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Can’t Remember to Forget You | iv

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,147

Warnings: Language, Angst

A/N: Hopefully this chapter doesn’t hurt too much - I personally recommend listening to Helium by Sia + Song Cry by August Alsina while reading this (mainly b/c they’re the two songs that I listened to while writing this) // also big s/o to my wife Blade, just because I love her and am eternally grateful for her in my life || crtfy masterlist

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Gotta Shave this Shit

Title: Gotta Shave this Shit

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: Negan wants to rid his beard and wants you to help.

Warnings: NSFW, swearing, Negan himself is a warning lol

Note: ‘Cause I think beardless Negan needs more love. Honestly feeling meh about this but I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind. Hope you guys would still enjoy!

“You busy tonight, sweetheart?”

It was only when Negan’s shadow loomed over your figure on the couch that you looked up and realized that it was you he was talking to. Even after noticing how Negan’s eyes were glued on you and you alone, you still bothered to look around the lounge area to make sure that you weren’t hallucinating. You weren’t a new wife, in fact, you were the third one (out of six) but you were aware that Negan has his favorites. Sherry and Amber topped Negan’s list but the other wives still get their share of Negan’s time.

You’ve had your moments with Negan too, but they weren’t as much as the rest so you assumed that you were that girl— one who was easily forgotten. It was really hard to believe that Negan was really talking to you.

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Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (2/6)

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Summary: Today is your 19th birthday, and you also happen to be Tony Stark’s loved daughter.  What’s a better way to celebrate this special day than a party?!  All the Avengers and family friends will be there, even your secret crush Spider-Man.  You’ve always wanted to meet the famous spiderling, but little did you know you already know him.  Your party will definitely be one to remember.

Warnings: still lots of fluff!!


AN: Guys I’m literal trash ahahah this fic is going to be a bit longer than expected because there’s just so many things that pop in my head !! I mean I love writing this story so much, that’s why it’s so long!  I hope you guys don’t mind having to wait longer for the smut!!  I don’t know i think it’s worth it because peter is just so precious and I love the reader’s relationship with everyone! well anyway, enjoy!!

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One of the most famous dresses worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, almost didn’t get its public outing - because she thought that it was too risqué. The design in question - dubbed the “revenge dress” - was worn by Diana to the Serpentine Gallery summer party in June 1994, on the same night that a controversial television programme aired detailing Prince Charles’ adulterous relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall.

The figure-hugging black silk dress, by Greek designer Christina Stambolian, featured a low-cut, off-the-shoulder neckline - which she wore with a pearl choker, black heels and scarlet nails. According to a documentary about the late princess due to air next week, the decision to wear the dress was a last-minute one.

“She thought it was too daring,” said Stambolian, revealing that she’d actually designed the piece some three-years earlier for Diana - but that she’d been too nervous to wear it. The Princess had originally been set to wear Valentino that evening, reports The Telegraph, but was put off when the fashion house sent out an early press release saying so - and decided on the Stambolian dress instead. "She wanted to look a million dollars,“ said her former stylist Anna Harvey. ”And she did.“

Reylo at the Opera 

I commissioned an amazingly awesome artist to do this stylish piece for me for my Reylo fic, The Escort, a modern AU retelling of the film, Pretty Woman

Rey captivates and charms in her opulent Alexander McQueen off-the-shoulder red gown with a flattering sweetheart neckline, darted bust and elegantly trailing train.

Kylo looks dapper and handsome, dressed impeccably in a Tom Ford three-piece premium wool suit that offers a distinguished and refined elegance.  

This depicts their wardrobes taken straight out of Chapter Twenty, where Rey and Kylo attend the Lyric Opera House for date night. 

Thank you so very much to the talented @lilithsaur for doing this for me!!! It’s absolutely perfect xD 

If you wish to read the story that inspired this work of art, you can do so on AO3 or

Happy Birthday, Stark.

Requested: No, but it’s his birthday sooo.

Summary: Tony throws himself a party but you turn out to be the greatest gift of them all.

Pairing: Tony Stark x fem reader

Warnings: Lots o’ sex, and swearing.

