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FMA EdWin week

Day 3: 85%

Ed returned to Resembool from the west, and finally managed to propose to Winry properly by giving her a ring. With the help of Alphonse, they created the ring by combing the materials: 15% white gold and 85% of the remains of his old automail arm.

Erotic Porridge

A short, random piece in honour of the woman who tried to set me up with her son today. He was cute, though, so…

Summary: Euphemia Potter thinks her doctor needs to go on a date with her son. Muggle AU, Lily is a doctor AU, Mum sets them up AU (are these things?)

The title of this story, by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with the content – I saw this phrase somewhere, @professor-riddikulus​ hated it so much that I threatened to write a story and title it “Erotic Porridge.” Because I have no fucks to give, here we are.

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Lily Evans loved, bloody loved, being a doctor. Sure, the hours were shit, the patients could be right fucking annoying, the NHS never had enough fucking money, but at the end of the day, she loved taking care of her patients.

That feeling, though, is sometimes (usually) steamrolled by the stress that hits her the moment she walks into the door of her surgery at 630, a hour and a half before it opens, because she still has paperwork to finish from the night before, emails and phone calls to reply to, a schedule to check, and doublecheck, and follow-up calls to make for patients that she can’t book in to see her in person.

She logged into the computer behind the desk at reception, knowing full well that Frank would kick her fucking arse if he came in and saw her at his computer again, to check who she was seeing today. Ugh fuck Mr Johnson tomorrow?! Okay, no Lily, stick to today. We’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow…

She’s booked solid, as always, and fuck, Frank leaves early today, but she saw a name towards the bottom of her schedule that made her break into a huge, relieved smile. Euphemia Potter - 1600

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this isn’t going to be very put-together because right now i’m really upset and hiding in the bathroom so forgive me

i learned today that i need $220 worth of dental care. i wasn’t given the option to put it off or decline, and my appointment is scheduled for july 14. when i told my mom (who i live with/depend on financially until i can start receiving disability) about this she started yelling at me and accusing me of lying when i told her the dentist wouldn’t give me the choice to decline treatment.

my paypal is, please reblog and donate if you can, i don’t know what i’m going to do

So done.

Right, ? Employee here, I’ve posted many fuck customer stories, but here is a fuck managers that I just really need to vent out.

We changed our manager about 8 months ago, our old manager was an amazing guy. He was so sweet, and would try to be as flexible as he could be with his employees. Especially when it came to school, if he knew you had exams coming, he’d ask if you wanted two days before off so you could study.
Well, he was promoted and moved to a different store and he brought in another manager, we’ll call her J.
Now, J seemed very nice, and I already knew some of the other managers would be iffy with her since she was our new “Leader”.
In the span of about 4 months, one manager quit and another was fired by her.
One, I understood. I had posted of him before, he had huge anger issues.
The other, was both the manager who Trained and hired me, so I was really sad to see him go.
We had another manager named A, who was the mother of the store. She brought us food, helped with homework or home issues if she could, tbh she spoiled us.

A quit before Christmas, then we had two people walk out.
Since J was hired, we have not made the month of sales we should be doing, we haven’t made the day at all either.
She has threatened to write us up during December if we asked when the schedule would be out. [ she had a HUGE habit of not posting it until Saturday night, THE NIGHT BEFORE THE NEXT WEEK STARTED ]

In December as well, I posted about this. I asked off days for Jury Duty, a doctors appointment and to visit my grandmother who came from Mexico. When I did so, she said “Don’t complain about not having hours, your taking your own hours away.”

In January a lot of us got the stomach flu, like me I got the flu and the cough was so bad I ended up getting bronchitis too.
She threatened to write us up if we didn’t provide doctors notes. Mind you, some of us don’t have the best insurance, I would have to wait till March for the next doctors appointment, but managed to get one from the hospital when my coughing was so bad I threw up.

We’ve gotten 3 reviews in the last month only about her and her shitty service. She has an awful habit of calling out customers across the store about how they’re wrong and they don’t know what they’re talking about.

I had to train the new manager she brought in, after I had asked about a promotion, having been with the company 3 years.
When J and M [new manager] are together, they spend their time in the back and don’t come out unless we need them. We can hear them laughing through the vents, so clearly it’s just to hang out.

I’m left to attend to helping my associates and the customers, doing everything from ringing people up, to cleaning the store and filling out paperwork up front.
But now I’m here working 13 hours for the past month.

