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Fairy Tail Headcanons: Favorite Movie Genres

Natsu- Action. Give him anything Marvel and he’ll love it.

Lucy- Anything thought provoking. Lucy likes to overthink half the details she sees in movies.

Gray- Horror/Action. If this man watched anime you’d bet he’d get a kick out of Ajin.

Erza- Does this really need to be said? Steamy romances. I’m talking actual rated-r types of movies. She might tone it down to just plain romance but so long as the couple gets together in the end she’ll love it.

Jellal- He doesn’t watch movies that often, but he likes his classic sci-fi over anything else. He thinks Star Wars is the greatest movie to happen to humanity.

Juvia- Horror. It isn’t that she isn’t scared of them, it is that she loves the rush she gets while watching them.

Levy- “Based off of the true story of….” documentaries. Particularly animal stories. She always cries at the end but she finds it rather satisfying.

Gajeel- He likes to think of himself as having high standards which is why he always makes fun of old movies, but in reality he likes action movies with a bit more depth than anything.

Wendy- Innocent child. Angel of happiness. Loves a good story with a heroine in it. Brave is probably her favorite out of everything.