Word count: 2,179

A/N: I know his birthday was the 29th but I have school and finials so its a bit late. Sorry. And I know Tony can be kind of a cocky mf at times but like I feel like he can also get nervous and break down a bit and be soft. Especially with his lady and that’s kinda what I wanted to portray sooo yeah. Also this is my first smut. If it sucks. I’m sorry. (Requests are open!) -Hannah xo

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Everyone around the tower had the day off because Tony was throwing a fancy birthday party to celebrate himself. You loved the man, but it was a very Tony thing to do. What could you say. He just liked to throw parties. 

You walked out of your bathroom after your morning run to be greeted by both Nat and Wanda. The two women looked very excited as you slowly came out of the bathroom. 

“Is everything okay,” you looked at the both of them “you seem very…excited.” your eyes narrowed because you knew something was up. They knew something you didn’t. “Everything is fine, we just came to help you get ready for the party.” Nat smiled as she walked towards you and shuffled you over to your vanity as you plopped down on the little stool. 

Wanda followed over and pulled a garment bag behind her. “Wan, what’s that?” you point to the bag as you raise an eyebrow at her. “Well, Tony said he wanted you to wear this tonight. He got it made especially for you.” 

“What does he have planned…you know or you wouldn’t be this happy helping Tony.” you smirked at the women behind you in the mirror. “Y/N, I swear we know nothing other than to get you ready and to make sure you’re in that dress.” you narrowed your eyes between the women again. “Fine, but I still think you know.” Wanda laughs “Here, let Nat get started on your hair while I pull this out so you can see it.”

Natasha started drying your damp hair and Wanda pulled the dress out of the bag. It was a beautiful ruby red satin gown that was off the shoulders and had a slight sweetheart neckline. You couldn’t wait to put it on just after seeing it for the first time.

Before you knew it Natasha was done with your hair. It was in loose waves that cascaded over your shoulders. It wasn’t anything over the top or not enough. It paired with the dress perfectly. Once Nat finished up with some hairspray Wanda came over and started on your makeup.

You knew it was going well because every time Natasha would look over at you she would smile. Wanda knew how nervous you were really feeling. She knew you were running over all of the reasons he got you a dress and made the girls come help you get ready, but from what she could hear you didn’t think of the real reason he wanted this to be big.

Wanda leaned back to look at you before spraying your face so your makeup wouldn’t run. “All done, and just in time.” You looked at the clock and even thought it was still an hour and a half before the party you knew the two women still had to get ready.

 “Holy shit. Thank you guys so much.” you looked at yourself in the mirror and were very happy with the way everything came out.

 “Get your dress and jewelry on and we’ll be back to get you in about an hour and a half.” Wanda smiled as she walked out the door Nat following close behind. You picked up your phone and opened your texts and sent one to Tony. ‘Will I get to see my love before the big party tonight?’  You set your phone down and clicked on the TV in yours and Tony’s shared room.

Within a couple minutes you get a text back. ‘Are you in your dress yet?’ you rolled your eyes ‘yes, why?’ he sent back a simple ‘no.’

 ‘Well, I’ll see you later then. I love you too.’ you set your phone down pretty upset you hadn’t even seen him all day. You felt your phone buzz and the screen lit up ‘later.’ This made you panic slightly but regardless you had to get ready for the party.

 As you put the dress on it fit in all of the right places. The mermaid style was slimming but flared out towards the bottom and had a small but gorgeous train, the neck line showed off your boobs, and it overall made you feel amazing. Tony truly outdid himself.

 Within the hour both Wanda and Natasha both appeared back in your room and Wanda knew something was off. She looked at you and only saw panic and just a repeat of the texts from Tony. Of course she knew there was nothing to worry about. Tony was only stressed.

 “Well, I think we all look great so shall we head down.” Nat said with a large smile. You looked at the both of them with a little nod as you headed down the hallway to the large living space. As you walked in the usual place was completely transformed and you were in awe. Tony outdid himself once again.

 There was music playing but the balance of talk and music was perfect. As you were caught looking around at all the decorations you didn’t notice the several eyes that turned to gape at you as you walked into the room.

 You searched for Tony but only to feel a hand slide around your waist seconds after. “And you said that I don’t have a sense of fashion.” Tony spoke into your ear. You turned to face him with a smirk “When have I ever said that?”

 “Well, you don’t. I just assume it’s implied.” You laughed and immediately felt better after the blunt texts you received. You leaned in to place a short kiss on his lips, “Happy Birthday, Stark.” you smiled before receiving another kiss from him.   