I have been so drained to the point where I’ve come home and just cried, and I’m hating the fact that I have to come in the next day. My dad recently had surgery and since he’s the family provider, I can’t afford to quit since I need to help all I can. The stress is beginning to show in my school work, I’ve failed two exams and in myself, since I’ve been breaking out like crazy.

One silver lining I have is that the manager that was fired is trying to get me a job where he works, where it’s super flexible and just a better enviorment. Fingers crossed guys!

Short story, my manager is an absolute bitch and I’m drained because of it.

Blimey you know what, I told my parents how I was feeling I was completely honest and even had a little bit of a cry which is unlike me, but I feel like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m making a doctors appointment tomorrow and hopefully in the works of getting my life to a better place.

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I am sorry to hear about the trouble you have with people and their unreasonable assumptions and beliefs. =( This really shouldn't add to your burden and I just wanted to tell you to rightfully ignore that crap. Humans are a freaking crazy bunch and often fail to keep their hurtful and misguided opinions to themselves. I am really sorry for your experience just remember that many of us have a firm grasp on reality and are cheering you on! <3

Thanks anon

I’m mostly just paying attention to my medical specialists and leaving it at that. In the beginning, I had an open Facebook post where I listed the things that wouldn’t help me, and the things that would (since I knew people would want to help), but that was February, so it might be time to do something similar again.

I’ve noticed that there are three loose groups of people who are most likely to offer damaging, fringe advice though: the really woo spiritual people I hang out with (i.e. the ones who believe in Reiki and stuff), the really intense paleo / keto / vegan people I know (why are so many of these people anti-vaxxers???), and the ‘chemo is poison and manufactured by big pharma to make a profit’ group.

Given I actually do know a couple of people who genuinely believe in lizard people (*SIGHS*), I have enough fringe people around me to hear some crazy shit.

What has surprised me most is hearing that crazy shit from people I do not generally think of as occupying niches where I could expect to hear that crazy shit.

Thankfully my doctors are the bomb, and I’m a pretty grounded person. :)

I’m just also a really tired person, and I don’t have much energy left to suffer fools lightly. <3 <3

This sounds so shitty but there's a nice ending 👌🏻👌🏻

This got super long accidentally because I need to rant. There’s a TLDR at the bottom.

So I’m currently off work because I had to have day surgery to get all four of my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday(2nd of March). I spoke to my manager(M) about the fact that I was probably going to need the time off at the start of March, but I wouldn’t know until my pre-appointment on the 22nd of February. During said appointment, M was on holidays which is fair enough, but I came back to work in on the same day I had my appointment to tell the people who were doing the rosters while the manager was off.

Fun fact: This week, it has been okayed for THREE people to be on holidays at once (we’re a small community pharmacy with like 20 staff total on the roster to cover all ends of the shop on any given day from dispensing scripts to Webster medication packing for the nursing homes to y'know, general sales etc?) whilst TWO were about to go on maternity leave. One of said two had to go early because she had some complications. Obvs this leaves us super short for the start of the new month.

One of my coworkers (T) who has been basically doing managerial things while M is away was amazing about it. I was hardcore stressing because I know that I’m one of the big helps in the store, the front counter’s club card sign up is like 70% me and I usually only have two days off a week. T was all like “look, it’s okay. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do” when I said I was going to need at least a week off but I put for two just in case there were complications (which there were) and I needed the extra time.

M got back on Monday and I expect to get a phone call and hear nothing. Messaged M about calling her during the day and heard nothing Messaged T that night and she said they were just super busy. Finally got a message back from M that night asking me to call her at work the next day.

So I called her at work and she didn’t seem happy from the moment she answered the phone. She was lowkey guilting me saying that Thursday we would have five staff off. And I was like??? I’m sorry??? But like if I didn’t take that appointment, I wouldn’t be able to get them out for like two months and they’re causing such a problem now so that wasn’t really an option. She ended up being like “Well I guess we’ll just have to make do”

I came in on Wednesday and immediately feel like shit. It upset me so much because M usually is kind of like a second mum to me but she was just super passive aggressive toward me all day. She was super short in how she spoke to me and just generally made me feel like shit. I don’t know if she meant to do it, because I know she was super stressed. But it made me feel like shit all the same.

