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Night Moves (Part 1)

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Summary: The reader hooks up with a guy she meets at a bar one night after she gets to the town where her childhood friend, Jess, is getting married in a few days time, leading to some unintended consequences…

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,500ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: Hope you enjoy part 1!…

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Off The Shoulder Tee || Requires Parenthood!

  • I flat-colored this shirt if anyone wants a flat psd to recolor/pattern hmu.
  • Custom Thumbnail that says “ttf”
  • 22 Swatches from my gemstone palette + white swatch
  • Part 1 of my 1k gift! the next release will be a set of items.
  • IF anyone is willing to help me make mm skinny jeans or shorts pl message me im desperate
  • you can recolor this to death if you like!
  • tag me if you use on your sims and/or gameplay! :3

Download here; *click click* (ad-free, SFS)

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That Don’t Impress Me Much

@letojokerownsme you…just make it all better!  



She’d been distant since their last date and Shannon couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  He did everything right, he thought.  He was early, brought flowers.  He opened every door for her, pulled her chair out.  He was attentive and a gentlemen.  He held her hand, he told her she was beautiful. He didn’t order for her at dinner.  He never left her side at the party, always keeping his hand on the small of her back, rubbing his thumb across the bare space where her dress met her skin.  They shared a passionate kiss at the end of the night and she thanked him for a wonderful evening.  

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Party In The Trans Am

Requested: Yes; Hey I love your writing and I was wondering of you could do a party poison x reader smut where they go out for a drive in the trans am and then do smexshy stuff 💜💜💜

Pairing: Party Posion x Reader

Warning: Fluff, smut

(y/kj/n= your killjoy name)

   “Go get the Trans Am! Bring it around!” Party ordering shooting at a Drac. You nodded and held your gun close as you ran towards the car. You jumped in and turned the key reving the car to life. You slammed down on the gas and swerved to Party’s side. He shot the last Drac and blew the smoke coming from his ray gun. You rolled your eyes and reached over and opened his door. 

   “You’re so dramatic.” You said as he hastily clambered in. He smiled as you hit the gas and drifted, turning you around and putting in the direction of the diner. 

   “But you still love me though.” He said grining like a maniac. He rolled down his window and let the dry desert air whip through his fiery red hair. You smiled at him and sped up watching the darkness descend on the both of you.

   You brought the Trans Am to a slow crawl. The sound of the tires crunching over the gravel being the only thing disrupting the quiet night. You shut off the car and began to get out when Party grabbed your wrist. 

   “Let’s stay out here and talk. We can watch the stars. It’s nice out tonight.” He said pushing his hair back. You nodded and smiled.

   “That sounds wonderful. I’ll get the blanket.” You said gently dropping his hand and heading around to the trunk. Party get out and went around to your side. You laid out the blanket and you both dropped down. Party wrapped an arm around you and pulled you to rest on him. 

   “Do you miss the city? Like living in a house and stuff?” Party inquired gazing at the bright white specks littering the sky. You shook your head. 

   “Nope. It was borin there. Everyone was boring. I’m glad we ran into each other. You?” You said noticing the Big Dipper. He laughed gruffly. 

   “Not a chance. And y/kj/n…” He asked grasping your attention. You turned to him and he smirked. “I’m glad we met too.”  He growled kissing you roughly. He pushed you down on your back and grinded his bulge into your leg. You smirked against his lips and reached a hand between your bodies and palmed him. He bucked into your hand and chuckled. You pulled away and stared up at him.

   “I’ll never get over how I can make you squirm.” You purred making him cock an eyebrow. 

   “Oh yeah?” He asked resting a hand on your thigh. You watched his face carefully. After all this time you still couldn’t predict him. He ran his hand up and down your thigh inching closer to where you needed him. He ran his hand up and pressed firmly where your clit was making you whined. You could feel the wetness pooling between your legs. 

   “Party.” You said softly trying to push yourself against his finger. He placed a hand firmly on your stomach and held you in place. He tssked and smiled. 

