off the shoulder knit


HAUL #thisisacrazyhaul

👽Nike Leggings // $130
👽Grey Nike Pro Long Sleeves // $42
👽Black Nike Pro // $32
👽Black Nike Pro // $38
👽Nike Stella // $90
👽Adidas White Pants // $29
👽Under Armour Cap // $33
👽Nike Cap // $28
👽Nike Pro Basketball // $65

👽RVCA Shirt // $45
👽Rebel Skirt // $34
👽Rebel Top // $24
👽Crooks & Castles Jersey // $70

👽Black Off Shoulder // $18
👽Pink Woven Top // $19
👽White Knit Top // $10
👽Creamy Knit Top // $13
👽Maroon Crop Top // $10
👽White Crop Top // $10

👽Sun Glasses // $12
👽Sun Glasses // $12
👽Sun Glasses // $12
👽Sun Glasses // $12

👽Ripndip Alien Shirt // $50
👽Creamy Vans Shoe // $50

🌿VANS //
👽Vans Shirt // $27
👽Vans Shirt // $27
👽Vans Shirt // $27

🌿LUSH //
👽Dirty Shaving Creaming // $27

👽Grid Scarf // $22

👽White Sandals // $37

👽Maroon Crop Top Shirt // $25

🌿NIKE //
👽White Nike Socks // $16
👽White Nike Socks // $16

👽Glass Plant House // $44

= $1144
I’ve finally reached 1k in one haul!!!


  • House Stark: slouching beanies, thick silver rings, sugary coffee dolloped in cream, cobblestone paths, snowflakes stuck in one's hair, cinnamon wafting through the air, plush blankets, heavy iron doors
  • House Lannister: curly hair, gilded hallways, knit sweaters hanging off of shoulders, chess pieces, citrus candles, golden mirrors, feather pillows, sharp fountain pens bleeding ink, stone lions
  • House Tully: skipping stones in river beds, delicate collarbones, strawberry tarts, knee high socks, tiled floors, thin metal chains, pin straight hair, wavy hair falling down backs, chrome crowns
  • House Tyrell: rosewater, sunlight pouring through windows, flower crowns, boned dresses, gladiator sandals, golden thorns, silky sheets, pink lipstick, pristine paperbacks, tall stemmed wine glasses
  • House Targaryen: burning fireplaces, moonlight, bells ringing through the air, braided hair, combat boots, knit blankets, sweetened tea, vanilla, fingerless gloves, gothic buttresses, silver cuffs
  • House Martell: sandy beaches, henna tracing one's veins, the aroma of spiced sweets, messy buns, blood orange, golden snakes, leather jackets, spires, geometric archways, winged eyeliner, bronze
  • House Baratheon: stag horns, obsidian, masquerade balls, sleek couches, tart fruits, starry skies, modern art, daggers on display, signet rings, ponytails, leggings and thin t-shirts, humid evenings
  • House Greyjoy: ropes, sea salt, weathered wood, windy nights, seafood stews, carved marble statues, waterlogged fabric dragging one down, fur tapestries, model ships, hoop earrings, tote bags

Alexander McQueen Fall 2016 RTW

As the sequence went on, the clothes began their progress into the bedroom: There were lacy bras and sleeves cut to fall off shoulders. Then came the knit dresses, which cascaded in gossamer layers as delicate as lace. And finally, we were in the place of dreams.

See slideshow and review…

quality clothes for cheap

hey guys so my followers have been asking me where to find nice quality clothes for cheap so i’ve mad a list of some really cute finds you can get at shein

Tops:  | Apricot Dip Tank Top $6.90 | White Spaghetti Strap Ruffle Top $7.90 | Blue and White Short Sleeve Striped Blouse $7.11White Black Spaghetti Strap Top $7.99 | Yellow Spaghetti Strap Floral Top $7.90 |Pink Off the Shoulder CropTop $7.90 | Orange Round Bow TankTop $6.99 | Halter Knit TankTop $8.99 |

Bottoms: | Black High Waist Pleated Skirt $6.17 | Blue Elastic Waist Shorts $8.99Black Slim Elastic Leggings $8.99 | Army Green Ruched Bodycon Skirt $9.99 Light Blue High Waist Ripped Denim Shorts $9.90 | Black Slim Gun Print Leggings $9.99 | Wine Red Slim Bodycon Asymmetrical Skirt $10.99 | White Black Striped Pants $10.99 |

Dresses: | Wine Red Burgundy V Neck Striped Mini Dress $7.90 | White Spaghetti Strap Backless Striped Dress $7.99 | Black White Deep V Neck Dress $7.90 | Turquoise Spaghetti Strap Hippie Floral Beach Dress $8.99 | Grey Short Sleeve Striped High Low Dress $8.99 | Dark Green Long Sleeve Designer Casual Dress $15.99 |