 The two of you moved into the party talking amongst your coworkers and various guests. It was getting pretty late and people were just about as tipsy or drunk as they could be, but what surprised you was that Tony didn’t touch a drink all night.

 You sat at the bar to order your first when you hear Tony’s voice come from the microphone on a small stage area off to the side of the room. He usually made announcements at this point in the party so it wasn’t really anything that surprised you.

 “So, uh. Before I start I want to call my lovely lady over.” you were shocked to say the least. Tony loves to show you off but this was new. You soon found yourself standing next to him in front of the room filled with people.

 “This birthday has been a great one, I’m surrounded by people I enjoy, we’re all having a good time, or I hope we are, and my lady looks absolutely killer.” You felt a blush rise to your cheeks as the room was filled with applause. “But.” he pauses ‘there’s one thing that would top my day off.”

 You were looking around the crowd and didn’t realize Tony drop down onto one knee. “Y/N.” You looked over at him and stumbled back. “You have made my life so much brighter and there isn’t a second I don’t ever want that to end. So please, make it forever. Will you marry me?”

 Applause filled the room and at this point you’re in tears and you could only shake your head yes. He stood up and spun you around before placing a passionate kiss to your lips only to back away to slide the gorgeously large ring on your finger. The size shocked you but for Tony it was only the best for you.

 “Well, to end on a good note. We’re heading out but feel free to stay and enjoy whatever else you’d like.” Tony grabbed your hand and the two of you headed out down the hallway back to your room.

 Halfway down the hall Tony stops and picks you bridal style and carries you down the hall to your room. “Good god, I knew that dress was a good choice.”

 When you got into your shared room he tossed you on the bed and the fabric from the dress surrounded you.

 “Look at you, you don’t even mean to look this good, and here you are.” the dark look in his eyes wasn’t new but it was something that would always do certain things to you. You sat up on your elbows. “Well, what are you waiting for?” You smirked as he pulled you closer to the bottom of the bed and pulled you into an aggressive kiss. Your hands were roaming all over each other and before you knew it you had pulled off his suit jacket and his shirt leaving them in a small heap on the other side of the bedroom.

Pushing you back to the bed his hands slid down your back unzipping your dress as he did. His lips connected with your neck as you ran your hand through his hair with a soft moan. You definitely knew that there would be marks all over your neck in the morning but you didn’t mind. You were just happy to be his. He kissed down your neck and started sliding the dress down with it, throwing it across the room into the small heap with his suit on the floor. He stood up and looked at you.

“You know what?” he said slightly angry. You shook your head lightly no before he leaned into your ear “only naughty girls don’t wear anything under their clothes.” Your exhale was slow and shaky as he leaned down to your chest, pressing kisses all the way down to your nipple. His facial hair moved against your skin leaving goosebumps all across your body. You could feel his tongue tracing around it and sucking gently playing with the other using his opposite hand. Your hand tangled itself in his hair and within seconds he was hovering above you with your hands pressed above your head. “Those stay there, or you’re going to regret it.” You gasped softly, finally letting him take full control. Without hesitation he made his way down to where you wanted him most. His hands separated your thighs and you bit your lip as the cool air reaches your pussy. “Fuck, baby. I’ve barely laid a hand on you and you’re already soaked.” He groaned before trailing a finger up your slit. You leaned back into the pillows whimpering at the touch.  

“Tony…” you pleaded as he teased your pussy. “What?” he said slightly aggravated. “Please, skip the foreplay, and just fuck me. Please.” Tony clicked his tongue before leaning back over you “you’re lucky, if you didn’t look that fuckable all night I would still be teasing you.” You sat up on the edge of the bed undoing the buckle and button on his pants before he pulled them down. You could see the outline of his member in his boxers as he pulled off his pants. It was a sight that always found to excite you. “Staring is impolite haven’t you ever been taught manners.” He said with a infectious smirk. You blushed before he pressed you back down onto the mattress taking his boxers off without you even noticing. You felt the tip of his dick slide between your folds pressing up against where you wanted, no, needed him most.  “Holy fuck Tony just fu-” you were cut off by his cock slipping into you in a quick fast paced motion. You felt his every move as you moaned in pleasure. He reached his hand down and started rubbing your clit and you felt the small knot growing in your stomach as his movements became quicker and stronger.

