off to watch parks and rec now

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Relationship status?: Married.  To a Giant Nerd which is A+

Pets?: Three cats, one goblin posing as a dog, one snake, one bearded dragon

Last song I listened to?: Happy by Pharrell Williams (the 9 y/o was watching Despicable Me2)

Favorite TV shows?: Ack erm.  I don’t have anything but Netflix so I don’t watch a lot of TV but erm.  GBBO (great british bake off), chopped, Parks and Rec, Happyish

First Fandom?: Technically Anne Rice, but if we’re counting like online community fandom, then Harry Potter

Hobbies?: Knitting, crocheting, playing ukulele/guitar, lying face down in my bed pretending I don’t have 1 billion adulting things that need to be done.

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nicknames: Silver

star sign: Virgo

time right now: 9:05 pm

last thing i googled: summons ffxv

favourite music artist(s): Rise Against, Polar Bear Club, Dance Gavin Dance, Kana Nishino….. theres a shitton others but im lazy

last tv show i watched: Parks and Rec

what im wearing right now: Pants, Shirt, Apron that i forgot to take off (and ill probably keep this on bc im lazy)

when i created this blog: Shit i dont know. i never keep track

kind of stuff i post: Whatever catches my interest, games, pretty people, shows, social justice, feminism

do i have any other blogs: nah

do i get asks regularly: nope, my inbox try D.A.B. (@followers You guys should change that)

why did i choose my url: bacon + omnom, catchy and i like it

hogwarts house: iunno and i dont really… to find out?

pokemon team: Ill pick me faves; Ampharos, Aggron, Salamance, Lucario, Azumarill (cause i got absolutely destroyed by my friend with one), and Infernape

favourite colour: Royal Blu

favourite character: theres so fuckin many but ill name 3. Lucas (mother3/smash), Daxter (Jack and Daxter), Jam (guilty gear)

number of blankets i sleep with: Two, sometimes 3

dream job: something in automechanics where i get to design and build stuff.

following: 364

number of posts: 101,669… wow…

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We made it to Brunswick with no real problems! I enjoyed my road trip with with Amanda and we listened to a podcast the second half of the trip which made us laugh and also made the trip fly by! I got here and came to Kim’s house to relax. When she got off work we went to Publix was an exciting I’m in the South trip.

We had spaghetti for dinner and watched a couple of hours of Baby Daddy. That show made Kim, Bruce and I laugh out loud a lot. They let me pick an episode of Parks and Rec before bed and I chose the one where Jerry had a “fart attack” and my sister and Bruce were laughing so hard they were crying it was the best.

I slept wonderfully and now I’m enjoying coffee, watching Candidly Nicole, and I’m on cable guy duty this am. I don’t really have plans till dinner so it’s nice to just get to relax and have my day open.

Also, Charlotte says hello!!!