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BTS Reaction: When you reject their pickup line

Jin: “I can give myself to you.” “Sorry, I don’t accept cheap gifts.” Jin looked at you with utter shocked. “YA, what do you mean cheap? People pay hundreds to see me.”

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Yoongi: “What would you say if I asked you to marry me?” “Nothing. I can’t laugh and talk at the same time.” Feeling the weight lift  from beside you, you looked over to see Yoongi just before he left the room. “Yoongi, I was just joking, of course I’d say yes.” Yoongi turning around only to respond with, “ I don’t want to marry your single ass anymore.”

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Namjoon: “I would do whatever it takes to please you.” “Okay, please me by getting out of my sight.” Namjoon suddenly stopped, and got off you, seeing him walking out you suddenly hear a faint whisper, “Not today.”

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J-hope: “If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.” “ They got it right the first time with the N and the O.” Looking up at him you could see that his face fell. “Oh, no, Hobi. I was just joking, you know you are a Q T.”

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Jimin:  “ That’s a cute dress. It would look even better on my bedroom floor.”
“And it would look fabulous jammed into your windpipe.” Jimin stared at you with an offended look before speaking. “First my height, then my hands, and now my windpipe.”

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Taehyung:  “ Feel my shirt. That’s boyfriend material.” “It looks a little too clingy and hard to maintain.” After hearing the words come out of your mouth he let go of you to get a better look at you. “ I can’t believe you would insult my shirt like that, this shirt cost me my paycheck.”

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Jungkook:  “ I just Googled “sexy” and a picture of you came up.”
“You’ll get the same result if you search for “not interested”.” Expecting a response, but not receiving one you looked up from your phone to see him talking to himself. “ Complement them they said, they’ll like it they said.”

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Request (PLS)

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IDK if you saw the post about how, before the Death Star plans were captured, the asset Bail was sending was *Leia herself* to Obi-Wan. But I'd like an AU based on that. No Death Star Plans, only a 19-year-old-girl strong in the Force, trying to beat the Empire.

She didn’t—

Luke cocked his head, watching the girl in white move through the marketplace. He couldn’t figure out what it was about her, why one minute he had been engrossed in Waing’s new shipment of power converters and the next he was staring at her, totally unable to tear his eyes away. He wasn’t entirely sure how he’d gone from one to the other, except he had, and now he was watching her. It was important he watch her, he knew it was important, though he couldn’t figure out how he knew that, or why.

It wasn’t that she stood out—sure, no one wore robes of that clean white, not unless they had a lot of slaves or droids to do the laundry for them, and yeah, she was the sort of pale you generally only saw in traders, who spent more time in artificial grav than sunslight. But she could be a water merchant’s daughter slumming it in Toshe, or an off-worlder, taking in the sights. (Not that they had many sights to see in Toshe, Luke thought with a snort.) And nobody else seemed to notice her; she stopped at Kinqua’s stall and dipped her fingers into the bowl Kinqua left out for tasting, and lifted it to her lips, licked the droplets away.

Luke had seen Kinqua casually lop off a child’s hand for that.

Skywalker,” Waing said, startling Luke out of his thoughts. “You made a decision? Or are you just going to keep feeling up my tech until it agrees to go home with you?”

“Cool your drives, Waing,” Luke said mildly, but he was still staring at the girl in white. She had two droids trundling after her, he realized belatedly—an astromech and a protocol droid, though he couldn’t make out what they were saying at this distance. Their lights were flashing, though, and he wished he could read visual binary.

“Oh, I see,” Waing said after a minute, and Luke could hear them smirking. “My tech isn’t all you’re hoping to take back to the Whitesun-Lars homestead.”

Luke felt his face go hot, and he forced himself to look back at Waing. They were smirking. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said coolly, but he couldn’t focus on the power converters anymore. The girl in white, had she—

“Pardon me.”

This close it was abundantly obvious that she wasn’t from Tatooine—no one from this planet carried that air of interestingness with them, like they had a secret that might change the whole course of your life. She must be an off-worlder. “I’m looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Do you know where I might find him? I was told he lives near here—”

“Old Ben?” Luke cut in, before Waing could answer. “Do you mean Old Ben?”

The girl in white looked at him for a long moment, and Luke felt the back of his neck heating up. “I don’t know,” she finally said. “Is he near here?”

“Oh, sure,” Luke laughed, more out of relief than anything else. “Old Ben’s just a few klicks from here, he lives near the western gorge—I could take you, if you want,” Luke said quickly, because she looked increasingly put-out, and he felt something in his chest twinge in answer to it.

But she shook her head. “Thank you for the offer, but this is a personal matter.”

“It’ll cost you serious credits if you charter a speeder,” Luke said. “I’m headed that way anyway, let me take you. And your droids. Really,” he said, because she still looked uncertain. “It’s no trouble.”

She looked at him for a long moment, and her dark eyes were very serious. (He liked her eyes, for no particular reason he could figure out.) “My name is Leia,” she finally said, sticking her hand out. 

“Luke,” Luke laughed, taking it and shaking it. It was cool and smooth, and if he’d needed any confirmation she was from off-world, that was it. “Skywalker. My uncle owns a moisture farm in the eastern hemisphere.”

“I’m—not from around here,” she said, and Luke almost laughed because—well, obviously.

“Consider yourself lucky,” Luke said, and something of her tiredness and tightness (why did he know she was tired, down to her bones?) eased. She smiled back, a small smile. Luke counted it as a victory.

“I am C-3PO,” the protocol droid cut in, sticking his head between them as though it would stop them from looking at one another. He was burnished gold, and in the high sunslight it hurt to look at him. “And this is my companion, R2-D2.”

The astromech whistled a greeting, and Luke laughed. “Pleasure to meet—all of you. My speeder’s docked by the Ithorian, if you want…?”

