch it, it’s great)

- but the stupid genius prefers to drink alone, so he never gets to work his magic. until now

- (Y/ N) had just walked into his lab, looking for some quality-time with her long-time friend (and big-time crush)

- the door slams behind her, and she whirls to face a smirking Donnie

- “Hello, Gorgeous~” He makes no effort to hide his gaze as it travels up and down her body

- she, ever the forward thinker, scans the room and finds the two empty wine bottles, knowing instantly what’s happened

- “Don, you’re drunk,” she explains quietly, ignoring the enormous blush on her cheeks as she gently pushes him away

- “Drunk on you,” he churrs, grabbing her hands and pulling her toward him. “That ass is making me all kinds of inebriated.”

- his hands slide dangerously close to her posterior, but she abruptly slides them back up. “Don’t forget that chivalry I love. No touching.”

- “Where’s the fun in that?” He whispered, suddenly sweeping her up in his arms. “If you love my manners, you’ll love me even more when I let the decorum slide.”

- his lips find hers before she complains, and she (reluctantly) gives in to her desires, letting him ravage her mouth and slide his hands over her body.

- even in this dominant mode, his kisses had a bit of added sweetness that she  adored. her arms wrap around his neck and play with his mask tails, encouraging his next move.

- she’s thrown back, and she gasps, until she hits a mattress. shit, he’d taken her to the bedroom while that was happening?

- he climbs atop her, and suddenly she realizes this is going too far, too fast. Her hands grip his wrists as he plies her lips open with his again

- “Donnie, enough,” she cries frantically around the kiss, shoving him back and knocking out of his lust-fueled trance.

- “You don’t want this?” “No.”

- “You don’t want me?” “I do. I… Donnie, I love you,” she whines helplessly, knowing he won’t remember a thing in the morning.

- “Then just stay.” He pulls her down with him, his impressive weight pinning her against him. “Don’t sleep with me. Just keep me company.”

- The next morning, Donatello blinks awake, yawning and snuggling closer to the angel in his arms–

- he yelps, falling off the bed and jarring you from sleep. Never mind you have all your clothes on and you seem pretty content, he’s terrified he raped you

- “I – what have I – oh s-shit, I – no, I’m so sorry – I can’t believe – please tell me it wasn’t–”

- “Donnie!” she tries to placate him, reminding of her words with an unlikely bout of courage, “Nothing happened. I love you. It’s okay. Nothing happened.”

- he passes out from shock at your words.


Originally posted by sensualkisses

- Mikey boi won the drinking contest with Leo.

- but he was definitely not the most graceful winner

- “I can’t believe I won,” he sobbed into her shoulder, holding tight to her

- “I can’t believe you took eleven shots of vodka.”

- “I’m a mess. A lowly, blubbery mess.” He sobs into her neck.

- “No Mikey, you’re amazing. Cute, spunky, handsome…”

- “You… think I’m handsome?” he whimpered, looking up with tear-stained eyes at her.

- “ ‘Course I do. Who wouldn’t?” she hugged him awkwardly, wishing he’d take her words seriously.

- “You… you’re lying!” He accused, falling back into hysterics, leaning his head on the table and crying louder.

- “Of course not, Mikey!”

- “You are!” his bottom lip trembled. “How can a pretty girl like you possibly love me back?”

- Love him… back?!

- “Mikey, you’re not thinking straight, I–”
- “I’m fine! It’s YOU who’s not thinking straight!” he wailed. “Telling me I’m cute… well I’m not! I’m ugly, and weird, and–”

- he’s cut off by her lips, crashing against his and stopping his crying

-she’s sweet, pouring every lovely emotion for him into the kiss.

- he’s crying tears of joy by the time she pulls back and says, “I love you too.”

-next morning, he finds himself on the floor next to the table, his head in her lap, her fingers stroking his arm comfortingly.

- “Did you get the number of that bus?” he groans.

- “Got the license plate and registration,” she jokes, leaning down and kissing his cheek.

- “Good. We’ll call the agency in the morning.” He snuggles into her, knowing all too well the confessions that occurred the right before, relishing her loving smile.

- “It’s already ten o’clock, Mike.”

- “…then we’ll call them this afternoon. Love you, good night.”