 The grunts and groans coming from the both of you only increased as both your orgasams grew near. “Shit. Y/N. I’m gonna cum.” At this point you could only muster small whimpers and nods, but regardless, he could feel you were close. You arched your back as you came, feeling yourself come undone around him as he came with his last couple thrusts. He laid his forehead against yours as you both were breathing heavily. “Holy shit, I love you.” he said as he placed a kiss on your lips. “And it’s not because you’re great in bed, although that has some part to do with it.” you laughed as he pulled away from you to fall down next to you. You sighed softly. “I love you too.”

He sat up and walked into the bathroom coming back with a washcloth as he helped your clean yourself up from the sweaty mess the two of you just made. After he was done you laid beside him with your head tucked in his shoulder and your hand on his chest. It was silent before a while before either of you said anything just enjoying each other’s company. “I love you future Mrs. Stark.” you smiled feeling the words vibrate in his chest. “I love you too, already Mr. Stark.” He chuckled and placed a kiss on your forehead before the two of you fell asleep together knowing that when you wake up the other will always be there. 

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Yo folks, here’s me pretending to be a hip fashion model at the ripe age of four-and-thirty!

Anyway I’ve got the easiest T-shirt DIY tip for you. let’s call it a “beach cut tee”:

1. Purchase The Unicorn Moon T-shirt. Design by yours truly. For sizing reference, I have a women’s fitted XL shirt on me and I’m 5′10″. The color here is Tri-Black. You can also get a variety of different colored tees with the same design. Or tees with different designs. (Oh and by the way – today sunday 7/23/2017 you get 20% off + free shipping on everything in my shop. Wink wink nudge nudge.)

2. Take a pair of scissors. Any scissors will do, really. I think I used nail scissors.

3. Cut off the sleeves and neckline. Cut the sleeves below the shoulder seam but you can leave more or less sleeve on the shirt, as you like. No need to measure things or worry about straight lines. Nothing straight over here! The more crooked, the better, actually. In fact your cutting should be no less crooked than Snape’s nose.

4. Voilà! You are done. (:

Wholesome Week 2 Day 2 ~ "Fifteen"


“Marco…,” rang a whisper, which was left unresponsive.

“Marco…!” the voice once more attempted. Still, there remained no answer but a toss of shoulders on a bed.

Growing impatient, the voice hissed, “MARCO DIAZ!”.

A pair of eyes shot open, looking straight above, leading to a scream.

Third time’s a charm, the voice’s owner thought.

“Star?! What the heck are you doing?!” Marco had come to find Star standing right above his bed, hanging upside down, calling his name.

“C'mon, Marco! Don’t you know what today is?”

“Yeah! The day you almost scared me to death! You can’t just hang over someone’s bed and then scare them awake!”

“Psh, you’re fine! The one who should really be offended is me!”

“Star, you’re making no sense.”

Star hopped onto the floor and stood upright. She stared at Marco blankly, not making a sound.

He returned her look, until what Star had meant dawned upon him. He hopped out of his bed. “Oh my gosh. It’s our one-year friendship-iversary!”

Star smiled. “And?”

“…and the first time we fought Ludo?”


“…a year since you set your kingdom on fire?”

“Besides that!”

“Oh, oh! I’ve got it now! It’s been a year that you’ve had your wand!”

Star smacked her head, then shook Marco. “It’s my fifteenth birthday!”

The boy’s eyes widened, then both of their smiles, too.

Suddenly, Star yelled, “Super confetti blast!”, and confetti showered the room, both teenagers bursting out with giggles and excitement.

“This is awesome! We have so much to celebrate… and do you know what this means?”

“I’m a year older than I was last year?”

“Fifteen birthday punches!” Marco began to chase Star across his room, as she had immediately began to run.

“No! No! Marco! No birthday punches!” She stopped firmly in her tracks, watching his every move.

He mirrored this behavior, arousing suspicions within her. Finally, he lifted both of his hands in the air in surrender. “Alright, alright- no birthday punches…”


“…just birthday tickles!”

Almost immediately, Star was on the ground, laughing hysterically. She quickly reached for her wand, pointed at Marco, and commanded, “Makeup blast!”, stopping him instantaneously.

He look in the mirror and groaned. His face looked like ‘Princess Marco’ all over again. “Great,” he laughed, following with a groan, “now I have to go clean my face.”

As, Marco left to the bathroom, Star received a call from her mother on her mirror.

“Star? Hello, Star- I need you to come to the castle today.”

“Gee, thanks, mom. I’m having a wonderful birthday so far.” Star muttered, sarcastically.

