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Goldilocks || 01

Rated T (language and suggestive themes)

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Word Count: 1.2k

Link to: Goldilocks Masterlist | Next Part 

not my photograph, credit to owner


“Yah!” Jimin roars, glaring up at the remote on top of the bookshelf. “Taehyung, get your sorry ass over here NOW.”

“He left twenty minutes ago for snacks,” you inform him from the couch, staring at the blank television screen like it’s the ever so dramatically referenced void, the mid-winter cold that’s permeated through the apartment not allowing you to do much else.

“____, this isn’t fair,” Jimin grunts, jumping in a futile attempt to reach it. “Why does he always do this?”

With a heavy sigh, you lament with a laugh, “Because he knows we can’t reach it.”

“Well what if you get on my shoulders?”

“Jiminnie, that would require actual effort,” you tease, sinking into the comforting embrace of the cushions. “We should just wait until he gets home.”

Your friend gives a frustrated grunt, looking around the room like a man on a mission, “I’m not gonna give him the satisfaction…”

“Suit yourself,” you watch with mild curiosity and too much amusement as Jimin loudly drags a chair over from the kitchen, its legs scraping on the wood flooring, sounding like an animal with indigestion.

“I’m gonna kill him,” Jimin pouts, climbing and wobbling up to his full height. Even then, he can barely reach the remote. “I’m gonna poison his tea or- or choke him while he’s sleeping.”

“Kinky,” you drop one eyelid in a wink, causing Jimin to flush.

“Not like that,” he hurls the remote in your direction, clearly aiming for the couch.

You don’t even make the effort to flinch, laughing again, “Sure.”

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HAUL #thisisacrazyhaul

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👽Glass Plant House // $44

= $1144
I’ve finally reached 1k in one haul!!!


  • House Stark: slouching beanies, thick silver rings, sugary coffee dolloped in cream, cobblestone paths, snowflakes stuck in one's hair, cinnamon wafting through the air, plush blankets, heavy iron doors
  • House Lannister: curly hair, gilded hallways, knit sweaters hanging off of shoulders, chess pieces, citrus candles, golden mirrors, feather pillows, sharp fountain pens bleeding ink, stone lions
  • House Tully: skipping stones in river beds, delicate collarbones, strawberry tarts, knee high socks, tiled floors, thin metal chains, pin straight hair, wavy hair falling down backs, chrome crowns
  • House Tyrell: rosewater, sunlight pouring through windows, flower crowns, boned dresses, gladiator sandals, golden thorns, silky sheets, pink lipstick, pristine paperbacks, tall stemmed wine glasses
  • House Targaryen: burning fireplaces, moonlight, bells ringing through the air, braided hair, combat boots, knit blankets, sweetened tea, vanilla, fingerless gloves, gothic buttresses, silver cuffs
  • House Martell: sandy beaches, henna tracing one's veins, the aroma of spiced sweets, messy buns, blood orange, golden snakes, leather jackets, spires, geometric archways, winged eyeliner, bronze
  • House Baratheon: stag horns, obsidian, masquerade balls, sleek couches, tart fruits, starry skies, modern art, daggers on display, signet rings, ponytails, leggings and thin t-shirts, humid evenings
  • House Greyjoy: ropes, sea salt, weathered wood, windy nights, seafood stews, carved marble statues, waterlogged fabric dragging one down, fur tapestries, model ships, hoop earrings, tote bags
Boba (Or Nah?)

Originally posted by visual-17

Pairing: Mingyu/Reader

Genre: a whole butt load of Fluff

Summary: Mingyu thinks he’s sly. You think Mingyu hates you. Mingyu is not sly. 

Author’s Note: TBH this idea was conjured because my sister and I think the guy at the Boba place I always go to hates me. OR DOES HE. No but forreal, we started referring to him as “Kid #2 that hates me.” since there’s already “Jason, the kid that hates me” at school lmao. Anyways, Enjoyyyy, this is just super dorky and cute and I love it lmao Mingyu is a cutie

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Steal Your Heart (Part II of II)

A/N: Thank you so much for all the love for Part I!

Pairing: You x Luhan

Summary: When he spends more and more time with another girl

Warnings: Angst 

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months.

I called Luhan’s friend and colleague, Yifan, to make sure that he was at work before heading up to our former shared apartment and collecting the rest of my things. I packed lightly, taking only the necessities and leaving the place as quickly as I could. It held too many memories, too many reminders of what we once had.

I had spent almost two months living at a cheap motel. I had gone to all sorts of lengths to make sure Luhan couldn’t find or contact me, from blocking his number to quitting my job. Jongdae had been furious, calling me up to yell at me over the phone, asking how I could leave my job without even telling him. 

I couldn’t muster the energy to apologize to him properly, and after five minutes of solid shouting, Jongdae realized that he wasn’t helping. It turned out Luhan had called him before to ask about my whereabouts, so Jongdae had an idea of the state of our ruined relationship. 