“Hey, Skywalker, aren’t you going to buy anything?” Waing interrupted, and Luke winced, barely managing to tear his eyes away from Leia, who was still smiling, very slightly.

“Sorry, uh—maybe next week?” Luke offered lamely, but he was already ushering Leia and her droids away, and he could hear her laugh, very softly. (His chest fell too full, hearing it.)

It felt strange, formal and right, to help her into the speeder. Her hand in his was a kind of symmetry, inexplicable, the way he knew how a speeder was supposed to fit together, how a full tank of moisture sounded when you rapped it with a knuckle. Organic and totally without reason, their hands fitting together. She still hadn’t told him her surname, if she had a surname. Where she was from. What she was doing here. What her droids were doing here.

Luke couldn’t help but trust her utterly. Otherwise, why did her hand feel like that, resting in his?

What do you need to see Old Ben for?” Luke shouted over the rush of air around the speeder.

I told you,” Leia shouted back. The white hood she wore had fallen back, and her hair was dark. Even carefully styled, those loops over her ears, strands came loose, whipping around her face. “It’s personal!”

They stopped at the farm first, just to refuel and drop off the handful of things Luke did buy—rations, holonews downloads, some sucrose-candies for Aunt Beru. But when they touched down, Owen went white beneath his sunsburn, staring at Leia like she was a creature from another galaxy. “Your Highness,” he breathed, and Luke had to correct him, just an off-worlder looking for Old Ben; don’t pay her any mind. Look, Uncle Owen, I brought you your Almanac—

Leia was silent; picking at a loose thread in her white, white robes.

(Afterwards, she was silent, her arms crossed over her waist. They sped across the desert, which was gathering dark by the armful. “Sorry,” Luke said, trying to keep himself from shivering, “I know it gets cold at night.”

“It’s all right,” Leia said. “On—my planet, it snowed. We had mountains, and we would build whole castles out if it, out of snow. It was beautiful.”

“I’d like to see snow,” Luke said, but he thought it was lost in the sound of the speeder, because she didn’t reply.)

By the time they reached Old Ben’s place, it was dark enough for a lamp to be burning, the light spilling beneath the door and out the window. Luke watched as Leia knocked on the daub doorframe, shivering.

Still, it was worth staying just to watch the flicker of Old Ben’s expression from surprise to shock when he greeted her. He called her by a name that was definitely not ‘leia’ and Luke watched her shoulders hitch. “No,” Leia said finally. “I am Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan. I am the daughter of Queen Breha Organa and Viceroy Bail Organa, and I am—I am here to beg your aid for the rebellion.”

Luke wasn’t so surprised that he didn’t notice Ben’s eyes cut to him, and then away.

“Princess,” Ben said finally, with an awful heaviness. Luke had brought him ration packs and listened to his stories he had never sounded like that before, like it was something awful and deep beyond saying. “If they sent you to find me, they must be very desperate.”

“No,” she said quickly, and Luke knew she was lying. “No, but—we need Jedi. We cannot go forward, we cannot fight, if the Force is not with us.”

This time, Old Ben’s stare lingered on Leia, then on Luke. He seemed to be making up his mind about something, though Luke couldn’t say what. Old Ben had always struck him as a sort of harmless religious sort; in another world he might have been a Jedi like in the stories, but instead he was a desert madman, talking to the air and clutching at a bit of carbon tubing like it was a lightsaber.

There was nothing harmless about the way he was looking at them now.

“I’ve been happy here,” Old Ben muttered, quietly, like an apology.

“Fine,” Leia said, almost a snarl. Luke could only see her in silhouette, against the light from Old Ben’s hut. He thought suddenly of a predator, something that could leap on the unsuspecting. “But no one ever promised us happiness.”

Luke could see Old Ben’s throat work. “Come in,” he said at last. His gaze darted to Luke, and Luke caught his breath. “What I have to say is—for both of you, now.”

Luke shut off the speeder.

(He had followed Leia into Old Ben’s hut, and didn’t come out the same man. No, not the same man at all.)

#1. Victor has a hangover, but Yuuri is feeling fine.

“Victor, you can’t stay in bed all day.” Yuuri says while standing in the doorway as he watches his husband wriggle around in bed.

He doesn’t get a proper reply, instead he gets muffled noises which sound like Russian curses and pitiful groans.

Yuuri walks to the bed and pokes what he thinks is Victor’s shoulder.

“Get up, it’s one in the afternoon. We have to clean up.”

Yuuri sighs as he just gets more groaning as an answer. His husband is an absolute baby.

“I said get up!” Yuuri reaches over the bed to grab onto the covers and swiftly pulls them off all in one go. The sight he sees is absolutely pathetic.

Victor is curled up in a fetal position, his skin is sickly pale with a dark red flush across his cheeks. He’s also pouting, which Yuuri isn’t surprised about.

“Nooooo!” Victor whines, writhing around and blindly reaching out to try and grab the blankets back, “Yuuri, I’m dying! Let me wallow in self pity!”

Yuuri rolls his eyes, but he can’t help the slight smile on his face at Victor’s childish whining. Victor has always been hopelessly endearing even when he’s being annoying.

“Whose fault was it that they got drunk last night, huh? Whose idea was it to down endless shots of vodka just because they didn’t want to lose a bet?”

Victor pries one eye open to look up at Yuuri, the pout on his face deepening at his words.

“How are you alive right now? You drank more than me!” Victor croaks out.

Yuuri grins, “it’s a trade secret. Now, get up!”

Victor let out a wail, and Yuuri couldn’t help but laugh in reply.

Why Yuuri Skates Half Blind

After seeing the post where Chris wears contacts on the ice while Yuuri just goes half blind, it really struck a chord in me like “Hey, I’ve done something stupid like that before.” and it really got me thinking.

Why doesn’t Yuuri wear contacts on the ice?