   “Maybe next time you’ll learn not to get too cocky. Who’s in charge here y/n ?” He purred using your real name. He only used it when asserting his dominance, showing you he knew more about you and had you wrapped around his finger. He unzipped your pants and pulled them off. You sat up and pulled off your top and bra. You untied the bandana from around your neck. He looked over your body and attacked your neck. You pushed his blue jacket off his shoulders and began tugging at his black muscle tee. He parted from you so you could take it off and returned to your collarbone when you threw it to the side. His hand crept past the waist band on your panties and he ran two fingers down your slit. You whined and dug your nails into his back. He hissed and looked up at you, his hair hung in his face only disturbed by his panting breath. “What do you want me to do? Use your big girl words.” He drawled pushing just the tips of his fingers into you. You gasped and pushed down on his hand. 

   “Please fuck me. I know you want to.” You said hoping to rile him up more. He withdrew his fingers completely and you groaned. "Well that seems like quite the opposite of fucking me now doesn’t it?” You said sarcastically sitting up. You pushed him on his ass and crawled between his legs. You began unzipping his jeans and smiled devilishly at his straining erection. You slowly pulled out his dick. He sucked in a breath as you took him in your mouth. Making sure to stick your ass up to give him a good view. You swirled your tongue around his tip and he tangled his hands in your hair. 

   “O-hh God. You’re so good with your mouth princess.” He praised pushing your head down farther. You took the lead again and began bobbing your head quickly making him moan out. When you could feel him getting close you took him out of your mouth with a satisfying pop. He groaned frustratedly and scowled at you. 

   “What the fuck? Why’d you stop?” He growled. You shrugged. 

   “I only thought it was fair.” You said sitting back. He smirked and shook his head. 

   "Fine. Two can play at this game babe. I can go all night.” He said spitting in his hand and beginning to jerk himself off. You involuntarily moaned and brought your knees up to your chest giving him a clear view of you. He bit his lip and went faster. You made eye contact as you slowly trailed your hand down to your core and began teasing your clit. He dropped his gaze down watching your fingers as the danced between your folds. You slipped two fingers in and moaned making sure to catch his eye. 

   "Don’t you wish you were bouncing up and down on my cock? Don’t you wish those were my fingers?” He teased breathlessly. You whined at the thought but kept going wanting to push him more. 

   “Mmm..Kobra.” You cried out making sure he heard you moan his brothers name. He stopped touching himself and growled. He lunged over and grabbed your hand to stop you.

   "That’s it. Stand up.” He said yanking you to stand with him. "Hands on the car.” He commanded. You bent over and placed your palms flat on the old car making sure to sway your hips side to side. 

   “Awh did I upset you? Did you think about Kobra fucking me? Making me scream his name and not yours?” You cooed making him turn red with jealousy. He got behind you and you felt your wetness drip down your thighs anticipating him inside you. Instead you were met with a harsh sting on your ass. You cried out as he spanked you again. 

   “Count them. Then maybe your punishment won’t be as bad.” He growled rubbing over the sensitive skin. The sound of another spank cut through the crisp night air. 

   "One.” You squeaked out pressing your thighs together hoping to get some relief. Five later and he stopped. He ran two fingers down your folds and pushed them in making your moan and rock back against him. 

   “You’re soaked babe. Who did this to you?” He purred pumping out painfully slow. 

   “You. It was all you. Please fuck me Party. I need you.” You cried trying to urge him to go faster.

   "That’s all I wanted to hear babe. Now get in the car.” He said backing away. You quickly opened the door and climbed in. You turned to see Party kicking off his jeans and boxers and picking up your bandana. He climbed in with you and turned you around. He put your hands up to the handle above the window and tied your hands to it. 

   "Your ass looks so good covered in my handprints babe.” He chuckled coming behind you and placing his hands on your hips. He ran his hand over your stomach and down to your clit. He rubbed it lazily and you tugged at your restraints. 

   "More. Please let me cum please Party.” You begged. He huffed and lined himself up with your entrance. He slammed into you roughly and began rubbing your clit faster. You screamed and hung your head against your arms. He dug his nails into your hips and grabbed at your thigh. He pulled your leg up to your chest and held it there to get a deeper angle. He held your leg firmly and used his hand to play with your nipple making you pant. 

   “Oh god..Party fuck!” You cried out throwing your head back on his shoulder. He bit your shoulder and slammed in harder signaling he was close. He let go of your leg letting you drop it down and push back against him to meet him half way. He became frantic. Bitting your neck making sure to leave bruises you couldn’t even cover with your bandana. He put more pressure on your clit making you clench around him. "I’m gonna cum!” You whined feeling waves of pleasure pull you in and out of reality. Party grunted and pulled out. You felt him cum on your ass. You hung your head trying to catch your breath. Party pulled away from you completely and sat back. You looked over your shoulder to stare and the disheveled redhead. He looked up at you and gave you that heart warming, lopsided smile. 