- she giggles softly as she dozes back off in her lap, leaning down to press another lazy kiss to his lips. “Love you too.”

lurkerdelima  asked:

Drabble game - uhh ALL OF THEM but specifically #83, "Stay there. I'm coming to get you." Silverflint.


so yeah. everyone who has forgotten by now that they sent me one of these, be prepared to suddenly get a notification like “wtf is this” over the next…..i don’t even fucking know. i don’t know. 

i also got an anonymous prompt with just the number and listen, friend, i don’t even know where the original list is so i have no idea what your prompt was but if someone sees the list flying around, let me know.

so many of these prompts were also more aligned to a modern AU but i’m not capable of doing a regular modern AU so here it is, the first 1920s gangster AU no one (or, like, four people, retroactively) asked for

although this is more like Black Sails: Prohibition-Era Gay Chicken AU

#83, “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

Flint lights a cigarette. The metal clink of his lighter flicking shut is the only sound trickling across the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Other than the crush of waves, of course. Everything glows a hazy orange in the steam of the summer air. Fuck, it’s hot, even with the breeze pushing off the sea. It’s barely a breeze, really, the waves twitching only as much as an accomplished sinner in church. They’re moving, sure, but they aren’t exactly calling attention to themselves.

He sticks the cigarette in his mouth and takes off his jacket, throwing it over the railing. He smokes with his lips pursed, rolling up his sleeves, never taking his eyes off the horizon. He’d get a good breeze if he was on a boat, even in this fucking July swelter. He lets loose the top button his waistcoat, then takes off his hat to wipe at his brow with his forearm. The only way to get a good goddamn breeze is at sea.

The boat still isn’t in sight.

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More Beautiful than the Sun

A/N: Hey so uh…I’m feeling part two vibes to this. So…if it gets enough feedback, I might write a part 2.

Request: Can you do a Cas X reader? A very fluffy and smutty one? Where Cas has to reassure reader that she’s beautiful and important and then he has to show her?

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Oral (Female Receiving)

Word Count: 1.5k

Originally posted by princesscas

You turned your music down a some while you finished getting ready for this hunt. You did not want to go. Anytime you had to get dressed up, you tried everything and anything you could to get out of it. Dean wasn’t buying it this time though. He gave you a few hours to get ready, which you appreciated; but that didn’t help much.

You stopped and stared at your reflection in the floor length mirror, hating everything about yourself. You sighed as you slid your heels on, wishing that your legs were a little longer. You held your hair up in a pony tail, and clipped it up for a moment while trying to decide if you should tie it up or leave it down.

Down. You always thought that you looked like kid with your hair up. You let it fall back down over your shoulders and stared at your split ends. You hadn’t cut your hair in years. You’d been so bent on letting it grow out. Tossing your hair hair clip to the side, you watched yourself as you twirled a tendril of hair around your finger, thinking maybe you should curl it. But then your hair would look shorter, and you didn’t want that, considering your black dress was a hip hugger. Tonight, your long hair would be your safety net.

You grabbed your eyeliner pencil and leaned forward towards the mirror to put it on. You dropped the pencil and spun around when Castiel appeared in the mirror behind you.

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Request: #30 “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?” with Sam please?

Pairing: Sam x reader

“Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?” you asked, Sam giving you a smile. “I mean, forget the fact that you’ve been parading around as an FBI agent all day and would go to jail for that. Normal people would think we’re nuts just for how we talk.”

“I think you’re nuts,” said Sam, your jaw dropping as he bit his bottom lip. 

“Sassy boy today,” you said, shaking your head.

“You are hopelessly in love with me. You’ve got to be off your rocker,” said Sam, leaning over in your car to give you a kiss. “It’s okay, I’ll take care of you crazy.”

“You’re the nutty one,” you said, kissing him back when he went to move away, remembering that morning’s conversation. “I mean, who wants to be in Ravenclaw?”

“Oh shut up you Gryffindor die hard. Ravenclaw is a perfectly respectable-”

“You want to be the brains and I’ll be the brawn?” you teased, Sam squinting at you with a smirk.

“I’ll show you some brawn later on little nut job,” he said. 

“Is that a promise?” you asked.

“Count on it. Now watch the house. We’ve got a pair of Ghouls to catch after all.”

