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[TRANSLATION] 170326 pledis_17′s Twitter Update

[17’S 준] 삼월에 별자리는 염소자리래요~! 양이 많구나~ 다들 잘자요!

[17’S JUN] They say March’s star sign is Aries~! Lots of sheep~ Goodnight everyone!

credit: erin @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!

Head cannon script for 2x11

I’ve decided to try my hand at scriptwriting, so i’ve had a go at writing the next episode of shadow hunters :) I’d appreciate your feedback so I hope you enjoy. Also I don’t speak Romanian or French and have relied off google translate so if i’ve accidentally written something offensive i apologise in advance

Synopsis: Now that the time of mourning after the ‘Soul-Sword massacre’ had reached it’s end, Downworlders and Shadowunters contemplate their next move in the war against Valentine. 

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on weekly idol hongseok did the handstand from seating postion thing btob minhyuk always does

and mcs reaction was basically ‘minhyuk what are you going to show now??’

and just now minhyuk actually replied to mbc tweet

‘i will yield the palm of the sports-dol idol title to hongseokie ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ’

and pentagon official twitter replied to that

‘from sports-dol legendary legend god minhyuk..🙏

HUMO: You’re a feminist, you have already said that several times. Many young women do not like being associated with feminism, because in their eyes it is a movement that forbids them to wear heels.

Evelyne Brochu: Feminists are the reason that I can vote, and my main concern is not whether I should wear heels or not, but that I might soon lose that acquired right as a woman. That Donald Trump is completely disturbed. The first thing he did as president, was to abolish subsidies for abortion clinics. And isn’t it scary what humiliating statements the most powerful man in the world can make about women? Everybody says: “They are just words.” But words set the motion more often than you think. A man thinks much faster now, “If the most powerful man can say that, it is okay if I say it too.” While women previously where not given the same room as men to be angry, or different, or crazy, a man is admired for those things, “Look how strong he is and what strong opinions he has.” A woman would be called hysterical.

Women are constantly belittled. We are told how we should behave if we want to be loved. That’s my biggest concern. I could care less about those heels.

This is a translation of Ebro’s interview with a Belgium magazine. For the full translated interview keep reading.

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ok so i haven’t seen anyone here on tumblr talking about german peasley and how gay he is and that is a crime so 

so there’s the scene in the english version of superstar saga where, after luigi rescues peasley, peasley calls luigi a zero, then immediately fixes himself to say hero

however, in the german version of the game, peasley misspeaks the saying hut ab, meaning “hats off!” and instead says hose runter, meaning… “pants down

and then later in the english version of the game, there’s peasley asking where luigi is, then proceeding to make a comment about his ‘luigi dunk’

however, don’t worry, it gets gayer in the german version. peasley, after asking about luigi, proceeds to refer to luigi as an ‘amüsantes schätzchen’, meaning amusing babe (schätz by itself means sweetheart/treasure/honey, while the -chen at the end makes it a “cuter” version of the endearment term)

in conclusion, peasley loves luigi and no one is surprised


Travel Comments

Matsuura Kanan
When spring comes and it’s getting warmer, doesn’t it just make you want to go somewhere far away?♡ Even when you can’t travel, you embark on something new - to me, spring is definitely the season of new beginnings. Soon, before I get busy with diving again, I want to travel with you♡
Places she would like to travel: Maldives, Palau, Great Barrier Reef

Tsushima Yoshiko
If I, the Fallen Angel Yohane, used my pure black wings, I’d be able to fly to even hell in just a flash - but that would just be boring♡ I favor a laid-back journey on the train! But when you’re with me, the little devil Yohane, you’ll never know what will happen - it’ll be a mystery tour♪
Places she would like to travel: Hokkaido (Tasty food!), Hawaii, Tokyo

Kunikida Hanamaru
I generally get lost when I go to unfamiliar places as I’m bad at getting around by myself. But, if someone’s with me, I love viewing sceneries I’ve never seen before♡ If I get drowsy while looking through the window, I’d be happy if you woke me up, zura♡
Places she would like to travel: USJ, Tohoku, Shikoku (Shikoku Pilgrimage♡)

Sakurauchi Riko
I’ve always lived in Tokyo and when I moved to Uchiura, I lived a life full of beaches and mountains for the first time. I’ve completely fallen in love with nature♡ I think there’s still a lot of wonderful places in Japan to visit, so I’d be happy to tour all over Japan♪
Places she would like to travel: Kumamoto, Fukuoka, Tohoku

Watanabe You
Ever since I was small, I’ve aspired towards becoming a ship captain. So when it comes to where I want to go, it’ll definitely be on an adventure~♡ I’d pack a sleeping bag on a huge rucksack - I hope I can experience various things on the way! I’ll dive into the seas of the world and take a splash♪
Places she would like to travel: Pacific Ocean, Antarctic Ocean, Patagonia!