“I know it’s your birthday, but since you are now fifteen, we must celebrate with dinner, alongside the royal families of the other kingdoms. You do realize you are coming of age to find a husband?”

“Ugh, mom, I don’t want to sit around sipping tea and being proper with the other royals, and I most certainly am not planning on finding a husband.”

“Star, you must come-” Star ended the call midway in her mother’s sentence.

Coming out of the bathroom, Marco asked, “What was that all about?”

“My mom wants me to go to some stupid royal birthday dinner. Looks like we’re going to Mewni.” Before giving Marco the opportunity to have his output heard, Star quickly grabbed his dimensional scissors and opened a portal to the Butterfly Castle, dragging him inside.

“Hello, my not-so-little girl!” King Butterfly announced. “Hello, Marco!”

“Hey, dad!” she hugged her father.

“Ah, Star, I see you’ve followed my directions for once,” her mother said, arriving in the throne room where they stood.

“Now, why is it you request me here so early?”

“Honey, it’s your birthday! You must prepare for tonight’s dinner; you must ‘wow’ the other kingdoms,” her father replied.

“Ugh, let’s get this done and over with. What are we doing?”

“Well, the servants shall make you look your best; they will do your hair, makeup, nails, and dress you… and, Star, you will wear your crown,” Queen Butterfly demanded. The young girl groaned.

“That sounds… constricting.” Marco whispered to Star, feeling sorry that as royalty, her parents limited her independence.

“Marco,” the Queen began. “Since Star has brought you here with us, you must also look proper for tonight’s dinner.”

“Uh, okay, thanks,” the boy answered, unsure of what his response should’ve been.

The Queen then waved her hand, commencing the servants’ preparation of each teenager for the night’s dinner. Being separated from one another, Marco’s attention lasted for two hours, while Star’s, five. While putting the finishing touches on her outfit, Marco knocked on Star’s door.

“Come in!”

Marco opened the door and entered the room. Star was hidden behind a screen which her mirror had converted into, just as she did when she prepared for the Blood Moon ball.

“Hey, Star. Almost ready?”

“Yeah, I just think my outfit is missing something.”

“Well, I know this is going to sound corny, but I think you’ll shine just like the star you are.”

“Aw, thanks- wait, that’s it! I know what I’m missing!”

“…You’re welcome?”

“Thanks. Now, super glitter blast!” A blast of glitter emerged from behind the screen, covering Star’s dress exactly the way she’d planned. “…And now, for the finishing piece.” Star pointed her wand toward her head, and finally, her crown appeared in her hair, but with a nice, personal touch: a few flowers and her horn headband.

“Alright, now I’m ready.” As Star stepped out from behind the screen, Marco looked up in full focus.

Star wore a matte satin, red ballgown with an off-shoulder neckline, and that made contact with the ground. The top of her gown was covered in roses, and the bottom of her dress shimmered like the stars in the night sky. She wore her hair in a loose half-up half-down curled style, with the crown and horns in the front to top it off. Her pink wings had grown over time, and shown in the back. With golden heels and earrings, she’d surely be the center of attention at the dinner.

Marco was left awestruck, and, without thought, he said, “You’re beautiful. I-I meant- it’s just- you look beautiful. Not beautiful- but pretty– not that you’re not beautiful but- ugh! You know.” He blushed and turned his head in the awkwardness and his panic.

Star’s face turned red as well. “Thank you, Marco. You look super handsome too…”

They stood in silence for a few moments, until Marco began to lean in closer to her, almost making contact with her until-

Moon Butterfly burst into the room. “Marco, I would like you to escort my daughter to the …Great Hall for dinner with the other royals within the next few minutes.” She then shut the door and left the pair in their awkwardness.

“So… I guess I should start 'escorting’ you to the Grand Hall?”



“I’m glad I have you as such an amazing best friend.”

“Me too. I know I’ve said this, but you’re the best girl a guy could ever ask for.”

They took another moment to smile and stare at one another until Marco said, “Now, are you ready to go?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she admitted.

Grabbing onto her hand, Marco led Star through the halls, then stopping in front of a huge door.

“Marco, this isn’t the grand hall. It’s the ballroom!”

“Well, I’ve never really been in this castle before. Why don’t we check it out anyway, maybe you could give me a mini-tour?”

“That’d be great.” Star pushed open the door, still with her smile.

