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Pirate AU II

The crew was exactly what Hamilton expected.  He had not inconsiderable experience with the more haggard, less than law-abiding ranks of seafaring men, so the smell was not a surprise- nor the swearing or shoving.  He had hoped his offer of employment would spare him the same treatment as the rest of the crew, but he wasn’t surprised to find some of them had made the same pleas themselves, and so shackled to the lot of them he was- and there weren’t a lot of them left.  He marched across the deck barefoot.

The first thing they took were the boots.

“Hey!” a hard shove between his ribs had him raise his hands, “Hey, I would just like to point out that I am offering my services to you gentleman and you would be obliged to show me a bit of-” a glob of fresh saliva smacked his cheek, “…dignity.”

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A Book Recommendation

Against the Tide  by @foleypdx  

So I read this actual rollercoaster of a book about two weeks ago. I was not okay. But that’s because this story is fucking amazing. You ever read one of those stories that just seems to propel you through the pages? 

Well, if not, strap in. If you have, you know what I’m talking about, you can prep yourself. Below are my thoughts on this incredible book that I highly recommend. (It’s even got lesbians, so like, read it, you’ll love it)

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Hurricanes And Slave Ships - Is There a Connection?

The slave ships from Africa brought a precious cargo -our Ancestors. They were transported over to the coast of South America and dropped off on various Island plantations in the Carribean, the Gulf of Mexico and finally on the South Eastern coast of the U.S.

A hurricane is born in Africa over warm water and follows the same path that our Ancestors did. Could the energy source of that storm system be born of those African’s who did not complete the passage? Is the unpredictability of the hurricane a conscious force made from the combined awareness of the lost souls of Africans tossed into the ocean because they were troublesome, sick, dying or dead? Is the hurricane’s electric force and destructive power an emanation from human souls whose bodies were discarded like rubbish into the Atlantic?

The slave ships from Africa brought a precious cargo -our Ancestors. They were transported over to the coast of South America and dropped off on various Island plantations in the Carribean, the Gulf of Mexico and finally on the South Eastern coast of the U.S.

A hurricane is born in Africa over warm water and follows the same path that our Ancestors did. Could the energy source of that storm system be born of those African’s who did not complete the passage? Is the unpredictability of the hurricane a conscious force made from the combined awareness of the lost souls of Africans tossed into the ocean because they were troublesome, sick, dying or dead? Is the hurricane’s electric force and destructive power an emanation from human souls whose bodies were discarded like rubbish into the Atlantic?
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Sister River, great question!

Dr Ivan Van Sertima, as well as Dr. Ben and Clarke talk of the current off the Atlantic coast of West Africa actually flowing naturally toward this hemisphere, which is why a terrible seamen like Columbus wound up in the so-called new world rather than East India, as he proposed to sail…

I don’t know about the hurricane connection, but surely if you are relating it to wind currents, as it were, then yes, there has to be a correlation…

Now, as for the spiritual connection made in the article, i don’t want to get into that… It seems if that is so, then our ancestors wrath was a bit misdirected, because this thing caused us a great deal of suffering…

I would never wish birth pains and the suffering of labor on anyone but that is where life begins. That is where possibilities and potentials begin.

The law of reciprocity, Maat, clearly should let us know that; A nation can not invade, exterminate, rape, enslave, decimate and create chaos all over the world and then think that the energy they put out will not return to the sender. We have the ill fortune of being in the nation that is reaping the energy they sent out.

What could be done to direct these energies to a higher level of the astral plane, because if this spiritual philosphy is true they are destroying just as many blacks as they are whites in releasing their pain.
Well the article says that they are restless because the water keeps their bones from drying out. So short of retrieving those bones and giving them proper burial I don’t know.

I don’t understand why a spirit in the astral plane would still be so connected to their previous body and how it is buried.

But the places where the most violent acts have been committed are the places where the earth is most subject to natural disaster whether it’s a hurricane or tornado or earthwuake or what have you.In California is where they abused so many chinese and the southern states where slavery was more rampant are far more subject to violent weather than the north.

They stole the land and the land itself vomits them out but we’re here tooo. If more of our peple knew what was going on they’d stop thinking they’ve got it made in this country and find a more peaceful land. But where? Or how can we find all those bones?
, are black women spirits, some ppl believe that tornadoes are spirits of slaves, hurricane spirit of a black woman,

Here’s my submission for Ravenclaw of the month! I come from Cape Verde, which is a series of west African islands off the coast of Senegal, Africa. Not many people know about us in America, but we have some of the most beautiful music, people, and food in the world! I am from the island of Fogo, which I used to visit fairly regularly as a child with my family, and now that I’m over being ashamed of my hair and my features and my culture after going to an American school with no Cape Verdeans in sight, all I want to do is go back!


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SPRING/SUMMER 2017 Ad Campaign - designer: Sarah Burton - model: Vittoria Ceretti - photographer: Jamie Hawkesworth - art director: Mathias Augustyniak & Michael Amzalag - location: sand dunes off the coast of northwest Africa

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Okay, I'll bite. How did the UK 'accidentally' bomb the US? (I didn't ask because I honestly didn't find it odd lol) - Funeral Feast anon (Btw to add to the city discourse, the centre of Zagreb is beautiful during the Advent because of the lights. Belgrade probably has something similiar as well.)