Stockholm Syndrome // E2!Cisco (Reverb) x Reader

Request: Reverb smut where he holds you as prisoner, while you’re held in the cell of his lair you act like you hate him but he can see you and him having sex in the future, so he slowly teases you until you give in?

Warnings: foul language, intense smut, E2 Cisco being an asshole but like a hot one though and also dare I say kinda sweet?? Also ANGST WOW.
A/N: there will totally be more of this plot line tbh

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nightmaredean  asked:

“Is there a reason your crawling through my window?” with Dean and fluff, please? :)

A thump roused you from sleep and your hand gripped around the handle of your gun under the pillow, your thumb expertly flipping the safety off. You tensed as another thump sounded behind you and in one fluid movement you turned on the lamp at the bedside and stood from the bed, gun held aloft at the intruder. 

“Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” you asked, relaxing at the sight of a tousle haired, very drunk Dean Winchester, flipping the safety back on your gun. 

“Oh. This is’n my room?” he slurred, getting his foot untangled from the long curtains of your motel room and stumbling a little. You tossed your gun on the bed and lunged to catch him, scared he was going to fall flat on his face. 

“You smell like a bar,” you told him, waving the hand that wasn’t supporting a sodden man and tried breathing through your mouth, but you could taste the alcohol radiating from him so it didn’t help one bit. “And no, this isn’t your room.”

“You smell pre’y,” he said, leaning into you and taking in a deep breath, his actions exaggerated. You pushed him back on instinct but then realized he was going to topple over from the momentum, so you corrected your action by guiding him to the bed.  

“I like you a lot, you know tha’? You’re just so pretty and perfect and…so awesome!” His eyes scrunched tight on the last word, making him look like a little kid. He collapsed on top of the mussed up covers after his words and immediately passed out, jacket and shoes and all. 

It took a good long while, but you eventually got his boots and jacket off, got him up onto the pillows and stripped the sheet off the bed, leaving him the scratchy top blanket. You shut the window before heading to the decades old couch in the corner.

It would be a long night, a night wishing things were different, but the couch was better than trying to cuddle up next to Dean, who would surely sweat out copious amounts of alcohol through the night. 

It was a groan this time that roused you from your sleep, bright sunlight streaming through the curtains. 

“Why’re you in my room?” Dean’s voice was husky, his hands on the sides of his head, eyes squinting against the morning sun. 

You stood from the couch and gathered a bottle of water and some heavy duty pain killers before rounding back to the bed and sitting next to Dean, handing him your gifts. 

“Not your room, my room, you broke in through the window last night, drunk off your rocker and talking about how I smell pretty.” 

Dean downed two of the pills and the whole bottle of water in one gulp, leaning forward with his head between his knees after he did so, groaning against the pain. 

“Well, drunk me was right, you do smell good.” 

“I think you’re still a little drunk, and you also still smell like a bar. C’mon, shower time buddy.” 

He came out 20 minutes later, towel wrapped around his trim waist, his distractingly perfect body still glistening a little with water. 

 “Sam brought over clothes for you,” you told him, gesturing to the neat pile of clean clothes on the bed. He grabbed them and ducked back in the bathroom to dress, coming back out with only his jeans on, holding his shirt. 

“Did I say anything last night? I don’t remember a thing.” 

“Other than telling me I smelled pretty, that you liked me, and that I was awesome, no. Why?”

“What exactly did I say?” he asked, finally putting his shirt on. 

“You said ‘I like you a lot, you know that?” and then you said “You’re just so pretty and perfect and…so awesome.” You screwed up your face the same why he had last night and he swiped over his face with one had. 

“I didn’t…do anything? Did I?”

“Like try and pull a move?” You asked and he nodded. “No, you passed out like a perfect gentleman and I tucked you in like a perfect lady.” 

“Good god, that wasn’t the way I wanted to-Jesus.” He sat on the edge of the bed, his adorable mussed up wet hair standing on edge, bare feet worrying at the decades old shag carpet. 

“What are you mumbling about? Why are you so worried?” 

“The only thing I can remember is having a conversation with this girl at the bar and her telling me ‘Go get her, tiger!’ and then I go blank.” 

“Jesus, Dean, I don’t need to hear about your escapades at the bar that’s just…especially given our, you know, history.” 

