off the shoulder sweaters

“Are you nearly done?” she spoke, fingers reaching out to touch your waist. She’s warm, and it feels very sweet  when she presses a kiss to your bare shoulder, worn sweater of hers hanging off your frame. It’s the warmest feeling, her arms wrapping around your waist. Her sweater was given to you when she was in college. A small liberal art school on the coast, her fingers drumming on the counter top.

 You stir the spaghetti, and you smile, nodding.

 “It’s almost done, babe.” she laughs, looking at you with honest to god heart eyes.

 “Look at us,” she laughed, taking a sip of the Welch’s grape juice you’d poured in wine glasses, glasses you’d bought to celebrate your first home together. “We’re fucking saps.” she smiled at you, and you swore to god that you could melt, between the cracks of the hardwood you stood on.

 Home is the perfect word to describe this girl, and this place you’ve moved into. It’s tiny and the AC is awful and her clothes don’t have enough room but she’s here. She’s here and she looks like an angel, hair tossed up in a bun and a silly smile on her lips. 

She’s here and she is so beautiful, the kind of beautiful you could wait your whole life and still never see. She is the kind of blessing that all those nights wondering if this, liking who you do and loving who you love was worth it, she’s the kind of blessing that makes your heart scream yes, of course.

“Stirring spaghetti and playing shitty music from 2009, we’re such rom com princesses.” you quip back. She rolled her eyes and grabbed your hand, and a spike of worry shot up in your tummy because there was a roll in the oven.

But a beautiful woman had just grabbed your hand and you weren’t about to say no because of a fucking roll. Incidentally, she’d pulled you to an empty floor surrounded by boxes, laying down and looking up at the ceiling.

There’s plastic night light stars for kids stuck on the ceiling. It’s not glowing because the lights are on. The spaghetti smells lovely.

You’re lying down, and you turn to your side and press your face into her neck.

“We’re really doing it, huh?” she whispered. Her family hadn’t loved it, the idea of doing it when you did, and your family wasn’t huge on it because she’s… not a guy.

But you get up to put the spaghetti on plates and your favorite movie is playing on an ipad propped up on a box, and life feels good.

The ipad is all her eyes are trained on, and you look at her, you look and look and look and you still don’t get tired of it because she’s lovely, because she’s brilliantly gorgeous and lovely in a way you’ve always been in awe of.

“See something you like?” she says cheekily. 

“Nope,” you smiled, turning to her, and kissing her, slowly and feeling her smile into it, “Something I love.”



GENRE: Angst, Smut, Pure unadulterated nonsense


A/N: This is only the beginning. You have been given fair warning dolls ~Admin Kae💋

“I dare you”

I scoffed at Jimin’s words.

“You think I won’t do it?”

“Oh please, you don’t have the balls darling” Jimin chuckled lightly.

I felt my face heat up at the statement fiercely.

“I’m not some school girl Jimin, I’ve kissed a man before” I bristled, bitterness settling in my tone.

“So have I sweetheart. That doesn’t mean a thing anymore” Taehyung called from the background.

I muttered a ‘fuck you’ whilst Jimin continued his relentless teasing and, much to my dismay, it was working exceptionally well.

“Look sweetheart, all I’m saying is you’re too innocent to test out any of what you’re saying right now. Nothing offensive but even if you really did want this, you’re telling me you could go and kiss all seven of those men out there right now? Including Yugyeom?” Jimin questioned in that low soothing tone of his, which only served to irritate me further.

“In short, you’re all bark and no bite baby” Tae clarified.

“Fuck you both” I hissed, with no real malice might I add, into the phone.

“Time and place” Taehyung’s husky tone came through strong and clear, voice devoid of all previous playfulness and light demeanor.

I was thrown off and taken aback by the sudden husky tone in Taehyung’s voice, effectively silencing me. After a few more moments of silence, I heard Taehyung’s deep laugh mixed in with Jimin’s lighter one.