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anonymous asked:

A prompt if you fancy: Kevin and Matt and the other tols have never been able to make short jokes on the team because the mineyard twins are equally Murderous about their small stature- and so Neil is the next best thing. It's all joking and good natured and Andrew scowls (when doesn't he) but Neil just rolls his eyes and one birthday/Christmas/random to be funny Dan gets him one of those totally massive sweaters that's all soft and knit and hangs off one shoulder but honestly almost reaches +

(k basically this prompt is such pure gold I’m gonna answer as if they’re 2 separate ones bc THERE IS SO MUCH POTENTIAL)

firstly to address Neil’s shortness and his lack of deadliness compared to the Twinyards:

•like Im sorry but as much as Matt is the tol™️ of the team and has waited so long 

•literally EV ERY one has waited so long, Nicky, even Kevin will drop his exy racket for one fucking second to make fun of Neil’s height

•like Neil Josten may have the Foxes’ respect bc he’s a fucking savage, and also

•the fucking endearing “these people are actually being nice to me” look

•B UT when it comes to his height

•like this child is like 8inches tall probably

•Matt has definitely asked Neil like 700 times if “he needs help getting down from his bunk”

•Allison, the queen of sarcasm loves to totally underexaggerate his height

•”Will someone please help neil get the cereal down from the cupboard, he’s only 7 tol”

•Kevin just gets it all of out his system during practice

•casually holding up his Exy racket next to Neil

“I’m sorry did my Exy racket just grow or have you shrunk?”

•Nicky is totally the friend who walks up and supports his elbow on Neil’s curly hair

•Neil being Neil probably doesn’t mind

•bc at least he’s taller then his boyfriend

•also in every situation mentioned above Andrew is just standing in the background ready to //fight//

•long story short all the tols™️ finally have their moment now that the Twinyards are not the only resident smols™️

(ereri: drabble) sweaters & thigh highs

blame my filthy mind and tweeting with lavenderminty and eren thigh highs appreciation ♥ part 2 to this.

“Welcome ho—”

Eren does not even have the chance to finish, because Levi is shouldering him inside the apartment and practically tearing Eren’s knit sweater off his shoulders.

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Shizuo quickly learns that there are both pros and cons to having Izaya as a roommate, most of which were not mentioned in the roommate contract.

His mental list looks something like this:

Pros: free food, sexytimes, Izaya

Cons: sleep deprivation, sketchy business

Shizuo wouldn’t mind so much if it were normal sketchy business, like smoking weed or selling exam answer keys. But he’s 95% sure Izaya is running side jobs for the yakuza, and recently he’s heard weird rumors about an underground gambling ring.

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quality clothes for cheap

hey guys so my followers have been asking me where to find nice quality clothes for cheap so i’ve mad a list of some really cute finds you can get at shein

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Bottoms: | Black High Waist Pleated Skirt $6.17 | Blue Elastic Waist Shorts $8.99Black Slim Elastic Leggings $8.99 | Army Green Ruched Bodycon Skirt $9.99 Light Blue High Waist Ripped Denim Shorts $9.90 | Black Slim Gun Print Leggings $9.99 | Wine Red Slim Bodycon Asymmetrical Skirt $10.99 | White Black Striped Pants $10.99 |

Dresses: | Wine Red Burgundy V Neck Striped Mini Dress $7.90 | White Spaghetti Strap Backless Striped Dress $7.99 | Black White Deep V Neck Dress $7.90 | Turquoise Spaghetti Strap Hippie Floral Beach Dress $8.99 | Grey Short Sleeve Striped High Low Dress $8.99 | Dark Green Long Sleeve Designer Casual Dress $15.99 |


Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3.1k (can u believe that???)

Requested by anon: Hi! Can I please get one where the reader is friends with Steve and is introduced to Bucky. They both feel an instant connection but Bucky tries to push her away because he thinks he’s not worthy of her. So she does little things like puts a blanket over him when he falls asleep and other things to make him feel more comfortable and to be there for him and help him. Then eventually it leads to them getting together (which also makes Steve very happy). Thank you!

Originally posted by natpekis

“I’m nervous, Steve.” You mumbled, anxiously tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. Your eyes darted around the common room, trying to focus on anything besides the elevator doors.

“(Y/N), you’re going to be fine,” He assured you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and pulling you into his chest. “I like you, and my opinion is the only one that matters.” He joked, giving you a gentle squeeze.

“Okay,” You quietly responded, wiping your sweaty palms on your pants. You your rested your head on his shoulder and let out a breath, awaiting the arrival of his friend. “But if he hates me, I’m leaving the team.”

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All Of Her

A/N: I finally finished my twoshot last night and I’m so proud of my lazy self n_n hope you all enjoy it!

Rating: Teen (heavy make-outs and ever-so slight sin)

Summary: “He loves her.He didn’t fall right away, but when he did, he fell hard."A story in which Adrien finds out that Marinette is Ladybug and Marinette is clueless on the matter.

AO3 - part 1 - part 2 (final)

Adrien had ended up going back to the Dupain-Cheng’s residence a total of three times before the summer break had ended.

Chat Noir and Ladybug haven’t been meeting up nearly as much as they had the first half of the summer, but Chat Noir and Marinette have.

The first two times had been as innocent as the first visit.

Chat Noir would tap on Marinette’s trapdoor — he would visit at dusk and only if he had seen Marinette’s light on in her room — and wait until she let him inside.

When he came back after the first time, he noticed all of his pictures on her wall have been removed and placed out of his sight. She probably put them in her desk drawer, but he never asked and she never brought it up.

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