You turned back to your bag, straightening what was already neat, rearranging what was already in the perfect spot. Hands landed on your shoulders and you jumped a little, turning to face Dean, his hands still on your shoulders.

“Drunk me was right, I should listen to him more often.” 

“About what?” 

“You. I went to that bar last night wishing more than anything that I could be with you and not that blonde bimbo, and I guess I let some things slip to her and to you and I’m tired of holding them in. I still-I’m still love with you,” he admitted, his hands moving to cup your cheeks, forcing you to look at him instead of at a spot on his chest. 

Tears filled your eyes and spilled onto your cheeks, tears that Dean swiped away with his thumbs before he leaned down to kiss you, tentative at first and then deeper as he felt you melt into him. 

“I think you should listen to ‘Drunk Dean’ more often, too,” you said when you finally came up for air. 

“So I really should try and win a wing eating contest?”

“No, not that one, that’s stupid,” you said with a chuckle, wrapping your arms around his waist. “For reals this time? All in?” 

He kissed you again, your toes curling at the perfection. “All in.”


TAGS: @waywardlullabies @writingthingsisdifficult @priestly-winchested @winchesters-flannels @badsongwinchester @captainemwinchester @lipstickandwhiskey (tag list for drabbles is still open!)

Not an ordinary damsel || 0.2


Summary: Y/N Y/L/N is one of CCPD’s best detectives, and Barry Allen being the only one in the forensics department, causes them to interfere with each other more than they like. You see: Y/N and Barry doesn’t like each other so much. But when Y/N suspect Barry to be the Flash, she gets herself into a bit too deep trouble.

Pairing: Barry Allen x Sarcastic!Reader

Warning: Zoom’s involved, therefore we don’t know about Kid-Flash yet, and Jessie Quick isn’t a speedster yet either;) And to those who are sensitive to swearing ‘n such, I’m sorry?

A/N: So because I have tons of requests, I will mash some of them up if I think they will work out nicely (and hopefully they will!). In this case, I hope it’s ok for you, galactichoran and lisagust14 <33

“Are you alright?” A vibrating voice made it impossible for Y/N to get any picture in her head of whom the man behind the mask could be.
“Uhm… I thought you just did the huge stuff,” was the first thing that popped up in Y/N head, which happened to be the lamest thing to say to a superhero of all the things it could have been. No no, save the wittiness and such to non-metas, Y/N, nice work.
“You don’t think a possible rape is worth stopping?” When Y/N didn’t have anything to say back – which rarely happened, Flash just smirked at her and sped off.


Yes, even the queen of sarcasm, the witty detective, Y/N Y/L/N had a soft spot for The Flash. Though because of her encounter with the superhero of her beloved city, her deep respect for the guy had turned into something bigger.
‘The Flash Daily, by Iris West’, after reading several articles, Y/N finally found a reliable source – it was unbelievably how many fanfictions one could find by searching for The Flash on the web.
West, as in detective Joe’s daughter?

For the first time in a long time, Y/N didn’t get Phillip the intern to bring her a Belly Burger for lunch but decided to go for a cup of coffee. That is if you count deciding for not taking a cab, but to walk to meet her mother at Jitters…
“Y/N! There you are!” Y/N’s mother looked thrilled to see her daughter again, after all: It had been months since they last met.

“His mother must be so proud of him,” Y/N had almost forgotten the part of her mother being one of the older admirers of The Flash.
“Yes, I’m sure, mom,” Y/n sipped her coffee, not noticing her green-eyed colleague entering the café with his own company.
“Have you ever met him? Oh dear, I hope not Y/N, you need to be careful here in the big city – you are careful, right?” Being raised half an hour outside Central City, Y/N always counted the minutes before her mother would start on the topic of her security.
“Mom, I’m a cop, I don’t need a hero to save me,” Y/n referred to The Flash: her mother’s only reason for not monitoring her so far away from home.
“You’re a detective that solve murders, Y/N, you’re not Superman," 

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The Adoption

Part Three

I wish I could say that we woke up the next morning and wrapped ourselves around each other, apologizing while we made love.  But that kinda stuff only happens in fan fiction and rom coms.  No, we spent the next couple of days only speaking if it was about the kids or the household and generally avoiding each other.