“You can’t even handle my voice, Let alone those 7 seven men right outside your door”.

I should’ve done the logical thing, laugh at myself and pass it off as a joke or simply hang up. But my pride had other ideas, dictating my conscious as I hissed “watch me” and pressed ‘end call’. I groaned in frustration, flopping backward onto my bed as I stared up at the ceiling through the obscured vision of my curls. Was I really going to do this? Was I really going to let my pride get the better of me like this? I was given my answer as I walked over toward my mirror, making sure I looked presentable. My shorts clung to my frame, the denim shaping my ass nicely and showcasing my legs. The slightly oversized off the shoulder light sweater I was wearing hung loosely off of my frame. I sprayed perfume on my pulse points and made sure the stray curls falling from my messy bun framed my face the way I wanted it to before walking out into the living room where I found the guys. Jackson was leaning on Mark on the couch along with Jinyoung and JB. Yugyeom was on a separate couch with Youngjae and Bambam spread out on the floor, all engrossed in something on TV. I took a deep breath while toying with the ring on my finger, trying my best to ignore my nerves, before speaking.

“Guys?” I squeaked.

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Thinking of You (Peter Parker x plus size reader)

You help Peter after getting in a fight with your boyfriend causing him to realize he might feel something towards you.

 Warnings: Some cursing, and stereotypes

Note: I might make a second or multiple parts to this. Also Brian is just a made up person.

Part 2:

Part 3: 

Part 4:  

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You were walking to school with your friends Liz, Betty and a couple other of your friends. Even though you were considered “bigger” you were still pretty popular and friends with people like Liz and the whole football. Not to mention your boyfriend was the captain of the football team which made you even more ‘popular’. It’s not like you didn’t love your boyfriend or friend but sometimes the stereotype of popular people got annoying considering you were really nice.

You all walked up to the school to see a bunch of people standing in a circle surrounding, some kid and your boyfriend, Brian. You walked over to where your other friends were. You then noticed that the poor boy Brian was beating up was Peter, a boy you had 5 classes with. All your other friends started laughed at Peter, making you feel bad for him.

Then some of Brian’s friends whispered over to you, “He’s hurting him pretty bad isn’t he y/n? It’s awesome.” You just nodded your head to him.

Peter stood up again, and then looked around at the people laughing at him, his face flushed with embarrassment. Brian swung another punch at Peter, making his nose bleed and fall back to the ground 

“Come Parker stand up, stand up Parker.” Brian barked at Peter, that was your final straw you walked up to were Brian was standing in the middle of the circle. And tapped his shoulder. He snapped his head angrily to the person who disrupted him, but then he relaxed when he realized it was you.

“Hey babe,” He kissed your cheek “we can head to first period just let me finish showing Parker where he belongs.” He picked Peter up with the collar of his shirt.“Brian stop, knock if off,“ you grabbed his hand and started to pull him away from the scene, then the bell rang. "Come on we’re going to be late for class.” Brian dropped Peter causing him to fall to the floor hardly.

Brian rapped an arm around you. “You’re lucky Parker that the bell rang, if it hadn’t you would have been dead meat. Come on babe let’s leave.” Brian said causing you to roll your eyes. You both started to walk into the building with your friends but then you looked back to Peter, and saw kids kicking his books out of his bag and laughing at him.

You released your self from Brian’s arm “Hey I forgot my chemistry book outside, I’m going to get it.” You lied. Brian tried to come with you but you insisted he go to class and not be late. You quickly ran to where Peter was laying and kids still laughing at him.

“Hey!” You ran up to the kids “Leave him alone you assholes.” After saying that the late bell rang causing the kids to hurry to their first period. You walked closer to Peter holding your hand out to him, which he took.

“Peter right?” He nodded his head “Are you ok, Brian punched you really hard.” You traced the place where Brian hit Peter in the nose.