“Surprise!” yelled a crowd of people within the room. In the group stood Star’s friends and the people she cared about most, excluding Marco: her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, Ponyhead, Alfonso and Ferguson, Janna, Kelly, Starfan13, surprisingly, Tom, and many others. Many, many tables and decorations filled the room. A DJ occupied a corner of the room. Space had been left for the dance floor in the middle of the room. Long tables with rows of food had lines of people waiting behind it. The most important people in Star’s life occupied a single table, sitting in pairs of girls and guys; someone had paired Janna with Tom. One small table held a huge cake, reading 'Feliz Quinceanera, Star!“ A single spotlight shone on her.

“Marco- I don’t understand. The dinner? The royal families? My mother? Having to get ready for such a long time? What is all of this? Who did this?”

“It was all a set up. This is a Quinceanera, a special traditional party for a girl who is turning fifteen. I thought you deserved it, so I let everyone in on the surprise. There was never any royal dinner, we just needed an excuse to get you ready for the party. What do you think?”

“I think this is amazing! You did all of this for me?”

“I had help, and for a girl as special as you, I’d do anything.”

This time, it was Star who went in for a kiss with Marco, and it was this time she got it. The crowd cheered and whistled, and after a quick flush of cheeks, Star pulled Marco over to the cake table. Flashing her wand, Star made another cake appear next to the birthday cake, the new one saying 'Happy Friendship-iversary Star and Marco!’

The music played, and everyone was in much excitement. As Star sat, Marco sat beside her. “Remember the Blood Moon Ball?” he reminisced.

“Haha, yeah. According to legend, our souls were bonded that day. I hadn’t even known I was dancing with you. You have quite the moves, Marco Diaz.”

“Well, would you like to put the legend to the test?”

“How would we do that?”

“Would you like to dance with me?”

Amused, Star accepted the request she’d been awaiting, being led to the dance floor.
“I thought you’d never ask. Now show me what you’ve got!”


Author’s note: Thank you to whoever actually read this far! This is my first Starco one-shot ff, and I really had fun with this, so I hope you enjoyed it too! (Btw I’m sorry it’s long, guys)

Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (5/6)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 6

Summary: Your 19th birthday party was a memorable one and maybe the best one yet.  One of the best things that came out of the party was Peter.  There’s definitely something budding between the two of you, but will it last?

Warnings: just some cursing!


AN: Hey friends! I know this is being posted late, it literally took me hours to write this chapter! Also don’t think I don’t like Zendaya’s character after reading this! I just thought it could work! also The actor or Ned, Jacob, is Filipino, and I’m filipina so I wanted to kinda to make his birthday party accurate to how it would be in real life haha anyway sorry for the long wait! I hope it was worth it!!

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@aliceinwhateverland: I was thinking that a good plot for Bughead would be the prom night, where maybe as they don’t seem to be in a formal relationship they aren’t really sure if they have to ask eachother.

Such a cute prompt, I love tongue-tied Jughead!

”B, you have to come and look at this dress it would be totally perfect for you,” Veronica gushed from where she lounged on Betty’s flowery bedspread, resting on one elbow while her other hand scrolled through pages on Betty’s laptop. Betty twisted round from where she sat at her dressing table, peering over her shoulder to glance at the screen. The satin dress was beautiful, pale lavender with a full skirt and sweetheart neckline that sat slightly off the shoulder. She sighed, shaking her head to clear the image of her in that dress from her mind. 

“I don’t know why you’re looking, V, I’m not even sure I’m going to the dance,” she mumbled, looking down at where her fingers were twisting nervously. Veronica’s head snapped up. 

“What do you mean not going? Why the hell wouldn’t you go?” she said incredulously, eyes comically wide. Why anyone would miss the chance to get a new outfit and dress up for the night was completely beyond her. Betty didn’t meet her gaze.

“Well… Jughead and I… I don’t even know if there is… we’ve not really…” Realisation dawned for Veronica.

“He hasn’t asked you yet,” she stated, her voice unquestioning. Betty shook her head dejectedly. Veronica’s expression softened as she took in her best friend’s slumped shoulders and downturn expression. “He is Jughead. Going to dances, let alone asking someone to one, isn’t really his scene,” she said gently, wincing slightly. 

