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Ok, so when team Voltron find Blue in s1e1 she flies around in broad daylight in the line of sight of the Garrison, and it’s the day after they rescue Shiro so the Garrison probably wasn’t still on lock down at this point. 

As a fully operational school, surely someone apart from Iverson and his off-sider saw the giant robot lion flying around less than a kilometre from the main building? 

I have this headcanon that Pidge somehow connects the ship to the internet, and as Keith is checking in on all his favourite conspiracy theory boards, he sees a new thread linking the ‘mysterious flying shape in the desert’ with some cave paintings found near a giant hole in millennia-old rock and the disappearance of three Galaxy Garrison students. 

The piece de resistance is some really grainy footage of Blue some student shot on their phone.  

Keith: Pidge, come look at this

Pidge, from over his shoulder: Keith… omg… we’re cryptids

Keith, tearing up: I knew we could do it
Gotham's Butch & Tabitha Tease Will They/Won't They, and Barbara's Role
Drew Powell and Jessica Lucas explore their Gotham relationship, Tabitha's role as a proto-Catwoman, and Butch's lack of a Funko figure.

Not since the Joker and Harley Quinn has Gotham City seen a not-quite couple so villainous and yet so ‘ship-worthy as Butch Gilzean and Tabitha Galavan. But can these two crazy, murderous kids ever find true love together?

With “Gotham’s” final Season 3 arc underway, questions linger as to whether two of the pre-Batman-set series’ original creations — the loyal-to-a-fault mob henchman, and the whip-cracking Catwoman prototype — share a bond deep enough to qualify as love. Actors Drew Powell and Jessica Lucas recently joined the press for a peek at the Butch/Tabby almost-romance, and whether it actually might have a future,

On what’s ahead for them and where their loyalties lie:

Drew Powell: Whoever he’s with is probably going to win. That’s been the case of late, until they don’t. I think the back half of this season is all about Butch and Tabitha. For Butch, it’s about Tabitha. He’s head over heels in love with this girl, for better or for worse, and he’s trying to convince her that Barbara’s no good for her, Barbara doesn’t care about her, and that Barbara doesn’t deserve her loyalty. So it’ll be this evolution of him trying to explain that to her. Hopefully for her sake, she figures it out before it’s too late.

Jessica Lucas: She’s still furious at Nygma for cutting off her hand. As the alliance between Nygma and Barbara grows, I think it makes her more and more furious as time goes on. You’re going to see her really pushed, and really, really upset, and that’s going to keep growing and growing, and the tension between her and Barbara is going to keep growing and growing, and eventually will have to play out in some way, come to a head in some way.

On whether the fractures in their Barbara Kean relationship will prompt either Butch or Tabitha to make their own play for the top spot:

Lucas: I don’t think so. Not right now. She wasn’t raised that way. Coming from the Galavan family, she’s used to loyalty. She’s the protector, right? She’s a bodyguard of sorts. So I don’t think she has as much desire for power as a lot of the other villains do – which is interesting, because most of them are vying for the throne, but she doesn’t really care about that. She’s too reverent to care about that.

She’s smart enough to know that alliances are important. You don’t want to piss off the wrong people. She’s a bit more of a snake in the grass that way… I think we could both teach Barbara some things. Barbara’s a little bit too self-involved at the moment to be too concerned about helping anyone else. I think by the end of the season, Tabitha will be in a really vulnerable place. So she’s needing to start again. That’s sort of where that alliance comes from, or how it starts to form.

Powell: Here’s the thing: Butch had a moment at top in Season 2, and he didn’t like it. The whole point of Butch is, he’s a survivor. He grew up in Gotham, he knows the nooks and crannies, he knows all the buttons to push, he knows the dark corners, and he knows enough to know that if you’re on top, there’s a much greater chance that you’re going to get knocked down.

I think that’s one of the cool things about he and Tabitha and their bond, is that she’s kind of the same way. She always works better as an off-sider, as a second in command, because she can kind of work in the shadows and creep. So that connection between the two of them I thought was really neat, and great job on the writers’ part. So what I hope to see moving forward is to find out that backstory. Who is Butch really? Who is this guy? Where does he come from? What’s his story? He’s got this random nephew, Sonny. What’s he really about? I’m hopeful that’ll be the case going forward.

