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Djerba, an island off the southeastern coast of Tunisia, is home to one of North Africa’s only thriving (albeit small) Jewish communities. Roughly 1200 Jews live there, running Jewish schools, synagogues, and Kosher restaurants. 

Credit: Daniella Zalcman

Hi friends! Sorry for the lack of posts for the last 5 months. I was living in the jungle of Bioko, an island off the coast of West Africa researching endangered sea turtles and primates. I am back in the states now with plenty of photos from the adventure!  Cheers!

Pirate AU II

The crew was exactly what Hamilton expected.  He had not inconsiderable experience with the more haggard, less than law-abiding ranks of seafaring men, so the smell was not a surprise- nor the swearing or shoving.  He had hoped his offer of employment would spare him the same treatment as the rest of the crew, but he wasn’t surprised to find some of them had made the same pleas themselves, and so shackled to the lot of them he was- and there weren’t a lot of them left.  He marched across the deck barefoot.

The first thing they took were the boots.

“Hey!” a hard shove between his ribs had him raise his hands, “Hey, I would just like to point out that I am offering my services to you gentleman and you would be obliged to show me a bit of-” a glob of fresh saliva smacked his cheek, “…dignity.”

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ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SPRING/SUMMER 2017 Ad Campaign - designer: Sarah Burton - model: Vittoria Ceretti - photographer: Jamie Hawkesworth - art director: Mathias Augustyniak & Michael Amzalag - location: sand dunes off the coast of northwest Africa

A Book Recommendation

Against the Tide  by @foleypdx  

So I read this actual rollercoaster of a book about two weeks ago. I was not okay. But that’s because this story is fucking amazing. You ever read one of those stories that just seems to propel you through the pages? 

Well, if not, strap in. If you have, you know what I’m talking about, you can prep yourself. Below are my thoughts on this incredible book that I highly recommend. (It’s even got lesbians, so like, read it, you’ll love it)

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Single Riders

(I’m sorry that this is so late!!)

My piece for @cloraholic as part of the Voltron Positivity Exchange! They requested Klance and Shallura, so I threw in a little bit of both! I hope it doesn’t disappoint!!

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“Why is the ferris wheel here only a two seater?” Keith grumbled, trudging behind his brother and his brother’s girlfriend like the third wheel that he was. “And why do we have to ride it?”

“Aww, come on, Keith! Try to have a little fun!” Shiro nudged him with his elbow, shooting him a pitiful pout behind Allura’s back. “Besides, you might just get a whole car to yourself! How sweet would that be?”

“I just came for the shooting games and diabetes-inducing junk food.” The teen crossed his arms stubbornly, but kept pace with his companions. They were his ride, after all – he couldn’t afford to lose them in the crowd.

“We promise that we’ll stop by the games after the ride,” Allura conceded gently, lacing her fingers with Shiro’s as she tugged him playfully into the line.

It took nearly twenty minutes for them to reach the front, during which Keith adamantly ignored the calls for other “single riders.” Just as his patience began to crumble, they reached the front, where he was immediately stopped from boarding after Shiro and Allura entered their car.

“Do you have a partner, sir?” the young woman manning the ride asked monotonously.

“No, ma’am, I’d rather just ride by myself, if that’s alright.” He hoped that flattery would spare him an annoying five-minute ride with a total stranger.

He was wrong.

Rather than address his request, the woman responded by calling into the line, “Are there any single riders?”

A hand sprung up from the crowd before anyone else could answer. Its owner maneuvered his way carefully to the front before pausing beside Keith, leaning against the railing of the line dividers to shoot a smoldering look at the ride operator.

“I’m totally single if you want me to be, babe.”

The woman only rolled her eyes, gesturing for him to board the car. The ride couldn’t move until they got on.

It was then that the young man noticed Keith, eyes lighting up almost challengingly. “Well, if it isn’t Kogane, my arch nemesis.”

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Here’s my submission for Ravenclaw of the month! I come from Cape Verde, which is a series of west African islands off the coast of Senegal, Africa. Not many people know about us in America, but we have some of the most beautiful music, people, and food in the world! I am from the island of Fogo, which I used to visit fairly regularly as a child with my family, and now that I’m over being ashamed of my hair and my features and my culture after going to an American school with no Cape Verdeans in sight, all I want to do is go back!

