Here’s a nondescript picture of me working on/casting on too many things at one time.

Middle-ish lefthand garter stitch thing in the lightest shade: JUNIPER MOON FARM ZOOEY: because of the way the yarn is constructed, it’s very splitty, but I kind of love the feel of it and harbor a secret desire for a stash of every neutral naturalish or greyscale color they make so I could knit the thing I am working on about 7 times and/or just put it in a pretty set of shelves and look at it. I generally hate knitting finicky yarn and much prefer plain, easy wool, so I guess “it’s splitty, you have to pay attention which is just awful, would knit again” is a pretty good endorsement.  Linen! Cotton! Thick-and-thin textures! IT IS MOST SUMMER-APPROPRIATE YARN I HAVE MET IN RECENT TIMES.

Bottommost depleted ball of yarn plus a little reverse-side knitting in the lower right corner: SOME NONDESCRIPT WOOL I DYED WITH BLACK BEAN JUICE, NOT VERY WELL. Once my brother gave me a big jar of black bean juice and a loaf of bread he’d baked himself for my birthday; the best gifts, to me, are the ones that make you feel known to another person and really understood, so it was like one of the best gifts ever. I don’t think I did very well dyeing the wool, but it has a very subtle greyish tone with some variegation and it’s enjoyable to knit, and inspiring in the sense of making me want to dye more things in the future and do a better job with it, and also this is almost done; it only needs sleeves (short sleeves; I’m running out of yarn)

Big skein of taupeish yarn: LIONBRAND FISHERMAN’S WOOL. I think this is the only new impulse-bought yarn I’ve bought this year (though I also bought some bulky undyed white wool for the sweater): I guess from time to time I get all up in A CHALLENGE where I am bound and determined to make a good worthwhile garment from only the materials I can forage from the harsh environs of a shopping center or something, idk. (I have much less tolerance for shopping than for the idea - never quite accurate - that I will cope with my total boredom by making a garment; I am generally too busy to really do it and also too self-conscious to knit in public.) Anyway, I have three skeins of it and it should be plenty for what is on my mind, so it has finally found, I hope, an appropriate end destination in terms of becoming a thing.