off sweatshirt project


OFF CUSTOM Dual Hooded sweatshirts and regular Duals will be back for [Pre-Order August 6th]!

Due to the rise of wholesale shipping costs and shipping in general, I’m switching my shop over to calculated shipping (instead of estimated) and we will be taking Pre-Orders for one whole month!


After Pre-orders are closed, orders will be made first come first serve and have an estimated 6-9 week turnaround. The first 24 or so sweatshirts will be guaranteed shipped before Halloween. :) (contest winners will also be shipped by then!)

TWO NEW COLORS ADDED! Menthe is back! (Small-XL only!) and new Barrack Green! (S-2XL!)

Pre-designed sweatshirts will be back after the custom order haul as well!

(sorry for the question spam, followers!)

I should have outlined this before but here are answers to the questions I have been getting the most;

-My [Etsy Shop] will open again on June 21st. I have enough supplies at home to make ~75 sweatshirts from the colors I have on hand so there is no big danger of selling out, LOL.

-I will take custom orders again sometime in July, or if/when I can sell some of my inventory. Sweatshirt materials are very expensive, so the right old passage of ‘spend money to make money’ is at play here :v

-New Sweatshirt prices!
Pre-made Dual-Color Sweatshirt: $90 (Originally $105)
Custom Dual-Color Sweatshirt:  $110 (Originally $125)
RARE Tri-Color Sweatshirt (4 left!) :  $150

All pre-made sweatshirts come with a ‘Flaming Crown’ patch on the hood free of charge!

hope that clears up any questions people have!

anonymous asked:

when/will you ever be opening your etsy again?? ;-; ive wanted the off sweater for a few months now :c

I’m so very sorry! I did not expect it to be closed for this long :[ my seamstress is my mother, who has had to go through two surgeries since we’ve closed and is just now starting to feel a bit better. Once she feels up to it, we’ll be posting listings again, I am so sorry to keep people waiting!!