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El Generico and Kevin Steen, Final Battle 2010 aftermath. Final Battle 2010 is a thirty minute match, the emotional climax of a yearlong, incredibly intense feud.  As the loser, Kevin is going to be forced (over his legit, actual protests) to “leave Ring of Honor” and take a half-year off.  Both he and Generico suspect (and rightfully so) that it will be used as an excuse to try and phase him out of RoH altogether.  For all they know, this is their last match together.  

The match is brutal and bloody–both men end up bleeding profusely.  Kevin has gotten a badly bruised sternum from a brainbuster off the turnbuckle that goes wrong and has taken a chairshot to the head.  As Generico celebrates his win, Kevin is sobbing openly.  Of course, Generico can’t in any way acknowledge Kevin without ruining the end of the story and the catharsis of the moment.  But you can see, over and over, how in his celebration he keeps trying to find some way to make physical contact with Kevin.  Whether it’s reaching for his mask and  brushing Kevin’s bloody wrist:

Or using that mask as a shield against the camera’s prying eye to try and touch his fingers:

Or finally putting his leg across Kevin’s as if by accident:

You can see the moments in which Generico is ignoring his enemy, but the man behind the mask is trying desperately to have some kind of contact, to check on Kevin or reassure him or just be with him at the end of a grueling match and an amazing feud.


Triple H/OC. For Anon: Thick Cock Daddy! Hunter has a big interest in Reader, but she takes it as him wanting her to be one of his NXT Kids. She doesn’t want to be one his NXT kids. She firmly rejects the position and any words that come from his lips. Then one late night she’s struggling with her pacing in the ring, so he seizes the moments and gets her into the (multiple) positions he’s been wanting her in with lots of (dirty) words. She decides she wants to call him Daddy after all, in a much different way.

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I just realised something

Touhou Project

- Features a cast of colourful characters with ridiculous personalities and colourful outfits
- These characters spend much of their time fighting duels for stupid reasons
- Said fights are governed by a set of rules that encourage flashiness and elegance rather than brute force. 
- Fights are often accompanied by banter and challenges
- Fights aren’t meant to cause lasting injury, but do look like they really hurt 
- Many characters have a signature move of some kind
- Characters will sometimes group up for a tag-team
- Characters will frequently use strange improvised weapons (umbrellas, musical instruments, clouds,…)
- One character (Remilia Scarlet) is a horror-themed character who frequently talks about death, darkness and the supernatural. Said character also has a complicated relationship with a sibling (Flandre Scarlet)


- Features a cast of colourful characters with ridiculous personalities and colourful outfits
- These characters spend much of their time fighting duels for stupid reasons
- Said fights are governed by a set of rules that encourage flashiness and elegance rather than brute force.
- Fights are often accompanied by banter and challenges
- Fights aren’t meant to cause lasting injury, but do look like they really hurt
- Many characters have a signature move of some kind
- Characters will sometimes group up for a tag-team
- Characters will frequently use strange improvised weapons (deckchairs)
- One character (The Undertaker) is a horror-themed character who frequently talks about death, darkness and the supernatural. Said character also has a complicated relationship with a sibling (Kane)

I mean, I’m not saying that Reimu would ever dress up in spandex and put Yukari in a headlock, Buuuuuuuuut


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Pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Request from an anon: “Okay so reader is new in the main roster & on her first day she trip on Dean who just snap at her with his cocky attitude. After that Shield always appear on her matches and they got closer and closer to the ring in every match she have until they eventually get to ring side. She’s tired of their bullshit so while they are in a match she interrupt and sit on commentary, they ask her about what’s going on with Shield and she reply that Dean is crazy for her and doesn’t know how to express it (½) (2/2) Dean hear what she says and on her next match the Shield finally get to the ring and he just possessively kiss her and tell her that she was right????????” This starts about two months before Extreme Rules when they won all their titles, which was when they were feuding with Randy Orton and Team Hell No (because I like thinking about protective Randy also I was watching this match when I started writing this. Also The Shield were heels at the time.) I feel like this is really crappy! I’m so sorry if it is!!!

It felt like everything was happening too fast. One moment you were in New Japan, you won the Women’s title, next you’re in NXT, then you get the call. You made it, you were going to the main roster. Walking through the arena was like swimming through a vast sea of the unknown. You knew some superstars, but more in passing than anything else. It felt really lonely up here. You were walking around, this arena was massive in comparison to any of the ones you had ever been in. Constantly you were seeing new things, amazed by all the technology that was needed to keep this all going. Not looking where you where going, you slammed into someone. Immediately your hands shot out to steady them, a blush running up your cheeks. Just my luck to run into someone on my first damn day! “Oh my god I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry about that I wasn’t looking I-” the person you had run into looked at you and you lost your train of thought. His blue eyes pierced right through you. The light strawberry blonde stubble on his chin and his hair shown in the faint light. Even through his t-shirt you could see the lines of his toned stomach and his arms strained against the sleeves.His lips split in a smile, little dimples appearing in his cheeks.