On the actual depth of Tabitha’s feelings for Butch:

Lucas: I don’t know that she knows what real love or intimacy really is… But loyalty is so important to her, so for Barbara to turn on her any way, or to be disloyal — that’s where her affection lies, so if that doesn’t exist, there is none. For Butch, I think that she has a lot of affection. He’s like a puppy dog. It’s an unrequited kind of love. I think she’s cares about him more than she lets on.

As Fish Mooney returns yet again, will she pose a challenge for Butch’s ties to Tabitha:

Powell: When she came back the first time – other than when he ran away when the ghost Fish showed up – there’s really no interaction between the two of them. [Now], there’s a scene that we shot that we’re all in. I feel like there’s this closure that’s needed. So we try to address that a little bit when she comes back this time. I think the fans will appreciate it. I would have liked to really get into that. But yeah, there’s this particular scene that I think people will dig.

On the joys of building characters without comic book backstories and fan expectations:

Powell: I took Bruno Heller at his word when he said early on, he’s like, “Look, this Butch character’s going to take time, and he’s going to grow, and people are going to underestimate him until it’s too late. There’s going to be a life here, you’re just going to have to trust me.”

It’s been fun because I’ve kind of known, particularly at the beginning, I knew what was coming, but fans didn’t. So they’re like, ‘This henchman…” Then to see them slowly — I see these Tweets, they’re like, “I don’t know if it’s weird, but I’m really starting to like Butch.” “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Butch it one of my favorite characters.” It’s like each one of those was like a fist bump for me, like, “Yes!”

I think Butch would be a great fit for the comics. I think he would be a great addition to any parts of the canon, because he’s written from that. There is this element of him. How is there not a Butch doll? He’s got the hand, he’s got the scar, he’s got the suits, he’s got the gun. How is there not a freaking Funko with a bazooka? I don’t get it. I do not get it! They’re missing the boat. Hopefully it’ll come.

Lucas: I very much modeled her after Catwoman, honestly, because I was told that she was the precursor to Catwoman and that there was going to be a mentorship there. So I wanted to take elements of that character, especially physically, so that when you looked at her, you thought, “Huh, kind of reminds me of Catwoman.”

But then everything else, as far as developing Tabitha Galavan, I just took things as they came. I’m really, really open to whatever the writers want to write and bring to it. I don’t feel as much of a responsibility as I think some of the other actors do to get these things right, these elements right from the comics. I don’t really have that feeling.

Kurt’s a little early to the set—they don’t technically start playing for another twenty-five minutes—but there had been no other bands that he’d wanted to see, and there’s no point in wandering around to look at booths. He’d come here with Quinn, but she’d disappeared not long after they’d stopped to watch Stick To Your Guns, taking her bag—and Kurt’s money and place to store things—with her.

With a sigh he wipes the back of his hand across his glistening forehead. The day is overly warm, even for July, and the ceaseless sun combined with the lack of wind is making everything humid and stagnant. Kurt squints behind his sunglasses, watches the roadies continue setting up, dragging out microphone stands and rearranging the set-up of the amps on stage. The metal bar of the barrier is directly behind him, but it’s the part that’s been out in the sun, and there’s no way Kurt’s leaning on it, no matter how desperate he is.

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Everlark: Christmas party fluff!

Thanks anon!


Katniss adjusted the red Santa hat on her head, then puffed out a breath at the pom-pom that flopped over into her face. She pushed it back in annoyance.

“This is ridiculous,” she huffed, folding her arms across her chest.

“I know,” Madge agreed, tossing her long, blonde ponytail over her shoulder, making the bells tied to the end jangle loudly. “Why can’t we just get to the alcohol portion of the evening already?”

Katniss rolled her eyes. “I meant the whole night, Madge,” she replied. She glanced around the work conference room that had been bedecked in Christmas decorations - the copious amounts of baubles and mistletoe, and the garlands of tinsel that hung from the rafters and from every window. “I don’t even know why we have to do this.”

“You’ve heard of Christmas spirit, right?” Madge asked wryly.

“Yep. And I’d feel it a hell of a lot more if I was at home with Prim, than here right now.”

Her friend laughed. “You know, you fit right in with the theme tonight. You’re the Grinch.”

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The Off Siders (Ch.3)😍

I feel an arm pull me close, and a kiss being planted on the crook of my neck. I want to jump awake, but I just snuggle in closer to Taylor. As I hear him say “It’s just me babe.”

