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Zestiria AU where they’re all a bunch of college students playing a riveting game of DnD

- “So what are we fighting?” “Idk, evil? Bad feelings?”
- “But what do the ruins look like?” “Guys, do we need to spend an hour on this?” “You can throw an enemy in there, just humour us ok?”
- Sorey’s cat climbs atop the table on the third session, messing the board up and crowning their official villain.
- “I take my shirt off for the battle.” “Ooookay…”
- “Alright, roll for punching him.” “Nat20!!” “*sigh* Ok, So he goes flying across the room…”
- “I take my shirt off and run down the building” “wow, showoff much?”
- Lailah makes cookies and origami weapons for everyone to pretend to fight with over the table
- Sorey and Mikleo won’t shut up about the details of the ruins
- Alisha goes on vacation halfway through but they keep her updated through Skype on her “rescuing”
- Edna describes crushing her enemies in vivid detail
- Eizen is not allowed to play because of how badly he messed up the last game they played
- “I take my shirt off to-” “you know what? How about we just retcon this shit and assume you never owned a shirt? Will that make you stop?”

The climax happens in exam season.

“That’s ridiculous, Sorey. You can’t just stop evil by taking a nap”
“But listen here, my buddy, my pal: If I took a nap for a thousand years…”


“The only part of S1 Emma I want back are the sheer tops, her taking off her shirt, and her answering the door in a tank top and panties.

“Emma Swan in the robe more PLEASE

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girl in my class: “is nora in here???? danisnotonfire represent” [shows off t-shirt saying ‘grabbing life by the titballs’]

first of all why does everyone know i’m trash and also oh my god

@feynites #uthvir would be absolutely annoyed that the auction got taken down #they’d tell thenvunin that his distractions worked tho #and that they just lost the bid because they were busy with ~him~ #not that they want to encourage his behaviour of course #certainly not

some angel food distractions because the headcanons for this au are amazing :3

oh no!!!! i deleted an anon ask about 1820s Sid going to to the beach for the first time like right after I wrote a tidbit for it and posted it =.= I’ll rewrite it when I have time, but I love the idea!!!!

Sidney would be so shook at how much skin is showing and when Geno is pulling his shirt off, Sidney is like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” 

Geno: …go to swim?
Geno: …yes?

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What's your opinion on DIY band tshirts? I really love this one band and have the opportunity to make a DIY band shirt with their name but I'm now worried it'll come across as disrespectful to just copy their logo onto a shirt with paint. I want to support them and buy a legit shirt off their website, but I'm in the middle of moving across the country and have very little money. Do you think it's ok to make my own shirt? Sorry for bothering you, I just respect your opinion and want your thoughts

Honestly I would say go for it! I know lots of people that do the same. If you got the money to spare then it’s always important to support you favourite bands (especially local ones), but if you haven’t got anything to give then you showing your support is good too! Honestly it’s no different than painting them on your jacket really!

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i've been watching the iron fist fight scenes and my wish to see danny and matt spar even once has been thrown right out the window. i know that danny is supposed to be able to beat matt but i don't see how finn could make it look like a genuine defeat. especially in context to what we've seen charlie do in previous fight scenes. siiiiigh

Right??? I’m just going to dream of Lewis Tan sparring with Charlie/Charlie’s stunt double instead and how beautiful that would be. (Also, Lewis is a much better physical comedian than Finn, so please join me in imagining him trying to take down Luke while Luke just stands there. Possibly with Jessica hollering “TAKE YOUR SHIRTS OFF!” in the background. #wecouldhavehaditall)

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Professor Hanzo is adorable when he blushes. He stretched too much in class today and popped a button off his shirt. The whole class cheered. The Dean came in to see why. "HAH, that's nothing!" Proceeds to pop ALL the buttons off his shirt. Someone please buy Hanzo many drinks, i think he might be hiding somewhere dying of mortification.

Lol, that poor man. He will need several drinks in order to recover from this, I can definitely tell you that this will be the talk for quite some time. Did anyone get a picture of him blushing? I’m sure Genji would love to put that on social media.

Pucker Up

Rose peered into the dark room before walking in.  “Kanaya?” she asked.  “I noticed you pestered me to come to the room.  Something about a surprise?”

The door closed behind Rose suddenly, as the lights flipped on, as if by cue.  Looking towards the center of the room, Rose saw Kanaya lying on the bed the two shared, one of her arms under the covers.  She was, uh, quite naked.