   "You wanna untie me or?” You asked laughing. He shook his head. 

   “I don’t know. I kinda like this view.” He gloated. You rolled your eyes. 

   “If you you don’t you’ll never get to see this view again.” You teased. He laughed and got up on his knees to help you. 

   “As if you’d stop fucking me.” He said freeing your wrists and taking the bandana. He whipped your back clean and threw the banana onto the floor of the car. “Can we just sleep in here? I’m too tired to walk inside.” Party said pulling you into a hug. You nodded. 

   “We’ll never hear the end of it but alright.” You said pushing him down on his back and laying on top of him. He played with your hair until you fell asleep due to exhaustion. 

   The next morning you were awoken to wolf whistles and knocking on the car windows. You rubbed your eyes and looked up to see Fun’s smug face holding your bra up with one hand. You groaned and looked back to see Kobra looking through the other window and laughing. You looked down at Party who was still fast asleep. You slapped him around lightly and he stirred a little. You shook him a little and he finally opened his eyes slowly. He turned his attention to his brother behind you shaking his head. He looked up at the window above his head to see Fun giving him a thumbs up. Fun opened the door and tssked. 

   “Looks like there was a party in the Trans Am.” He said chuckling. You groaned and flipped him off. You looked down at Party who just yawned. 

   “I told you we’ll never hear the end of this.” You whined. Party rolled his eyes and pulled the door back shut. 

   "Just go back to sleep. We can deal with the heckling later.” He said pulling you back against his chest. You sighed and closed your eyes trying to drown out the sounds of Kobra and Fun cracking jokes and laughing.

anonymous asked:

What are art hoe clothing essentials? I know it's like striped shirts, yellow cardigans, and stuff. I feel like an idiot for asking but yeah (-:

no no don’t! I’m not the “typical” art hoe if that’s what people call it but I can maybe give u some help?

»mom jeans (distressed or not)
»boyfriend jeans (distressed or not)
»thick knit cardigans and sweaters
»jean jacket w/ pins (maybe?? idk)
»mustard coloured things
»(cropped) turtlenecks
»jeans w/ paint splatters
»big, baggy, thrifted t-shirts
»oversized, collared button ups with tights
»high waisted denim shorts
»sunflowery things
»birks (I personally don’t think they’re worth it but go for it if u like them)
»platform shoes (heels maybe?) in white or black
»long fall coats
»doc martens
»mary janes
»oxford shoes
»stripes (like u said)
»art socks (my advice is don’t buy the Frida Kahlo ones bc I really don’t think she’d like it but that’s just me)
»halter tops

stuff that’s not exactly very “art hoe” but that I would wear (this is just for inspo):

-light, small-printed floral skirts
-flowy short shorts
-plain black & plain white tees (pun intended)
-off the shoulder (crop) tops
-crochet net cardigan (hard to describe, but if u want I’ll post a pic)
-fitted (ish) combat boots
-jelly heels
-army green flowy pants (also hard to describe, but I can post a pic)
-lightweight dresses (possibly w/ a sheer bit or a collar)
-plain black highwaist skirt
-lilac things
-cropped spaghetti strapped tank tops
-midi skirts
-oversized sweaters
-and you’re never fully dressed w/o a smile☺️

hope that this was helpful😌💓

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inexperienced!y/n giving dan a hickey

- being pulled onto dan’s lap after your innocent pecks turn into a heated makeout

- “baby, mark me? please?”

- blushing at needy dan’s words and sliding his loose tee shirt off his shoulder and gently kissing around the pale skin

- dan breathing softly beneath you and leaning his head to the side to give you more access as you start to suck softly

- softly sucking and nipping at the soft skin of his neck, leaving tiny purple bruises as he traces patterns into the exposed skin of your lower back

- the next morning you hear dan call for you

- him standing in the mirror looking at the deep purple bruises that littered his skin and smiling adoringly 

- “guess im not doing a live show today,” he giggles, unable to cover the lovebites as you blush softly

I just thought about Ig in a pair of booty shorts and an over sized tee that’s slipping off one shoulder, hair up in a messy bun, glasses sliding down her nose and sucking on a popsicle while a fan blows on her. I just imagined it being so fucking hot that she’s sweating and yanks the shirt up under her boobs and a bead of sweat running down the back of her neck while she scrolls through insta and I…I’m already on a bed but I need to lie down

We’ve Got You: Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar

All done for my two anons! The one who requested this and the other who wanted more Sciam… I tried my hardest! xx

“I hate studying.” I complained for the fifth time within a few minutes.

