off white is good though

My computer is preventing me from drawing because it knows it’s being replaced in 10 days.

So I guess I’ve been thinking about hot wheels and what I love and how I wanna do a bunch of analysis posts and stuff(Cause it’s fun to dig deep into little things and because of that fancomic reboot I want to do)

And then also I remembered how much acceleracers bothers me. Some of these are nitpicks(eye colours) but I’m gonna do a whole big post about everything cause a lot of this is pretty bad….

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Cr: VS Arashi 2-hour SP 14.07.2016

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um like the type of dress like you were thinking :) thanks!

(Okay here it FINALLY is, this honestly shouldn’t have taken so long but because I must be fashion impaired I had to do some research.  Sorry for taking a long-ass time lmao)

America/Alfred F. Jones-

He would want you to have something you could dance in and move freely, not really one for traditional style dresses.  A colorful party dress or something flowy and knee-length with intricate designs might suit his taste, though he probably would think you looked good in anything, even if you showed up in jeans and a hoodie.

England/Arthur Kirkland-

England would probably want something elegant and more traditional. A Cinderella type of dress or just something modest might be the best choice if you didn’t want him as flustered throughout the night.  No matter what you wore, he would be tripping over himself when he saw you.

France/Francis Bonnefoy-

France might like a vintage and lacy dress, modest or not. Perhaps something off-white or cream would be a good color choice, though it really didn’t matter much to him. Anything you wore would lead to endless compliments and a grin for the duration of the dance.

 Russia/Ivan Braginski-

He would probably like you in something unique and light colored.  A high low dress or something with ruffles would captivate his attention from the moment he saw you.  Not to mention, he would like being able to show everyone whose attention was drawn that you where his date.

China/Yao Wang-

Being very into symbolism and traditional things he might like something red and modest.  In relation to designs he would like something slightly simple but also pretty, so a flowery design might capture his interest.  He would dote on how cute you looked the whole evening, smiling and sticking to your side.

 N. Italy/Feliciano Vargas-

Italy would generally not have a specific taste for whatever dress you wore, thinking you looked beautiful in anything, and also not being a picky type of person at all.  But he did particularly like the look of lace and light colors on a dress, whether it was long or short was up to you.

 Japan/Kiku Honda-

Japan would like something modest and vibrant, blues, reds, pinks or yellows might be in his best interest.  He would like the idea of complex designs and ribbons or flowery things.  When first seeing you, no matter what you where wearing he would be speechless and blushing.

 Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt-

Surprisingly Germany would like dark colors or light pinks, a mix between the two on a dress might most fit his aesthetic.  He also might like something long and simple when it came to design.  He would probably be blushing throughout the night.

 Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt-

Prussia, like America, would want you to wear something that you could dance in.  Something about knee length would be best to move around in, paired with flats would be a good idea, due to his constant need to move around.  He also might like something with intricate designs and sparkles.