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Day in the Life of my Clinical Pathology Rotation

-> 6:50 am: Alarm blaring. Roll out of bed and start craving coffee. 

-> 7:50 am: Arrive at school. Chug coffee as I trek up the stairs. 

-> 8:10 am: Pathology lecture. Try not to nod off.

-> 10:05 am: Sit on couches and discuss and work through complicated bloodwork cases. Sepsis, IMHA, and lymphoma, oh my! 

-> 11:03 am: Shift to the multi-head microscope room. Try not to get motion sick as the professor zooms through slides of peritonitis, mast cell tumors, and blood smears.  

->12:30 pm: LUNCH. Munch on oranges, yogurt, and other yummy things as I browse social media and email. 

-> 1:00 pm: Lab! Urinalysis, fecals, and pcv/tp oh my!

-> 3:00 pm: Lounge in my chair while peering at the microscope while through the cases for tomorrow. Will I ever get good at reading bone marrows? Will looking at all these tumors get any easier? Is that a toxic neutrophil or it is just having a bad day? Guess we will never know. 

-> 3:30 pm: Walk out of the building and enjoy the only rotation that will get out this early! 

-> 4:00 pm: Have a resemblance of a life. Run, cook food, study a little, play video games.  

-> 10:30 pm: SLEEEEEEP


Well damn the lighting shit but I have been harping on for MONTHS about how I wanted to remake my Knight of Camelot cape and this weekend I did! My old one was fine, but I wanted one with more swoosh and perhaps a closer colour to the ones on the show.

I made it with the wine red linen look fabric from Minerva Crafts (joined their craft club, £20 a year and you get 10% off your orders). Those series 5 promo pics of Arthur with his cloak all billowed out were incredibly helpful because through that I found out it looked like they used French seams (definitely the best way to go, they look really good).

The Pendragon emblem and fastening were purged from the old cape (RIP old buddy) and I’m just really proud of this!


First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry

I just imagine Katie having these gay undertones in all her scenes with Supergirl/Kara and each time she has to do another take, it gets gayer and gayer until the production team has to stop and just use the first one.

Take 1: *Lena staring longingly at Kara*
Director: “Cut! Try again but with a friendly smile, not heart eyes”

Take 2: *Lena staring longingly and biting her lip*
Director: “Cut! Dammit no heart eyes!”

Take 5:
Director: “Cut! Katie let go of Melissa. She is not carrying you anywhere bridal style…and stop whispering supercorp in her ear!”