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If you dropped a water balloon on a bed of nails, you’d expect it to burst spectacularly. And you’d be right – some of the time. Under the right conditions, though, you’d see what a high-speed camera caught in the animation above: a pancake-shaped bounce with nary a leak. Physically, this is a scaled-up version of what happens to a water droplet when it hits a superhydrophobic surface. 

Water repellent superhydrophobic surfaces are covered in microscale roughness, much like a bed of tiny nails. When the balloon (or droplet) hits, it deforms into the gaps between posts. In the case of the water balloon, its rubbery exterior pulls back against that deformation. (For the droplet, the same effect is provided by surface tension.) That tension pulls the deformed parts of the balloon back up, causing the whole balloon to rebound off the nails in a pancake-like shape. For more, check out this video on the student balloon project or the original water droplet research. (Image credits: T. Hecksher et al., Y. Liu et al.; via The New York Times; submitted by Justin B.)

Control-Part 2

Arch enemies continuation


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~I didn’t expect to do more for this fic but everyone was inboxing me for it and seemed to enjoy it so here you go. I’m splitting this up because of the length and I’m still writing so I guess you can maybe even call this a teaser piece haha enjoy.

     “Well, this is unexpected,” Saeyoung shoved another chip in his mouth as he stared at the computer screen.

     He was in the middle of some low-grade work for the agency when a message from you popped up. He got a lump in his throat. It had been about a month since that night, but his mind was plagued with thoughts of you. Why couldn’t he get you out of his head? He jerked off to that little video more times than he’d like to admit to himself. But he considered it your gift to him for fucking him out of that job and the money.

    ❥: Greetings, Agent707
707: What do you want.
    ❥: Not even a hello? I’m hurt :’(
    ❥: Well then. I’ll get 2 the point
    ❥: I’m sure you’ve heard of that new job up for grabs?
707: Of course
707: No one’s touching it, though. It’s too big and risky. My agency doesn’t even want me to get involved with this client
    ❥: Neither does mine
707: Exposing the countless crimes of a CEO who runs one of the largest companies in this area
707: Tons of files, receipts, bank accounts to dig up…
707: Not to mention having to break into the place and if he finds out who outed him he could come after you
707: You’d have to be pretty crazy to take that on
    ❥: Well
    ❥: I’m doing it
707: Ur not srs…
    ❥: It’s good money, of course I am
    ❥: And I was hoping you’d join me
    ❥: Not that I can’t do it on my own. But having someone else will make it easier
    ❥: And let’s face it, you’re the only one close to my skill lvl
707: You’re fucking insane
707: Why the hell would I trust you after last time
    ❥: I thought you enjoyed yourself ;)
    ❥: It’s a lot of money Seven
    ❥: I’ll split it with you. 70/30
707: K now ur just insulting me
    ❥: Hahaha
    ❥: What r u working on right now ?
    ❥: Some shitty, low-paying mindless work?
    ❥: 30 percent of this job is a shit ton of money…
707: I want at least 60/40 if i’m sticking my neck out for this shit
    ❥: Don’t get greedy
    ❥: 70/30 take it or leave it
    ❥: As I said. I don’t need you. I’m extending this out of pure generosity

      “Damn iiiit,” he groaned out into the dark room, tipping himself back in his chair.

     He really didn’t want to do this job. But he couldn’t let you do it alone, either. What if something happened to you? Why did he even care? Shit. He hoped he wouldn’t regret this.

707: Fuck
707: Fine. I’m in.
    ❥: Smart boy~
    ❥: I’ll send coordinates and instructions
    ❥: Don’t be late. ;)

      “Don’t be late, she says,” he grumbled and groaned.

     He was standing outside of the hotel 20 minutes past their scheduled meeting time. He was to the point of wondering whether you had duped him once again. Their last encounter left him feeling more emotions than one, and he never thought he would let someone play him so easily. But then again, the memory of the way you smelled and your hot breath on his bare skin was enough to make him forgive anything.

     People were passing him in herds on the sidewalk outside the hotel entrance. Some nodded, others almost bumped into him. It was conveniently located next to the building they were planning to infiltrate, and he assumed she’d chosen a room with a view perfect enough to stake the place out. It was an odd feeling, working with someone like this and without the backing of the agency. It wasn’t something they were really supposed to do, honestly.

     Saeyoung felt a slap on his ass and he jumped. A pretty girl appeared in front of him. She had pink short hair and piercings, a cigarette perched between her plump lips.

     “Hey sexy. Standing out here, waiting for some fun? What are you looking for?” she traced her finger down his chest with a smile.

     “Uh…N-No, I’m waiting for…someone,” he blushed.

     “It’s me, dumb ass,” you laughed and rolled your eyes.