I feel like I could sleep forever, but I’m woken up with a phone call. I quickly retrieve my phone “shhhh, (Y/N)” says Taylor.

“Hello?” I answer groggily
“(Y/N) baby hi!”
“MOM” my eyes flew open.
“hey sweetie you may have discovered that I wasn’t home lastnight! I had to fly down to NY at the last minute for work, but I’ll be back Monday night. This means no parties, and be good! I trust you! Gotta go! Love you bye!”

I hang up the phone and take in our surrounding. Taylor and I are interwound in my bed. I sigh and look at him concerned. I notice that I am only wearing an oversized shirt and a red thong…He was wearing boxers…Did we bang?! He just smiles and says with a sarcastic tone. “Babe don’t worry, you wanted to have sex and I said no because you’re too ugly.” We both started laughing…”I’m kidding! Back at the house when I punched Sammy you fell backwards into a table, soaking yourself in alcohol.” He says with burning eyes. “So when I brought you back here I helped you change, and you just pulled me into bed.” He started laughing as he said his next words. “You wanted me to stay the night because you said you were afraid you’d die in your sleep from alcohol poisoning, or choking…You said you learned about it in school.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“No but really Taylor what happened last night?…I mean I was pretty drunk; and don’t remember much, but I do remember a punch…AND HOLY FUCK MY HEAD HURTS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT.”

He sighs and grabs my waist as he looks into my eyes. “(Y/N), don’t worry it wasn’t your fault. Sammy was getting on my nerves all night. He knew that you were my friend, and I just wanted to introduce you to my bros so you’d have more people to hangout with here. You seemed so miserable on the first day, and I wanted to show you a good time. Introducing you to Sammy was a mistake because he had another “good time” in mind.” he said annoyed.

My breath hitches. “S-so this Sammy kid…He wants to sleep with m-me? I wasn’t used to hearing that. Most of the guys back home friend zoned me, because I was too awkward when I fist met them. …”Taylor?” No response. Just another clench of the jaw.

“(Y/N), I just met you, but I feel so comfortable around you. So it really pissed me off when I walked into the living room to see Sammy feeling you up, and whispering in your ear.” He looks up at me frustrated. “I-I mean I know we are friends (Y/N), but I don’t want you to just be one of Sammy’s sex toys!”

“TAYLOR CANIFF!” I say laughing. “I’m not Sammy’s…Sex toy, I mean I’ve never even had sex, and I don’t know him. I’m glad you cared enough to punch somebody in the face for me.” I smile and kiss him on the cheek. As I do this he gives me his famous sexy smirk and picks me up, and brings me to my bedroom bathroom.

“LET’S GET READY BABY GIRL!” he gives me my toothbrush, and picks up a spare one I have hanging around. We brush our teeth and I laugh when Taylor gets tooth paste all over his face. I sigh and say “Get out, and don’t peek!” he grabs me and whispers “but I need to get clean too! Let’s just save water and shower together.” I laugh and escort him back to my bed. He’s being sexual, but says we’re friends…I’ve never had friends like this, but I’ve also never met a guy like Taylor.

I close the bathroom door, leaving Taylor on my bed…Just licking his lips…I try to ignore the shit he said about being friends…I don’t want to be “just friends” with this kid! But I could never picture myself dating him either.

My thought process was interrupted when I let the hot water hit my body. I was suddenly relaxed, and Taylor was soon forgotten. Until I felt two strong arms silently wrap themselves around me. “mmmhm Taylor, I said no” I say with my breath hitched. “T-Taylor don’t be cree-” he cuts me off by leaning down and sucking the crook of my neck. Oh my god. I can’t help but let out a quiet moan. I silence myself by biting my lower lip. His hands are going crazy and I’m not stopping him. Why wasn’t I stopping him?


“We gotta shower real quick baby girl, I have a big day planned for us.” I say lower then usual. Damn I wanted to be friends with (Y/N) because she’s amazing. But holy shit her body is so sexy I wouldn’t mind fucking her all of the time. I leave trails of kisses down her neck and I hear her giggle “Taylor, you’re distracting me” Fuck I love it when she says my name. “Why do you like me or something?” I chuckle into her ear. She turns around to face me, and damn did this throw me off. Her acting all shy first meeting me, and now being all cute and naked? I can’t help but stare at her naked tits in front of me. Fuck I’m in trouble. (Y/N) has me. “No you’re ugly” she says as she bites her lower lip, signaling that she’s just teasing…”If I’m so ugly then why are you staring at my dick?” I say tricking her…”W-hat I ddin’t even look”…She instantly glances down at my hard on. She looks up with pink in her checks and I couldn’t help but smirk. “I may be ugly, but damn you’re beautiful, and you know…Opposites attract.” I say taking in every inch of her with my eyes. Especially her boobs.


