off the cuff photography

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I recently started painting and I don't have any experience really but you inspire me to do so more! I was just wondering if you painted from memory, from looking at a photograph, or you bring all your materials to the set?

First off, I acknowledge that I have neglected my inbox this past month. I send my sincere thanks to everyone who has patiently waited for a reply!

Perhaps I just have bad timing, but I never find good moments when I’m out searching with materials in hand. I always see something interesting while running to catch a bus, or driving, or socializing with friends. And so most of my paintings are sourced from photos I snapped off-the-cuff. Photography is just my note-taking, like– “don’t forget to paint this,” and “the street light is on the left and is taller than the tree.” 

I spent several years studying impressionism, for which I exclusively painted outside to study the nuance of color in light. I think this training gave me a strong memory for color and mood. But I have a poor memory for perspective and space, so I rely on photography to recall those elements.