It was the same routine every morning.  I woke up before she did.  I got Noah handled and handed him off to her before I took Lucy to school.  I would stop by the market on the way home whether we needed something or not, just an excuse to stay out of the house and as far away from the tension as I could.

I had done a good job of keeping my feelings under wraps for the last two weeks.  But once Lucy asked and reminded me of all those pictures of Kesse on my phone, the brunt of my desire to adopt him hit me full force.  I couldn’t hide it away again if I tried.  

And what’s more I didn’t want to.  I had allowed Emily the ability to dictate our schedule concerning this because I knew her feelings were valid.  She was nervous and scared but if I let this continue, we wouldn’t get any closer to adopting him.

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anonymous asked:

are you OFF YOUR ROCKER ???? WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING WITH KHULI LOACHES AND HILLSTREAM LOACHES IN THE SAME TANK !!! khuli loaches are a tropical fish and need high seventies (fahrenheit) to thrive, while reticulated hillstream loaches are cold water fish and need mid sixties, even if you put the temp somewhere in the middle of that its probably stressing out both species :(

Hi, Anon! (and an important PSA)

Oh boy… where to start? I’ll answer this in three parts:

1) If you are trying to offer advice to someone about ANYTHING, not just fish, you should always do so in a polite and respectful tone.All caps and being incredibly rude is not the way to do it, be kind to others. This will make them more inclined to listen and take your advice! So everyone, please take note that this is not how you try to correct someone who you think is doing something wrong (even if they keep a betta in a bowl). Politely offer your advice and help to people!

2) If you are trying to help someone correct something that you perceive as wrong, DON’T do it anonymously. If I were to genuinely not know what I am doing and wanted to inquire more, I would be completely lost at this point. This shows me that you, anon, do not have the confidence in what you are saying.

So anyone who is considering offering advice to anyone else for any reason, don’t do it in an anonymous ask. Have the confidence in yourself to put your name on it and have a two-way communication!

3) The picture you see on my blog was a temporary setup. The setup I have now is much better and accommodates both species. I have a 55-gallon bowfront tank that is 4 feet long and 12 inches deep. This vast but shallow tank allows me to have a range of temperatures by adding just a small heater on one side of the tank.

Please forgive me as the tank isn’t complete and there is a hellacious glare. The left side of the tank has many plants, a CO2 injector, and a heater. This is where the Kuhlis spend most of their time. The temperature in this area is in the upper 70s.

The other side of the tank (the side without the sand) has two large smooth rocks (three more will be added when I get more sand), two strong powerheads, and a strong bubbler (more on the way). This side of the tank sits in the low 70s

In the wild, rivers and streams are never going to be entirely within a fish’s preferred water temperature. This setup allows the fish to go to whichever side they prefer. They usually stick to the side you’d expect, but sometimes one or two will wander to another side.

Now, you state that Reticulated Hillstream Loaches prefer water “in the mid-60s,” this contradicts every source I have read about them. Fishlore puts them at 68-75. So the 72 is a nice middle point for them.

Also, the fish show no signs of stress and are all eating well. I have been monitoring them very closely since the move, and they are doing very well.

imunderthought  asked:

You can ignore this if this is uncomfortable topic. Undertale and Underfell skeleton Bros is doing something in the house late at night then his S/O walks through the door, drunk as hell. They walk up and wrap their arms around his neck then well giggling says 'LET'S DO THE SEX! Oh wait, wait do you have anything down there?' S/O then tries to pull the front of their pants forward to look at his bare crotch. How do they react? By the way I love your blog, it's cute and charming.

Darling, in order to be uncomfortable about something, you must first have a sense of shame. I am shameless.


Classic (Ut Sans)

He had just finished working on his sciency stuff and was ready to call it a night, but he was a little surprised you weren’t home yet. No sooner had he had that thought you came stumbling through the door giggling like a doof and then suggesting the two of you get fresh. He was happy to oblige, but he was confused as to the naughty suggestion. When you peeked at his pelvis in curiosity, he just let out an awkward chuckle and led you up to bed. Maybe he would oblige you when you were sober and (hopefully) rational.

Papy (Ut Papyrus)

He was usually in bed by this hour, but you had yet to come home, and he was worried about you. When you stumbled in highly inebriated, he was upset that you would harm your beautiful body like this, but it was quickly replaced by embarrassment when you pulled his pajamas out to look at his pelvis. With a weird squeak noise and a very orange face, he scooped you up to carry you to bed, still upset and far too flustered to actually even try to acknowledge your questions.