Oh my fucking god I can’t take it any longer. My eyes wander from his face…To his perfect abs…And to his dick…Oh my god it was huge..Did they all look like that? I smirk and take a fist full of his hair, and yank his face closer to mine. “You are not ugly Taylor Caniff.” We then proceed to connect our lips, and the kiss is getting more passionate by the second. I bite his lower lip as I feel him caress my body, first my boobs, then my ass and then… “Ahh Taylor” I moan when I feel him attack my heat as he pushes me against the wall to get a better angle. He attacks my heat, massaging me with his fingers; before placing them deeply inside of me. He chuckles as a response and continues to pump harder and faster. He hits my G spot every time, as I feel his fingers curve inward. My hands look for something to grab; So I reach in front of me and grab Taylor’s large member in my tiny hands. This excites him and he starts to get aggressive, and so do I. I’m afraid to scream out too loudly; so I distract myself by kissing his neck. This went on for several minutes, and both of us were teasing each-other with our bodies. Our breaths were harsh; as we heaved our chests against each-other. I wasn’t used to this. I push myself into his hand bucking my hips to add friction. As I come closer to my high I moan his name “T-Taylor ffuck, we shouldn’t…do” I couldn’t say anything else because he quickly slammed another finger into me, and I cried out in both pain, and pleasure. “Yeah baby, I bet I’m the only man that makes you feel this way.” He moans. I couldn’t handle anymore of this so I started biting, and sucking on his collar bone, and neck; leaving marks as he continuously pleasures me. He then proceeds to yank my hair back so I am no longer kissing his body; “No baby I wanna torture you with pleasure.” He takes my left breast into his mouth, biting and sucking hard causing me to squeeze down on his member pumping it more then before. Holy fuck. He was still finger fucking me, and wouldn’t stop. There was an unfamiliar knot growing in the pit of my stomach. He then took my right breast into his mouth, doing the same as before. Leaving marks behind. He then kisses my breast, suddenly moaning “That’s right (Y/N). I’m the only one aloud to mark you! Not Sammy.” I couldn’t even talk in response, I could only moan his name. “Thats right baby Scream my name. Forget everybody else’s; I want the world to know who makes you feel this good.” I was a mess. “Oh baby you’re close I can fucking feel it, damn I wish this was my dick inside of you.” he moans, as pulls my hair so my face is towards his and slams his lips to mine. He forcefully pushed his tongue into my mouth leading the kiss. This suddenly pushed me over the edge and I felt myself slowly release onto his hand,and we both smile into another kiss. He then pulls my waist tightly…than grabs my front roughly and says “This is mine. You got it?” I nod, then smirk…”only if this is mine too.” Grabbing his dick, causing him to grunt.

“Your turn Bandana boy.” I say seductively once The pleasure of ecstasy left my body. “No baby.” I hear Taylor say passionately as I kiss his lips. “(Y/N) I want to wait for you. I have a feeling if we do anymore, I’m going to end up fucking you so hard; and I don’t know if either of us can handle that yet. I also don’t want to loose my virginity in a shower. He kisses me, and says “we’re going to be behind schedule.” We both laugh and leave the shower.

We are getting dressed, kissing and laughing together. “I’m going to show CALI THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!” He says to me… “What?” “(Y/N), you are the best thing in the world, and I’m going to show you California. I know for a fact you aren’t used to this shit. I mean Northern Canada, really?!” He over exaggerates. “Lead the way bandana boy” I say grabbing his hand as he leads us outside to the car.

We then find our way speeding down the free way…In a Corvette. Well shit. How rich is this kid? I guess I’ll find out eventually…This is the start of a beautiful friendship. First stop. Venice beach. Watch out Cali, we’re comin’.😏

I hope you guys enjoyed chapter 3 of The Off Siders! Believe me this is the start of a beautiful thing; and give me feedback and ideas! I’d love to hear💗