“Yea I’m fine,” Peter said as he started to pick up his bag. “Thanks-s.” You smiled sweetly at him as you started to help him pick up his books. ‘Wow, no one has ever helped me after getting beat up by Brian, besides maybe Ned. I mean Liz or any of her other friends would never do this. She’s really nice’ Peter thought to himself.  “Ummm if you don’t mind me asking how do you know my name?”

You laughed at his question “Well I mean I have like 5 classes with you.” you said as you handed him his last book that was on the ground.

“Oh yea-a,” Peter laughed nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck “I just thought since you were popular and Brian was your boyfriend you didn’t really notice you know…” You looked at him curiously and raised your eyebrows “a nerd and a no body like me.”

“Oh well I noticed you, you’re like the smartest boy in our grade.” You said as you both started walking into the building. Then down the hallway to your classes.

“Well-l I wouldn’t say that.”

“Oh and also I always see you making heart eyes at Liz.” You laughed and Peter nervously laughed.

“Yea but please don’t say anything to her abou-”

“Don’t worry Peter your secret is safe with me,” You cut him off. “Maybe you should ask her out.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea I see all the guys you hang out with I’m nothing like them.”

“Well maybe Liz needs some change in her life.” You laughed. Peter just became a blushing mess. You finally reached your first period class “Well this is my stop….” You both stood there silent for a second "Well bye Peter I’ll see you later.“ You said as you opened the door to your class room and waved to Peter as you disappeared into the classroom.

Peter then slowly started to walk down the hallway to his class. His thoughts began to fill of thoughts of you. ‘God she’s so nice for someone so popular. I can’t believe she actually knew who I was. The way she smiled was so beautiful, no wonder she is dating one of the most popular guys at the school. The way her sweater feel off her shoulder as she helped me pick up my books. The way the jeans she was wearing hugged her curvy hips perfectly, kind of turning me on. The way her plump cheeks became slightly red as she began talking.’ He was then brought out of his thoughts as a teacher yelled at him to get to class, causing him to run to his next class.

But ever since that day he began to stop thinking about Liz and began thinking more about you.                                                                                       

Warmth and Pancakes | Jimin

Prompt: Warm, cozy mornings with Jimin

Warnings: None

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: Mm, I haven’t written in months… literally I think it’s been since September. All I wanna say is thanks for sticking around even though I haven’t written anything, because I know that’s why a lot of you followed me in the first place. Thank you, and please enjoy. Maybe take this as a small excerpt from Clockwork Dreams… a time in their life that was much less complicated.

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Little Friend

Summary: Dean wakes up with a killer hangover and very little memory of the night before. The reader fills him in. 

Word Count: 1,500ish

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: crack, fluff, mentions of drunkenness and bad hangovers

Author’s Note: This was written for @death2thevirgin Cassie’s Classics Challenge. Congratulations on your followers! If you’re not following her, I definitely recommend it. My prompt was “Say "hello” to my little friend,“ and I had so much fun writing it. I hope you enjoy! 

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Dean knows as soon as he wakes up that he is in trouble. His mouth tastes like something crawled in and died sometime in the last ten hours and there is a pounding in his head that makes him want to die. The room is pitch-black; lights off and the door closed. He fumbles for the bedside lamp and nearly dies when he successfully turns it on. Thank Chuck that whoever put him in bed had left a puke bucket by the bed. He hasn’t used it yet, but it is looking like a strong possibility before he notices the bottle of water and two painkillers beside the lamp.

He groans and makes his way into the kitchen. Sam is blenderizing something green that was clearly never meant to be eaten for breakfast. The noise echoes insides Dean’s head, ricochets against the inside of his skull, and settles as a throbbing between his eyes.

“Dude, what happened last night?” Dean asks.

“You mean you don’t remember?” Sam eyes him, eyebrows raised. He’s clearly not surprised.

Dean groans in response, letting his head fall to the table in defeat. “No. Did I get cursed again?”

Sam grimaces as he pulls the eggs and jam from the refrigerator. “No, just the usual hangover. But when Y/n wakes up, you might wish you had been cursed.”

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