So the afternoon comes around and this lady and her kids are looking at the earring stand and when they come over to the register, the littlest one opens up this bottle of the ear spray we give people after they get their ears pierced and spills a good third of this all over the ground. Obviously we can’t sell it now and when I come back to the register I’m like “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to pay to this.” At first she’d like “Well I guess..” But then she just goes “You know what? No. I’m not going to pay for it.” And I turn away as I call T down the back to see if she can get M to come up because I couldn’t let her walk out because of policies? (We literally have signs) and this customer starts bitching me out as I’m waiting for M to come up. “I work for this blahblahblah of the government. That’s against the law. It shouldn’t be somewhere that a two year old can get to it. If she had of drunk it, I could have sued you because it’s antiseptic. It has alcohol in it.” Internally I’m kind of thinking that if she had of controlled her child, it wouldn’t have happened. Just as if she were to open a packet of lollies, that’s not on us that she can’t control her child, but we can’t sell the item. I’m also trying my hardest to keep it together. Because after such a shitty day, it’s the fucking cherry on the cake.

M comes up and it turns out that this lady had booked in to have her other two kids’ ears pierced next week and M says she’ll just put the spray with their stuff for the ear piercing. M goes back down the back and the customer starts bitching me out again “You should learn policy before getting your manager involved. Also, you’re horrible at customer service. Turning away to call them down there is rude to do in front of a customer.” And etc, just generally making me feel like shit WHILST HER TWO YEAR OLF TRIES TO OPEN A PACKET OF LOLLIES. Customer leaves (she didn’t open the lollies but fucking exactly what I was thinking though???) and the lady behind her was really nice and all like “I’m sorry you have to deal with people like that.” She then leaves and I have no one lined up and I call T and legit start crying on the phone and she comes up to cover me while I duck down and pull out the lay-by book to make it look like I’m doing something to any nosey customers.

After I’ve stopped the tears, I get T to get M to come up the front and I tell her what the customer said and she actually started treating me like normal and gave me a hug and said that she’s going to ring up the customer and say “Sorry, we can’t pierce your daughters’ ears because we don’t want you to sue us if they get infected or something.”

(Also shoutout to T for being so amazing through everything. Honestly one of my favourite people at work)

TLDR; Manager who is like a second mum okays too many people to go on holidays and then is passive aggressive because she’s stressed that I have to be off for sick leave to get my wisdom teeth out. Shitty customer causes a mini breakdown then the manager has my back ❤️

Show and Tell
  • <p> <b>Teacher:</b> Okay class show me what precious things you have.<p/><b>Jason:</b> Here is my Brick. It loves me very much<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Ummmm, okay?<p/><b>Piper:</b> This is the feather of of a crazy chicken(woman) I killed.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Very... Beautiful?<p/><b>Frank:</b> Chinese Finger Traps. I'm mad because they're not even Chinese.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Very good Frank! Now ask you classmates to help you get it off.<p/><b>Hazel:</b> I brought a diamond fused with a ruby fused with a sapphire.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> It's, glorious! May I touch it?<p/><b>Hazel:</b> Touch this and I will slit your throat.<p/><b></b> [Teacher whimpers in fear]<p/><b>Nico:</b> This is my paper for my Doctor's Appointment. Gotta go<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Off you go.<p/><b>Annabeth:</b> This is my NY Yankees cap.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> YESSS YANKEES I'M A BIG FAAAN!!!<p/><b>Annabeth:</b> Okay...<p/><b>Percy:</b> Blue Cookies. No I will not share. ALL MINE. BACK OFF LEO THESE ARE MINE.<p/><b>Leo:</b> Okay jeez.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> What did you bring Leo?<p/><b></b> [Leo brings out CD and speakers]<p/><b>Teacher:</b> What is that?<p/><b>Leo:</b> You'll see.<p/><b>Jason:</b> WAIT NO<p/><b>Piper:</b> HE'S GONNA—<p/><b>Frazel:</b> STOOOP<p/><b>Leo:</b> THIS BOY IS ON FIYAAAAAHHHHHHH<p/><b>Annabeth:</b> Too late.<p/></p>

trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

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My manager is actually upset because because I have follow up appointments for my vertigo and depression!! She was actually mad because I have to take tuesday and friday off for my appointments!! That she made me go to!! By threatening to fire me if I didnt get doctors notes for being sick!!


2.23.17 | 4:30pm
I used the scanner for my passport to finalize and finally submit my uni application, crossing the biggest thing off my checklist now! I got a grad photo appointment set up today, and next Tuesday I need to pay my $80 grad fee. Meanwhile, I scanned my notes for first time, saved me so much time.

take it easy ♡ eat some sushi, unless you’re allergic, then get you some pizza instead