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Dolphins, Whales, and an enormous sunfish off the coast of South Africa, with Table Mountain in the background

View of the city and fortifications of Ceuta, 1572. An island off the northern coast of Africa and less than 10 miles from Spain, Ceuta had been a trade center since the time of the Carthaginians. It was captured by an army including Prince Henry “the Navigator” as one of Portugal’s first colonies in 1415. It served as a launching point for further colonial ventures in Africa over the next few centuries.

The legend of libertalia

I haven’t done any history posts in a while. But I figured this was well worth a share.

Libertatia (also known as Libertalia) was a purported anarchist colony founded in the late 17th century in Madagascar by pirates that lasted approximately 25 years.
Whether it actually existed or not has been a topic of debate.

The pirates who settled in Libertalia would be “vigilant Guardians of the People’s Rights and Liberties”; they would stand as “Barriers against the Rich and Powerful” By waging war on behalf of “the Oppressed” against the “Oppressors,” they would see that “Justice was equally distributed.”
They were anti capitalists. insisting that “every Man was born free, and had as much Right to what would support him, as to the Air he respired.”

They resented the “encroachments” by which “Villains” and “unmerciful Creditors” grew “immensely rich” as others became “wretchedly miserable.” They spoke of the “Natural right” to “a Share of the Earth as is necessary for our Support.” They saw piracy as a war of self-preservation.

The pirates were against the various forms of authoritarian social constructs of their day. monarchies, slavery, and capital. The pirates practiced forms of direct democracy, where the people as a whole held the authority to make laws and rules, and used systems of councils with delegates, who were supposed to think of themselves as “comerads” of the general population, and not rulers. The pirates created a new language for their colony. a mixture of African languages, combined with French, English, Dutch, Portuguese and native Malagasy.

They operated a socialist economy and lived under a communal city rule, a sort of worker owned corporation of piracy.
They shared the wealth of the ship, deciding “all should be in common.”
All decisions were to be put to “the Vote of the whole Company.” Thus they set out on their new “Life of Liberty.”
The crews were often white and black. The pirates have been reported to have freed enslaved people because the idea of slavery went against their own ideals of freedom.
Off the west coast of Africa they captured a Dutch slave ship. The slaves were freed and brought aboard the Victoire, Misson declaring that “the Trading for those of our own Species, cou’d never be agreeable to the Eyes of divine Justice: That no Man had Power of Liberty of another”

the pirates built Libertalia, renouncing their titles of English, French, Dutch or African and calling themselves Liberi.

Inside the Great Mosque of Kilwa, in modern day Tanzania. Kilwa, an island off of the eastern coast of Africa, was a major center of Indian Ocean trade and the capital of the Kilwa Sultanate, a kingdom that spread up and down the cost of Africa. Many parts of the Swahili coast had converted to Islam within 200 years of Mohammed’s death. The mosque was built during the peak of Kilwa’s power and wealth, during the 12th-13th centuries. 


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SPRING/SUMMER 2017 Ad Campaign - designer: Sarah Burton - model: Vittoria Ceretti - photographer: Jamie Hawkesworth - art director: Mathias Augustyniak & Michael Amzalag - location: sand dunes off the coast of northwest Africa

Hi friends! Sorry for the lack of posts for the last 5 months. I was living in the jungle of Bioko, an island off the coast of West Africa researching endangered sea turtles and primates. I am back in the states now with plenty of photos from the adventure!  Cheers!

Pirate AU II

The crew was exactly what Hamilton expected.  He had not inconsiderable experience with the more haggard, less than law-abiding ranks of seafaring men, so the smell was not a surprise- nor the swearing or shoving.  He had hoped his offer of employment would spare him the same treatment as the rest of the crew, but he wasn’t surprised to find some of them had made the same pleas themselves, and so shackled to the lot of them he was- and there weren’t a lot of them left.  He marched across the deck barefoot.

The first thing they took were the boots.

“Hey!” a hard shove between his ribs had him raise his hands, “Hey, I would just like to point out that I am offering my services to you gentleman and you would be obliged to show me a bit of-” a glob of fresh saliva smacked his cheek, “…dignity.”

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National Geographic:  Investigating the Mysterious Whale Sharks of Mafia Island

The whale sharks of Mafia Island, part of Tanzania’s Mafia Archipelago, in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa, are unusual because they don’t migrate—and researchers want to know why.

Daily Monster 32: Trunko

Region of origin: South Africa

Originally sighted off the coast of South Africa fighting two killer whales, the body of a creature with polar bear-like fur, an elephantine trunk and a scalloped tail washed up on the shores of Margate Beach, but thankfully it managed to unbeach itself before Those Tricksy Scientists could study it and identify it with their Facts.

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I offer you the ghost of Lord Byron which I trapped in a plastic water bottle; I don't want him.



Spy - James Delaney

Request: Hi! Could I request a Taboo imagine were y/n is a spy following James and he catches her, but before he can kill her he realises she’s a woman and can’t bring himself to do it, then somehow she ends up helping him an joining his side??

Forbidden | Spy | Truth - James Delaney

You spent ten years in the Magdalene Laundry. First as a ward and then as you grew older, as a nurse. Even when it became possible for you to leave the asylum you stayed. There was nothing left for you in London. You had received word from Brace years earlier when James left for Africa and again when word came to the Delaney’s that his ship had gone down with no survivors. It wasn’t until Brace wrote to you telling you that Horace was sick did you finally come home.  

The house looked the same but weathered. Memories of the last time you were in the house played through your mind as you stepped out of the carriage this time. You knocked on the door, feeling out of place. This had been your home since you were five years old and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to walk through the front door.  

The door opened, Brace standing there looking older and more broken than the last time you had seen him. “Brace.”  

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Here’s my submission for Ravenclaw of the month! I come from Cape Verde, which is a series of west African islands off the coast of Senegal, Africa. Not many people know about us in America, but we have some of the most beautiful music, people, and food in the world! I am from the island of Fogo, which I used to visit fairly regularly as a child with my family, and now that I’m over being ashamed of my hair and my features and my culture after going to an American school with no Cape Verdeans in sight, all I want to do is go back!

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Is there any reason why the Bismarck thought it was engaging HMS Renown or HMS King George instead of HMS Prince of Wales at the Battle of Denmark Strait?

If I recall correctly, it was thought that Hood was operating off the west coast of Africa, and that the Prince of Wales was too new to put to sea – she hadn’t had a proper shakedown cruise and her crew was inexperienced. So they thought it was Renown or King George V instead. In fact, I believe Prince of Wales sailed with dockyard workers still aboard to put on the finishing touches. This unfinished work contributed to the mechanical and gun problems Prince of Wales had in the battle. 

A Book Recommendation

Against the Tide  by @foleypdx  

So I read this actual rollercoaster of a book about two weeks ago. I was not okay. But that’s because this story is fucking amazing. You ever read one of those stories that just seems to propel you through the pages? 

Well, if not, strap in. If you have, you know what I’m talking about, you can prep yourself. Below are my thoughts on this incredible book that I highly recommend. (It’s even got lesbians, so like, read it, you’ll love it)

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