There could be a variety of reasons from health, his eyes not being suitable for contacts, etc. but assuming that Yuuri is perfectly capable of wearing contacts, why does he choose not to? There isn’t any proof of this at all but this is just my thoughts on a plausible reason why.

Stupid and dangerous as it is, perhaps he chose not to - because of his anxiety.

Why? Because he can’t see the audience clearly at all.

Yuuri doesn’t perform well under a huge amount of pressure. We see him breakdown when faced with the pressure to hold first place from the SP and to keep his and Viktor’s reputation from tarnishing if he screws up. He performs slightly better away from his home crowd. He thinks that nobody in the audience supports him and that the audience is there to watch him fail.

I’m a person with anxiety but I’ve also been a part of the performing arts for a good decade. When you’re on stage, the audience eyes are on you even when you’re in a big group. You feel the pressure of a hundred pairs of eyes staring at you and scrutinising your every move. You go into every performance with the reputation of yourself, your group, your conductor, and even your school on the line. This is what Yuuri must have felt at some point.

It’s really damn scary.

I’ve emceed for huge crowds of more than a thousand, I’ve sung with a choir in full auditoriums under the stress of competition. And I did at least half of these events half blind like Yuuri.

In fact, I chose to emcee or sing half blind due to anxiety. The days I did choose to wear my glasses were the days where my anxiety wasn’t bad or I didn’t feel under a lot of pressure. But other than that, I intentionally chose not to wear my glasses because not seeing the audience clearly really took a lot of the pressure off.

When you’re short-sighted and myopic, you won’t be able to see the audience and even the judges clearly when they’re quite a distance from you. You see these people as a blob of colour that look like humans but you can’t see them clearly at all. You don’t really think about them much but you’re aware that they are human and they are watching you. You’re able to focus a *little* better without the scrutinising eyes….. But not so advantageous for looking at your conductor or doing something as dangerous as dancing or ice skating (thankfully for me, I was placed in the front row of the choir so I could see the conductor easily).

Singing half blind is HARD. And I’m just standing still. I’ve no idea how Yuuri does figure skating half blind or how high his degree even is. Jesus. Bless this precious sinnamon roll before he hurts himself.

But wait! Yuuri was squinting and attempting to see!

It is actually normal for people with myopia to squint when they’re not wearing glasses. Squinting is a natural way to help your eyes focus a little better - but only to a certain extent and not really effective if you have a high degree. Sometimes you won’t even realise that you’re squinting at all. Yuuri’s sultry bedroom eyes in Eros were either planned as part of his femme fatale persona or…… Yuuri just trying to see on the ice.

I suppose this puts my rambling/theory to its end so…. #PrayForYuuri #BlessYuuri #GiveYuuriContacts2k17

Drabble(?) #2

Ship/Pairing: Fontcest or UT Papyrus x UT Sans
Rating: PG-13(?)
Fandom: Undertale
Tags: Fluff, Anniversary

“Hello? Yes, I would like to order a bouquet with red and white camellias, ambrosias, and arbutus flowers. Yes. Thank you so much! Have a nice day!” Papyrus ended the call and placed the phone down.

It had been two years since the two skeletons had began to date. Papyrus couldn’t believe how quickly the two previous years had passed, the happiness of the very first date they shared still flooding his mind. It was nothing too special, just a simple date going to the old spot where Sans and Papyrus would do snow Papyrus and Snow Sans. 

Sans began to explain that he wanted to remind himself that they had always been together, through thick and thin bonements. Papyrus still remembered slightly choking up on the fact that Sans still had time to make puns. Sans wanted to start dating and thought that heading back into the UNDERGROUND would give him confidence. Sans felt calmer in his own hometown and Papyrus completely understood the sentiment.

Nonetheless, that day filled Papyrus with joy, a grin beginning to form all over again. He’s sure that Sans would love anything he did for him, but as always that simply wasn’t enough for Papyrus. Papyrus had to show in more ways than one that he truly loved Sans. 

This morning had started off with Papyrus seeing the most beautiful sight, Sans was cuddled up to his side, drool slightly coming out of his mouth. The expression on Sans face made him seem so fragile, vulnerable. Papyrus smiled softly before kissing Sans forehead, a small clank was heard. Prying himself away from the bed, he began to quietly make breakfast. Although Sans was not a light sleeper, Papyrus wanted it to be a major surprise. He had full faith in his cooking abilities ever since he began to take cooking lessons from Grillbz. 

Nonetheless, he was ready to begin his plan. He cooked a regular ol’ scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice, and some bacon strips, with a small ketchup bottle on the side. It wasn’t anything too fancy, but he felt that it would get the message across all the same. 

Once he had finished his call, Papyrus dressed himself in a semi-formal attire. His long sleeved sweater vest matched surprisingly well with his old but nicely managed one of a kind scarf. He then made sure to leave a small note on the side of the bed saying “Morning sleepy head. Breakfast is downstairs. Love you. -Sincerely the Great Papyrus.

Papyrus walked fairly quickly to the nearby florist shop where he had ordered the bouquet. He knew this shop to be exceedingly efficient in arranging flowers marvelously. He gathered the bouquet and began walking home, he’s sure that by now Sans would have began to wake up from his slumber. 

Sans got up and realized that Papyrus wasn’t in bed, not that wasn’t unusual. He sat up and wiped away the drool coming out of his mouth “Heh, guess I was hungry even in my sleep. Well, no bones about it.“

As he got up, he noticed a small card on the nightstand. As he read it, he gave a genuine smile. He’d never get tired of the kindness and love Papyrus always gave him; it always made him feel like the happiest skeleton alive.

Fixing the bed, Sans gave a small yawn before finally heading downstairs. He gave a small sniff of the air and finally realized what was cooked, “Smells delicious Paps.”