Red (Uf Sans)

Red was on a late night video game streak, and probably would have played through the night had you not bust through the door giggling like a moron and making him check just how late it was. He hadn’t even realized you weren’t home, and boy didn’t that make him feel like a shit mate. He barely had time to pause his game before you were in his lap and suggesting the two of you bang. He grinned like a shark, pulling you so you were straddling him and he could rumble into your ear. ‘keep that up, dollface, and you’ll find that out on your own pretty soon, heheh….’ Perv.

Edge (Uf Papyrus)

He was engrossed in a book as he waited up for you. It was unusual for you not to be home at this hour, and he was wondering if he shouldn’t set out to track you down. When you finally slammed into the house, drunk off off your rocker, he just stared at you with amusement and concern warring on his skull. Until, of course, you started rambling about sex and whether or not he had proper…equipment for such an activity. He quickly scooped you up and whisked you off to bed, where he gladly demonstrated exactly how to use such mighty tools.


I’m glad you enjoy my blog, and I hope this ask is to your satisfaction, dearest. Please continue to visit and feel free to leave another ask any time!

Impossible Prompt Challenge

Nicki’s and Rosie’s 500 Follower Impossible Prompt Challenge

We have no idea how this happened, but we recently hit 500 followers together! Thank you so much, your support means a lot and we love every single one of you awesome people.

To celebrate this, we wanted to make a challenge where everybody can take part in. As the title already said, it’s all about weird prompts. There are two ways to join:

If you don’t want to write something, you can send in “impossible prompts”, meaning weird sentences that we have to write a drabble or a one shot around. Send in an ask or a message to one of us with anything that comes to your mind (seriously, anything. The weirder the better.). For inspiration, see the prompts below.
If you want to write: Message us or send us an ask saying which of the “impossible prompts” from below you want to write a story about. Any pairing, any length, any fandom is possible. This can be a great opportunity to train your writing skills, challenge yourself and show some courage. Also, if you realize that it’s not your thing or you don’t have enough time, you can always step out of the challenge, so don’t be afraid to participate. It’s all good. Just let us know beforehand, so we can keep that prompt open. When you post your stories, please tag @nickiwinchester97 and @rosie-winchester and use the tag #impossible prompt challenge.

This challenge ends June 30th. We hope all of you have a lot of fun participating. If you have any questions, please let us know! Don’t be afraid to ask!

Prompt list:
1. I think I drank too much apple juice.
2. It tastes like fall in a cup.

3. Batman would have done it.
4. What are you doing with that cucumber?

5. In my bed, really?
6. How do you like sucking on those sour grapes?
7. When was the last time you smelled like this?
8. I haven’t pooped in six days
9. Dear god, did you just wink at me?
10. I wanted to break the rules, but broke my arm instead.
11. It licked me.
12. This banana has more curves than you.
13. Stop touching my face or I might bite.
14. Should I be concerned that you’re covered in glitter?
15. No, not every cemetery has free Wi-Fi.
16. Who left their sandwich in my shoe?
17. Don’t climb on me!
18. Why would somebody want to break into a prison?
19. Let me finish laughing first.
20. You mean the plan is based on a drunk stripper?
21. When you die, can I have your sass?
22. I came to gank monsters and get drunk, and I just finished ganking monsters.
23. Are you a son of a bitch?
24. So do you say that to all the girls that kick your ass?
25. Don’t you roll your eyes at me!
26. I am not your mother, so stop acting like a child!
27. Were you just listening to something other than 80’s rock?
28. Who pissed in your cheerios?
29. When life gives you lemons, chuck them at people you hate.
30. That’s not what your mom said last night
31. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m dead.
32. I am not a hoarder! I am a lover of things!
33. Why is that fish giving me a weird look?
34. I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world!
35. Has the world gone mad!
36. I think you fell off your rocker, because you sound bonkers.
37. There will be toilet paper everywhere…
38. What did you just do with your tongue?
39. Get out of me.

40. They ate my pie…

Thanks for your support! We’d really like to see you participate and we’d love if you could help signal boost our challenge. Love you!

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