Dumeril's Boa Caresheet

Dumeril’s Boa Caresheet with improvements written by me, with some text from Lillie Nyte’s writeup. I’m adding this to my “Setup & Care” link, because I can’t find an existing caresheet that writes about everything I’d like to see.

^ Vigil, my 4 year old female, 5′10″ in length

Description: Dumeril’s boas (Acrantophis dumerili) are a medium sized boid with an average length of 5-6 feet for males, with females attaining maximum lengths of 7-8 feet. Rare individuals can reach 9 feet. This is a slow growing species who may take 5~6 years to reach their “maximum” length, but continue growing slightly their entire lives. They are a heavier bodied ground dwelling species and can easily weigh up to 20 pounds. 

Dumeril’s boas generally have very docile temperaments, can be easily handled, and tend to be very reluctant to bite. In handling, they tend to find a position to relax in and will stay there. They are burrowing ambush predators, and a relatively inactive species.

They can be easily sexed visually due to the fact that males have obvious cloacal spurs where as females’ spurs are often hidden by the surrounding scales.

Dumeril’s Boas (individuals a year or older) are a great beginners species for those wanting something bigger, but still very manageable for one person and with undemanding, simple husbandry. Neonates tend to be shy and may have trouble getting started on food.

Distribution: Dumeril’s boas are found on the islands of Madagascar and Reunion located off the southeastern coast of Africa. In Madagascar, they inhabit semi-arid habitats in the southwestern regions of the country. They share some of the northern parts of their range with the Madagascan ground boa and may even interbreed with them in the wild where their natural ranges overlap. 

Enclosure: A 4x2 foot enclosure is the minimum acceptable for an average size adult Dumeril’s boa. Large females may need up to 6x2 feet. Neonates can be kept in 20 gallon tanks or tubs. They are a highly burrowing species, especially as adults, so they appreciate thick substrate, rummaging and hiding in leaf litter or scattered fake leaves and vines to provide further ground cover.

For neonates, I would avoid making the substrate thicker than a couple inches, or you will have a hard time finding them. Neonates tend to be shy and require tight, secure hides where they can be hidden entirely (no hides with large openings), and a lot of cover, such as leaf litter or fake vines. Individuals younger than 2~3 years old may also climb a bit when “hunting”, but normally become very terrestrial as adults.

Substrate: Dumeril’s boas do well on a variety of substrates, like cypress mulch, aspen, coco chips. Some keepers use newspaper, but I recommend substrate that allow them to burrow and act naturally. Dumeril’s drink large amounts of water at a time, therefore they urinate more than other species and require frequent cleaning.

Temperature/Humidity: Dumeril’s are a cooler species than the red-tail boa. Their enclosures should have a hot side with temps around 85-88 degrees Fahrenheit and a cool side of 73-80 degrees. In my experience Dumeril’s will spend the majority of their time on the cool end of their enclosures and periodically bask on the warm end after meals. Heat can be provided using heat pads, heat tape, ceramic heat emitters, heat lamps, or radiant heat panels. Be sure to attach every heat source to a thermostat.

Dumeril’s boas can be maintained in 40~50% humidity. They do not require a high level of humidity, since their natural ranges are in more arid regions of Madagascar. Higher humidity is tolerable, as long as there is good ventilation in the enclosure. When in shed, Dumeril’s boas may benefit from a slight increase in humidity and may even make use of a humid hide created by placing moist sphagnum moss inside of a hide.

Feeding: Dumeril’s boas should be fed mainly rodents. Rodent sizes should be just as wide~slightly wider than the widest parts of their bodies. Neonates can be started on larger than average prey items such as rat pups. These animals are ambush predators, striking at their prey from their hiding spots under the substrate. 

Dumeril’s under 2 years old may be shy eaters and may need to be fed in a smaller, darkened enclosure. Sometimes a frozen/thawed rodent may have to be left in their enclosure with them over night. Young snakes should be fed every 7~10 days and larger juveniles to large adults should be fed about every 14~30 days. They are fairly inactive animals with slower metabolism and a tendency to become overweight.

Remember that each animal is an individual, and some behavior may differ from the norm. 

Spy - James Delaney

Request: Hi! Could I request a Taboo imagine were y/n is a spy following James and he catches her, but before he can kill her he realises she’s a woman and can’t bring himself to do it, then somehow she ends up helping him an joining his side??