He began descending the chairs to find Papyrus at the doorway with a bouquet in his hands. He was a little surprised to see Papyrus all dressed up and with flowers, it simply took his not required breath away. 

With a big smile, Papyrus walked over to Sans “Thank you Sans. I’m glad you think so.” He gave Sans a small kiss, a soft clank echoing through the room. He handed Sans the bouquet and smiled “Happy Anniversary to us.”

With a quick jerk upwards, Sans hugged Papyrus fairly tightly “Happy Anniversary. I can’t believe I forgot.”

Papyrus shook his head and hugged back “It’s okay Sans.”

Sans blushed slightly before speaking again “It’s just that the days pass by so quickly and every day with you is just simply a blessing.”

With a blush forming across his features, Papyrus grinned and kissed Sans again. “I love you Sans.”

“I love you too Papyrus.”

With a soft smile, Papyrus motioned Sans to the kitchen table “Let’s eat before deciding to celebrate the rest of the day together.”

“Sure thing Paps.”

Main Pairing: Spamano

Soulmate AU

Lovino was completely and utterly jealous.

Not that he would tell his brother that. Or his grandfather. Or anyone.

Because it was them he was jealous of.

His grandfather had said his was a man from long ago, a long-haired warrior from when he was a soldier; his Grandpa Roma was completely enamored with the man until he saw him stuck through the middle with a spearhead.

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Under Fire- Yoongi(m)

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They say: “go big or go home.”

(m)- mature | word count: 3543 | Dom!Yoongi + Sub!Jimin

@yeum, @bangtanmacaroon, @jackoffjae, @chiminiipabo;))

request(s): Hello, i reaaaaallly love your smut stories! Can you do a studio sex with namjoon or yoongi? [+] Can you write a Suga smut, where you guys are at the studio, you try to get his attention but it doesn’t work, so you flirt with Jimin and you get punished [+] All I ask is Yoongi cuffs, whip, blindfold, thigh highs ;) 

a/n: guys things get a lil rough and really cray proceed with caution

He’d been ignoring you all damn day, giving short replies to your texts by telling you he’s at the studio. Busy, busy, always busy, always working. It’d been nearly two weeks since you’d been able to spend any alone time together, let alone any naughty time, and the craving for Yoongi to be buried deep inside of you has burned a hole in your chest, has ruined your favorite pair of panties while you lay in bed with one of his shirts, thinking about him.

About how lovely his hands would feel sinking into the curves of your body, gliding over your skin, down your stomach, between your legs… You’re desperate, eyelids fluttering closed when you rub your thighs together for some sort of friction that’s so unsatisfying compared to him it hurts. The only thing you can think about is him. He’d hardly come over, opting to stay in the dorms with the rest of the boys since it’s a great deal closer to the studio. He probably hasn’t been eating very well, if at all. And he definitely hasn’t been eating you. Which are both big problems.

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Paper Hearts (Part 6)

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Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

♡ Length: 3.2k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1 ♡ Part 2  ♡ Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6  Part 7

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Good Night, Starlight

A very, very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! to dearest @regolithheart​, who is just so sweet and talented and kind and amazing. The beginning to a silly, long adventure for Cress and Thorne ♥


Months after the events of Winter, Cinder has a new job for Cress and Thorne: deliver a few crates full of letumosis antidotes and bioelectricity chip prototypes to a research lab in Hawaii. Easy, right? They’ve already been doing it for months–travelling the world, seeing the sights, dropping off cures, helping people.

It should be a routine mission. They expect a routine mission. But when they arrive in Hawaii, everything immediately starts going wrong. A few of Thorne’s shadier acquaintances show up out of the blue, and immediately after, the research lab goes into full lockdown following a break in. Cress and Thorne are thrust into a pursuit across the sea to prove their own innocence, and end up discovering a plot that might shake up the precarious peace Cinder and Kai have managed to build between Earth and Luna.

They also manage to make new friends, connect with their family, and build their home on the Rampion. Let it not be said that the path to happily ever after was easy.


Stars drift like snowfall past the windows of her satellite.

Cress watches, and waits.

Behind her, the pale blue hologram of Little Cress dances in the starlight. Her dress twirls around her, and her bare feet trip and jump and skip easily around the only floor she has ever known. A soft melody drifts from the speakers, and her little voice hums along–old Italian opera, country-western, a fast, upbeat pop song all at once. Every few notes, static buzzes discordant through the blank netscreens, then fades quiet beneath the music.

She dances, and hums, and in the reflection, Cress watches.

“What are you waiting for, Big Sister?” Little Cress sings.

Waiting? Cress is… dreaming. She’s dreaming. And, she feels, pressing her hand against the worrying knot in her chest, waiting for something important.

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the mighty fall || barry allen

prompt: based off ‘the mighty fall’ by fall out boy

warnings: villian!reader + long

a/n: all my songs are imagine worthy amd i love it , hope you like !! + 1st barry imagine on this blog ,, also they call the reader charles xavier bc i couldnt think of a villain name

Becoming a metahuman was one of the best things to happen to you. You were visiting Central City for your job, the day you were going to go back to your hometown, the particle accelerator exploded. You getting affected and gaining powers of telekinesis, you were able to move things with your mind and make force fields. After gaining these abilities, you didn’t think about being a hero. You spent your life being the good kid, always following rules and letting everyone push you around. You were tired, finally these powers benefiting you.

You were walking through central city, terror and chaos all around you. You moved your hands up, they glowing a faint purple color as you threw a nearby car into a building, nearly hitting some people. You continued your actions till you were stopped by a voice. You turned around seeing the scarlet speedster. “Well if it isn’t the Flash, here to stop me speedy?” you taunt, getting ready to throw something at the hero. “Good job, at least you know the drill.” He spoke, you scoffing. “Come and catch me then.” Barry smiled, thinking this is gonna be really easy. But before he arrived, you crossed your arms into an ‘X’ a light blue force field formed around you, the Flash bouncing off and crashing into a flipped over car. You sent over a car into his direction, the speedster moving out of the way.