Scott sighed from his desk, rolling his eyes as he glances up at me. I’m sprawled out on his bed, various books and pieces of paper scattered around me as I lazily flick through my textbook, barely even scanning the page before flicking to the next one.

“Scott!” I whine, wanting more attention from my boyfriend, “Look Y/N, I need to study for this test. We’re not all geniuses.” Scott replied, fiddling with the pencil in his hand, though I saw a familiar look of confliction on his face.

“Fine come here and I’ll help you.” I said innocently, throwing down one textbook and picking up another. Scott sighs, picking up the sheet of question he was working on and came over to sit next to me.

“Can you help me with question 3 it’s really-“But I never found out what Scott thought of it as I cut him off with my lips. I could practically feel Scott rolling his eyes but he smiled softly and kissed me back.

Gently Scott pushed me off, pulling his paper back in front of his face. I sat there pouting, annoyed by the lack of attention I was getting.

I pulled the papers down, tugging them out of his hands. “We’ll study later.” I dismiss pulling myself closer to him. Scott made to protest but I attached my lips to his neck and he stopped, moaning slightly.

This wasn’t uncommon for us. I can’t even remember the last time we had a study session that actually resulted in us studying.

I pushed Scott against the headboard, sitting on his lap as we go back to kissing. We got carried away, and suddenly during a very heated make out session the door behind us burst open with a loud bang.

Immediately Scott pushes me off him and I fall backwards into a sitting position, looking at the intruder.

Liam was standing in the doorway, his bag discarded and hanging open on the floor beside him, one of the straps noticeably ripped. His hoodie was hanging off one of his shoulders, his white tee-shirt a dirty brown colour. There was blood and tears on his face.

“Liam! What are you doing?! Why didn’t you phone first? I told you to phone before…” Scott began angrily but his voice trailed off when he seen the state Liam was in.

“I-I did.” He stammered and my eyes drifted to my phone, sitting next to Scott’s. Both were lit up and I read, “5 missed calls from Liam.” Oops.

Liam’s eyes widen as his jaw drops once the realisation of the situation hit him. “Oh god. Oh my god! I’m s-sorry!” He gasped, backing out of the room.

“No! Liam come back here.” I cried, jumping up and grasping his wrist. Fresh tears were on Liam’s face as his bottom lip trembles and his chin crumples.

He glances nervously at Scott, who nodded encouragingly, making room for him.

“What happened? What’s wrong?” I asked as we both sit down, Liam in between me and Scott.

“I had lacrosse practise and after it Brett and some guys from my old school grabbed me and began punching me and throwing me against the wall. Brett had just got me off guard and just kept punching me, I couldn’t stop him.” Liam paused, trying to regain his breathing as more tears threatened to spill down his cheeks.

Looking up at Scott I saw a look of protective anger on his face as he comfortingly rubs Liam’s shoulder and I hug him around his waist.

“But that wasn’t even the worst part.” Liam whispers, looking down at his lap and I straight back up to look at him properly.

“They kept calling me a monster. Saying I was a dangerous animal who just hurt everybody. That I was a waste of space. A-a-and they’re right.” Liam broke off at the end as I pull him into a tight hug, shaking my head.

“No! No!” I exclaim, feeling hot tears stain my shirt. Scott looked horrified as he soothingly continues to rub Liam’s back.

“Liam you can’t believe that. You’re not a monster and you’re definitely not a waste of space!” Scott said firmly and Liam shakes his head disbelievingly.

“Liam listen to me. You’re my beta and I would never lie to you. You are not a monster.” Scott says again, looking at me for help.

I push Liam away to look him in the eyes. His big blue eyes were red around the edges. The long lashes that framed his eyes were all stuck together and tears of hurt flowed down his face.

“We’re here for you and you need to know that. And you need to know that we will also be there helping you beat the crap out of Brett and his stupid friends.” I said darkly and Liam smiles slightly as I hug him again, kissing the top of his head as me and Scott exchange smiles.

And also I completely despise bullying so much!

