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Blush (Final Rose)

Her Imperial Majesty Averia VII was blushing so hard that it was a miracle that she hadn’t already passed out. Perhaps it was because she couldn’t afford to pass out. No, she had to keep on reading.

A few weeks ago, an Imperial archaeological team had uncovered ancient relics on a downed ship. What made this particular downed ship so interesting was that it had once served as a transport for Queen Elsa of Remnant, shortly after civilisation had taken to the stars. The ship had gone down after being rammed into a particularly large and vicious Grimm that had been attacking one of the Empire’s earliest colonies.

It had supposedly been lost in the attack. However, excavations had managed to recover parts of it, including some of its data storage devices. The devices had been promptly shipped off to the empire’s finest scientists for analysis. After careful study, the analysis team had managed to decrypt the data and transfer it to a more user-friendly format since millennia old computers weren’t exactly common.

As empress, Averia had the privilege of examining any data believed to be related to her ancestors first. Well… the data was definitely related to her ancestor although not in the way she’d expected.

Ancient records had depicted her namesake, Averia Yun-Farron, to be somewhat cool and stern in demeanour. Indeed, the diaries and other records written by her sister, Diana, had frequently referred to Averia as an ‘overprotective, psychotic hedgehog’.

Indeed, even the ancient records that spoke of the love shared by Elsa and Averia noted that Averia was not as publicly affectionate as either of her siblings were toward their spouses. However, those same records suggested a far different story in private.

The data the empress was reading through most definitely concurred.

She was reading what appeared to be a series of message exchanged by Queen Elsa and Averia. The messages were… explicit. In no uncertain terms, Averia described what she wanted to do to the queen and how thoroughly and frequently she was going to do it.

Previous messages attributed to Averia had generally been quite dry and to the point, the exceptions being those written to her family, which were often laced with a sort of exasperation. This… this was raw, and fiery, and passionate. It confirmed that the marriage between Queen Elsa and Averia was most certainly not a marriage of convenience. No, nobody could have written the things that Averia had if they weren’t utterly in love with their wife.

And, really, the empress couldn’t stop herself from reading. And then she got to the part where Queen Elsa replied, her own messages no less graphic and intense than those of Averia.

If only Averia hadn’t been reading the message in front of Claire and Jahne…

“So…” Jahne drawled. “Are you going to tell us what the data was, or are you going to keep us in suspense?”

“I’m not sure I want to know,” Claire said. “Look at her face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her blush so hard before.”

“I bet its porn,” Jahne said. “You’d be amazed by how much porn we find on old data recorders when we dig stuff up. Sure, we don’t always know its porn if it belongs to aliens, but, yeah, I think out of the twenty or so archaeological digs I’ve been on, at least half have recovered porn of some sort of another.”

“It’s not porn,” Claire replied. She paused. “Wait… that look on your face.” She leaned forward and stared into Averia’s eyes. “It’s totally porn, isn’t it. Let me see that!” And she grabbed the scroll and began to skim through it with the speed and efficiency that only a bearer of Saviour could possess. Seconds later, she dropped the scroll like she’d been burned. “Seriously?”

Averia could only nod dumbly.

Jahne glanced at the screen. “Huh… it was porn. Or should we call it smut?” She snickered. “On the upside, I don’t think anyone can say your ancestors didn’t love each other after reading this although I guess it would be awkward since you share the same name as your ancestor, and Queen Elsa is quite… blunt about what she wants her Averia to do to her.”
Averia twitched.

“Still…” Jahne said. “I guess this answers another question we’ve always had. Were the ancients more flexible than us? If even half the things being suggested in this are true, then the answer has to be yes.”