“Great we got Charles Xavier here.” Cisco spoke into Barry’s mic. You sent multiple items at the speedster, him running around you. You couldn’t hit the speedster, you were off guard for a second before the speedster grabbed you and pushed against the wall. “You got me.” You smirked. Barry took this small amount of time to look at you. The black leather suit fitting you perfectly, your black mask showing off your Y/E/C eyes. “You checking me out speedy?” You ask, Barry snapping out of it. “No, I’m sending you to jail.” He said, but you scoff, moving your hands to send the man away from you. “Well try next time speedy.” You said as you walked away, the Flash unable to move until you were out of sight.

Many encounters later, you and the Flash were used to things, with you getting away every time. Barry was interested in you. The way you spoke, how you always smiled as you escaped and how you always had a witty comment. “Please tell me you don’t like the girl.” Caitlin said, snapping Barry out of his thoughts. “What? No, she’s just a good villain. I don’t like her at all.” He said, trying to convince himself more than his friend. In reality, Barry was intrigued by you, he probably liked you for all he knew.

“You know you sound like you’re trying to convince yourself that. Look Barry, she’s a villain, it’s best if you try not to act upon your feelings. I already know that this will end up badly.” Caitlin said, Barry nodding. The two were interrupted by Cisco, “Charles Xavier is causing trouble again.” Barry looked at the gps before speeding off, then seeing you in his sight. Even though you were a villain, Barry couldn’t help but be attracted to you, the feelings eating him alive. “Oh hey Flash! Nice to see you again doll.” You smile, two items floating behind you before being lunged at the speedster. He moved in time, almost getting hit by a motorcycle.

“This isn’t fun.” You pout before holding up your hand, stopping Barry in his tracks. You walked over the frozen man, “You know, I do like these games we play, I’ve taken a liking to you. You’re my favorite hero.” You laugh, circling around the Flash. “Am i your favorite?” You ask, staring Barry’s face. Barry didn’t answer, trying not to give in on his feelings. “Oh what a shame. I thought you liked, I mean i certainly do. I mean look at you what’s not to like?” You confess, bot really caring. “But speedy, do you know how the mighty fall?” You ask, placing your forehead against his, your lips lingering over his. “They fall in love.” You spoke before closing the gap between the both of you.

Soulmate AU: Soulmates Get Reincarnated with Their Memories Usually Intact

P/N = Previous Life’s Name

The images were usually very fragmented and fuzzy for you but if you focused hard enough and just long enough, you could make them out.

It was the 70s, you were in a hospital bed, and you could see his silhouette. He was tall yet the furthest thing from intimidating, even as he stood over you, saying something. You could never really make out exactly what the words were, but judging by the tone of concern that surrounded them, you could tell that they were words of worry. Maybe even a light scolding. You felt his hands cup your face and his lips pressed to your forehead. If you looked down, you’d see that your leg was in a large cast.

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The Story of Us

Prologue || 1 ||

 ✮ Chapter Two: First Day ✮

Word Count: 2958

Note: I forgot to add it on first part in the prologue but pretend that Lucas was supposed to transfer to NYC during his freshman year of high school and not seventh grade. I just wanted them to be older for this story.. :) 

Also make sure you’ve actually read the prologue as well as chapter one!! I know some people missed it!!

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

After dragging herself out of bed and into the shower Riley dresses for school and makes her way downstairs where she finds Jed sitting on the sofa with a laptop in hand. The old man shares some news that doesn’t go down well with the New Yorker.

“You’re going to make me catch the bus on my first day at a new school?” Riley’s eyes are wide with disbelief.

“I don’t like to drive much,” Jed croaks.

“How will I know what to do?” Riley asks in a panic.

“There’s only one school bus in this town, it picks you up at the top of the street,” Jed explains. “And I’d hurry if I were you because it comes at 7:15 sharp.”

Riley looks at the time. 7:12am. Feeling bold Riley looks up and finds Jed’s stare. “And what if I miss the bus?” Riley challenges.

“Then I’m going to have to call your mom,” Jed doesn’t back down, “And the kids may be scared of me in this town but I’m no Topanga.”

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The Charade

(gif credit to the creators)

Part Four

Master List

Pairing: Misha x OFC / Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1,815
Warnings: language, mentions of domestic abuse
A/N: Here’s part four of mine and Nicole’s (@iwantthedean) collab! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Pastel Edits IRL

| Warnings: None. |


“Hello internet!”

Dan waved to the camera excitedly, doing his signature intro.

“Today I’m doing something that many of you have requested for a long time now.” He paused for suspension. “Pastel edits IRL!”

[Y/N] popped into the cameras view. “And I am going to be his lovely assistant!”

Dan wrapped his arm around her lovingly. “Yes, my girlfriend will be assisting me because she said ‘she knows what she’s doing.’” She nodded proudly.

“So [Y/N], got the goods?” He looked to the camera and winked at it creepily. “Dan stop you’re violating them.” She said, giggling and grabbing the bag beside his bed. “Here’s the stuff!”

“First off,” She started, pulling lightly at the collar of Dan’s solid black jumper. “Take this off, and put on this.” She handed him a white shopping bag and he walked off camera, [Y/N] could still see him though, and the sight of Dan stripping his shirt sent a soft blush to her cheeks.

He slid the pastel pink woollen jumper over his head, and walked back on screen. “It’s itchy.” He whined, but she didn’t care. He looked amazing in pink, and the jumper fit him perfectly, it was large on him, but not swallowing him. And you could see his collarbones, which was a bonus for everyone.