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hi! what should i wear to nyc in july? i'm doing some college classes at FIT and idk what to wear!

go you!!! I’d probably wear lots of breezy sundresses, off the shoulder tops, denim cut offs w/ a plain tee, statement sunglasses & high tops.

anonymous asked:

Could you do another update on the list of nymphet stuff on Amazon?


Women’s Daisy Print Jumper

Bow Cut Out Strappy Crop Top

Lace Crochet Tops Off-Shoulder Tee

Bow Tie Crop Top

off the shoulder crop top

Bowtie T-shirt Top

Frill Detail Crop Top

Crop Top With Lace Layerd Neckline

Crop Midriff Top

Daddys Little Girl Pink Font Cotton Tank

Bandeau Tube Top in Acid Wash Light Blue

Frill Layer Off Shoulder Crop Top


Womens Red Scotland Plaids Skater Skirt

Highwaisted  Shorts

Sailor 6 Button Back Zip Cuff Short

Front Button Vintage Inspired Shorts

Retro Sailor Short

The Hampton Short

Dresses & Rompers

Petal Lotus Leaf Collar Loose Jumpsuit

Blue Cherry Print Dress 

Denim Look Buttoned Playsuit

California  Surf Wash Romper

Jumpsuit Navy Blue Sailor

Dress Navy Blue Sailor 

Richelle Dress

Country Gal Costume

Watercoloured Print Crop Top Shorts Set


Bodysuit w/ Bow Details Black/White Striped

Swimsuit, Floral Print, High Waist Bottoms/ Halter

Bow Lace Thigh High Nylon Stocking With Lace Top

Sheer Lace Top Thigh Highs with Satin Bow Accent 

Cherry Stretch Classic PJ 

2 PC. Ladies Ruffled Swimwear

Gingham Pink BandeauTankini Swimsuit


jmprep  asked:

Hey Mackenzie! I am going to a Chance the Rapper concert in early June and I have nooo idea what to wear!! Can you help me please? I would like to dress trendy and slightly boho but I just cannot think of an outfit haha. Thanks!

Hey girl! Here are a few ideas:

  1. ripped jeans ($78) + bodysuit ($40) (what I am planning on wearing this exact combo to a concert this weekend)
  2. off shoulder flounce romper (so cute and under $20)
  3. denim shorts ($20) + white tie top ($124)
  4. denim shorts ($99) + off shoulder crop top ($45)
  5. solid black romper ($154)
  6. floral open shoulder romper ($28)
  7. white swing shorts ($106) + tropical off shoulder crop top ($18)
  8. free people printed shorts/top set ($148)
  9. floral plunging romper ($48)
  10. floral flounce romper ($20)
  11. distressed denim skirt ($20) + off shoulder bodysuit ($118)
  12. distressed denim shorts ($30)+ graphic tee ($42) + kimono ($58)

I hope that could give you a few outfit ideas! I tried to include a variety of prices. For shoes- I would personally go for white converse or booties. You could always do sandals though!

Here are a few more concert outfit ideas from Pinterest:


Have a great time!

#GetTheLook Summer 🌸 Vibes

Casi no lo veíamos llegar, los días de exámenes de fin de semestre pasaban lento y parecía que jamás iba a llegar esta temporada, pero… ya llego lo que tanto esperábamos: 


Originally posted by neondreams83

Y que mejor que recibirlo con outfit increíbles, llenos de color y vaporosos para este calor, ya sea para ir por un helado, salir a turistear con tus amigas por la ciudad o tomar el sol en playita.

Por eso te dejo algunas ideas de #KMVlooks que puedes matchear perfecto con tus Authentic Vans:

1. Un maxi kimono floral + un body basico+ una medalla + shorts high-waist+lentes vintage+  tus Authentic Vans

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“The Beauty and The Imp” - Digital Oil Painting

This makes me giggle a bit because you can’t see Belle’s clothes, tee hee! Rumpel’s skin is hard to capture. Much like David Tennant’s freckles sometimes.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

Lace Dreams

Pairing: Leo/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Dom/sub relationship, filthy language, spanking, explicit oral sex, humiliation, masturbation, mentions of bondage, consensual sexual violence, teasing

Wordcount: 3732

Request: Dom!Leo involving spanking.

