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“We’re having such a good time together and it’s only just begun
My heart’s never smiled so hard
Baby, lovin’ you is fun”

i just wanted to draw them on a first date!!! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Nothing At Stake - 7

[A/N: Your last one for tonight guys, I’ve got work tomorrow and need to head off to bed at a reasonable time! Hope you enjoy this tinsy bit smuttier chapter than the last. I’m kind of trying to keep this real though, if you understand what I mean by that. I don’t want to rush it all. 

Also this fic is now in celebration of reaching 400 followers tonight! Thank you guys!!]

Word Count: 1198

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]

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*Search For A Cure* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Can you do newt x reader where reader is seriously ill and Newt is traveling around the world to find the cure? Like you can leave her at London or make her go with him, your choice! Maybe it gets angsty af but at the end everything works out and it’s pure fluff♥️ I’m sorry if this is very crappy idea😅

♦ I decided to make this a multiple parts story. Hope that’s okay, Anon! ^_^

Newt stood at his work table inside his hut mixing the swooping evil venom with various other things and jotting notes down in his tattered journal. You were comfortably sitting on the cot in the corner engulfed in a new book you started reading a few days ago and couldn’t seem to put down.

Every few minutes, you’d glance up and smile as you watched your boyfriend working. You loved how he held his wand between his teeth as he used both hands to pour the various concoctions. 

You coughed and Newt’s head turned to look at you and he removed his wand from his mouth, placing it beside his journal. 

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Shizaya Headcanon

1) Shizuo is NOT a morning person

2) Izaya is a night person who tends to go to bed at 3-4am but also wakes up at 5-6am in the morning. (Basically he barely sleeps) 

3) Izaya is a light sleeper

4) Shizuo snores

5) First thing Izaya does after waking up is wash face, brush teeth and make morning coffee. (Or warm up the cold coffee from few hours ago)

6) First thing Shizuo does after waking up is break the alarm clock by accident trying to turn it off, tumble off the bed while scratching his head, try to shave with sleepy eyes, finally run out the door without breakfast. 

7) Shizuo loves animals but is too scared to pet them in case he hurts them.

8) Izaya has zero interest in pets and animals. (Even if he did, he still has to maintain his status quo, ‘I LOVE HUMANS’ and pretends not to care)

9) Izaya’s idea of spending a great evening is having a two laptop and a desktop running while texting on phone, trolling the internet, pretending to be a girl. Probably. 

10) Shizuo’s idea of spending a great evening is not having lost his temper trying to collect debt, being able to kick off his shoes and fall asleep on his bed with no work tomorrow (so he can sleep in)

my microsoft word has been circle wheel of deathing/not responding for the past half an hour with my assignment that i’m a third of the way through and due in 30 hours worth 50% of my semesters marc

so naturally i’m laying in bed forgetting about it and putting it off until after work tomorrow n hoping it stops circle wheeling ??????


Supernatural Rewatch
Season 7 → 7x12 “Time after Time after Time"

Bonus gifset, because I ended up giffing more shots than I needed for my set, but I didn’t want to let them catch dust in my gif folder. So have this gifset that nobody asked for. :)  But really, this episode is just too glorious in terms of overall look and Dean outfit and just about everything.

Black & Blue (One-Shot)

Originally posted by as-valentine

Anonymous request: Could you do a one-shot where Bucky finds out reader is in a abusive relationship and he saves her from it?

Warnings: angst, violence, psychological abuse, swearing

Word count: 2127

Italics are reader’s thoughts

You had just arrived back home from work, and you weren’t surprised to see your ‘lover’ passed out on the sofa with a vodka bottle in hand. You scoffed and rolled your eyes, did you expect anything less? Brock was always an asshole when he was drunk, and he was drunk all the time. Alcoholic. 

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10x22 “The Prisoner”
“The mark on my arm means I can’t die. I’m not bargaining. You flatline me, I will come back, but I’ll come back with black eyes and then you’ll all die.”

God, I loved these shots and all those shifting perspectives in this scene. 

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thank you all so much for sending in requests for sketch time today! (O  w O) i’m sorry i wasn’t able to get to them all, but thank you as always for sharing your ideas! it’s super fun every time! (^    o  ^) it’s almost 2:30am so it’s off to bed now! tomorrow i’ll be back to work on “Sweet, Sweet Madness”! i have dreams of finishing page three entirely tomorrow since i already did the basic re-sketch… but alas… i’ve realized my limitations lately! lol lol lol! before my holiday break is over on Saturday i’d like to finish up to page five! then~ hopefully stick to doing two pages a week???? though… as anybody who’s been following me for a while knows, i get distracted by new ideas CONSTANTLY! LOL! (^   O ^) but i’ll never do less than one a week! still, two is the goal! <3 thank you all again for your support thus far! (O    w O) have a wonderful day, a beautiful week, and if you’re heading into exam season~ i wish you strength, endurance, and a +50 boost to your memory!!! hehe! <3


13.6.2017. // 10:19pm

Not a good day.
Work’s been busy so I didn’t really have a chance to update. Or do anything really.
Husband’s also in Budapest right now so yey, more worries for me. I’m actually more worried about him having to babysit his coworkers or being overworked rather than anything bad happening but yea, my brain likes to worry for the both of us. 🙃

Ah, anyway, I’m off to bed. Tomorrow should be the last work day of this week. I hope.

  i actually just crashed from my caffeine so i’m off to bed
tomorrow i’ll work on my verses and polish up landon’s bio,
        but for now, like this for a starter tomorrow

Well accomplished a lot today.

Epic smut down.

Studied for my tests and stuff not as much as I wanted my computer was fussing with the program and being slow. So I read mainly from the manual. I think i fixed the issue but too late in the night. So I’ll study more tomorrow after work.

Hope you enjoyed the orgy.

Off to bed! Work tomorrow more training!