“I messed up my hair.” He pouted, attempting to fix it. “That’s fine because the next thing to do is hair chalk.” [Y/N] said pulling out various containers of hair chalk. “I’m gonna let you pick the colour, Dan.” She held out the containers in her hands.

Dan looked them over. There were two shades of pink, a purple, a petrol blue, and a marine green colour. He pointed towards the last one. “I reckon that one.”

She stood up on the bed behind him, tossing the other colours on the bed haphazardly, she wet Dan’s hair with a spray bottle, his hair instantly curling. She rubbed the green colour onto his hair. “Whoa.” He awed, looking at himself in the viewfinder. “Do you like it?” She said excitedly. Dan nodded, grinning widely.

After finishing his hair, she sat back down on the bed beside Dan. “What next?” He said, she could hear the excitement in his deep voice.

She grabbed one of the bags, sitting it on Dan’s lap. “See for yourself, you even get to pick.” He reached into the bag, his fingertips brushing against bits of fabric. He grabbed it carefully and pulled it out of the bag.

It was a brightly coloured blue flower crown.

“There are others in the bag, pick the one you like best.” She said, taking the crown he was holding so he could grab the others.

He pulled out a yellow one, a purple one, and a red one. [Y/N] held them up on her arms for him to choose. Dan looked at them, deciding which one he liked best. “I like that one.” He said, pointing to the red one. She placed it upon his head, resting it perfectly on his curly, dark green hair.

“I have a few more things left.” She said, putting the yellow flower crown on her head.

“Do me up, [Y/N].”

She grabbed the last bag and pulled out various accessories.

A white tattoo choker, a silver pentagram necklace, black lipstick and eyeliner, and stud earrings that look like the full moon all went on Dan.

“Wow, I’m pastel as fuck.” He said, looking at himself in a handheld mirror.

“Wait, one last thing.”

[Y/N] grabbed the liquid eyeliner. “Turn towards me.” She drew a black heart by his right eye.

“Now you’re almost as pretty as Marina.”

“So, [Y/N], d'ya think this look suits me?”

She looked at him, observing his outfit. “Well I like the curly green hair, the earrings, and the makeup. But I prefer just plain ol’ Dan Howell.”

Dan leaned over and kissed her slowly, his black lipstick smudging off of his lips and onto hers.

She pulled away slightly, “Maybe you should end the video.”

He waved towards the camera. “Bye guys.” And put his lips back on hers, covering the camera with his hand.

( 100% inspired by @scrungass wonderful art pieces here and here

Robbie finds himself enjoying those moments where Sportacus falls asleep when they’re together. It’s easy to tell when he’s losing the fight. His eyes would slowly droop, one hand idly rubbing at them in a futile attempt to stay awake. Cute little yawns slips pasts his lips before they form a sleepy smile. Eventually, he would nod off, allowing Robbie to see all sorts of beautiful, endearing sights.

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Coming Home

Leonard McCoy x Reader

Finally seeing Leonard after a year long mission. 

You waited impatiently at the Starfleet docking station, along with the families of the other crew members of the Enterprise. This was it. After a year long mission, you were going to see Leonard McCoy again. Sure, the two of you had communicated over the year, but it was nothing like being in the arms of the doctor. You knew this was not the last time he would go off to space, he was far too loyal to Captain Kirk, which you admired greatly. But he did promise he would take a few months off this time around. Stay on the ground.

The Enterprise had been docked for a good 20 minutes before people finally started to shuffle out. You grew nervous, tugging at your jacket waiting for Leonard to come off the ship. You groaned as most of the crew descended off the ship, but no sight of your man. Then you start to see people you recognized, Sulu, Uhura, and Scotty. This had to be it. Had to be.

And then like that, after a year without seeing the cankerous doctor you had fallen in love with so long ago, he was there. Grinning at something Jim was saying and smacking him on the back. Spock walked behind the two, hand behind his back but clearly engaged in their conversation. He looked the same, possibly his hair was a tad bit longer.

You started to move closer to the three men, maneuvering through the crowd, when Leonard’s eyes suddenly met yours. He halted in his steps, leaving Jim and Spock to keep walking without him. His lips pulled into a wide grin and he rushed toward you.

“Lee!” You cried out, tears falling down your face as he scooped you up into his arms. His head tucked into the nook of your neck, immediately he inhaled your scent. How he missed every molecule of your body. Your warm laugh. You.

“Darlin’, no words could describe how much I missed you.”

His voice fought to stay strong as you pulled from him, your hand holding his face. Leonard kissed you on the forehead, slipping his hand around your shoulder and leading the two of you toward Jim, who stood by watching with a smile.

Your heart was full again, your doctor was home.

See, I’m Smiling

Summary: Now that his book has been published, Y/N, despite being by Newt’s side and helping him with his book, feels that he is not supporting her with her dream.

Based off of the song See, I’m Smiling from the musical The Last Five Years.

Warnings: Angst, a few curse words

Word Count: 2,972

Characters:  Newt Scamander

This is my second fanfic, but my first time writing Newt. I am very nervous, but I hope you enjoy this. :) Obviously, I do not own anything, just love both of these movies. 

Originally posted by xrobbiexkayx


You and Newt met a little while after you had graduated from Ilvermorny. You had always wanted to work in the theater and had the full package: you could act, sing, and dance to your heart’s desire. If there were any auditions near you, you were always one of the first people in line. After you graduated, you decided to treat yourself and leave America for a couple of months to travel, your first destination was Egypt. You and a group of friends were doing some sight-seeing when you had wandered off by yourself and saw some trouble ahead of you. There was a magnificent, gold and white bird had wings that would blow you away with flap and he was being held down by chains. You felt sorry for the poor creature and were about to grab your wand to stop the evil men that were trying to drag that wonderful bird when someone bumped into you, knocking you to the ground. You saw the person stop and hurry back towards you; you noticed he kind of stepped to his own, unique rhythm.