Notes: So I might have heavily tapped into my own Daddy/princess fantasies to write this *coughs* don’t judge me i’m a pervert like all of you *chokes* ahem…This was very, very fun to write. Thanks to the anon who requested ^_^ This is in Leo’s POV I hope y'all enjoy this and that it makes up for me being a terrible blogger who neglects her followers someone send leo to punish me hahahaaaa (don’t mind me I have zero brain cells left tbh)

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Summary: (Based off of a request from a precious anon for a feverish pukey Noam and Ellis being the mommy he basically is <3)

Noam had the type of obedience that overruled his feelings. So when Ellis told him to eat more soup, he ate more soup…


It was around 11pm when Noam appeared in the living room. Ellis wondered how long he’d been standing there. Noam had his comforter bunched up under his arm and a pillow hanging from his hand. Ever since he was as little as four years old, Noam could find Ellis up late at night watching tv. The eldest would gather Noam’s small body up in his arms, put him over his lap and rub his back. Even now, at 17, as tall and as lanky as he was, Noam would still bunch his body over his brother’s lap for the comfort.

For most of the night, Ellis had been alone lounging on the couch watching movies. No one seemed to want to join him tonight; Gideon could be heard singing with his guitar upstairs in his room. And Noam was supposed to be asleep.

When Ellis finally noticed Noam standing at the doorway, he frowned a little. He watched Noam plop himself next to him, a little sweaty and pale, with the collar of his loose cotton tee drooping a bit off his shoulder. His lips were pressed together and turned up in a sour grimace right as Ellis heard his stomach suddenly turn with a low squelch.

Noam could feel Ellis’s hand rest on his head. “Stomach still bothering you?”

He only answered with a nod. His stomach was knotting itself into a cramp. He had to bring his knees to his chest for some relief. It moved through him so slowly that it was nauseating to breathe through. He could feel Ellis crouching over him in concern, lightly brushing grazing circlers on his back.

When the cramp finally eased off, Noam lifted his head and puffed out a shaky exhale. With a dry swallow, he pressed a hand on his stomach. It was tight, full of the liquids he’d been forcing himself to consume all day despite his nonexistent appetite. His stomach was giving him problems all afternoon at work earlier. He figured it was just the result of indigestion from eating pizza late the previous night, an indulgence he rarely took part in; Noam’s stomach had proven to be more sensitive than his brothers. Ellis had made his baby brother soup with plenty of greens and veggies when he returned home that afternoon, said it would help his digestion. Noam had nothing but bowls of that and Gatorade for the rest of the day.

Noam had the type of obedience that overruled his feelings. So when Ellis told him to eat more soup, he ate more soup; Ellis always had Noam’s best interest in mind, after all. He was so sure the soup would work.

“I feel worse than this morning.” Noam mumbled. He leaned against the sofa cushions and let his head fall back, blowing up at his bangs to get them out of his face. Ellis pushed them out of the way for him, passing his hand through coffee brown hair a few times.

“I’m sorry to hear that, nono.” Ellis said, pecking Noam’s clammy temple. Noam flinched a little, his stomach emitting another low rumble. Ellis stayed close, calmly unfazed.

“I’m pretty sure this isn’t indigestion anymore.” Noam moaned, his Adam’s apple exposed and bobbing.

“I’d have to agree with you on that, unfortunately.” He touched his neck, then his forehead, but the warmth coming off his body was enough to confirm he was feverish. Whenever Noam got hot or had a fever, color rose in his cheeks and ran across his nose. Gideon often teased him by saying he looked like a bunny, which irritated Noam to no end, since he’d been trying to grow out of his naturally baby-like face since he hit puberty.

“It’s probably not smart to be so close then.”

“Eh, probably not,” Ellis said, but he wrapped his arms around his brother’s shoulders and gave him a squeeze. “I’m pretty sure I’m immune to you by now. You’re basically my child.” This made Noam laugh a little, but then he swallowed convulsively when a wave of nausea rudely washed through him. A sour burp gurgled up his chest and he turned away so it wouldn’t blow in Ellis’s face. And then another one tore through him, all wet and heavy, and it brought up some acidic Gatorade that he had to swallow down. Ellis kept him steady, giving his shoulders a squeeze.

“You okay?” Which, at this point, meant you’re not about to throw up, are you?

Noam nodded again, keeping his lips pressed together. He swallowed hard with a grimace. “Yeah, I think I’m good.” He weakly said through his teeth. Ellis started to get up.

“Let me get you some water. And probably some Pepto too, right?”

