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pairing; seventeen the8 x reader 

genre; angst, fluff, bullying warning

synopsis; a guy at school physically hits you after you tried to defend one of the bully’s victims, and minghao comes to help.

word count; 1386 words

notes; i’ll be off this week for my exams and i’ll start posting again after they’re over !! this one isn’t a major exam though, the main one is 2/3 weeks after this >< i’m mentally dying ack

The bell for lunch break went off, and the noise level increases significantly as everyone pushed their chairs back, shoving their already dog-eared textbooks into their bags and standing up to leave the class.

“Remember that the essay is due on Wednesday, everyone!” the teacher raises her voice, only to be heard by a few students who replied with subtle yeses. 

Your close friend, Eryn, came over to your desk, only her wallet and phone clutched in her hands. She was a fairly quiet and polite girl, but when she’s crazy, she’s crazy as hell.

“We have extra lesson for History later,” she reminded you just as you were packing up. 

You let out a tired groan. “Right.”

You let your bag fall back to the floor as it leaned onto the leg of your desk. Just then, you recalled that your History books were still in your locker, the block beside the cafeteria. 

“Oh, right!” you exclaimed. “You go ahead first. I left my books in the locker again.”

Eryn pressed her lips together and narrows her eyes at you, and you chuckle sheepishly. You frequently leave your books in your locker when you need them, and sometimes you even leave them in the dorm room after bringing them back for revision. 

“Alright,” Eryn said. “Be quick!”

You nodded and raced out of the classroom, to the locker halls which were two blocks away from where your classroom was. It sounded far but the blocks on campus were pretty close to each other, so it took you just about 5 minutes to walk-jog to the lockers.

At this time, the hallways were pretty empty in the block, since everyone had left to grab lunch. You liked it empty, though. Having people randomly bump into your shoulders every now and then in a crowded, narrow hallway was definitely not very nice. 

You turned the lock on the metal door of your locker, pulling it open as it squeaked like a old door. You easily found your needed History textbook in your neat locker, your loose notes stuck in between the pages. You pulled out the book and shut the locker door, briefly flipping the book open to make sure all your History notes were in there and no loose paper dropped out by accident. 

Just then, you heard a low, hollow bang, as if something was just thrown against the wall, followed by sounds of muffled talking. You turned instantaneously — the sound had come from behind a wall at a turned corner. 

Curiosity got into your head and you clutched your book tightly in your hand, making your way to the back of the wall.

What you saw didn’t take you by surprise, and you let out a tired breath. You had seen this scene too many times. 

“Stop that, will you?” you said aloud. 

The three bullies — Mark, Jake and Brian — were making their move on their regular victim, Noah; shoving him against the wall, and if you guessed right, they were, as usual, trying to extort money from him.

The three of them looks over at you, unfazed. Noah looks over, too, after gaining his bearings.

“Get lost if you don’t wanna get involved,” Mark muttered. You rolled your eyes. You weren’t particularly scared of them, although you didn’t know much of self-defense. You just saw this same scene unfold too many times.

Ignoring Mark and the other two, you went over to hunched and bruised Noah, helping him up and whispering a silent “let’s go.”

“Looks like you wanna take over his place, huh?” Mark smirked, grabbing the fabric of your uniform on your shoulder and yanking you back. Noah surprisingly makes his own escape. You didn’t mind, though. That was your main motive in the first place after all. 

You stumbled a little, but not enough to make yourself lose balance. You get cornered against the wall, and you turned away in annoyance as Mark closed in. 

“Why do you have to be such a nosy bitch?” he spat, and you grit your teeth, still avoiding any eye contact with him. You attitude made him boil with anger; before you could brace yourself for any impact, his knee harshly collides with your stomach, knocking the air out of you. 

Your arm instinctively wraps around your torso and you fall to the side, feeling suffocated as no sound could make its way out of your throat, as you tried to gasp for air. 

“Woo,” Mark lets out a satisfied call. “That felt good.”

Your airway cleared up a few seconds later, allowing you to take short, deep breaths. Your fist clenched together on the floor as you struggled to hold yourself up. 

That was when you started regretting a little for getting yourself involved. 

“How did that feel?” Mark asked you sarcastically. “Here’s what you get for being a busybody, you—”

He raises his arm this time, and you squeezed your eyes shut and cowered as you waited for the impact. 

It never came. Instead, you noticed the presence of another shadow over you. 

You slowly and carefully looked up. 


He had his hold on Mark’s wrist, and Jake and Brian immediately tried to attack Minghao. Minghao easily kicked them away — it was obvious that Jake and Brian were just useless back-ups for Mark.

Minghao throws Mark’s arm, and Mark scoffs in surprise. 

“What, you wanna be the knight in shining armor too?” Mark scorns.

Minghao smiles sweetly, shaking his head. 

“Nah. You know, I just strongly believe in an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,” he said, and before Mark could comprehend what he meant, Minghao forcefully shoves his heel into Mark’s stomach, making him jerk and fall backwards. You widen your eyes.

“Stop being such a fucking coward, even resorting to laying a finger on a lady,” Minghao growls, and Mark couldn’t respond as he was left gasping for air too. 

Minghao turns to you and you flinched. You mentally questioned why you did — Minghao just saved you. 

He gently helps you up, and leads you to another hallway that was connected to the locker hall. 

Just as you were going to dust off your hands, you realized that tiny rocks had dug into your palm, and the rough floor had grazed your skin, making it bleed. 

