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Going over my issue with the KH1 parallels BBS has, it’s basically the same reason I take issue with the way KH2 handles Roxas/Naminé. It’s riding in the coattails of another relationship.

In order not to spend much time actually establishing how TAV interact with each other and showing us their friendship, they cut corners by repeatedly comparing TAV to SRK.

It’s like they wanted to make TAV as believable as SRK was at the end of the Destiny Islands section, but with that small ass prologue and like one flashback afterwards, both of which had moments that were repeated over and over again throughout the game.

So when they realized that wouldn’t work, they decided to make these KH1 callbacks with “Ven, you sleephead” or “I thought you were stronger than that”. Because if their relationship sounds similar to SRK, than surely that means it’s well-established with little work.

been feeling kind of touch starved lately,, have some snuggly boys


Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?
Soon that attitude may be your doom.


I got hit with the sudden urge to sketch some dysfunctional lawyers whilst listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. I’ve missed them.

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 


Bellarke Week - Day 6: AU
▶ Post-Praimfaya: Bellamy gets drunk and hallucinates Clarke.