“I can tell you weren’t looking baby girl,” the way his voice twisted around the word ‘baby girl’ made you feel weak, “but you should start. Don’t know what you could run into. Trust me, I’m pretty damn nice.” He looked down at your hands, still holding his sides, and looked back up at you, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Don’t wanna let go, huh?” You wanted to go crawl into a hole and die, what the hell is wrong with me!? Pulling away your hands, you ran them through your hair and broke eye contact with him, instead looking down at the ground. “So you’re the new girl?” You nodded, glancing quickly up at him. He was still smiling. “Dean Ambrose,” he held out his hand. You were too shocked by the whole situation to say that you knew who he was, and that you had had a crush on him since he was still called Jon Moxley. It took you a second to realize what he was doing and you quickly took his hand and shook it.

“Y/n,” you said, your voice a little shaky. He pulled his hand away and gave your arm a little pat and walked away. Your hand was still out stretched and it was a few seconds before you pulled it back down to your side. Well, that was terrible.

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The first Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match was off to a good start! Women beating each other with ladders, jumping off turnbuckles and doing all the crazy awesome shit!! The women were giving it their all that I didn’t care who won…

… until James Ellsworth took the briefcase and handed it to Carmella. All of those women, including Carmella, deserved better than to have a man steal their title shot like that. Whoever agreed on that shit ending should be fired!

Backstage Feelings

Ask: Your blog is amazing! I was wondering if you could make a one shot where y/n reveals her feelings for Seth after she sees him get hurt during a match and finds him backstage?

You stood by the monitor with a few other wrestler, watching Seth’s match against Roman Reigns. You were nervous as you watched Seth get taking away on a stretcher. He had jumped off the top turnbuckle on to the announcers table, but Roman moved causing him to break the table and landed rips first on a monitor.

You now stood outside of the trainers room, waiting for the doctor to let you in, so you could see if Seth was alright. The doctor opened the door and nudged his head towards Seth, letting you know you could see him. 

You walked in and over towards Seth, who had his back towards you, trying to gently put his shirt on over his tapped ribs. You stepped closer and help him pull the shirt on over his head and put his arms in.

Seth’s eyes locked with yours and he smile a little. “Thank you, Y/N”

“Yeah no probable. I just came here to make sure that, you know. You were alright and everything” You said, trying to avoided eye contact. 

You had alway had a crush on Seth, sense your first day here and Seth let you travel with him because you didn’t have anyone and neither did he.

“I just have some bruised ribs, nothing else” Seth said, shrugging.

“Oh cause bruised ribs are nothing” You said, sarcastically. Seth smiled and laughed, but then groaned in pain.

“You okay?” You asked, worried.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just can’t laugh….or breathe” Seth said, picking up his bag and heading towards the door.

You bit your lip before deciding that you needed Seth to know how you feel. You jogged a little to catch up to him. 

“Seth….I need to tell you something…” You said, trailing off.

“What is it?” Seth asked, stopping. You stopped and looked up and him, before looking at your boots.

“Well…..Seth I’m just gonna come right out and say it. I like you, Seth. I mean, I like, like you and I have sense my first day here. You were sweet, you helped me, let me travel with you and you never once said a mean thing to me……and I just, really like you and I feel like you should know how I feel.” You said, still looking down at you boots.

Seth was quite, a little to quite for your liking. Just as you were about to give up and walk away, Seth took a couple step so that he stood right in front of you. 

He put his hand under you chin and tilted your head back, kissing you gentle. 

When he pulled away, you locked eyes with him and smiled shyly.

“I hope that answers how I feel about you, Y/N. Because if it doesn’t, I guess I’ll have to show then. Won’t I” Seth said, his lips brushing against yours.

But before you could answer him, he took your hand in his and pulled you quickly behind him, out the door and to his car. He tossed his bag in the trunk and then turned around and gave you another kiss, before pointing you to the passenger side door. 

You smiled but move and got in the car quickly.