Minghao saw it, and he nods towards the washroom right beside where you guys were. 

“You should wash that,” he said. 

“Huh? Oh, right… Um, I should,” you muttered, walking briskly into the washroom. You turned on the tap on the sink and hesitantly placed your red palm under the running water, wincing a little as the water washed off the dirt and filth.

You went back outside where Minghao was waiting, and he pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket. 

“T-There’s still blood, though…” you mumbled, but he just takes your hand and pats it dry with the soft cloth. 

You winced again, but slowly got used to it. The two of you just stood there in a moment of silence, until Minghao broke it. 

 “Noah told me,” he told you, answering the question you had in your head. So Noah didn’t just leave freely, you thought.

“Why’d you try to play hero?” Minghao sighs softly. “You only got yourself injured.”

“I also got Noah away,” you added, chuckling, and Minghao pressed his lips together. 

“Yeah, but that’s beside the point,” he said. “You got yourself hurt.”

You smiled at how concerned he was. “I’m alright.”

“Don’t do that again,” he said, and you shrugged. 

“You have extra History lessons too, right?” you asked him, and he nodded. The bleeding from the little cuts on your palm had stopped, and Minghao let your hand fall back to your side. 

“I’ll bring some disinfecting thing over to your dorm room later. It helps a lot with cuts,” he said. 

“You don’t have to!” you said, and Minghao completely ignores you. 

“Let’s head to class now.” He turns to walk back to the teaching blocks, his hands snug in his jeans pockets. 

“Hey, Minghao!” you called out, and he stops, turning back to you. 


“…Thanks,” you said softly. 

“What was that?” he said cheekily, leaning over. 

“I-I said thanks!” you repeated, louder this time. 

He chuckles, his eyes forming wrinkles at the corner, and he reaches out to ruffle your hair. 

“You’re welcome, little hero.” 


Because school is coming up and I’m already in summer classes, I decided to share with ya’ll some of my tips and tricks for staying organized during the school year.

1. First up is my planner! I’ve used the Lilly Pulizter medium agenda for as long as I can remember, but for the past two years I’ve wanted something a little more classic, original, less bright, and more functional. Ive used the Kate Spade agenda for the past two years now. It’s just like the Lilly Pulizter one, but it’s a nice change for me (for me, I just associate the bright/busy prints on the Lilly Pulizter agendas with high school. I wanted to use something a little more grown up/mature). I use my agenda for EVERYTHING. My number one tip would be to color code. I have assigned a color to each of my classes, and use that color for everything. I write the assignments and things I have to do in colored pen, and write the due dates in pencil, and highlight them with the corresponding highlighter. I also have colors designated for general school, and personal tasks. This is so helpful to me because I know exactly what assignment belongs to which class without having to write down the class name every time.

2. The second thing is my notebook. I always have a five star notebook for each semester. Inside I have delegated each of the five sections to a different class and have written the name of that class at the top in the designated color. I use this notebook for anything I need to write down: notes, study guides, to do lists, etc.

3. Materials. I am addicted to post it notes and have a huge selection. I use the larger notes to write lists and class information, and use the tabs to mark off book pages and for making a countdown to exams in my planner. Again, each class has the post it note matching the highlighter and pen. The Sharpie highlighters are my favorite because they last forever, make such straight lines, and are so smooth/bright! My favorite pens are the Paper Mate Ink Joy pens, again these last forever and write so smoothly. You can get any of these materials at Walmart, Target, or an office supply store for just a few dollars.

4. Test folders. For each class I have color coded test folders for each exam. On the front I have the class name, test date, and what chapters will be covered on the exam. Inside I put any notes, study guides, definitions, and book summaries I need to help me study for the exam. Also I add a little sticky note on the inside either telling me what I still need to do to prepare for the exam, or my study schedule. This method would also work really well for essays. As for the class textbook, I tend to skim it and outline it by hand. I write down the titles and subtitles and then a few sentences from each section to summarize what I read. If you don’t want to buy textbooks at full price check! They rent and sell books for way cheaper than most stores.

5. Quizlet. For each class I have a folder, and inside the folder I have a study set for each book chapter containing the definitions that would be useful for the exam. For me it’s easier to type it all in, rather than spend hours writing terms down on paper note cards. Also Quizlet offers a variety of games to help you learn and master the material, and there’s an app so you can easily study terms if you’re out and have some free time.

6. Notes. I type all of my class notes on my computer on the journal option on Microsoft Word. It’s so helpful because all of your notes are in the same document and you can separate them with tabs. It’s just like writing them on notebook paper. I bold each title and highlight each definition. For each topic I have a folder (ex. Psychology). Inside each topic folder there are multiple folders for each class that pertains to that topic (ex. Child psychology, abnormal psychology, research psychology, etc.). Inside of the class folders there are more folders labeled “exam”, “notes”, “assignments”, etc. this is really useful for me because then I have all class information in one spot, as well an archive of class information from previous semesters. This keeps me organized because I always know where to look for everything.

So that’s it! Just a short post about how I personally organize for school. I’ve had a lot of questions lately about school organization so I hope this helped! As always feel free to message me for questions or more information!

Look at Yaamada! Just in case someone is still on the fence about who’s into who, the guy has the love square as a chart! lol

Nico->Tenga->Chidori->Katsuhira, Yuta->Maki.

As expected, looks like Kacchon and Chidori go ahead while Tenga and Nico deal with the Gomorin?


Smiling Nori-chan!! Chibi Katsuriko! Thank you trailer for this blessing.