“I’ll get it. I can’t stay still right now,” Noam said, using Ellis’s shoulder to push himself up. “Stomach’s cramping and stuff.” Ellis could hear the heavy pattern of his breathing. Sounded like he was struggling to keep his stomach out of his throat. Noam stuck a hand up his shirt and Ellis caught a glimpse of his brother’s swollen middle before he wobbled out of sight to the kitchen.

“Jeezis, that looks like it hurts, Nono,” Ellis exclaimed, his eyebrows knitting together in surprise. He twisted himself around so he could keep his brother in sight as he fished around the fridge for a tall water bottle.

“Take a full cap of it.” Ellis instructed, once he told Noam where to find the Pepto.

Noam drank more than half of the bottle of water with the Pepto, which did nothing but seem to rile his insides even more. His intestines were downright angry with him. He’d spent the next 15 minutes pacing from the kitchen to the living room, stopping to bend over the nearest surface or curl over himself each time a cramp rippled through him. They’d become so frequent that he was becoming uncharacteristically vocal about it, panting harshly and moaning deep in his throat from the pain. Ellis could only helplessly hover, since Noam seemed so irritable with how he was feeling, he didn’t want to be touched.  


“God.” Ellis heard Noam hiss before he disappeared into the bathroom down the hall. Ellis hurried after him, but Noam had quickly locked the door.


Liquid could be heard pouring into the toilet bowl, splashing and plopping after short pauses. Noam was groaning, whispering words of distress to himself. He sounded muffled, like he might be biting his hand or something. Ellis tried the door again. 

“Hey, Noam?” Noam’s trembling panting was putting his older brother in a panic. He hoped it hadn’t shown in his voice. That was the last thing Noam needed. 

“Just gimme a minute, Ellis. Please, just—privacy please?”   

“Oh, oh my god. Sorry, okay. Call for me if you need me. I’ll be on the couch.” Ellis had to wrench himself from the door, he felt so bad. It killed him to hear Noam in pain, but he forced himself to be calm.   

30 minutes later, Noam finally came back to the couch, looking shaky and grey. His full lips were pale. Ellis had been itching to check on him, so the moment Noam sat back down, Ellis’s hands were busy examining him. He lifted Noam’s shirt, discouraged by how bloated he still was. 

Noam bent over to get the water bottle on the floor, bringing it to his lips. The water cooled down the burning in his throat, but it added to the fullness he still felt. Ellis’s hand went back to Noam’s back gently.   

“How’s your stomach?” In which Noam just shook his head and closed his eyes.   

“Cramping stopped, but now I’m just nauseous. Like,” he swallowed dryly. “Really nauseous.“  

“Better or worse?”   

“Worse.” He answered with a pout. Ellis kissed the side of his head again.   

“I’m so sorry, yobo.”   

Noam whimpered a little and placed his pillow on Ellis’s lap. Ellis opened up expectedly and invited Noam to curl across him. The moment the pressure of the pillow was on his stomach, a belch rolled right out of him. His body shuddered; it can’t have felt good, but it was bringing up the trapped air. Ellis made a sympathetic noise and pushed up his brother’s shirt, working his hand over the expanse of his warm back. Periodically, he gave him a few pats, and Noam’s stomach would gurgle into the pillow before his spine would ripple and another sharp belch would hurtle out of him.   

Ellis tried to distract Noam with a movie, but his brother was too nauseated to focus, throat too tight to even make a comment, so Ellis kept a soothing hand on Noam’s skin, dragging his fingers up and down his spine.   

Gideon came downstairs for a snack right when Noam started getting noticeably worse. His hiccups were getting deeper and his burps were starting to bring up more than air that he was struggling to swallow down. He lifted himself from the pillow, breathing through his nose. Looking completely frustrated with himself, he looked sullenly at his brother with glazed over hazel eyes before pressing himself into Ellis and hiding his face into his chest.   

“Oh my baby.” Ellis crooned, rocking Noam a little. He could feel Noam’s active stomach sloshing against his own. Noam audibly swallowed something that must’ve risen when his abdomen clenched. He let out a shallow gag and pressed his face into Ellis’s warm neck. He had Ellis’s shirt clenched in his fists.   

“Ellis,” he gasped out. His voice was quaking. “I need—,” but then something gurgled up his chest and abruptly escaped him with a wet but unproductive heave. It was so violent, Noam’s body had lurched over the couch. Ellis grabbed him so he wouldn’t go falling on his face.   