“Oh, I am so terribly sorry Miss,” said the man with his English accent while helping you up.

You brushed yourself off and picked up your wand off of the floor. You were about to answer until you looked up at the stranger and became speechless. The first thing you noticed about him was the color of his eyes, how green they were and how they deeply stared into your own for a couple of seconds before you noticed him blush and bashfully lower his head to look to the ground. You then moved to look at the rest of his features, noting the freckles on his nose and his curly, auburn hair. You finally realized that you were staring and cleared your throat,

“Oh, it’s no problem,” you said nervously, giggling a little, “I was just trying to get to those guys and help that poor creature”.

“Really? “ Asked the stranger, finally looking back up at you, “you were going to help the Thunderbird too?”

It was your turn to blush when you noticed his beautiful eyes gaze upon yours.

“Uh, well if that is what you call that magnificent looking bird, then yes. Something about those guys creep me out and that poor creature looks so frightened”.

“Well,” he said, looking down again, “I would really appreciate the help. You see, I am a magizoologist and I am writing a guide on fantastic beasts, on how to make people aware of them and let them know that they are not dangerous at all. I was hoping to help the Thunderbird and hopefully take him back to his true home.”

“You would want a total stranger to help you save a Thunderbird?”

“W-well I mean,” he started, fidgeting with his hands before looking back up at you, “what is your name?”

You smiled and said “Y/F/N, Y/F/N Y/L/N. And your name?”

“Newt Scamander, now that that is out of the way,” he grabbed your hand and started running towards the beast, “let’s go help that Thunderbird”.


That was how the two of you started to travel together, documenting and saving any fantastic beast that crossed your path. You both became very close, falling for one another but not telling each other in fear of losing the wonderful friendship you both had built up. But, once the events in New York happened and you almost got executed at MACUSA, Newt was the first to admit his feelings for you, grabbing you in for a kiss after Queenie and Jacob found you two and hid you in the suitcase. You guys had been together ever since. You left New York to go back to London with Newt, where you eventually got a job as a bartender, but did not give up your dream of performing. You would continue to search for auditions, getting some but mostly not. Newt had been busy with finishing his manuscript that you started to feel a little left out, but continued to support him. You loved Newt more than anything and decided that no matter how shitty your life was that you wouldn’t let it stop you from supporting him.

His book had finally been published and you both had never been more relieved. Of course, you loved his creatures and had grown quite fond of them, and they had grown fond of you as well. You would help Newt with feeding them and taking care of the injured ones as well. It would often become quite tiresome, but you simply adored those creatures, as well as Newt. You both thought that you could finally relax and get some rest. But, to your dismay, Newt had to go on tour to help promote his guidebook at many big cities, go to many parties, and make guest appearances at the wizarding schools.

Newt would often leave you behind, seeing as you were finally able to land some auditions and were finally going to perform. You knew that Newt was going to be busy and that he would not be able to get to see you perform, but you tried to keep your head up and not let it ruin what you have been wanting for a while. It was fine for a while, but you started to feel like you were supporting him more than he was you, no matter how much he would tell you how proud he was of you for finally pursuing your dream. You would go with him to his parties that were in London, as well as his book readings. You both did get in a couple of arguments about it, but still stood by one another.  But, it was slowly starting to fall apart.


After a few months of not seeing each other, Newt was finally able to get a few days off to spend your birthday with you as well as finally watch one of your shows for the first time. Words could not describe how you felt knowing that Newt was finally going to watch you perform and see just how good others have been saying you were. You were waiting impatiently for Newt at the theater, taking a break from practicing your lines, so you could finally spend some time with one another. You finally caught a glance at his curly hair and his suitcase and ran towards him, jumping into his arms and placing a much needed kiss onto his lips.

“Newt!” You exclaimed, “I am so happy that you are here.”

Newt laughed, squeezing you for a moment longer before putting you down and looking at you lovingly.

“Of course, I couldn’t stand being away from you any longer, love”.

“I guess I can’t believe you really came,” you said in a quiet voice, looking down, “it has been so long since I have seen you”.

Newt lifted your chin up and gave you a kiss on the tip of your nose, smiling at you and said,

“I have missed you so much darling; can’t you see how happy I am to be here?”

You looked up at him with a big smile on your face.

“See, I’m smiling,” you giggled, grabbing both of his hands “that means I’m happy that you’re here”. You dragged him away from where you two were standing and showed him around the theater. You showed him that stage, the costume room, where you decided it would be funny to steal a sweater from, and finally your dressing room. You sat for a moment and started telling him all about the show and your coworkers. He then invited you to go with him to see the creatures that he knew you had missed so much. You agreed and started to head down the suitcase. The first creature that you wanted to see was Dougal the Demiguise. You absolutely adored him ever since Newt introduced you to him. When he saw you, he hurried over to you and wrapped your legs in a hug and you bent down to hug him too.

“Oh Dougal, I have missed you so much!” You said, laughing as he looked at you with his big eyes. He grabbed your hand and walked you over to where the Bowtruckles were staying and that was when you saw another one of your favorites, Pickett. You lifted your hand so he could climb onto it and began to climb to sit on your shoulder. You felt something tickle your cheek as you realized it was Pickett giving you a kiss and you giggled.

“It looks like someone has missed you a ton, love” Newt said, reaching over for Pickett to climb onto his hand and hide him in his signature blue coat.  

“I think you’re really going to like the show Newt,” you said to him while he gave you a kiss to the cheek, “I’m pretty sure it is not as bad as what it seems”. He started to laugh and you finally felt like all of the problems from the past year have finally come to a stop.

“See you’re laughing and I’m smiling,” you put a hand up to his face and smiled, “we’re doing fine”.