“Yeah, I know. I just thought that maybe, after we… It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just a dance,” Betty rallied, straightening up and sending a smile Veronica’s way. It didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“Don’t worry, B, there’s still time,” she replied, trying to life the spirits from where they’d taken a drastic nosedive. “I’ll save the dress for you anyway.”


“Hey, guys,” Archie called out as he placed his lunch tray on the tabletop. “What’re we talking about?”

“The delightful wonders that come out of the Riverdale High cafeteria. Mystery Meat - why is it so mysterious?” Jughead deadpanned, mouth twisting in disgust as he reached for his fries instead. Betty cast a shy glance at him, smiling in amusement. He caught her glance and raised his eyebrows teasingly, pulling a silent laugh from her as she looked back at her tray with flushed cheeks. Jughead flung his free arm around her shoulders in a move that was still strange but becoming familiar. Betty’s body relaxed slightly, leaning into his side in comfort. Archie eyed the arm with wary eyes while Veronica looked on with a pleased smile. 

“Err, hey, Ronnie. I wanted to know if wanted to go to the dance next week. With me?” Archie blurted suddenly. Veronica startled. 

“Really?” she asked in surprise, eyebrows shooting up at the question. 

“Yeah. Well Val is gonna be on stage with the Pussycats all night so I thought it would be nice if the two of us went together,” he replied with a grin. From across the table Betty and Jughead wore matching expressions of disbelief as they took in what Archie had just said. ‘Second choice’ hung, unsaid, in the air. The corner of Veronica’s eyes prickled as Archie stared on oblivious, taking a breath and puffing her chest out to hide her obvious hurt.

“Sure, Archiekins, I’ll go with you,” she answered, plastering on a smile. Betty shot her a sympathetic look across the table that she returned with a slight shake of the head. The blonde’s sad eyes while she still sat beneath Jughead’s arm gave Veronica an idea. “In fact, the four of us could go together… like a double date,” she finished, staring pointedly at the couple across the table, sending a coy look Jughead’s way.

Jughead’s arm flew from Betty’s shoulder as he choked on the bite he’d just taken, fist pounding his chest a couple of times. “D-date?” he spluttered at the same time as Archie who looked sharply between the pair, Jughead’s eyes panicked as he chanced a glance over to Betty before narrowing in on Veronica. 

“Yes, Jughead, a date,” Veronica replied, refusing to back down. If she wasn’t going to get her man then she sure as hell would make sure her best friend got hers. 

“I-I’m not really sure… I don’t think we…” The hopeful look Betty tried to hide was fading fast at his hesitation. 

“I think I’m gonna go get another water,” Betty hurried out, standing swiftly and walking towards the school without a backwards glance. Jughead’s worried eyes followed her, looking torn between staying and following the girl he clearly loved as she moved away from him. 

“Alright, clueless wonder, what was that about?” Veronica turned on Jughead as soon as Betty was out of earshot, raising a single brow in accusation. 

“Huh?” Jughead replied, ever the wordsmith. 

“Betty! That girl has been looking at you like you hung the stars for months and yet you can’t repay her by asking her to one stupid dance?” Jughead was stunned into silence at the unexpected onslaught. 

“We just… haven’t really talked about it. Us, I mean. Y’know, as a couple,” he mumbled lamely. If there was one person that had the quality to render him moronic, he thought as he listened to himself trip over simple words, it was Betty Cooper.

“It’s so completely obvious that you’re in love with each other I don’t see the issue here.” Even the tips of Jughead’s ears covered by his beanie turned red at Veronica’s use of the word love. Archie stiffened, waiting for his reply. There was a beat of dead air before Jughead looked up with renewed hope.

“You think?”

“Well, I mean, I’m not so sure now. You kinda blew it, Heathcliff.” Jughead scoffed at her comparison, making to stand.

“I’ll go and ask her…” Veronica reached out to stop him.

“Whoa, slow your roll, silver-tongued devil, it’s going to take something more than just asking her to make up for this blunderbuss.”

“Like what?” Jughead asked apprehensively sitting back down.

“We’re gonna go full on Say Anything on this bitch.”


Betty tried not to watch the clock ticking faster and faster towards six o’clock. She sat, her biology textbook long forgotten in front of her, staring at the hands as they taunted her. 

Jughead hadn’t asked her in the end but she didn’t care, she told herself. She knew he wasn’t the kind of person who went to dances and she was just going to have to be ok with that. The image of him standing before her in a suit, bringing back memories of the one he wore to Jason’s funeral, holding her close as they swayed to some song she didn’t even hear invaded her mind. Standing there, unquestionably together, in front of everyone. She sighed. Not today.