“Oh crap—Giddy, I need something now. Noam’s throwing up.”   

Gideon knew Noam hadn’t been feeling well, but he was shocked to hear Ellis calling for him past Noam’s sudden retches that cut through the air.

With a burning belch, Noam heaved over the couch, sending a torrent of liquid splattering onto the ground. Ellis was rubbing his shoulder blades, doing what he could while still being pinned down by Noam’s shaking body. Gideon hurried over with a trashcan. Thank God, they had hardwood floors; a wide puddle of chunky broth and Gatorade now littered the floor, seeping under the couch.   

Shit, okay,” Gideon shoved the trashcan under Noam’s dripping lips, right before his head disappeared into the bin with a forceful heave. Gideon placed a steadying hand on Noam’s shoulder. It scared him a little. Noam’s heaves were hitting him so rapidly, he could barely take in a breath. His throat made a strangled whimper.   

“Shh, it’s okay, Noam. You’re okay, yobo. Breathe when you can, you’re alright.” Ellis whispered, pressing kisses into his baby brother’s shoulder. Noam’s stomach was clenching relentlessly against Ellis’s.   

“You’re okay. Just get it out. You’re alright.” Gideon added. He stayed close until Noam’s gagging had gone dry. Ellis gently coaxed Noam to get up so they could get him to the bathroom, holding Noam close to him while he turned him around. Gideon quickly came around the couch to lift one of Noam’s arms to get him to stand.

The moment he stood, Noam let out a sob before lurching forward yet again, more liquid pouring past his lips and into the trashcan. Both brothers stood with him, holding him as belches wracked his body. Ellis had a hand on Noam’s stomach. It had gone down some, but was still alarmingly puffy and it was writhing into his palm. He was still bringing up surprising amounts of vomit; the bin was getting heavy with how full it was getting. 

Just when it seemed like Noam was done, lifting his head and looking ahead hazily, nose dripping with snot and eye’s red and tearful, he jolted with a hiccup and curled over with a retch so deep his ears turned red. 

The convulsions made his knees buckle under him. Ellis followed him down while Noam held onto the bin with a shaking death grip. He was panting into it, his breathes agitating the plastic bag lining of the container. Gideon had taken to rubbing his back, eyes wide with concern, because now he was scared. Noam was alarmingly, violently sick. His skin was burning. 

Ellis used his other hand to run his fingers through Noam’s now sweaty hair. Gideon watched as he asked Noam questions to see what he was feeling, what he might need from them, and he was completely unresponsive. All he seemed able to do was keep himself from falling over. A string of thick saliva dangled past his open mouth. His eyes looked vacant. 

Ellis set his jaw and got up, urging Gideon to stay with Noam while he grabbed his keys, his wallet, put on his shoes. He shoved a baseball cap on his head and crouched down to have Gideon lift Noam onto his back.

 “Call mom for me,” Ellis said, already heading to the front door. Gideon nodded, getting his shoes. “Tell her to meet us at the emergency room.” 

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31 calum please

(#31: “You lied to me”)

A/N: Inspired by this quote, this quote, and this quote. The last two make an appearance in this piece. 

“You lied to me,” he breathed against your lips, bracing his hands on both sides of your head against the cold, brick wall. The muscles in his biceps rippled with tension underneath his pale blue button-up shirt that admittedly, looked a little out of place hanging off his shoulders instead of a band tee, but looked amazing on him nonetheless. Time had been good to Calum. Even though you’d had him by your side less than three months ago, it seemed like an eternity had passed, and like water erodes a rock, time had whittled the little bit of baby fat he still had on his cheeks and left an even crisper jawline in it’s wake.

Stupidly, you’d forgot to grab your leather jacket in your haste to escape the suffocating atmosphere of the club you were currently outside of in order to avoid your ex-friends-with-benefits when you’d met his eye across the dancefloor. However, the cold of the night nipping your legs and brash wind billowing through the deserted alley didn’t prove to be a problem since Calum’s body that was currently leaning against yours naturally emanated heat. You still felt a shiver slink down your spine though when you met Calum’s eyes because even though his frame was effortlessly warming yours, his brown orbs were ice, quite the opposite of the night you’d left him with tears streaming down his face. It seemed the tears had frozen and hardened, forming a thick barrier between the person you used to know and the one pressed up against you now; hands on your hips and breath menacingly tickling your ear.

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