One of our nuclear missiles was tested last year. It was meant to be fired 5,600 miles from the coast of Florida to a sea target off the west coast of Africa, but something went wrong. Instead, it went towards the US, and had to be ordered to self-destruct.

A week later, we had a vote in Parliament about the missiles and politicians were told that the test had been “a success.” 

Because almost bombing the US was a “success,” apparently.


Kylux Tarzan AU

While on a reluctant hunting trip off the coast of Africa with his Commandant father and crew, Armitage Hux is saved from certain death by a mysterious “Wild Man” residing within the rainforest. Despite barriers between them and the ever growing suspicion of the group, Armitage finds himself drawn to the man, more interested than ever before.

More about the AU here


The Pokémon Relicanth is actually based off of a fish called the Coelacanth

The Coelacanth was thought to be extinct about 65 million years ago, but surprised the world when a live animal was found off the coast of Africa in 1938. The Coelacanth is considered a living fossil and is a very unique fish. 

Coelacanth fun facts:

  • They give birth to live young.
  • They can grow up to 6.5 feet long and weigh up to 200 pounds

  • They can live up to 60 years old.

  • Their brain is so small it only occupies 1.5% of their cranial cavity. 
best African holiday places for the signs

ARIES - Keetmanshoop, Namibia; adventurous, wild and off-the-beaten-track, central Namibia is open, wide and flat, allowing for any sporting activity

TAURUS - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; open Bourgonvillea-encrusted avenues lavish this most beautiful Rhodesian city, making it feel like perpetual spring

GEMINI - Lake Victoria, Uganda; named after a very colonial monarch, this lake is teaming with every species of animal in Eastern Africa, the central hub of activity is based in the rift valley’s greatest water source

CANCER - Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo; a shadow of the former French colonial glory, this Atlantic gem is rising from the ashes like a phoenix, attracting more tourists than ever before

LEO - Serengeti, Tanzania; notable and stunning by all accounts, the Serengeti is where any Leo would feel most at home

VIRGO - Lake Volta, Ghana; man-made and economical, this former forest now fosters as the watershed for many Western African countries

LIBRA - Casablanca, Morocco; romantic, oceanic and beautiful, nothing says Libra quite like this Arabesque work of art

SCORPIO - Victoria Falls, Zambia; known locally as ‘Mosi Ao Tunya’ (the cloud which thunders) adventure and extreme sports abound in this magnificent natural wonder

SAGITTARIUS - Nosy Be, Madagascar; secluded, relaxed, inaccessible. This Malagasy island is teaming with life and is a wonder of its own in a country known for being paradise

CAPRICORN - Alexandria, Egypt; historically the capital of the Egyptian Pharaohs, this Mediterranean jewel is deeply cultural and a melting pot of cultures

AQUARIUS - Zanzibar; located off the coast of East Africa, this former sultanate is the natural calling for any Aquarius

PISCES - Inhambane, Mozambique; part lagoon, part ocean. This central Moçambiquan resort is a treasure trove of beauty and tranquility

I’m tired of hearing about London and Paris

Lets romanticize African cities like Mombasa, Port Louis, Dar Es Salaam, Durban, Bamako, Timbuktu
I wanna hear stories of couples falling in love in ancient pyramids, and poetry based on beautiful shores off the coast of East Africa, I want stories about the high buildings of these cities and ugh can we please? Europe is overrated

5 Facts About the Fascinating Coelacanth

  • When the first modern coelacanth was discovered in 1938 off the coast of South Africa, scientists were amazed: this group of fish had been long thought to have gone extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period, some 70 million years ago.
  • There are two living species of coelacanth, the West Indian Ocean coelacanth and the Indonesian coelacanth. These fish live in deep saltwater environments and can grow to be nearly 2 meters long. Paleontologists know the order was once much more diverse, though, and included massive species that dwelled in ancient freshwater lakes and were up to 5 meters long.
  • Like many sharks, coelacanths give birth to live young, a rarity in fish. This wasn’t known until the Museum’s first coelacanth specimen was dissected in 1975– and found to be pregnant with five embryos.
  • Coelacanths were once thought to be a possible “missing link” between fish and early land-dwelling tetrapods. Though they are related to coelacanths, studies have shown that lungfish is tetrapods’ closest ancestor.
  • Coelacanths have an organ filled with a jelly-like substance near the front of their heads, a feature found in no other vertebrate. Researchers think this “rostral organ” plays a role in coelacanth hunting, detecting low-frequency electrical signals given off by prey.

Learn much more in the newest episode of Shelf Life: 6 Ways to Prepare a Coelacanth. 

At the age of five, Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, born into a Royal, West African dynasty, was taken to England and presented to Queen Victoria as a “gift” from one royal family to another. A unique and admired figure in history, she spent her life between the British royal household and her homeland in Africa.

Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, a West African Yoruba girl, was captured by the King of Dahomey in 1848 during a “slave-hunt” war in which her parents were killed. In 1850, when she was around eight years old, she was rescued by Captain Frederick E Forbes of the Royal Navy whilst he was visiting Dahomey as an emissary of the British Government. Forbes convinced King Ghezo of Dahomey to give Sarah to Queen Victoria saying: “She would be a present from the King of the Blacks to the Queen of the Whites.” The young girl was subsequently given the name Forbes as well as that of his ship, the ‘Bonetta’.

She returned to England with Forbes who presented her to Queen Victoria, who in turn gave her over to the Church Missionary Society to be educated. Sarah suffered from fragile health and in 1851 she returned to Africa to attend the Female Institution in Freetown, Sierra Leone. When she was 12 years old, Queen Victoria commanded that Sarah return to England, where she was placed under the charge of Mr and Mrs Schon at Chatham.

Queen Victoria was so impressed by the girl’s natural regal manner and her gift for academic studies, Literature, Art and Music that she gave her an allowance for her welfare and Sarah became a regular visitor to Windsor Castle. Sarah’s genius became admired throughout the royal court and she continued to outshine her tutors with her advanced abilities in all studies.

At the age of 18, Sarah received a proposal from James Pinson Labulo Davies, a 31 year old Yoruba businessman of considerable wealth who was living in Britain. She initially refused his proposal and it is reported that in order to persuade her to accept Sarah was sent to live with two elderly ladies in Brighton whose house she described as a “desolate little pig sty”.

Queen Victoria sanctioned Sarah to be married in St Nicholas Church in Brighton in August 1862. The wedding party, which arrived from West Hill Lodge, Brighton in ten carriages and pairs of grays, was made up of “White ladies with African gentlemen, and African ladies with White gentlemen” There were sixteen bridesmaids. The newlyweds moved back to West Africa and Sarah was baptised at a church in the town of Badagry, a former slave port. They settled in Lagos where her husband became a member of the Legislative Council from 1872-74 (in which year Lagos Colony was for a time amalgamated into the Gold Coast).

Shortly after her marriage, Sarah gave birth to a daughter and was granted permission by the Queen to name the child Victoria – the Queen also became her Godmother.

Sarah visited the Queen in 1867 with her daughter then returned to Lagos and had two more children. Later, upon Sarah’s death the Queen wrote in her diary: “Saw poor Victoria Davies, my black godchild, who learnt this morning of the death of her dear mother”. So proud was Queen Victoria of Sarah’s daughter, that when she passed her music examination, teachers and children had one day holiday. Throughout her life Sarah had a long lasting cough that was caused by the climate change between Africa and Britain. In 1880, suffering from tuberculosis, she went to convalesce in Madeira off of the coast of West Africa. She died, around the age of 40, in 1880 and was buried in Funchal, Madiera.

Her daughter Victoria was given an annuity by the Queen and she continued to visit the royal household throughout her life. In his journal Captain Forbes gave an account of his mission with relation to Miss Bonetta.

“I have only to add a few particulars about my extraordinary present The African child”. In a former portion of this journal I have mentioned the Okeadon war; one of the captives of this dreadful slave-hunt was this interesting girl.

It is usual to reserve the best born for the high behest of royalty and the immolation on the tombs of the diseased nobility. For one of these ends she had been detained at court for two years: proving, by her not having been sold to slave dealer, that she was of a good family.

So extraordinary a present would have been at least burden, had I not the conviction that, in consideration of the nature of the service I had performed, the government would consider her as the property of the crown.

To refuse, would have been to have signed her death warrant which, probably, would have been carried into execution forthwith. Immediately on arriving…

Of her own history she was only a confused idea. Her parents were decapitated; her brother and sisters she knows not what their fate might have been .

For her age supposed to be eight years. She is a perfect genius; she now speaks English well, and has a great talent for music. She has won the affections, with but few exceptions, of all who have known her, she is far in advance of any white child of her age, in aptness of learning, and strength of mind and affection.”

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What is taboo actually about? I've seen so much about it but I don't really know what happens in it

Ah anon, Taboo is amazing. So it takes place in the mid-1800’s before the instalment of the police in London. James K Delaney, who is believed to have died off the coast of Africa, returns after his father dies to claim the dowry that is his (i.e. A very important piece of land known as Nootka Sound). The East India Trading Company was trying to do a deal with James’ father for the land because its extremely valuable for trading purposes and they want it before America gets it. James knows all this and refuses to deal with them. Chaos insues. (I don’t wanna give too much away).

If you’re in the US the series is available on the FX app to watch. You just have to sign in with your cable provider. If you’re not in the US I’m not sure how to access reruns.


Satellite captures enormous 90-mile-wide storm that’s underwater

A NASA satellite has provided jaw-dropping pictures of a huge ‘storm’ brewing under the sea. The swirling mass of water, which measures a whopping 93 miles wide, has been spotted off the coast of South Africa by the Terra satellite on December 26. It looks deadly but it more likely to create life by lifting nutrients from the ocean floor. (Source)