My Little Bird- Dean Ambrose Drabble

As Dean held the title above his head, the feeling of the crowd’s cheers filled his ears. He had finally reached the top of the mountain, pinning his old foe to become champion. In that moment his mind was full of memories of competing, his childhood dream finally becoming reality. His thoughts were filled of matches that had impacted him in some way, the blood, the sweat, hell, even the tears. But those memories started to fade and his thoughts were filled with you. He could see your smile now, he knew you would be somewhere in this arena crying, maybe not for the first time tonight as he knew tears would have been shed when he became Mr Money in the Bank. As he climbed off the turnbuckles, basking in the crowd’s reaction, a part of him felt selfish for sharing this moment with the crowd first. Yes, they had been his support and had rallied behind him to get the push he deserved, but after a few minutes in the ring he wanted to share this with you. From the beginning you had been the one who no matter what happened in that ring, the biggest support Dean could ask for. Through everything you had been the one constant that kept Dean stable and on his feet. In reality, Dean knew that this title was as much yours as it was him. As he said his last goodbye’s to the crowd and entered the backstage area, he was greeted by his peers, celebrating him as champion. As the crowd started to die down he could see you out of the corner of his eye and his breath got caught in the back of his throat. Your smile was breath-taking to him, literally. You had on a Dean Ambrose shirt, eyes glistening with tears, slight mascara lines ran down your face yet your smile stayed on your face as you spoke to Roman, trying to cheer him up after his defeat. That was one thing Dean loved about you, you were always thinking of others, no matter what the situation. As he continued his way to you, still getting stopped, he remembered the time you had wanted him to save a little bird, you were so worried and affectionate to this dying animal that Dean knew he would do anything to make you smile after it passed away. Since then, whenever tears were shed in your life, he would simply call you his little bird, causing a giggle to pass from your lips. As Roman left, Dean’s eyes finally met yours and Dean didn’t realise your smile could get any wider. Without hesitation you ran into his arms, clutching him closely as you whispered how proud you were and how much he deserved it. Dean was speechless, emotions finally reaching its peak that he could only mutter a single sentence, but to you, it was the most romantic thing Dean has ever spoken.

“I owe it all to you, my little bird”.

Happy birthday to one of our all time favorite photographers and humans, @brycekanights. So many legendary photos hanging on the bedroom walls of so many generations of skaters were shot by Bryce, like this one of Cardiel off the top turnbuckle at Ft. Miley. HBD, buddy #18andLife

Elijah Berle goes off the upper turnbuckle for @thrashermag’s SOTY steel cage match announcement. Head over to the Bible’s site to cast your vote for #Elijah4SOTY (or @andrewb.allen, @kwalks,@chrisrussell_mbk, @skankiee or @pedrobarrossk8) today! 

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TalkSport Interview: Dean Ambrose exclusive - 'I'm the greatest, but I can wait for WWE singles gold'

Dean Ambrose is in no rush to get back in the hunt for WWE titles, believing ‘good things come to those who wait’.

The 29-year-old former Shield member was the first member of that faction to bag singles gold - holding the US championship for nearly a year after winning it from Kofi Kingston in May 2013 - but has remained empty-handed ever since the group’s split.

Earlier this year he was in the Wrestlemania reckoning for the Intercontinental championship and was also the first challenger to step up during John Cena’s US title reign. But now Ambrose looks to have dropped out of title contention since coming up short against his ex partner and WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank in June.

Asked at a WWE 2K16 press event in New York about his title aspirations for the near future, Dean - who was victorious alongside Roman Reigns against Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper at SummerSlam last Sunday - said he was prepared to be patient as he goes about his in-ring business.

“I don’t know, man,” he told talkSPORT.

"I don’t look any farther than what’s right in front of me.

"If you’re really good at doing what you do, good things will come.

"I just go out there every day and be one of the greatest professional wrestlers that ever lived, because at this point that’s what I am.”

Dean stars opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in a promotional film for the new WWE video game, and The Terminator has been confirmed to be a playable character. Not known for his silky-smooth motion when neutralising rivals, the Lunatic Fringe still reckons the iconic film cyborg assassin could kill it between the ropes.

Speaking about the T-101 coming off the top turnbuckle, Dean smirked: “I think the Terminator can just jump that high anyway.”

He continued: “I feel like the Terminator - if it is accurate to what a Terminator would be - would be the best character in the game.

"That’s the thing about his inclusion in the game, it is just another fun element - you can play as the Terminator and it is likes moulding two different worlds.

"It’s like with action figures when you have Ninja Turtles play against Superman. So you can have The Terminator face Dean Ambrose. It is very cool.”

* WWE 2K16 is released in the UK on October


McDonald’s reveals the new Hamburglar by exposing his dark past of heinous acts during his time in professional wrestling. He blew up Vince’s limo, kidnapped Samoa Joe & pushed Sid off the top turnbuckle. What a son of a bitch!

If you have any details on Hamburglar’s whereabouts, contact your newest McDonald’s & order as many burgers as you can.