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Break down the old to become the new- 5.17 Review and meta

Wow. Just wow. It’s been over 45 minutes and I’m still completely emotionally wrecked from Arrow tonight. It was extremely well done and hats off to Stephen Amell for nailing his performances and making us feel every emotion. He really nailed it and gave so much on and off screen. Thank you. Now honestly I still don’t care much for flashbacks, they have always been my least favorite parts of arrow eps (with exception of Felicity flashbacks, Olicity or the starling city s3 ep). I’m just much more interested in the present tense way more and Felicity is my favorite character with Oliver right behind her, so scenes I know won’t have her in it, lessen my excitement. This was an extremely heavy flashback ep, I think even more than the Odyssey, but it completely tied to the present time and paralleled and contrasted perfectly so I don’t mind them and enjoyed them (just won’t rewatch).

Now the present time was basically Adrain psychologically and physically torturing Oliver to get him to say he enjoys killing. That’s Chase’s endgame for this particular set of torment and it works. But guess what Adrian, Oliver is not the same guy he was when killed your dad, if he was this unfeeling serial killer like you believe, he would never have broken and wouldn’t have forgiven Evelyn (that fucking snake). I don’t believe Oliver enjoys killing. I do believe what Anatoly said in Russia that he uses the hood to justify his killings and use it as an excuse. It’s something Oliver has always done. He tries to separate the two or choose over the other and he can’t. I think the lesson this season is for Oliver to accept all of the parts of himself and embrace them as all of who is he, love himself, accept people love him for him, and see himself the way the people who love him do. For Oliver to truly be a fully realized superhero, he has to accept himself and love himself. That in turn will also allow to finally completely give in to love and love wholeheartedly. How can you expect someone to love you, if you don’t love yourself and you can’t be right for somebody else if you’re not right for yourself. This the gateway to Olicity finally being together for good. Now the other very big lesson here is killing. Oliver can’t kill anymore. I think the biggest reason Oliver went back to killing so easily after being so grounded on it for 2 years, is bc he wasn’t abstaining for himself bc he thought it was right, he was doing it bc he was trying to honor Tommy and he stopped bc Tommy thought it was wrong. Now Oliver will see he wants to stop killing for himself bc he doesn’t want to and there’s always another way and he isn’t a killer. Oliver was forced and manipulated and psychologically forced to start killing and trained by several people and put through so much that he believed killing the bad people was ok. He was a victim of trauma, torture, manipulation and PTSD. But Oliver has grown and learned and now he will no longer kill the people who “deserve it”. Which is why he can’t kill Prometheus. That will be the game changer. Oliver will have ample opportunity but won’t. It’s gonna be epic.

Now for the other tidbits in this ep.
Chase brought up Felicity THREE times. He isn’t an idiot. He knows she’s his true love and his weakness. ( the growl and anger and protectiveness Oliver excuded when Adrian showed him he stole her glasses; gawd that was intense and awesome). And he brings up Thea, William and Diggle. These are the most important people in Oliver’s life and he knows it. Exploiting him and taunting him in every possible way. Ugh
Prometheus is by far the best big bad arrow has ever had. He’s just so evil but so smart and tricky and conniving and witty and a psychopath and he has no strings, no weakness (yet). He is extremely well thought out and fleshed out. S3 and s4 all started with good villain but by mid to end season they completely fell flat. Prometheus is such a great success. I’m looking forward to the next 6 eps. We have so much juicy stuff coming and of course an Olicity heavy ep coming!!! We got this fandom!!

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i hate it ehen people have super duper long fake nails like????? theyre going to fall off???????? pls stop person ur nails??????

On one hand I get what you mean, but on the other hand if you see someone with nails like that and they’re all still attached, that means that person is talented enough to keep them all perfectly intact while still going about their daily lives, and therefore has So Much Power

  • Me: we should not romanticize the relationship between Yoonbum and Sangwoo, it’s obviously abusive and mutually toxic and–
  • Me: Well I Guess That’s My Fucking OTP Now

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It’s Andreil visiting PSU years after they’ve graduated, but I tried to sneak in your other prompts too :) Hope you’re having a nice day!

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It had taken a lot of convincing before their coaches finally relented and gave them permission to drive themselves to games. Neil likes it better this way; the two of them speeding along interstates, almost like when they were still in university and in need of a breather. He knows Andrew also prefers this, if his tendency to randomly pull over and steal kisses are any indication.

Neil looks out the window and watches everything go by. If they take the turnoff here

“I know what you’re thinking,” Andrew says, not even bothering to take his eyes off of the road to look at Neil. “Don’t.”

He feels a small smile make its way onto his face, but stays turned away so Andrew can’t complain. “Don’t think it or don’t say it? Because that isn’t a ‘no’”, he retorts, their bickering so ingrained into conversation by this point that it’s almost automatic. The car’s getting hot, so he reaches over to turn on the air con. “There’s no point of not going to Palmetto if we’ll be playing in North Carolina,” Neil says.

“Of course there’s a point. I don’t want to have to make nice with whichever sob stories Coach got his hands on this time.”

Both of them notice the slip-up but neither comment on it. Neil’s smile grows as he sneaks his hand over the gear shift and Andrew’s own, just resting it there lightly.

