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sorry Guys…. its really hard for me to draw right now because

I GOT A STORYBOARD TEST! If you dont know, when a studio wants to hire an artist on a show, they will give him or her a test to see if they can draw in the style of the show. If they pass… THEY GET HIRED.

I have been out of school for 1.5 years. Every application denied. I tried to network but im not naturally aggressive and competitive so it is very difficult for me. not to mention that after my grandfather (one of my biggest fans) died and I left school I became incredibly depressed to the point where just looking at good art would make me burst into tears because I thought I’d never amount to anything and I couldn’t seem to adapt to life outside of school. Anxiety/OCD got so bad that I had to get braces for my hands.

Maybe I won’t pass this test, but this is the first time it has ever been offered anything other than “You don’t match up to any of our needs at this time.” Its not my art skills honestly, it was a combo of trying and networking that just took me forever because I suck at networking. But I want to be happy and excited about this.

But im too excited to sit still and draw

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"Iman is totally different from Sana, Iman is so happy and loves to wear colors and she's always smiling" from the q&a! Haha, that makes sense! She seems so glowing and happy😁 Did you see the q&a yet? 😊

AAAAAW i think with woc ppl tend to find it hard to see them differently, i feel like people expect iman to have the same personality as sana bc thats the ‘main’ stereotype that there is to woc/muslimahs

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I'm hanging onto that Korean Keith hc because we need that good representation, so I've always thought that the Texas dad was his adoptive dad, like I know some people have hc's or stuff about him having been in the foster care system for a while, but idk that's just me. I don't want him to be white ugh :(


Tbh the creators could tell me his name is actually Kevin and I would refuse so hard

Us: Staff, can you please do something about art theft and actual predators on your site?

Staff: Ok so here’s our new Safe Mode in which you won’t be able to watch cat videos and you can’t even turn it off :)

me, with feelings : mcfuck off

“The moss was just trying to bloom”

… and bloomed

Kiss of life