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Legend of the Blue Sea // Episode 6

So I am officially convinced. I am going to resurrect my Gaston blog. (not that I had necessarily put him on any sort of hiatus or anything, he just never got any love from other blogs and it was hard running a sideblog off my personal) To make things easier on me, I’m going to make him a new blog as a sideblog to this one, since I don’t feel like making yet another account and I rarely get off this account anymore. I’m falling asleep, so I will work on that over the next few days between work and sleep. Also I still need to see the new movie but I have no friends and can’t go by myself someone take me

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OUAT Imagine: Dark and Stormy Night


((Hi guys! Okay, so this is based off of a tiny imagine I made, the “Imagine cuddling with Pan when he finds out your scared of Neverland’s storms" one. I decided I really liked it so now you guys get a long imagine of it! I also added in a character! *smirks evily* FEELS!! Woohoo!))

Catagory: Peter Pan/reader and Felix/reader

“Alright, off to bed with you all, we have work to do tomorrow!” Pan hollered, sending everyone into a frenzy of “yays" and “finallys.”

You gave a sigh of relief, rolling the heavy axe from your shoulders and onto the ground. You had had a long day of cutting and chopping up wood for the campfire, and, boy, were you ready for bed.

You leaned backwards, hands on your waist, hoping to pop your back or possibly make it hurt less. 

“Ugggggghhhhh!” you groaned loudly as your back popped in several places, earning a few chuckles from the boys that were closest to you. A couple of them patted your back on their way to their tree houses, not really helping your problem.

They all knew that Pan had put you up to one of the hardest jobs on the island, and they all knew why. 

Pan didn’t like girls on his island; not since Wendy Darling. 

Apparently, from the stories the Lost Boys told you, she was very needy, and couldn’t defend herself worth crap. She would whine all the time, and always ask favors of the boys. This made Pan weary of girls and women. He thought that ALL of them were like that. 

So, when you appeared on the island, Pan decided he was not going to go through the trouble again, he’d rather have you dead. 

This whole island was new to you, it wasn’t like the fairytale in the slightest definition, so when this so called “Peter Pan” wanted to kill you for being a girl, you were outraged. You remembered screaming at him, things like, 

“I am a girl, I should be treated with respect and dignity! Not like some ugly troll that you think should be killed the second someone disapproves of it!”


"You are no man to kill a person just because you think they’ll ruin your fun!”

Anyway, back to the story. You didn’t want to be killed, of course, so you made a bet with him, a deal, that if you could prove yourself, you could stay, and live. Whether you could or couldn’t would decide your fate.

Therefore, to test your will to stay alive and on the island, Pan put you up to the hardest tasks he could find; chopping wood, cooking the meals, hunting the food, etc.

Let’s just say, you and Pan? Not on the best terms at the moment…

You were shaken out of your thoughts by a low growl from above. Something that was no growl of an animal or human, no. No, this was something much, much worse. Something you had been scared of since you were just a small child.

Your eyes widened as you jumped about ten feet in the air, your body turning itself on to extreme terror mode. A couple of the boys laughed again, thinking you had just been startled by the loud noise that shook the place.

External image

Little did they know that it was more than that. This was actual fear you were feeling. The feeling of having absolutely no control, what so ever, of something that could hurt you.

You nervously chuckled along with them, fast walking towards your tent, trying not to make your fearful face obvious.

You couldn’t let them see you with your guard down. No, that was a dangerous game to play. No matter how much you wanted to be hugged and cuddled, to have sweet nothings whispered comfortingly in your ear, that would never happened. You wouldn’t LET it ever happen. 

Why? Because you could actually be killed for it. No, you WOULD actually be killed for it.

You scurried along towards the tent Pan had so kindly offered for you to stay in while they finished building your own tree house.

By the time you were about to reach your tent, tears about to fall as they flooded the bottom of your eyes, a body fit itself between you and the door.

"Hi, (Y/N)…” Pan’s voice taunted, you wanting nothing more than to go inside your temporary home.

You ducked your head, trying to move around him. But, him being the annoying git he is, he just stepped the same direction, situating himself back in front of you.

