off to change my icon now


I raise my left arm and twist my neck down to rip off the pill on my sleeve. Instead my teeth sink into flesh. I yank my head back in confusion to find myself looking into Peeta’s eyes, only now they hold my gaze. Blood runs from the teeth marks on the hand he clamped over my nightlock. “Let me go!” I snarl at him, trying to wrest my arm from his grasp.
“I can’t,” he says.

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Hi, ive been using firealpaca for a while now and ive noticed that my pen pressure doesn't seem to work in the program ,yet in Photoshop it works? help??

“Open up Control Panel, change to icon view. There should be both a Pen and Touch icon and a Wacom or Tablet icon.

In Pen and Touch, turn off Pen Flicks. In the Wacom settings, turn off Hard Press For Right-click (and/or long-press, if it is an option), turn off the Ripple Effect, and (if it is an option, as in the Intuos Pro family) turn off Ink or TabletPC (many art/graphics programs now use the Ink system, so if the option is available, set a specific FireAlpaca profile).

Other possibilities: (including clearing the Wacom user preferences). 

As, always, make sure you have installed the latest release of your Wacom driver downloaded from the Wacom site, try restarting your computer, and experiment with having your tablet plugged in before your computer starts, after it starts but before FireAlpaca starts, or after FireAlpaca starts.


You guys are too nice!

Thank you so much for the nice words and the support you guys 💕💕 I really appreciate it!! @farewellfatty @lyviathan @neverbeafraidtosmile @shapeyoursmile

So, I’m about to go to bed. Today was a bit off, because I got out of bed in the evening. But! I did spend my evening doing fun and productive stuff! :3 I deleted twelve (!) sideblogs so it’s a lot less cluttered now.

I also drew an Eevee:

Which I will make an icon of tomorrow because I want a new blog icon. I’ll still keep it pink so I hope I won’t confuse too many people! (Lord knows how confused I get when people change their avatars hahaha)

Tomorrow is a new day, and we’re just gonna try to go to the park again! :)

and maybe I can change my blog layout too when I’m at it cause I’m bored of this one.

Okay, time to brush my teeth and head to bed! See you all tomorrow!

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Anonymous said:You made me believe that dreams can come true. 2017 is truly starting off a magical year😌

Anonymous said: Lmao now I have to get used to typing in maggiesawyer instead of sapphicsanvers (autocorrect even knows to change saph to sapphics lmao) Popping the biggest bottles for you Jade! :)

Anonymous said:Holy shit! When’d you get the URL?? Where have I been?? Congrats Jade :)

Anonymous said:Hey don’t ever lose the sapphicsanvers blog completely, that’s where we got the Iconic™ Three Knuckles Deep™ post. It’s legendary and needs to be preserved. 👍

Anonymous said:The URL you need, the URL you deserve 🤘

Anonymous said:YOU GOT THE URL OMG YESSSSSS! There is a god! There is justice! (Legit just cheered a little in my bedroom) 

@heyhaughtshot said:how did i not know you finally got your url sooner?! i’m going to regale my grandchildren with this gem of a fairytale someday. 

Anonymous said:you getting this url is the best thing to happen so far this year

Anonymous said:YOU GOT THE URL! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! If anyone deserves it, it’s you. 

@ourceremonies said:i literally screamed YOU FINALLY HAVE HER

@larrienation said:wait!! how were they able to get you that url?! so happy you were finally able to get it!! 

Anonymous said:Just want to let you know that I totally support your switch. You deserve the new url, and I’ll definitely be following this account. You’re one of my favorite blogs 💖😤😤😤💦💦

@doctorlightwood said:congrats!!!! take a fucking sip babe!!! 

@accioseries said:No fucking way you got it! I had to read it like 6 times to check my eyes weren’t deceiving me!! It makes me happy, you deserve it!

y’all are so cute oh my god thank you so much i love y’all kasdjfasdf

also sapphicsanvers will be staying up, i just won’t be posting anything else there


changed the background designs a bit to make cool stickers !

there’s a 20% off all things redbubble (code: REDTOWN) right now so go get some rad stickers~~

idk it’s been a while since I drew Clancee but like I can’t draw snakes so

I rly love the headcanon that he used to be human and he got bit by a fangpyre

so yeah I didn’t wanna come up with a new outfit for him so I just drew the piratey one AND THEN realized that I based his piratey outfit off of his snakey patterns oops lol oh well

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: this new tumblr update is so obnoxious it actually makes reading the comments more difficult. And why the hell do they have to add peoples icon? It throws the whole thing off. I am.confused. this dumb website prison is supposed to be my place to get away from all the stupidity in my life but now bc of this update I'm even haunted by stupidity here... Constantly.. EverYTIME I SEE A TEXT POST OR A PHOTO OR ANYTHING!!!! Staff makes the most random, unnecessary changes and I am sick of it. I will not stick around and watch my city burn. We must fight back and stand our ground. This website wouldn't be a damn thing without us. Its time to get staff to realize their updates are tearing this website apart. And let's not even discus how ugly it is. I have aged an extra 17 years since they changed the comments I have not slept and I am bitter!!!!!
  • donghae: slick, this selfie came out nice, im setting it as my icon
  • hyukjae: uh no ? im setting it as mine f**k off ?
  • donghae: literally go f**k urself
  • donghae: look now everyone's thinking we planned this shit
  • hyukjae: i chose it first
  • donghae: you literally didnt
  • hyukjae: just change ur icon loser
  • donghae: u f*cki-
  • and then one of them (most likely hyukjae because he's hyukjae) would make a joke about f**king and there'd be no regrets
  • cr: emzhaek