Both of them also know that before the drive back, somehow they’ll end up on a detour to the Foxhole Court.

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  • tmr books: minho tells thomas that he loves him, thomas constantly comments on how muscular minho's arms are in unnecessary detail eg. 'he could almost see the blood pumping through them' and 'minho's powerful arms folded and tensed, veins bulging all over the place', thomas's heart 'aches for minho', a sentence like 'thomas met minho's gaze' almost every other line, minho hates teresa and brenda for no reason other than that they spend time with thomas eg 'and for some reason minho gave brenda dirty looks the entire time' (jealous.mp3), minho grabs thomas by the shirt and pushes him against a wall; he also climbs on top of him and holds him down when thomas is hijacked and refuses to get up even though thomas has a knife ('minho had pinned thomas’s arms to the ground. he hovered over him, heaving to catch his breath. 'im not getting up until they let your mind go') which makes thomas want to smile, it also says that thomas's midsection arches upwards and his body bucked and minho presses down - that's called grinding folks, they risk their lives for each other countless times, minho tackles to the ground and 'punches the living crap' out of the guy who shot thomas, dashner said in an interview that minho and thomas have the closest bond,thomas's heart skipped a beat when he saw minho, minho runs backwards in the lightning storm to help thomas up when he falls, risking his own life in the process, also thomas screams when minho is hit in the lightning storm to help minho even though he ignored every other glader who fell; minho then 'wrapped one of his arms around thomas's neck' and they moved together, 'thomas rammed into minho [...] thomas quickly spun to grab his friend, wrapped his arms around his chest and squeezed against his struggles to escape, minho pulls thomas into a bear hug when they're reunited, when thomas thought he might die he typed goodbye messages to brenda and minho and nobody else, when jorge offered a deal in which he'd help the gladers but would have to kill minho in exchange thomas refuses even though this might endanger everyone else, looking at minho and thinking how he is his 'true best friend' makes thomas have to 'hold back the tears', minho never once questions thomas's judgement even when every single other character questions him and he follows him into anything, 'no way, me and you', 'i'm with thomas. i'm with thomas one hundred percent', just going to repeat this one - minho told thomas that he loves him. like that's an actual thing that happened. they constantly joke around with each other it's srsly flirting, 'if there was a person other than teresa on the planet he (thomas) could truly call a friend, it was minho', minho calls thomas 'baby' and on one occasion it gives thomas butterflies, when minho reunited with thomas he said 'i've been shucked and gone to heaven' aw, minho says he bet thomas cried every night missing him and thomas says 'yeah', minho curls up and goes to sleep at thomas's feet, minho puts all of his faith in thomas from the very beginning eg by making him keeper of the runners while every other glader doubts him which also means minho is going against the people he's known for years in favour of thomas, he also gives up his own leadership role to make thomas keeper of the runners and also tells thomas 'okay greenie, you da boss', when group b take thomas away (after minho trying to fight back) minho yells after him that they'll find him, 'thomas heard a distant voice, screaming the same words over and over, something about him. about protecting him as he ran. it was minho' hashtag protective boyfriend minho, 'thomas made his decision; he liked minho', thomas says he felt disgusted when brenda tries to kiss him and thinks 'maybe it was the drug. maybe it was teresa. maybe it was -' at which point minho starts talking, thomas says to minho 'i won't keep anything from you. and she knows it, too.', minho says 'if you die i will NOT be happy' to thomas, thomas 'hadn't realized how important it was that minho still believed in him - it went halfway to giving him the courage he needed', minho has surgery to remove the wicked device from his brain while thomas is asleep and when thomas wakes up, minho is sitting in the chair beside his bed. this means minho woke up after his surgery and got up and moved to the chair beside thomas's bed, 'thomas could only worry abut minho', 'your eyes dont lie' minho can literally tell whether thomas is lying by looking into his eyes; thomas also does this bc he says he can tell by the 'hard glint' in minho's eyes that he'd been through an awful time, minho gives thomas nicknames and they always have playful banter, 'the two of them then looked at each other for a long moment, catching their breath, somehow reliving those few seconds all the things they’d gone through', 'even though he couldn’t see minho, he knew his friend lay only a few feet above him. and it wasn’t just the snoring. when someone is close by, you just know it', when jorge was kicking minho, thomas's hands clenched into fists and he hated jorge and wanted to 'beat him like he'd beaten gally'; he'd beaten gally for killing chuck, so the fact he wanted to beat jorge as badly as he'd beaten gally for just kicking minho shows how much it angered and hurt him, possibly hurting him as much as it hurt him when chuck was killed, 'minho smiled, a very welcome sight' aka thomas likes his smile; he also 'couldn't believe how good it felt to see minhos smirky grin again', they playfully punch each other on the arm, 'minho studied thomas' is said at least three times in the first book alone aka checking thomas out, thomas says minho has beautiful hands, thomas often refers to all of the gladers just as 'minho and the others', newt says to thomas 'then you're minho's' and thomas replies 'sounds beautiful', thomas and minho share a bunk bed, when thomas says he'll go somewhere with brenda minho shakes his head and says 'no way, me and you', thomas says he couldn't handle losing minho, 'remember that i love you'
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