     He was impressed. You’d even worn colored contacts. He often wore disguises as well, it comes with the territory. But the way you were put together took effort and care. And some form of enjoyment. He started imagining all of the other disguises you might have worn…

     “You smoke?”

     “No,” you tossed it on the ground and crushed it under your boot, heading into the entrance.

     Saeyoung almost forgot to follow you and jogged to catch up, making a mental note to ask where you got that high quality wig from.


what’s this??? a bitter feeling

*sudden urge to make more taunt videos to put off my actual life*

ready to go [get me out of my mind]

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Happy anniversary of when Lewis became a ghost!


What I meant was Happy anniversary to Mystery Skulls Animated!

Because I just had to do something for this occasion. An entire year has gone by and I still love this music video.  Thank you to Mystery Ben and Luis for making this music video a reality and for inspiring a community. Because of guys like you, I was able to meet some pretty cool people.

Gaaah. Words are failing me yet again. Anyways, Happy Anniversary everyone!


HOT DAMN  🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 👌 👌 👌 👌

K6034 art commission auction for charity - bidding now open!

A little while ago I signed up for the charity auction @fandomtrumpshate​ to help charities in the name of anti-trump, and as of today (Jan 12th 2017) bidding has begun!

(there’s a TLDR at the bottom of this post)

But Jade, what is this auction?

FandomTrumpsHate has a great plan to raise money for so many charities by auctioning off around 600 contributor’s fanworks, including art, fic, podcasts, videos and more! I am offering to paint something for the winner of my auction - a portrait, a book cover, a manip, whatever! Also I will paint it for ANY FANDOM, EVEN IF I’M NOT IN IT (but not cartoons, sorry!) I paint semi realism, and like to “give what canon hasn’t so far”. Perfect for shippy pics!

How does it work?

First of all, you need to check out my specific post on the blog, which you can find here:

That post contains what I’ll paint, what I wont paint, contact details and the bidding sheets you need to fill out. Read it before you decide to make a bid. I’m pretty open to any fandom and pairing (if you want something with a ship), but check with me first before spending your money.

So…do I pay you?

Nope! I don’t get a penny, it ALL goes to the charity of your choice (Check the FTH FAQ page for the full list of pre-approved charities). I am donating my work to the winner of the auction.

All you need to do, once you’ve won, is to make that donation to the specified charity, send me proof of payment and then we can get talking about the work!

Okay, it seems like a good idea. What steps should I take?

  1.  I’d read the blog’s FAQ page here: to see exactly what is happening, and the list of charities we are supporting
  2. Then, if you are kind enough to choose me, read my post to make sure I am offering exactly what you are looking for:
  3. Contact me on tumblr @k6034​ (my IM is always open and I’ll reply asap) to make sure I will do what you want before making a bid. Anon asks are also welcome for any shy bidders
  4. Check the current highest bid on this page:
  5. Place a bid on this page here:
  6. Keep an eye on the current highest bidder. You will not be notified if you are outbid so you need to manually check to see if you are winning.
  7. Keep bidding until 11:59PM EST January 19
  8. Bids are in USD ($) with a minimum starting bid of $5. Please convert via google to double check how much your own currency would be in USD, to make sure you’re not spending more money than you thought. Please only bid what you can afford! (eg. If you are prepared to pay around £20, convert it to USD and put the converted amount into the bid. Bids are only in USD)
  9. If you have won (yay!) make the donation of the winning amount to the charity and send me confirmation of payment, either on tumblr or via email (which you can find on my post) by Jan 31st 2017
  10. Talk to me about what you want, and I’ll take it from here!

So…no offence, I love you, but I’m not interested in your work. I do want to support the project though.

That’s fine, there are soooo many other contributors! 

Go to this page and see how to look through the tags 

Go to this page and see the list of works and fandoms on offer: 

Remember, there are two separate blogs where you will find your info: 

@fandomtrumpshate​ is the main blog with all the info about how this all works. Look through their FAQ before sending them an ask

@fandomtrumpshateofferings​ is where you will find all the individual contributor’s posts, with what they are offering

Please reblog this to spread the word!

Message me if you’ve got any questions!

TLDR: I’m auctioning off an art commission to raise money for charity - Go here for details:

(If @fandomtrumpshate reads this and wants me to alter any information, let me know asap) 


i can’t keep my eyes off of you.

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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa, hi.
I thought I could write you this little letter to give you an idea of what I want for Christmas. I know it’s a lot to ask but I’m sure you can work some magic.

• First and foremost I (and a lot of people) would really appreciate a stable Bechloe relationship in Pitch Perfect 3.
• If you can’t give me (us) my first request (but please try your hardest) could you maybe arrange Sendrick press?
• Okay but really just give us something to gif and video edit.
• Also no more killing off LGBT characters in 2017

Please and thank you,


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