Your blood boiled with anger and rage, but your heart bubbled with fear of the storm that was slowly making it’s way towards you.

You didn’t dare look up, scared that, if you did, he would see the pathetic tears forming in your eyes and your red face.

"How you feelin’ today? Are you, perhaps, feeling,” he paused to put his hands  on your aching shoulders, smirking, before pushing down just enough so that you could feel little prickles of harsh pain form at his fingers, “soar?”

A tiny noise escaped your tightly closed throat, the same time another growl came from the sky.

You were sure that he felt you jump.

You still didn’t look up, shoving him out of the way the hardest you could with your small arms that were tired from the hard work he had you doing.

It barely affected him, but he did stumble a bit, giving you a chance to run into your tent.

As soon as your foot hit the leafy floor of your tent, the tears fell from you eyes.

You pulled the animal fur blanket off of your bed, completely ignoring the small matress and walking over to the corner. You pulled your blanket around you, trembling furiously, and curled up into a tiny ball.

Of course, you had a valid reason to be this terrified of storms. 

After all, your own mother and father had been killed in one, taken hostage by the loud noises and strong wind.

 You could remember it like a vivid dream, or a wild hallucination.

One minute they were alive and thriving, taking on the world with strict confidence in what the future held for them. Young and crazy, they were happy and living life in the fast lane, having fun and adventuring the world; That’s what they did, they traveled as work.

They had their own successful magazine and travel blog. They traveled, and that’s how the fateful day happened. 

You see, they were on their way to some exotic island, the lucky couple,  heaving a strong hope of getting a good story for their blog with them. 

Before they left, they did, however, bid you a loving goodbye… that was, before abandoning you with your teenage babysitter, or as you called her, your nanny.

 Yeah, you might not have been their top priority, but they loved you, and you loved them. That was all that mattered at that age, so long as you were happy.

The moment you remember most clearly, though, was when they disappeared.


You were sitting at your kitchen table, playing a fun little board game with Annie, your nanny, when your heard the phone ring throughout the house.

"Oh, stay here, (Y/N), I’ll go get that real quick,” she told you, giving you a big smile,” Shame on them for interrupting our game, huh?”

You giggled and nodded you head, scooping the dice into your chubby hands, shaking it around, filling your plump cheeks up with air and blowing on it for luck. You released the cube, sending it flying towards the game board. 

You remember the number that you had rolled at the time, the number of dots on the cheap cube’s side. The number written out in dots was the number five.

"Woohoo!,” you whooped, counting off the spaces you moved, “One, two, free-”

“Oh my God,” you heard Annie gasp. You turned to face her just in time to see her hand fly to her gaping mouth. You just assumed she was just gossiping with a friend.

You didn’t think much of it, you were only seven then, and continued on with your game. 

What confused you a bit was that she kept whispering things like,

"No, no this can’t be true,”

"Please tell me this is a sick joke?”

"How do I tell her, she’ll be heart broken…”

You hopped from your seat, going to see who she was talking to.

‘She wouldn’t say those kinda things to her friends…’ you thought, wondering who she could be possibly talking to.

"Annie? Who are you talking to?” You whispered innocently, your round, doe eyes moving up to see tears falling off of your friend’s cheeks,” what’s da matter?”

She hung up the phone and it was silent. What could have happened that was so bad it made her cry? Was her friend mean to her? Did something happen to one of her friends?

She knelt down to look into your eyes as you stared back.

You were frightened. You didn’t know what was going on, but you weren’t a stupid girl, you knew SOMETHING was wrong. 

What you didn’t know was that it would change your life drastically.

"Sweety, I- your parents they-they’re-” she paused, chocking on her tears,


*End of flashback*

That was ten years ago, meaning you were seventeen when you came to Neverland, but you still hated the fact that you never even got to say goodbye, that you didn’t even know where they were when they went down, when they were plunged to the bottom of the sea, trapped in the relentless rain and wind, under the unforgiving puddle of blue.

“BA-BOOM, BOOM *crack*!!”

You jumped and let out a loud scream as thunder roared above you, covering Neverland in lightning strikes and wind, knocking the depressing thought out of your head in an instant.

You ducked you head, throwing your arms over it.

The wind made eerie noises through the trees, only making the whole thing more traumatizing; not to mention more loud.

You sobbed loudly, tears falling heavily down your face making everything blurred and watery. This was BY FAR the worst storm you had ever been in; your first storm in Neverland.

You got up to your hands and knees as more thunder rolled over the island, crawling your way towards the bed. 

You crawled under it, once again curling up on your side and shaking. You looked like a scared baby deer that had just been caught and thrown into the back of a small truck.

You wrapped your arms around your legs as the tent started to sway and rock back and forth, tightly pressing them to your chest and sobbing into your knees.

More thunder and wind came, and you were on the verge of a panic attack. Last time you were in a storm, it only lasted about five minutes. 

This one seemed to last hours.

Your breaths became short and desperate, seeming to pull at your lungs for air like a begger on the streets for money. You could hear your heartbeat almost as loud as the thunder outside your thin-walled tent.

You screamed again, this time much quieter due to lack of breath, as thunder sounded again. 

Just as the wind started to pick up again, you heard foot steps coming towards your bed. 

”(Y/N)!” The voice yelled over the storm,” Where are you!?”

You screamed again, knowing that if he found you he would surely kill you for all the trouble you had caused and the neediness you had presented.

“(Y/N), come out!” you heard another voice holler.

Your breathing had almost become unbearable, and you were on the verge of passing out as you saw a head peek under the bed.

External image

You screamed, scrambling to the other side of the floor under the bed. No way were you going out there with those two.

"I found 'er, Pan!” Felix yelled. “Help me get her!”

You sobbed louder as he said this: You were a goner. 

"Come here, (Y/N)!”

Suddenly you felt two hands grab you from your middle, dragging you out from your hiding place.

It was Pan.

"No!” you panted, fighting and squirming around in his arms desperately, “Please, no!”

He looked at down at you cautiously, flipping you around so that he was holding you like a baby in his arms and swaying a bit. 

"Please! Let me go! I’m sorry! I promise I’ll be tougher!” you slung your arms randomly, “I won’t bother you again! I’m not like her! Not like Wendy!”

"Hey, shh, it’s alright, your fine!” Pan cooed to you, trying to catch your arms in his big hands.

The thunder decided to join in the cooing, only making it worse, “BA-BOOM!!”

You screamed and your body jumped, terribly sad cries falling from your mouth as you wriggled around like a fish on land, trying to get away from your captor. After he finally decided that he’d had enough of your struggles, and threw you onto the bed. This freaked you out more than anything.

“Ahh! No!” You screamed, trying to roll away from him.

He sat on you, straddling your waist and grabbing your arms, pinning them above your head with one hand. His fingers dug into your wrists, sure to leave a red mark, as the other hand was struggling to stop your legs behind him from kicking.

"Felix! Help!” He yelled as you started to free yourself from his grasp by twisting your wrists.

'Must. Get. Free!’ your mind cried.

Your breathing was as fast as a dog panting on a summer day, and your wails were loud and desperate, “Please! Someone! Anyone! Help me!”

Felix came up from behind Pan, grabbing you by the ankles and holding down your legs so he could sit on them, pinning those down too.

”(Y/N), if you don’t stop screaming I’m going to lock you in the cage!” Pan yelled over your screams and the thunder outside.

Your screams ceased almost immediately, but your breathing and struggling didn’t. You had become weak and tired, but you hadn’t completely given up. You knew you weren’t going to win; you were against two boys who were significantly stronger than you. But, you didn’t give up. This was a life or death situation for you, and you wanted to live.

“Please! Don’t hurt me, or kill me! I promise, I’ll never disrupt you again! I’m not a burden! Please!”

You kicked you legs and wriggled your arms one last time, but it didn’t even affect them. 

'This is no use,” you thought, “ Maybe I should just give up…”

There was no hope left in you, and you were worn out, still breathing heavily due to your panic attack, which was, mind you, still going on.

"Please…” you begged, looking into Pan’s eyes with sadness and fear.

He looked back at you with a stern look on his face, but in his eyes you saw worry.

“(Y/N)…what happened…?” Felix asked.

Thunder groaned and wind blew again, making you let out an unintentional scream from the back of your aching throat.

"N-NO! P-P-Pan! I d-didn’t m-m-mean it!” your voice wavered, “P-Please don’t p-put me in t-t-the cage- I-”

You were in trouble now. You did exactly what he told you NOT to do…

Pan stood up from your waist, knowing you were too exhausted to continue swatting at him, and walked to where you layed, your legs pinned by FeIix, with your wide and scared eyes.

You flinched as he brought a hand down to you cheek, gently stroking it with his finger. This brought your breathing down a bit, but it only went back to panting again when more thunder roared.

You whimpered a bit, trying your best not to scream and get yourself in trouble.

“Felix…you can get up…I can assure you she’s much to tired to do anything now…” he said gently, trying not to startle you any more.

He slowly got up, looking at you with concern.

He stood at the other side of the bed, opposite from Pan, and looked down at your tiny, cowering, figure on the bed.

"Poor darling, panic attacks just take all the steam out of you, don’t they?” he continued, a look of pity filling his eyes.

Why was he being so sweet all of the sudden?

After a minute or so of them staring, and Pan petting your cheek, you started to get uncomfortable.

You looked Pan in the eyes,” Please d-d-don’t kill m-me, I-I-”

“Shh, it’s alright, calm down, you’re not in trouble-”

He was interrupted by a loud bang cutting through the sky; more thunder.

He and Felix both looked at each other as you jumped five feet out of your skin, beginning to silently cry again. You whimpered and sniffed lightly.

“Shhh, it’s alright, little dove…” Felix comforted, sitting down on the bed next to you. Pan followed his lead.

You were shaking like a leaf, still slightly panting. They both seemed to notice, but they didn’t say anything.

“Scared of storms, ay?” Pan asked.

You jumped again and cried out due to the thunder and lightning that decided to strike at just the right moment.

"I’m gonna take that as a yes…”

The two of them just blinked at each other, not really knowing how to comfort you; they had never dealt with anything like this.

“Alright, come here.” Felix sighed, grabbing you up by the hips and pulling you into a big bear hug. His hair tickled your ear as one arm wrapped around your neck, one behind your slumped shoulders. You gasped as he did this, surprised by the gesture. Though, it did make you feel a bit less scared-No. Not happening.

You growled, pushing him back with the energy you had left in you, then kicked him lightly with your bare foot. He only brought you back to his chest, earning a disapproving huff from you. He chuckled at your response, bringing a hand up to the back of your head and lightly petting your messy hair.

You smiled a bit more as Pan joined in, wrapping his long arms around you from behind and nuzzling his face into your neck, his breath tickling your collarbone. He gave you a little kiss on the shoulder, rubbing your arms with his hands.

That was very attract-NO!

'Where did this come from?!’ You though, a little freaked out about how drastically they had changed their attitude towards you. You couldn’t say you were upset, though. I mean, two handsome guys cuddling you? What more could you have asked-NOOO! How could you even think that?!

You blushed bright red, burying your face into Felix’s shoulder as they both laughed; they found it funny that they could make you blush, and a little cute.

"You feelin’ better?” Pan asked.

You nodded, mumbling a tired sounding,”Mmhhff…”

Pan looked towards Felix,”I guess we’re not as bad as we thought we were. It worked.”

“I think you just might be a little tired…” Felix concluded, unwrapping his arms from around you and standing up.

You wimpered, no longer as cozy, or warm, as you were when he was hugging you.

"No…” You groaned, lazily reaching out to grab him back to you, but you missed, only reaching at air.

Soon after, Pan let go and stood up too, leaving you without any warmth from either if them.

“NO!” You cried, reaching out again, “Come back!”

“Calm down, baby girl, just getting the blanket you left in the corner over here,” he reassured, gesturing towards the corner where he was picking up the blanket. You couldn’t help but notice the flirty nickname he gave you.