Forbidden | Spy | Truth - James Delaney

You spent ten years in the Magdalene Laundry. First as a ward and then as you grew older, as a nurse. Even when it became possible for you to leave the asylum you stayed. There was nothing left for you in London. You had received word from Brace years earlier when James left for Africa and again when word came to the Delaney’s that his ship had gone down with no survivors. It wasn’t until Brace wrote to you telling you that Horace was sick did you finally come home.  

The house looked the same but weathered. Memories of the last time you were in the house played through your mind as you stepped out of the carriage this time. You knocked on the door, feeling out of place. This had been your home since you were five years old and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to walk through the front door.  

The door opened, Brace standing there looking older and more broken than the last time you had seen him. “Brace.”  

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The Only Action To Take - escape series

Characters: Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, Jason Todd
Pairing: implied jondami, timkon
Summary: He did it. He actually did it. Damian would kill his eldest brother if there wasn’t something more important he needed to do now.
A/N: This is a few weeks after the last bit, so Damian’s been to the prison a few more times.

Stuff for the Escape series


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I used to be like half sad when everyone around me was “from somewhere”, like “my family is from Nigeria/The Caribbean/etc.” but like, fuck it, I’m proud as fuck, now I’m like “my fam’s from the Carolinas” or “yeah, I’m mixed with Black, African American, and Nigga” or “we’re originally from this island off the coast Spain called Africa” lmao like fuck it you can’t make me shamed


Kylux Tarzan AU

While on a reluctant hunting trip off the coast of Africa with his Commandant father and crew, Armitage Hux is saved from certain death by a mysterious “Wild Man” residing within the rainforest. Despite barriers between them and the ever growing suspicion of the group, Armitage finds himself drawn to the man, more interested than ever before.

More about the AU here

At the age of five, Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, born into a Royal, West African dynasty, was taken to England and presented to Queen Victoria as a “gift” from one royal family to another. A unique and admired figure in history, she spent her life between the British royal household and her homeland in Africa.

Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, a West African Yoruba girl, was captured by the King of Dahomey in 1848 during a “slave-hunt” war in which her parents were killed. In 1850, when she was around eight years old, she was rescued by Captain Frederick E Forbes of the Royal Navy whilst he was visiting Dahomey as an emissary of the British Government. Forbes convinced King Ghezo of Dahomey to give Sarah to Queen Victoria saying: “She would be a present from the King of the Blacks to the Queen of the Whites.” The young girl was subsequently given the name Forbes as well as that of his ship, the ‘Bonetta’.

She returned to England with Forbes who presented her to Queen Victoria, who in turn gave her over to the Church Missionary Society to be educated. Sarah suffered from fragile health and in 1851 she returned to Africa to attend the Female Institution in Freetown, Sierra Leone. When she was 12 years old, Queen Victoria commanded that Sarah return to England, where she was placed under the charge of Mr and Mrs Schon at Chatham.

Queen Victoria was so impressed by the girl’s natural regal manner and her gift for academic studies, Literature, Art and Music that she gave her an allowance for her welfare and Sarah became a regular visitor to Windsor Castle. Sarah’s genius became admired throughout the royal court and she continued to outshine her tutors with her advanced abilities in all studies.

At the age of 18, Sarah received a proposal from James Pinson Labulo Davies, a 31 year old Yoruba businessman of considerable wealth who was living in Britain. She initially refused his proposal and it is reported that in order to persuade her to accept Sarah was sent to live with two elderly ladies in Brighton whose house she described as a “desolate little pig sty”.

Queen Victoria sanctioned Sarah to be married in St Nicholas Church in Brighton in August 1862. The wedding party, which arrived from West Hill Lodge, Brighton in ten carriages and pairs of grays, was made up of “White ladies with African gentlemen, and African ladies with White gentlemen” There were sixteen bridesmaids. The newlyweds moved back to West Africa and Sarah was baptised at a church in the town of Badagry, a former slave port. They settled in Lagos where her husband became a member of the Legislative Council from 1872-74 (in which year Lagos Colony was for a time amalgamated into the Gold Coast).

Shortly after her marriage, Sarah gave birth to a daughter and was granted permission by the Queen to name the child Victoria – the Queen also became her Godmother.

Sarah visited the Queen in 1867 with her daughter then returned to Lagos and had two more children. Later, upon Sarah’s death the Queen wrote in her diary: “Saw poor Victoria Davies, my black godchild, who learnt this morning of the death of her dear mother”. So proud was Queen Victoria of Sarah’s daughter, that when she passed her music examination, teachers and children had one day holiday. Throughout her life Sarah had a long lasting cough that was caused by the climate change between Africa and Britain. In 1880, suffering from tuberculosis, she went to convalesce in Madeira off of the coast of West Africa. She died, around the age of 40, in 1880 and was buried in Funchal, Madiera.

Her daughter Victoria was given an annuity by the Queen and she continued to visit the royal household throughout her life. In his journal Captain Forbes gave an account of his mission with relation to Miss Bonetta.

“I have only to add a few particulars about my extraordinary present The African child”. In a former portion of this journal I have mentioned the Okeadon war; one of the captives of this dreadful slave-hunt was this interesting girl.

It is usual to reserve the best born for the high behest of royalty and the immolation on the tombs of the diseased nobility. For one of these ends she had been detained at court for two years: proving, by her not having been sold to slave dealer, that she was of a good family.

So extraordinary a present would have been at least burden, had I not the conviction that, in consideration of the nature of the service I had performed, the government would consider her as the property of the crown.

To refuse, would have been to have signed her death warrant which, probably, would have been carried into execution forthwith. Immediately on arriving…

Of her own history she was only a confused idea. Her parents were decapitated; her brother and sisters she knows not what their fate might have been .

For her age supposed to be eight years. She is a perfect genius; she now speaks English well, and has a great talent for music. She has won the affections, with but few exceptions, of all who have known her, she is far in advance of any white child of her age, in aptness of learning, and strength of mind and affection.”

best African holiday places for the signs

ARIES - Keetmanshoop, Namibia; adventurous, wild and off-the-beaten-track, central Namibia is open, wide and flat, allowing for any sporting activity

TAURUS - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; open Bourgonvillea-encrusted avenues lavish this most beautiful Rhodesian city, making it feel like perpetual spring

GEMINI - Lake Victoria, Uganda; named after a very colonial monarch, this lake is teaming with every species of animal in Eastern Africa, the central hub of activity is based in the rift valley’s greatest water source

CANCER - Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo; a shadow of the former French colonial glory, this Atlantic gem is rising from the ashes like a phoenix, attracting more tourists than ever before

LEO - Serengeti, Tanzania; notable and stunning by all accounts, the Serengeti is where any Leo would feel most at home

VIRGO - Lake Volta, Ghana; man-made and economical, this former forest now fosters as the watershed for many Western African countries

LIBRA - Casablanca, Morocco; romantic, oceanic and beautiful, nothing says Libra quite like this Arabesque work of art

SCORPIO - Victoria Falls, Zambia; known locally as ‘Mosi Ao Tunya’ (the cloud which thunders) adventure and extreme sports abound in this magnificent natural wonder

SAGITTARIUS - Nosy Be, Madagascar; secluded, relaxed, inaccessible. This Malagasy island is teaming with life and is a wonder of its own in a country known for being paradise

CAPRICORN - Alexandria, Egypt; historically the capital of the Egyptian Pharaohs, this Mediterranean jewel is deeply cultural and a melting pot of cultures

AQUARIUS - Zanzibar; located off the coast of East Africa, this former sultanate is the natural calling for any Aquarius

PISCES - Inhambane, Mozambique; part lagoon, part ocean. This central Moçambiquan resort is a treasure trove of beauty and tranquility

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Okay, I'll bite. How did the UK 'accidentally' bomb the US? (I didn't ask because I honestly didn't find it odd lol) - Funeral Feast anon (Btw to add to the city discourse, the centre of Zagreb is beautiful during the Advent because of the lights. Belgrade probably has something similiar as well.)

One of our nuclear missiles was tested last year. It was meant to be fired 5,600 miles from the coast of Florida to a sea target off the west coast of Africa, but something went wrong. Instead, it went towards the US, and had to be ordered to self-destruct.

A week later, we had a vote in Parliament about the missiles and politicians were told that the test had been “a success.” 

Because almost bombing the US was a “success,” apparently.