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Also, in the books, Damon and Bonnie were written out to be soulmates. Now I know that they [the writers] have completely fallen off the beaten path and that they don’t write episodes based on the book but they could start pulling Bamon material from the books it wouldn’t be so bad.

Besides I kind of want to see their first encounter [in the books] acted out. Damon met, saved Bonnie’s life, kissed her, and then compelled her to forget all in one scene!!! Like how much of a revelation would that be to everyone? That Damon met Bonnie before Elena? That he kissed Bonnie before Elena? That the only reason why he met Bonnie was because he felt her aura and it drew him to her???????? Not because she sounded like a certain someone from his past???? Hmm?????

Also it is said, in the books, that Bonnie brings out Damon’s humanity without even trying [although he’d never admit it]. And we already see that with what’s been happening in the show.

Bamon is a solid, healthy relationship not based on lust and obsession like Datherine and not based on Damon’s need for validation and Elena’s need to fix him and to find every loophole in the book just to justify his actions. While Bonnie actually respects Damon enough to be honest with him. That is their foundation: respect, honesty, a solid friendship.

The writers better make this canon because it’s already canon in the books. I really hope that’s where they’re going with this, [although I do like the idea of BonKai]


Needful Things. (closed starter)


Ash was a lover of books, all types from fiction to nonfiction and they found a small book store off the beaten path that they adored. It was a small shop ran by a young girl who owned it. Ash had become a frequent weekly visitor when they were not on a job. They found it cozy to sit in a small nook in the shop and read for hours and would come in as male or female and just read.

Ash did not know anything about the troubles the owner had but on one of the random days that they had shown up to enjoy reading a new book they could tell trouble was in the air. Ash had arrived her hair pulled back and in a tight ponytail and dressed in a pair of yoga pants a asymmetrical tank top with a matching black cardigan. she was in her little nook reading when several men had entered. they started to cause trouble and were demanding the young girl behind the counter to give them her money. 

Ash could not stand by and let her get hurt or her hard earned money get stolen and had to intervene. She moved around behind the two men and saw they were armed and about ready to draw there weapons. With a quick kick to the back of the knee the first one went down falling forward and once his head was low enough she followed with another kick sending him face first into the ground with a loud crack as he fell limp. the other man was startled at the sudden attack and whipped around to face Ash and it was already to late for him, with a slight pivot Ash was already under the taller man and had his hand and wrist as she was in mid movement flipping him to the ground never letting go of his arm as a sicking pop filled the store and and he screamed in pain. Without skipping a beat she followed through with a sharp kick to his temple knocking him out and silencing the room.

Ash looked at the girl and to see if she was ok. “I hope I did not frighten you it looked like you needed a bit of help.” Ash was worried that she would have to start avoiding this store now that she was violent within it and would bother the girl. “Sorry if I scared you.”   

For a while now, I have been seeing a lot of my friends in daily life, and  kindreds online take huge leaps towards creative and personal goals. Publishing their own books, starting their own businesses, going off the beaten path to travel, changing their careers, moving across the world, to explore and find. I’ve been reading about achieving goals, and motivating yourself. I’m been narrowing my vision, but not in a negative way. It’s a process. I’ve done amazing things in the last four years. Traveled, worked with fantastic people in New York City, Philadelphia, met amazing influencers and writers, artists and makers. People not afraid to take flight, and not always know if the flight will be a successful one.  I’ve always wanted more, and I’m pleased, excited and bittersweet to say that today I formally made the decision not to stay still. Instead, I will be going back to my roots to nourish and connect my community to those across the country. To forge ahead with all the amazing possibilities and supporters I have.

More to come this summer, my friends. Definitely more to come.