“Of course we are doing fine love,” he said, grabbing your hand and putting a kiss to it, “I think we both can see what could be better and I am so sorry if you have felt like I wasn’t paying much attention to you. I never would have thought that this guide would become so successful”.

“It’s okay Newt, I am sorry too,” you looked at your hands, fingers entwined in his “But we can start again this weekend and you can finally watch my show and we can spend time together for my birthday”.

As soon as you mentioned both of those, Newt removed his hands from yours and looked down with a troubled look in his eyes.

“Y-yeah umm, Y/N there is something I have to tell you,” he said, continuing to look down, “They are throwing something to celebrate the success that the guide has brought at the Ministry and I couldn’t get out of it”.

You felt you’re your stomach get heavy and it felt like your heart had stopped a little, and looked down at Dougal, who seemed to know that you were upset.

“Oh, well, it’s okay Newt. I just didn’t know you had to go so soon,” you said quietly.

Newt’s head lifted up as soon as he heard the hurt from your voice and he grabbed your hands again and pulled them towards him.

“I know and I am so sorry love,” he said as he bent down to place a kiss to your hands.

“Look, whatever, if you have to, then you have to, it’s alright,” you glanced back up and pulled Newt in for a hug “we’ll have tonight”. You felt Newt tense up at this,

“Well, actually Y/N,” he said pulling away from you, while grabbing ahold of your hands, “I have to leave tonight so I can meet with my publisher as well as the Minister to go over the details of the party and what is going to be said as well”.

You felt you heart shatter once more, but not in sadness. Instead, you felt angry. How could Newt just leave after he promised to take the days off to watch your performance? Everything that you thought was finally becoming resolved had started to come back and it hurt you. You removed your hands from his and turned away from him, taking a deep breath and turning back towards him.

“You know what makes me crazy?” you asked, looking at him with his back facing away from you, “I’m sorry, can I say this? You know what makes me nuts? The fact that we could be together sharing our night after months of being apart”.

Newt turned to look back at you and just stared. He knew you would be upset, how he wished that he could go back to how things used to be. He knew that you guys were spending less time together, but what could he do? He did want you guys to be together more than what you have been, but that would mean giving up the guide that he worked so hard to complete. He thought you would at least understand that.

“Y/N, please I am sorry, I-I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t just say no to those people. Everyone is going to the party, including Queenie, Tina, and Jacob. Don’t you miss them?”

“Of course I miss them Newt, but this isn’t about them,” your voice starting to sound angrier, “ even they told me they were going to stop by tonight and watch me perform. You know how important this weekend was to me and you are gonna choose someone else to be with!”

Newt flinched at that “No I’m not, that is not what I am doi-“

“Yes Newt that’s exactly what you’re doing,” you interrupted, “You could be here with me or be there with them, but as usual guess which you pick?”

“Darling, I have to go to this I can’t exactly say no to the Minister for throwing a party for me,” you heard the anger rise in Newt’s voice, and felt your throat get heavy.

“No, Newt,” you began, clenching your fists, “you do not have to go to another party. You see these people every time, you already know them. How about instead you stay with your girlfriend on her fucking birthday and possibly even see my show?” Newt began to walk towards you and tried to grab you, but you walked away, storming towards the cabin to leave the suitcase with Dougal hot on your trail.

Newt followed you and stopped you and was about to tell you how sorry he was, but you interrupted him.

“And I know in your soul it must drive you crazy that you won’t get to play with your little girlfriends Newt-“

“What? Y/N that’s crazy I am not cheating on you. You’re starting to sounding crazy”.

“Don’t you dare tell me I am crazy Newt Scamander,” you shouted. “The point is that you can’t spend a single day that is not about you. Ever since you published your book everything has to go your way. Not once have you thought about how I would feel every time you go off to another party where I see women of all types throw themselves at you. You leave me alone at every party we go to and not once do you go to check on me and I am forced to sit there by myself”.

Newt felt his throat go heavy, “Y/N, I-I’m sorry. I know I should check on you but everyone stops me to talk to them and I never have a chance to see you-“

“And not only that, you refuse to watch my performances. Do you not realize that you have not seen any of them because of a party or a book signing you have to go to? Do you ever stop to think about how I feel every single time I get shot down when I invite you to watch my show?”

Newt looked at you and when he did, his heart fell. He saw that you were beginning to cry and all he wanted to do was pull you close and beg you to forgive him. Pickett also heard you crying and climbed down from Newt to go and climb onto you. You didn’t realize that you had an audience and looked down to see Dougal looking up at you sadly, hugging your legs. You sniffled and tried to hold your tears back, but they kept coming.

“I swear to God, I’ll never understand” you paused to take a deep breath, “how you can stand there, straight and tall and see I’m crying, and not do anything at all.” You grabbed Pickett gently from your shoulder, trying not to cry as you noticed he kept reaching out for you but you gently placed him in Newt’s hands and walked away, feeling Newt’s eyes on you. Dougal tried to follow you but you stopped and bent down to him and gave him a big hug.

“No Dougal, you have to stay with your mummy,” you said, trying not to cry as you pulled out of his grasp and continued to make your way out of the suitcase.

All Newt could do was watch, because he knew you were right. He knew that you were there supporting him from day one, but he didn’t even take the time to watch one of your shows. All he could do at that very moment was watch as Pickett and Dougal looked at him, with disappointment as well as sadness in their eyes and start to walk back to their habitats. Newt knew he should have ran to you, hug you and beg you to forgive him, but he couldn’t move. All he could do was watch as the one thing he loved the most walk away from him with such sadness that he wishes he could take away. He finally got the courage to walk out of the suitcase, only to find that you were not there. He clenched his fists, and decided that he would give you some space and apparated to the Ministry to start the preparation for the party. He hoped that after the party was over, he could go to you and maybe you could possibly forgive him, because he did not want to lose the only person who cared for him and stood by him, despite him not showing the same support.