The sound of something hitting the glass pane of her window shook her out of her revere. Brows furrowed she listened, until suddenly the sound repeated itself, catching a glimpse of the pebble that flew towards her room. She stood, tiptoeing over and looked down onto the lawn. 

Her mouth dropped as she took in the sight before her. There, in a suit just like she’d imagined him, was Jughead Jones, standing below her window holding a box above his head. She lifted the window, laughing in disbelief.

“Juggie, what are you doing here?” she shouted down to him, trying to make herself heard without alerting her mother. 

“Hey, Juliet. Just thought I’d come and tell you how much of an idiot I’d been,” he shrugged looking up at her, eyes glinting with mischief. “And to ask you if you’d forgive my blind stupidity by accompanying me to this dance?” Betty’s eyes shone with tears. 

“But you hate dances. You don’t have to do this for me,” she replied, trying to contain her pounding heart. He huffed out a laugh.

“My love for you is far stronger than my dislike for school functions, Betts,” he tried to quip casually, his heart leaping into his throat. Betty’s breath left her in a gasp.

“I… I don’t even have a dress,” she got out, mind still spinning from his confession. His eyes flicked to the box in his hands. “Jug, what’s in the box?” she asked suspiciously.

“Come and see.” She was downstairs in seconds, creeping across the dew damp grass to get to him. He looked even better up close, suit fitting him a little better this time, blue eyes glistening in the fading dusk light. She smiled at him from under her lashes as her shaking hands gently lifted the lid. The lavender dress stared back at her. 

“Juggie! How…?” she gasped, caressing the fabric in awe.

“Veronica,” he mumbled, with a tone of resentful gratitude. Betty laughed, staring up at the wonderful boy in front of her. Her free hand came up to grip the back of his neck, pulling him down to her lips in a sweet, slow kiss, pouring all of her gratitude into him. They pulled back, both breathing shakily. Betty didn’t remove her hand or let him get further than an inch from her lips. 

“I love you, too.”

What A Small World... Part 1

Part 1, Part 2

A/N: heeeey everyone! I know some of you are going to kill me for not posting the next part of Blood Relations buuuut… this is a birthday gift to my homegirl @chessireneko . It was originally gonna be a one shot, buuuut…. I got caught up to the story a little to much so… I guess this is my next series!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE AND I WISH YOU ALL HAPPINESS AND LOVE (insert Mark Tuan here) 💓💓💓

Pictures in the moodboard aren’t mine, taken out of Pinterest.

Words: 5639

Pairing: Mark/Reader

Warnings: mature themes, mentions of alcohol/drugs, implication of attempted rape (okay, I know this seems bad but it’s your standard University AU)

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Crash and Burn 5

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing, unprotected sex, blacked out drunk, getting married in Vegas, smoking, angst, fluff, draaaaaaama!!

After a long weekend in Vegas, you wake up next to Steve Rogers with a five carat ring on your hand. A blacked out wedding in Vegas, made you Mrs. Rogers and neither of you remember a thing. The two of you agree to keep it a secret to have it taken care of when you get back to the city, but will Steve stick to the plan?? When the team starts to pick up on things going on with the two of you, they’ve got a lot of questions themselves, and you don’t have the answers to explain. Divorce lawyers, witnesses, plus signs, marriage licenses, and lies…. Will things work out or will you say the wrong thing and kick yourself later?

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Smutember: Toys

Masquerade on AO3

5: Toys

“You forgot your mask?!”

Chat takes a step back and swallows thickly, willing his erection away without much success. She looks about as disappointed as he feels given the circumstances; after all, it wasn’t very often that she was the one making mistakes.

“I know,” she groans, running her gloved hand down her face. She’s pissed off at herself for leaving it behind in the back pocket of her jeans from last night, too busy with cumulative projects and the like. She’s still got two months left before the end of her première but the pressure is starting to ramp up in anticipation for her final exams regardless.

“Well, we could always not have sex.”

Marinette snorts, “It’s been three days and I could literally tear that suit off you. Stupid hormones.”

“Oh…kay,” Chat says, shrugging his shoulders in an attempt to try and hide the way she affects him with her words. She wants to tear his suit off him? Merde… “I might just have the solution.”

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