“Hello, Rose,” Kanaya said, casually, as if nothing was out of place.  “Happy to see me?”

Rose stifled a chuckle. Sometimes Kanaya was anything but subtle.  “Is this the surprise you promised me?” she asked, moving to pull off her own shirt.

“Oh, no,” Kanaya replied, bringing her arm out from under the bed, revealing one of Rose’s alchemized wands. “This is.”

Kanaya pointed the wand directly at Rose.  A murky green energy shot out from the wand and enveloped Rose before she could even react. The magic wrapped around Rose and almost seemed to squeeze her tightly before dissipating just as suddenly as it had started.

Rose stood for a second, uncertain of the next step to take.  Kanaya was still smiling, watching Rose in the center of the room.

“Kanaya, what were you trying to-“ Rose cut off as her legs wobbled beneath her and she lost her balance. “Woah.”

Rose looked down to try and keep steady, but her legs felt like jelly and from the looks of things, they seemed to be… shrinking?  Rose down in shock as her legs seemed to be receding into her body, bringing her closer to the ground.  The process was not painful, but the sensation was bizarre. Soon she was down on the ground, her hips barely keeping her upright as she swayed with no legs. Waving her arms, she noticed that they too, were starting to merge into herself, but her hands were changing as well, tinged with a light purple coloring.

The purple spread to her torso as her arms were drawn in.  Rose felt a squeezing sensation grab her limbless body again, and saw the room get bigger before her eyes as she shrunk down. Kanaya peered over the bed to get a better look at her tiny matesprit.

Only about a foot tall now, Rose body continued to compress, forcing her into a cylindrical shape. Rose realized that the purple coloring sweeping her form was actually tight rubber, and that her skin had been converted to it, trapping her in place. A strange sense of emptiness washed over her as her insides disappeared and hollowed out.

As the changes reached up, Rose’s head jerked to look directly upwards and held there. Her mouth was kept slightly open as her face was rubberized, as the pressure pressed her face into part of the cylinder.  Her other facial features vanished as her lips plumped out, topping the tube that was now her body.

With the changes finally ceasing, Rose tipped over onto the ground, a hollow, rubber fleshlight.  She was totally unmoving.

Kanaya hopped off the bed and scooped Rose off the ground.  Her new body was incredibly light, and Rose felt herself being turned around in Kanaya’s hands, still aware of her surroundings.

“Oh, Rose, you turned out wonderful. Now we can get to the real surprise.” Rose had a feeling she knew what was coming, but she felt… excited?  Even the way Kanaya was holding her felt incredible

Kanaya brought Rose’s form down lower, rubbing Rose’s transformed lips against her nook, sighing softly from the stimulation.  Rose noted, not exactly unhappily, that she could still taste.

As Rose moved up and down Kanaya’s jade slit, she heard a familiar sound she probably should have expected earlier: Kanaya’s bulge removing itself from her sheath and starting to wriggle about. Kanaya was already on it, wrapping both hands around her matesprit and positioning her right above the twitching green member.

“Pucker up, Rose.”

Without hesitation, Kanaya shoved Rose onto her bulge.  Rose’s rubber lips were forced open to accommodate the girth of Kanaya’s cock. The squirming tentacle filled the entirety of Rose’s hollow body.  Rose was glad she no longer had a gag reflex.

Kanaya pumped Rose up and down as she continued.  Her bulge writhed inside, held and sucked by Rose’s tight lips.

“Ah, Rose,” Kanaya laughed, her pleasure building. “You may have been the Seer of Light, but you make just as good a fleshlight!”

Rose honestly had to agree. The bulge writhing against the rubber walls of her form felt more pleasurable than anything else the two had ever done together.  She could feel herself building to a climax as Kanaya continued to pump her back and forth.

Finally, Kanaya reached her peak, thrusting Rose onto her and holding her there.  She finally came, filling Rose with her slimy green cum. Rose swallowed everything into her hollow body, climaxing as well, although she made no outward indication.

Kanaya sighed, slowly pulling Rose off of her bulge.  Rose felt bloated and awkward, stuffed with cum as she was, yet a feeling of contentedness washed over her.

Kanaya brought the rubber tube up to her face to address directly.  “Worry not, Rose.  I promise to change you back, but won’t you stay as my fleshlight for just a little longer?”  Kanaya leaned forward to kiss Rose’s rubber lips with her own, licking her own slime off as she did.

Rose thought this was the best surprise she had ever received.

based on by @damarasdungeon