Takami Chika
I’m a hot springs inn girl, so if someone mentions a trip, hot springs come to mind♡ “I want to go to hot springs here and there~” is what I’d normally think, but truth is, the place I want to go to the most is where μ’s went to, New York!! Dreams have to be big after all, don’t they?♪ Aqours will also work hard towards Love Live! and get to New York!♡
Places she would like to travel: New York, Tokyo, Kusatsu Onsen♡

Kurosawa Dia
The place I would want to go to is a city with a big art museum. I think I want to spend time leisurely there, feeling the flow of history and the exquisite exhibits around me. I’m certain I’ll even lose track of time passing by. Learning through the past - as always, good things stand the test of time. Would you like to join me?
Places she would like to travel: Paris, Madrid, London

Ohara Mari
I’ve lived in a foreign country for a long time, and I love port towns. It’s an exciting place where various cultures mix and many tastes clash to create new sensations♡ I’ve also been excited a great deal here in Uchiura♪ That’s why this time, it’s my turn to give you that excitement♡♡
Places she would like to travel: Yokohama, Kobe, Singapore

Kurosawa Ruby
I love idols a lot, and so I want to go see the idol stages all over Japan~!! I’m sure it’ll be an exciting trip from the very first step♪ The way to the idol stages is a shining road of the stars! I want to shine soon too~♡
Places she would like to travel: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine March 2017 issue
Translated by XiantheMiguel
QC by Lucia Hunter


“I became obsessed with Harrison long before it became fashionable. I was a real trendsetter in that sense. I started a craze.”

this was sent to me weeks ago but I never actually did it until now… I really should start pacing myself because this legit took me all afternoon to finish

so y’all better read this and enjoy it because it’s long but oh so good. obviously, this isn’t as convenient as a full-on typeset, but I do recommend looking at the comic on a separate tab while reading this translation in order to follow along! and if even then it’s hard to follow along… I’m sorry

Page 1

Karamatsu: Heh. I look good today, too. Perfect.
Todomatsu: How long are you going to keep staring at your mirror?
Karamatsu: My mirror is just fascinated by me and won’t let me go.
Todomatsu: How painful~ Look, Ichimatsu-niisan’s giving you a really amazing look right now.
Karamatsu: Eek… Th-That’s right. It’s time for me to meet my Karamatsu Girls. I have to go guide them towards fate.
Todomatsu: Okay, okay. Take care. (after he’s gone) Geez, what a pain…
Ichimatsu: …Ughhhhhhhhhhh…
Ichimatsu (thinking): It’s like daily torture… It’s totally like I’m being shown the old me… That way of speaking as if putting on a performance, that behavior of trying to act cool… That wasn’t something Karamatsu started. It was me. This is something that my brothers all know, which only makes it even more embarrassing… I just want to forget anything ever happened…

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“…Sometimes we like to look the other way, you can easily become unsure in thinking it is me (who is going to be bullied) next time. But we must interfere and the more we do, the easier it will be when we stand together and remember each other. We must be good friends so that there is room for everyone in the class.”

Crown Princess Mary has participated in the introduction part of the Mary Fonden and DR Ultra’s video “Courage”. The video aims to promote the idea that “everyone has the right to belong”, by encouraging classmates to speak up for one another when one sees another being bullied. The video highlights the important message that, “It takes courage to be a good friend. If we are many who are brave, there will not be room for bullying. Show courage.” 

You can view the video Courage here (in Danish) and here (in English).

Did you know…

…why meat is first of the four elements and it’s an important element?

You probably think you know, but… if the only version what you know is the English one, then you are simply wrong. Even if you are up to date with OFF Wikis:

One look:


But French:

First part is taken as should be: Because without meat, people would have nothing to eat. But after that there is information about… no, not about dying of starvation. For that are completely another words: affamer or mourir de faim, maybe manquer de nourriture, crever de faim… Definitely not dévoreraient, which… yes, comes from the same sources as devour and which any dictionary translates as starvation!

After this mistake english translator maaaaybe could understand les uns les autres as one after another… Or maybe force to mean it? I don’t know, I am really weak from the French, believe me. But dictionaries have no doubt even without context, saying that Elsen when not having meat, would simply devour each other. In this way we have had an preview of what they are capable long before first Library hints about Zone 3. But just in French.

Cutest?  Coolest?

Oh hello~
I’m home!

My grandma came to see us in Iwate
Of course when she said, “Oikawa is so cool!” 
As her grandchild, I had some mixed feelings, but we still all took a photo together!  Thank you everyone for agreeing to take a photo together.

It’s okay!  I know that she thinks I’m the cutest!  lol

Now!  Let’s do some laundry.

Translated by @nimbus-cloud

Did you know...

In the original French version of OFF, there is nothing about the famous relationships puppeteer-puppet in the welcome of Judge. He says:

The key-words are le corps (a body) about the Batter and l'âme (a soul) and, in question, le contrôleur (a controller) about the Player. Then we can translate it as:

Enchanted, but I’m not
talking to the body, but to
the soul that it hosts. What
is your name, controller?

Such a words in the context of the Batter doesn’t appear until the end, when the Judge says to the Player that “he will die in control of his cruel marionnette”.

What means that the smart comparison is just creativity of OFF English translation author. What is impressive when we think about all fanfics and fanarts based only on fascination of that puppet strings. Which does not change the fact, that I was a little… shocked, when I discovered it.

Kousuke’s 1-year Anniversary

Today marks one year since my debut.  I was so nervous for that dress rehearsal I don’t remember anything at all.  But I do remember the sight of the audience entering the theater on that opening night.  
After a full year, to be able to spend that anniversary standing on stage as Oikawa-san again is a great joy.
Thank you so much for always supporting me.  
I’ll continue to do my best!!!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud