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“We’re having such a good time together and it’s only just begun
My heart’s never smiled so hard
Baby, lovin’ you is fun”

i just wanted to draw them on a first date!!! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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I’ve been really getting back into moodboards lately so here’s how you can get one personally curated for you! 

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4x16 “On the Head of A Pin”
7x15 “Repo Man”
Reason 1.395.872 Why Ben Edlund Will Forever Be My Favourite Writer and Why I Dearly Miss Him

Excuse me for a hot minute while I need to express my utter love and appreciation for the amazingness that is Ben Edlund. I will forever miss him on the show and it’s things like the above that are the reason. Would this have been any other writer or any other show I would have said this was a lucky accident. But I don’t really believe in lucky accidents so… Anyway.

What have these two episodes in common? Yes, they both have been written by Ben Edlund and I am willing to bet that he made made the absolutely conscious decision to include these scenes in 7x15 “Repo Man”, because they directly call back to almost exactly three seasons prior.

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Face Meme for Anon, 1B Dead and Peppy. 

I coulda done better on that light source, its all over the place, and his teeth look… hhhh yellow. So do his eyes. What can I say? Pink boy is glowy. Also, I cheated and blended the colors a lot, but its still only the colors from the pallet, no other colors were used. Gosh though, he looks cute, even if he is effin pink and yellow. I’ll be getting the other ones done soon. 

I Missed You

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Request:  since your requests are open: can you write something with pietro? something happy without mentioning his death or (even better) him coming back having faked his death? if you prefer the “faked his death”-version, it could be a little angsty? but a happy ending pls ^^

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Summary: Ever since Pietro died you had been slowly crumbling under the weight of the world. Once simple tasks take you forever to even start and you need Pietro more than ever, little did you know that he needed you just as much. (we’re also going to pretend the twins were a part of the avengers before everything hit the fan)

Words Count: 1295

Genre: slightly angsty, nothing too bad

Warnings: Language

This is my first request, hope you all like ^-^


  “Pietro!” you wake with a start. As you regain your bearings, you notice that the clock reads 3:42 am and groan. It had been like this ever since he died. The bed you once shared felt like an ocean of sheets now, cold and all too big. Don’t get me wrong, You’re proud and grateful of Pietro for protecting his friends, but how could he?  As you lean back into your bed, you start remembering that day, the day where the love of your life, your husband, your soulmate died.

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What a night! I’m off to bed now but I will attempt to answer more asks after work tomorrow. Also going to finish my video that has all the Jon/Dany scenes from this season. xoxo :D

y’all remember when i got that tattoo on friday the 13th? my tattoo artist was a hot hot tater tot and i’m tryin’ to hit that but like. idk how to talk to people anymore and it’s very embarrassing. 

Black & Blue (One-Shot)

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Anonymous request: Could you do a one-shot where Bucky finds out reader is in a abusive relationship and he saves her from it?

Warnings: angst, violence, psychological abuse, swearing

Word count: 2127

Italics are reader’s thoughts

You had just arrived back home from work, and you weren’t surprised to see your ‘lover’ passed out on the sofa with a vodka bottle in hand. You scoffed and rolled your eyes, did you expect anything less? Brock was always an asshole when he was drunk, and he was drunk all the time. Alcoholic. 

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Shizaya Headcanon

1) Shizuo is NOT a morning person

2) Izaya is a night person who tends to go to bed at 3-4am but also wakes up at 5-6am in the morning. (Basically he barely sleeps) 

3) Izaya is a light sleeper

4) Shizuo snores

5) First thing Izaya does after waking up is wash face, brush teeth and make morning coffee. (Or warm up the cold coffee from few hours ago)

6) First thing Shizuo does after waking up is break the alarm clock by accident trying to turn it off, tumble off the bed while scratching his head, try to shave with sleepy eyes, finally run out the door without breakfast. 

7) Shizuo loves animals but is too scared to pet them in case he hurts them.

8) Izaya has zero interest in pets and animals. (Even if he did, he still has to maintain his status quo, ‘I LOVE HUMANS’ and pretends not to care)

9) Izaya’s idea of spending a great evening is having a two laptop and a desktop running while texting on phone, trolling the internet, pretending to be a girl. Probably. 

10) Shizuo’s idea of spending a great evening is not having lost his temper trying to collect debt, being able to kick off his shoes and fall asleep on his bed with no work tomorrow (so he can sleep in)


Supernatural Rewatch
Season 7 → 7x12 “Time after Time after Time"

Bonus gifset, because I ended up giffing more shots than I needed for my set, but I didn’t want to let them catch dust in my gif folder. So have this gifset that nobody asked for. :)  But really, this episode is just too glorious in terms of overall look and Dean outfit and just about everything.

Not Enough PCap...Part 10... The Night Cap

So I think I will end this Pic Spam and head off to bed to rest before I have to head off to work tomorrow with a few of PCap favorite pictures.  I hope you have enjoyed my spam.  Have a lovely evening and a good rest.

Nighty NIght and Kissy Kiss My Dear Followers

Slow Healing | 9/16 | Trillie

Tré couldn’t bare the fact that he hurt Billie, he cared about him a lot. As soon as he got home, he took a nice refreshing shower, and got into some of his best causual clothes. The blue haired dummer made his way to his car, holding the wheel for a moment after he got in. He had plans to see Billie Joe but he wasn’t sure if he could entirely face him. If so, not empty handed. Tré drove to a couple different places getting Chinese food and a few small random gifts for the vocalist he was sure he’d enjoy.

With that he finally drove to Billie’s house and parked his car in the driveway. He was half expecting the black haired man to step outside, not too pleased to see him again. However, there was nothing but silence and it was late, about 8pm. Taking a deep breath before grabbing the bags and climbing out of his car he slowly walked up to the front door of his best friend’s place. The lights were on, he could hear muffled voices sounding of Billie Joe talking to his son, Joey and the TV was on.

It took a moment for him to realize he didn’t signal is arrival. Knocking on the door before glancing in through a window. The curtain we’re exactly open but there was a small opening so he could see a bit inside. All he could easily see was some cartoon on the TV screen. Tré didn’t exactly care to figure out what, right now he had more important business to attend to.



10x22 “The Prisoner”
“The mark on my arm means I can’t die. I’m not bargaining. You flatline me, I will come back, but I’ll come back with black eyes and then you’ll all die.”

God, I loved these shots and all those shifting perspectives in this scene. 

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