"I’m getting the pillows you knocked off the bed.” Felix piped in.

As soon as they had picked up the pillows and blanket, they returned to the bed. Felix threw on the pillows and hopped in, pushing you back so that you were laying down. He then wrapped his arms around you, his hands lazily playing with the tips of your hair, twirling and twisting it.

You closed your eyes peacefully as Pan sat down on the other side of you, laying the blanket over the three of you before laying down. He also wrapped his arms around you.

They both tangled their legs around and between yours, trapping you in an extreme three-person cuddle. Honestly, it was the most comfortable position ever. It made you feel like you were safe, protected from the storm.

You blushed a deep red as a small, nervous noise made it’s way out of your throat. 

They both smirked, finding it adorable and funny.

"Goodnight, (Y/N).” Pan muttered, laughing a little at how nervous and awkward you looked, then kissed your collar bone.

“Night…” Felix mumbled, giving you a tiny peck just below your jawline, as they both nuzzled their faces into either side of your neck.

To say your face was red was a HUGE understatement. You were as red as fire, and you could feel your face getting hotter by the second.

"Night, guys,” you replied, nuzzling yourself deeper into their warm arms, ”Thank you…”


Supernatural Rewatch
Season 7 → 7x12 “Time after Time after Time"

Bonus gifset, because I ended up giffing more shots than I needed for my set, but I didn’t want to let them catch dust in my gif folder. So have this gifset that nobody asked for. :)  But really, this episode is just too glorious in terms of overall look and Dean outfit and just about everything.

She laughed, bright and thrilling, bounding ahead of him across the grass. His eyes opened. The aurora shimmered overhead, light casting strange shadows over the uneven grass. She was halfway to the hill, and he followed slowly. Every step hurt, every step made his bones protest as if they were giving out beneath him. He plodded, watching her get further and further away.

Hundreds, thousands of fireflies swirled up from the twisted tree as she crested the rise, her figure a dark blot against the glory of the sky.

for Somnium by @anachromystic

I LOVE this super interesting, modern au fic! 

= me almost every chapter from the angsty fluffiness


10x22 “The Prisoner”
“The mark on my arm means I can’t die. I’m not bargaining. You flatline me, I will come back, but I’ll come back with black eyes and then you’ll all die.”

God, I loved these shots and all those shifting perspectives in this scene. 

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Well, I did most of my drafts. I still owe @beyondappearance, @the-hopeless-beast, @kingjxck, @acreatureofash, and @whatyourheartmakes replies, @everlastingvxw and @whitestreaked drabbles, and @dame-deparis a meme answer. I will get to them all tomorrow since I will have more time after work. If you haven’t been replied to already and your name isn’t on the list above and I owe you something, shoot me a message! Tumblr has been a butt and I just might have missed it or not gotten a notification! Anyway, I’m off to bed because I have to be at work at 0-dark-thirty tomorrow. Goodnight friends!


11x06 “Our Little World”
“You said you were close. Dean how did she get away?”

Oh Dean… Just be honest with them. They suspect something already, maybe even know the answer: Cause you couldn’t. And even if ou couldn’t say more than that. Just that you couldn’t would be better than deflecting. End of story? It rather feels like the beginning of one… And Cas’ little headmotion and slight squiny eyes  I just love both and I actually have to somewhat smile to myself about Sam, because even though he’s exchanging conspiring looks with Cas here, somehow I just can’t not headcanon him looking back and forth between Dean and Cas and thinking “No, no, no please don’t fight”, “Okay you won’t stop, uhmm, I’ll just disapppeeeeeaaaar somewhere now, byeee”.

Reading these new interviews with Isayama is really bittersweet because he’s giving us quite a bit of information that I feel is revealing a bit about the upcoming plot but it also feels like he’s trying to settle the story with his readers. 

With these interviews and the first major character deaths in the series, I feel like we’re starting to see the end of the tunnel. It’s still a few years before SnK will actually be over, but those feelings of finality and closure are starting to approach. 

I wonder how I am going to feel when the story finally reaches its ending.