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Jared Cameron Request

Could you do a Jared imagine where the reader has gone to school with him and he always picked on her. She left for a while to live somewhere else & now she’s back and he imprinted on her & he’s trying to talk/etc to her but she doesn’t trust him and doesn’t take any of his sh*t :) pretty please. wear before he shifts he would never give the reader the any attention because she’s not his type then when he turns he imprints on her and a full blown argument happens. You can pick the ending but if not that’s ok

Your Dad taught on the reservations; that’s how you first met Jared. He’d been cold and rude to you since your first day at the school. Three years later, during your junior year of high school you Dad’s job took you and your family off of the res to Portland. You remember hugging your couple of good friends, Alexis and Luna, goodbye and getting in the car making your way to Oregon. Now, a year and a half later, just in time for the start of second semester, you had moved back to the reservation halfway through your senior year.

“I can’t believe you’re back,” Alexis locked an arm with one of yours as you walked into school.

Luna smiled at you, “We’re so happy you’re back. What’s your first class?”

“Anthropology,” you told her. “Sorry,” you said as you unexpectedly knocked into someone in the all.

“It’s ok,” the voice said back to you. When his eyes met yours you realized who it was…Jared. He paused upon looking at you and you walked away quickly, leaving him staring at you down the hall. “Jared looks…different.

“He’s close with Jacob and Seth and this group of guys. Like, freakishly close with them.”

The bell rang, “I’ll see you guys at lunch.” You walked into your classroom and your day started. Now, you had one class left before lunch- Physics. You looked on the board to see where you’d be sitting. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” you muttered to yourself. Your seat was in the back with Jared, who was already looking at you. You slumped in your seat and let your backpack fall to the floor.

“That was my fault in the hallway. Sorry about that Y/N,” he said to you.

You were surprised, “You remember me?”

“Of course I do. You weren’t gone that long,” he laughed to himself.

“You’re being nice to me? You barely looked at me before. Now you look and talk to me?” You weren’t falling for it.

“I guess that’s true. But that was nearly two years ago. A lot changes in that kind of time.” You rolled your eyes and as the teacher started talking you thought you heard him mutter “I’ll show you.”

You grabbed your things and left quick as the class ended. You were half way to lunch when you heard your name being called. “What is it, Jared?”

“I was going to ask if you had anyone to sit with at lunch.”

“I did have friends while I was here, Jared. I’m sitting with Luna and Alexis.”

“Oh, right, of course. I must’ve forgotten. I figured, you know, just in case I might as well ask you,” he stuttered.

You got into the lunch room and walked over to the girls. “Were you just talking with Jared?”

“He caught up with me after class,” you told Luna.

“Well, he’s still got his eyes on you from across the room,” Alexis told you. “I’m surprised you couldn’t feel his stare by how hard he’s looking.”

“I don’t think he’s even blinking,” Luna laughed.


Jacob laughed hard at Jared as he wrapped up what happened in the hallway. “You’ve imprinted on her you idiot. Congrats.”

“Imprinted on her,” Jared sat down on the seat. “She doesn’t even like me. You should see the way she looks at me.”

“Maybe if you weren’t such a douche to her all those years ago she’d like you more. You just have to win her over man.”


The next three weeks he kept acting the same way towards you. Trying to walk you to classes, sit with you during lunch, ask about your day and weekend plans. It was Friday and you were walking to your car. “Y/N, wait up,” Jared was running towards you. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Not sure. Why?”
“I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out.”

“Um, no thanks, Jared.” You threw your bags in your car. “Why not?”

“You were a jerk to me for three years and now that I come back you think we can be all buddy buddy.”

“You’re mad because I’m being nice to you?”

“I’m mad because you were a jerk to me for three years and now you want to hang out with me. You never even apologized for how you acted,” you raised your voice.

“I’m sorry,” he spout out at you. “I was a jerk to you because I was stupid and young and I didn’t know how to act around a girl I liked. And, now, I have no choice about my feels towards you,” he basically shouted.

“What do you mean you have no choice?”

“I…I can’t explain it. But I like you. I have for years now. Please give me a chance to show you I’m serious.”

“Fine. You can pick me up at 7 tonight,” you crossed your arms stubbornly.

“I’ll see you then,” he smiled.